What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 161


Chapter 161 Screening begins

After Xiaoma left, a lot of things really happened around Brother Zhang, Xiaoma He was stunned when he heard it, and Brother Zhang also told Xiaoma everything he had seen and what he had not seen.

“So you know everything…”

Facing Xiaoma’s emotion, Brother Zhang just gently pushed a cup of lemon tea forward, but didn’t say anything. Because he knows everything, as long as he wants to know, he will know. Because of the relationship between returning to the dream, everything in the past will be displayed in front of him in a third-person mode, and sometimes he doesn’t even want to know. But in comparison, knowing the past is far more comfortable than knowing the future, because that would make everyone’s life meaningless.

After a busy little brother Zhang sat at the counter, watching the people in the room gradually leave, and finally only Grandfather Pi and the pony were left, he said: “Pony. .”


The pony, who was dozing and dozing at first, woke up after a shivered: “What’s wrong?”

“Restart the snake spirit, you will do the screening.”

Hearing this news, the pony jumped three feet high, and his happy expression was distorted, because after the little snake left, this position It has been vacant all the time, and no one dares to mention it and no one is willing to mention it, but now when Brother Zhang proposes it, it means that the Twelve Spirits Recovery Action has officially started.

“Guaranteed to complete the task!”

Brother Zhang gently nodded: “Go and rest.”


The pony left happily. He is still sleeping with a hammer. Before he got home, the text message was sent to all the existing twelve spirits. At 1:45 in the middle of the night, all the twelve spirits Four words appeared on his mobile phone – restart the snake.

It can be said that everyone jumped up at this moment, and the most excited was Haozi. He had already arrived in Hong Kong and was having a late-night snack with Wugenshui and Shen Yun, but when he saw this When the news came, simply no matter where there were people around, he jumped up after shouting Fuck.

Restarting the snake spirit means that the twelve spirits will be completed soon, because the twelve spirits since ancient times are opposites. The opposite relationship of this generation is rat tiger, Dragon Snake, horse cow, dog pig, sheep chicken, rabbit monkey. After the snake is missing, other spirits will not be born or return to their place. , Rabbit monkey silent.

And now Brother Zhang has announced the re-election of the snake, which means that everything can be planned.

“What’s wrong?” Wugenshui looked at Haozi, who was jumping like a monkey in surprise: “What happened?”

“The spirit snake has been restarted, and the Holy Lord has restarted. Spirit snake.”

Hearing these four words, Wugenshui was also stunned for a moment. Although he was a corpse and immortal, he also knew the current situation of the twelve spirits, and restarting the spirit snake would The Guardian representing the Human World needs to be refinished.


Wugenshui sighed, thinking that if the catastrophe hadn’t happened in those days, the corpse would have been so beautiful, but unfortunately after two thousand years, The Corpse Immortal is now disintegrating.

However, Wugenshui suddenly thought that if the Twelve Spirits returned to their positions, then the corpse immortals would probably usher in a wave of reincarnations, because a large number of corpse immortals did not pass body possession or Reincarnated in someone else’s body, they entered reincarnation, some actively and some passively, and then…

“What is the spirit snake?” Wugenshui suddenly raised his head and asked, “I Remember that the snake is very important in the twelve spirits, right?”

“Well, the snake is the link between the twelve spirits and the other eleven spirits.” Haozi nod and said: “The spirit snake has a very special Overlooking the field of view, plus the spirit snake can let the minds of other brothers and sisters gather in him, so usually the spirit snake is the best battlefield commander, with the twelve spirits of the spirit snake and the twelve spirits without the spirit snake, as different as heaven and earth.”

Each Twelve Spirits have their own unique skills, such as Haozi’s Formation and Calculation Specialization, Tiger Girl’s Super Physics Strike Master, Thunder Dragon’s Spell Attack, The pony is the weapon master, the spiritual power of the dog sister to capture and search, and the knowledge system of the king of the mountain.

If these things are expressed in words, sometimes there will be a high delay, but if there is a snake, it is completely different. The snake just sits on a chair and disappears into the formation. If the breath is not discovered by the enemy, then all the twelve spirits will immediately share the vision and share the knowledge sharing information in an instant. This skill is not so terrifying, but it directly transforms the tactical strike capability into the strategic strike capability. The twelve spirits have the ability to fight against the magnificent army with thousands of men and horses, and the snake has also become the hub of the twelve spirits. After the little sister left, the twelve spirits never entered the battlefield in unison. .

“Screening snake spirits.”

King Shan quietly turned on the computer while leaning in the room, and clicked on the video recorded many years ago, in which the younger sister was still alive The video I shot when I took her to the playground from time to time, in which she shouted big brother big brother, and she seemed to be alive and kicking as if she was still around.

