What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 160


Chapter 160 is just for interest.

It’s the beginning of summer again. Brother Zhang didn’t go to work immediately after returning, let alone go to the Jinmei Cafe to go to Cha coffee. After he went back, he didn’t even return to Chang’an Lane, but just bought it in a flower shop. A bunch of flowers, and then a serving of pork ribs with sauce and a bucket of chicken for the whole family, with which he took a taxi to the cemetery.

It was dusk, and the cemetery was eerily empty. But these were nothing to him. He walked slowly to a place full of green pines and green cypresses, stood in front of a grave, put down the flowers and food, and then took out the handkerchief on his body and put the tombstone on it. The dust was wiped off, and the photo above showed a bright smile after being wiped clean, and her birth and death years showed that she left this world at the best age.

Brother Zhang didn’t bring paper money, not because he was worried about not burning it, but because he knew that a person who the soul flew away and scattered would not receive how much money he burned.

He sat on the steps beside the tombstone, took a bottle of beer from his pocket, flicked his thumb, the lid of the beer popped off, and then he looked up and drank the beer. At the end, he looked back at the tombstone behind him, but did not speak.

There is a bamboo leaf green on the small tree next to it, which is wandering down with its tongue sticking out si si. When it came to Xiao Zhang, the little snake actually coiled its body and didn’t move, it just lay on its back. He looked at Brother Zhang, and Brother Zhang looked at it the same way.

“Do you want to eat too?” Brother Zhang took out a chicken nugget from the family bucket and fed it to the little azure snake: “Eat it.”

The little snake seemed to There is spirituality, it sticks out its tongue to probe, and then swallows the chicken nuggets in one bite, watching its small body stretched out by the chicken nuggets into a strange shape, Xiao Zhang laughed and pointed with his finger. Click on the little azure snake’s head: “You are greedy.”

At this moment, a cool wind blew, and the rustling of the pine waves made waves. Brother Zhang leaned on the armrest beside the tombstone and took out a bag of wrinkled The cigarette was lit, and he took a few puffs skillfully.

He used to smoke, but when he stopped smoking, he doesn’t remember, just like he only drinks on Lixia a year, when he sits here, he will Thinking of the past, and the girl on the tombstone used to follow him like a little tail.

For the first time in my life, Brother Zhang wanted to break the ring because of this younger sister, but the words “the soul flew away and scattered” are no joke. Recreate her again, but the memory and cognition of the past will also be completely disappeared, so it will be meaningless.

The snake in the Twelve Spirits has become a swan song. Now it is either replaced or it will be vacant forever. But from the current situation, if it is left vacant forever, then the Twelve Spirits will be vacant in the future. There may be an unprecedented crisis.

“It’s about to be replaced.” Brother Zhang suddenly got up and said, “You can’t stay there forever. If you can come back, don’t be willful. There is nothing in the world worth giving up your life.”

After speaking, Brother Zhang put the beer bottle back in his pocket and slowly left the cemetery, while the little snake left behind spit out a letter and tilted its head to look at Brother Zhang who was far away, and then turned around. Turned over and got into the bucket of the whole family bucket and started its day of drunken stupor.

“After Brother Zhang left, the business here is getting worse day by day. If it wasn’t for the help of the cafe, we would have become yellow sooner or later.” Xu Wei frying sausages at the counter while lying on the outside Grandfather Pi said: “Those stinky men started working diligently for a few days, and then they all disappeared collectively.”

“It’s normal, you don’t even look at those who are, if it wasn’t for Brother Zhang’s relationship , they won’t be bound to this small place.” Grandfather Pi sighed: “But the business is really bad now, the old man thinks that the main reason is that the hidden menu is gone. When the roast chicken was still there, the daily business was I don’t know how good it is.”

“Yeah.” Xu Wei sighed, holding a plate of sausage slices in her hand, sprinkled with seasonings and placed it on the plate: “I’ll go to deliver the meal first.”

“Don’t go out of Chang’an Lane.”

“I know, it’s in the cafe.”

Xu Wei has almost become a cafe owner during this time. Professional errand runner, the frequency of ordering there is really high, sometimes she is too busy by herself, and without Xiao Zhang, the popularity here is really dropped a thousand zhang in one fall, it turns out that every night this The place is full of people, chatting, eating he he, resting, playing with mobile phones, all kinds of people, but I don’t know when it will start, those people are not coming, the past few Even Thunder Dragon and Haozi didn’t show up in days, even if Xiaoma came to help during the day, Yang Junfeng and Master Cai Young didn’t show up for a long time.

However, Grandfather Pi comes every day, not to mention that canines are more reliable. Now it seems that dogs are really much more reliable than men.

While Xu Wei was going out to deliver the meal, the welcome bell at the door rang a few times, Grandfather Pi thought it was Xu Wei coming back, he said without looking back: “Are you back? “

“Well, come back.”

