What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 162


Chapter 162 B-Rank Civilization Collection

“What’s the matter? I want money when I go back to my house? What? Things? Attractions? You motherfucker…”

The monkey-turned-man rummaged in his pocket and couldn’t find a dime. According to his temper, he should have killed the person who blocked him with a stick now. But to be honest…he didn’t dare. It has been more than a thousand years since he was not a wild beast, and he has passed the age of not knowing the immensity of Heaven and Earth. Although he is helpless, when he thinks that he actually wants money when he goes home, his heart is really bitter.

At this time, Tiangong was not very beautiful, and it was raining heavily. He hid under the bus stop and curled up there, holding an apple from the fruit stand in his hand. Both eyes are spiritless. Looking towards the front, he took a bite of the peach in his hand at every turn.

“I’m the Great Saint of Monkey King! I’m the fucking Victorious Battle Buddha! I’m fucking the head of Flower Fruit Mountain.” He spat on the ground: “I’m a monkey, you If you don’t let the monkey go up the mountain, you are still unreasonable.”

“I’m afraid it’s not that he is unreasonable, but you are too reasonable.”

The monkey heard the voice and suddenly Dodging to the side, he was really startled, but when he looked over, he found a man sitting next to him with his hands on his knees, but he didn’t know when this fellow came.

“Why did you bastard come here.”

“When you came, you came, and you were untied.”

Monkey quack laughed: “Let’s go, go and ask that guy for an explanation?”

The person next to him turned his head and glanced at the monkey: “Be more mature, please.”

” Sanyan, you were not like this in the past.”

“I used to be True Lord Erlang, now I am a beggar who ran away from a dog, and you monkey don’t put the accent on the back of your eyes. .”

Mentioning this, the monkey and him suddenly empathized, the two looked at each other, sighed in unison, then one hugged his knees, the other crossed his legs, and then Sitting on the platform of the bus terminal like this, watching the pouring rain outside, I was in a daze.

“Did you smell anything?” The monkey suddenly raised his nose and sniffed: “A smell.”

Besides True Lord Erlang before he could speak, he saw A flying kick directly kicked the monkey out: “Young Master kindly came to pick you up, that’s good, you were scolded before you saw anyone.”

The monkey sat on the side On the ground, the rain poured down on his head, but he didn’t get up: “I think you were called Brother Hou back then, but now you meet them and insult them like this. It’s really 30 years of Hedong and 30 years of Hexi.”

“Three eyes, he won’t leave, let’s go, let’s catch the wind and wash the dust for you.”

True Lord Erlang got up, glanced at the monkey next to him, and sneered: “Okay. But Don’t add childish accents after eye words.”

The two of them didn’t take a few steps when the monkey chuckled and rushed up: “Anyway, we are a naughty trio, we have been friends for so many years, you two Are you really willing to leave me?”

The person who came was Third Prince Ne Zha, although I don’t know why these two were released overnight, their abilities It has shrunk significantly, and I am afraid they can feel it themselves. Now, whether it is the monkey or the eye, it is estimated that there is less than 20% of the Peak.

“This fucking is using public office to avenge private wrongs!” Sanyan drank a bit too much, slapped the table and scolded: “Steal my dog and cut off my three. Hua, who are you going to talk to about this?”

“Don’t look at me, I am too.” The monkey peeled two peanuts and put it in his mouth: “This is the third child who hasn’t been peeled, right?”

“I’m obedient.” Third Prince Ne Zha said with a smile: “Who would have the heart to embarrass a good baby.”

Eyes sighed: “Is there something to do here? What a big move, otherwise, like me and the monkey, we will definitely be locked up until the end of time.”

“Who knows, when the time comes, let’s watch it again.” The monkey tilted his head. Erlang Kui said: “Anyway, this one is much more interesting than the other. If you can come down, it is a blessing outside the law. You still have to whisper to others. Be careful that this son of a bitch will be locked back again.”

True Lord Erlang stopped talking, and then Third Prince Ne Zha took a bite, and ordered some monkeys and eyes with chopsticks: “You two go to report first, and then go to get an ID card, and think about what to call it. Do you have a name yet?”

“My name is Yang Jian, I can’t change my name or my surname.”

“I…” The monkey scratched his face: “I don’t like it very much. My name is not as good as Goku or Wukong.”