It was precisely because of the departure of the younger sister that King Shan was determined to separate from the other twelve spirits. He complained that those people could have stopped but did not. They could obviously pay more attention to the movements of the younger sister. Yes, as long as she chats more, she won’t…

After many years, the snake finally restarted. King Shan leaned on the chair and sighed. Although he was also very happy, he I also know that no matter how the snake returns, it is not the little sister who returns.

Tigress saw the news at her home in Australia, her eyelids drooping and her face expressionless. Originally planning to take a bubble bath, she turned over and got on the bed, turning off the light.

Thunder Dragon fell asleep and didn’t see the phone.

In addition to restarting the snake, Brother Zhang also did one thing. He asked Grandfather Pi to go back to rest and then closed. After returning to the backyard, he asked Xu Wei to guard the entrance to the illusory realm. And he walked in slowly.

After entering this time, there is no bamboo forest or beach. The goal is just an illusory space. Although it is colorful and colorful, it has an indescribable sense of deepness and emptiness.

“Wake up.”

Brother Zhang shouted, and there were empty echoes around him immediately, and then the surrounding rumblings rang out one after another, and then there was a sound in the dark. Both twinkling eyes opened.

With the awakening of these unknown objects, the surrounding colorful lights gradually dimmed, leaving only a huge but dark space, but suddenly a bright star above the dome lit up, A touch of light was added here, and then dozens of giant silhouettes slowly moved in the darkness.

They slowly came to Xiao Zhang and knelt down gently. The huge golems were like the legendary blackened Demon God. Their bodies were gorgeous and their faces were kind. Together they give off an indescribably weird feeling.

Especially one of the Thousand Hand Goddess of Mercy, the Guanyin with thousands of hands and thousands of eyes should feel holy and bright, but this one golem in front of Xiao Zhang is from the inside to the outside It exudes a demonic energy, especially its eyes and the eyes on each hand are wrapped in black cloth, which makes people look even more terrifying and impermanent.

As more and more golems came here, Brother Zhang clapped his hands: “Great Thunder Sound Temple, wake up!”

In the sky appeared in an instant Countless beams of light, these beams of light hit the golem of this one, and it looked like five hundred Arhats had returned to their positions, grandiose, layer upon layer, which made people feel both weird and shocking.

At this moment, Sanskrit sounds are suddenly heard everywhere in this place, but it is different from what is circulated in the world. It is obviously a Buddha’s name, but it all sounds eerie and terrifying.

With the sound of the magic sound, the Thousand Taru Golems slowly opened their eyes, and then began to sit up in place.

Brother Zhang nodded, then turned and left.

And at this moment, Jin Mei was calculating a day’s revenue. Suddenly, she felt a shock in her heart, and felt that something had come to the world. He hurriedly ran out and looked towards the starry sky. The starry sky was like a meteor shower, and countless spiritual stars began to fall towards the ground.

“Spiritual Mountain…” Jin Mei stared wide-eyed muttered to herself: “Thunder Sound Temple…Lion Tuoling…”

After saying that, she suddenly lowered her head I looked towards the Golden Lotus flower beside my bed. The Golden Lotus flower was actually blooming, but before she was shocked, the second batch of meteor showers in the sky came down again.

“Immemorial Race…” Jin Mei couldn’t believe it: “Nuwa came to the world…”

Not only her Golden Lotus flower, but the symbols all over the world have changed, The golden apple, which was quietly placed in the Nordic castle and closely guarded by hundreds of people, sprouted this night.

The sunflower emblem displayed in a museum in New York State also suddenly reversed direction, facing a forty-five-degree angle to the upper left, like a sunflower chasing the sun.

A giant sea turtle that had been dead for many years at the Tokyo Metropolitan Research Institute suddenly opened its eyes, broke through its restraints, and rushed into the sea in the presence of hundreds of thousands of people.

In South Africa, in Paris, in India, in Thailand, the whole world seems to be shrouded in all kinds of supernatural events overnight, no one knows why, but one thing is certain, that Just something must have happened.

Special agencies all over the world panicked, but at this moment no one gave them a reasonable explanation…

Not only them, but also Three Realms B- Those who were restricted by Rank also communicated overnight, and these powerful civilizations that were about to be wiped out were resurrected again, which meant that there would be confrontations with them in the future, which was very unfavorable for their development.

This situation is highlighted by the old continent. Nineteen civilization points are directly lit up on the Eurasian continent, whether it is Shintoism, which is about to be wiped out by Japanese invading culture, or a few in India. Composite civilizations have all been resurrected.

“Fu… finally back.” A monkey landed on the tower crane in the LYG port and looked up towards the distance: “It’s another five hundred years.”

(This chapter end)

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