Hearing this sound, Grandfather Pi jumped out of position, her tail couldn’t hide because of the mood swings. Stopped, the big fluffy tail popped out and swung back and forth into a screen.

“Are you there?” Brother Zhang came to the counter, washed his hands, and put on an apron: “Where are the others?”

Grandfather Pi grabbed his tail , and then jumped and said: “They are all dead, and I am the only one left.”

Brother Zhang laughed: “How did you die?”

“Just… … just died outside.” Grandfather Pi talked nonsense very seriously: “You don’t know, there is a group of fox spirits in the alley who opened a cafe, and the souls of those dog men have been taken away by them. If you don’t come, you’re all sitting in the cafe. It’s really disgusting. You go have a look and clean up those fox spirits.”

“Fox spirits.” Brother Zhang looked at Grandfather Pi glanced at him and said, “Where is Nian Nian?”

A vixen talking about someone else’s vixen is a bit abnormal, right? But Brother Zhang can probably understand Grandfather Pi’s mood, because she little fox-spirit really can’t compete with the fairies.

That woman Jin Mei is too powerful, there are not many people in the world who can handle her, not even Brother Zhang. Not to mention the pitiful Small Fox like Grandfather Pi who will not understand anything.

“Nian Nian, every year is at Zhang Yao’s place. She has lived there all this time. Zhang Yao has given her homework.” Grandfather Pi let go of his tail, the big furry His tail swayed involuntarily immediately: “Just take care of that cafe, it’s really going to be overwhelmed here.” Finding that the ingredients were still complete and fresh, he took out a part and said, “I’ll invite you to eat chicken today.”

For Grandfather Pi, there is nothing in the world that makes her happier than eating chicken. Well, except that someone invited her to eat chicken, so after Grandfather Pi heard this, she forgot about any cafe or not on the spot.

“Eat chicken, eat chicken! I really want to eat chicken!”

Brother Zhang was skillfully handling the ingredients while smiling, and then Xu Wei also left When she came in, she looked very happy when she saw Brother Xiao Zhang: “You’re back! We were talking just now, if you don’t come back, the store will collapse.”

“Well, it’s fine. It won’t fall.” Brother Zhang looked her up and down: “Can you go out now?”

“Yes, Master said I can go out, but what is the problem if I don’t go out of Chang’an Lane? None.”

Brother Zhang raised his brows and looked towards the beam of light that shot straight into the sky above the cafe outside, which should be where Jin Mei was. So it seems that Thunder Dragon is right at all, this pillar of light is nailed here, and Jin Mei is not a talkative person, really dare to approach her within 100 meters, she will let those demons and monsters Knowing what a dive is might be like a prison.

The familiar scent gradually permeated the house. Even if I smelled this smell, I knew that the owner of this place had returned without looking at anyone. Brother Zhang started to work at the counter as usual. When he got up, this was the place where he felt at ease and the most comfortable place for him. If it wasn’t for the people around him who always let him get in touch with society, he could even stay here for the rest of his life and never go out unless it was necessary.

Not long after he came back, Xiaoma was the first to get in, and he was chucked. After all, he came back after losing someone in Macau. Now he is somewhat embarrassed to see Brother Zhang.

Not long after he came, those lost customers came back one after another. In less than 20 minutes, the original cold and cheerless milk tea shop was full of seats, and people were sitting as usual. Take a break and chat here.

“Ai, you guys.” Grandfather Pi asked the group of bastards with his arms crossed: “What about ordinary people? Why do you all come back as soon as the people here come back.”

None of the people in the room answered her well, most of them were frivolous haha.

“Wangpi, your tail is showing. It’s not good if someone takes a picture and sends it online.”

The people in the room started teasing Grandfather Pi, and Grandfather Pi naturally also strives for it, and the milk tea shop seems to have returned to the previous atmosphere for a while, which is lively and happy.

Why aren’t people as for here surprised by Grandfather Pi’s tail? In fact, everyone knows it well. In addition to the old neighbors who know generations of people in the streets, there are also some hidden in the market. aliens among. Who doesn’t know who is so, although many people here are ordinary people, but they have been with a group of extraordinary people for many years, and naturally they can ignore the little fox-spirit of Grandfather Pi.

“Huangpizi, why don’t you go to the cafe over there, there are so many beautiful girls there, you are not much better than hanging out here every day?”

Grandfather Pi spat: “The ghost is going to that vixen.”

As soon as these words came out, there was a happy atmosphere in the room again.

After taking a sip of rice wine, Xiaoma raised his head and asked, “Boss, what interesting things have happened recently? By the way, my brother Shui called Haozi over in the afternoon. Is there something wrong over there?”

Brother Zhang who was chopping vegetables raised his eyelids and looked at him, said with a smile: “There may be a lot of things, want to hear?”


(End of this chapter)

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