“Then the grandson is Great Saint.” The three Crown Princes opened the app: “Come on, look at the camera, I will register it for you two. .”

But no matter what grandson Great Saint or Erlang Shen is, since he has come down, he will always have to eat, and the Divine Immortal who has come down is not much different from mortals, eat, drink, shit and piss can not be less at all.

The three Crown Princes are relatively powerful, and Jin Zhamu Zha and his two big brothers have been approved for the lower realm a long time ago. Now the two big brothers are engaged in the breeding business at the lower level, which is really good. The pork bred from the black-haired breeding pigs they got from above can now be sold for fifty-sixty pound, and crab farming is also a pretty good income.

Although the three Crown Princes have an average relationship with his father, they have always had a good relationship with the two big brothers. This time he came to work in the big brother’s company as a regional manager. It is relatively easy, and it is not difficult to put two people in, especially these two people are known to Jin Zha Mu Zha.

But when he proposed it, both the eyes and the monkeys refused. They couldn’t bear this grievance. They were begging for a living in the younger generation’s unit, so it would be better to beg for food.

Nezha doesn’t like to take care of these two hypocrites, so he just doesn’t care. After Yang Jian completed the identification information, he quickly found a job. Because he was born with an affinity for pets and could communicate with animals, he was accepted by a pet hospital for trolling dogs while looking for a job.

It’s just that the monkey is more difficult to deal with. This guy can’t do anything. He can’t do anything. p> Fortunately, Monkey really likes RT-Mart’s job of killing fish. In his words, it is to cultivate one’s self-cultivation. As for when he and Yan’er’s abilities will come back, he himself does not know.

Anyway…what he can’t get back is not what he said he could get by working hard.


In Chang’an Alley, Jin Mei found Brother Zhang: “Why did you untie everything?”

“Because of need. Brother Zhang took out his own scale: “As long as this limit is not exceeded, nothing will be a problem. And at this stage, the process must be accelerated a bit.”

“But what you liberate It’s very terrifying.”

Brother Zhang laughed: “Who is terrifying? People? God? Or you and me? There are some special individuals, and I will put restrictions on them. But most individuals actually There is no difference between you and most people like you.”


Jin Mei finally chose to shut up, she found herself during this time The diligently trained men’s book is useless when it comes to this one. He doesn’t take this one at all, and not only does he not take this one, it can even make people very embarrassed.

“Then why do you think they won’t cause harm to the world? Or why didn’t you liberate them before?”

“Because there was no you in the world before.” No hiding: “You need enemies, and I need helpers. Then I liberate them, which is an added enemy for you, and a double helper for me.”

Positive while speaking , Suddenly there was a soft rustling sound outside, both of them had very keen senses, but when they turned their heads, they found a little azure snake coiled in the window. Jin Mei felt that this azure snake had Monster Qi on her body, while Brother Zhang turned towards her. shook the head: “The snake in front of the tomb of the snake.”

After he finished speaking, he stepped forward and put his finger in front of the little azure snake: “How did you get here?”

azure snake doesn’t understand human language, but just wrapped around Brother Zhang’s fingers, and then stopped moving, as if she was tired and resting, but Jin Mei didn’t say much, just glanced at it and continued Said: “Then are you not afraid of the world’s mess?”

“You think too much.” Brother Zhang said to Jin Mei while stroking the little azure snake’s head with his fingers: “I Not only a gatekeeper, I also need to take on a part of the adjustment function. And everyone is smart, and the real villain will never come up and shout to destroy the world.”

Jin Mei can’t say enough about Xiao Zhang Brother, she sighed, turned and walked out.

And Xiao Zhang was just shouting the head and still didn’t say anything, because there was no need to explain anything, his behavior would not be changed by anyone’s will, no matter who it was. Because as the Guardian’s little brother Zhang, once his will is shaken, there may be a big problem.

This is especially clear to him.

And after almost a year of construction, coupled with Zhang Yao’s help, the country has now established a relatively complete set of control measures, and the core personnel are still Twelve Spirits, in other words, they They started doing what they did 2,000 years ago.

Under the premise that the control measures are perfect and have jurisdiction, it will be a good thing to slowly let the world limited by B-Rank gradually integrate here, because it may be A-Rank that will be defended in the future Even the aggression beyond the A-Rank world, if you want something done well, do it yourself, anyway, they need to be able to resist for a few minutes before the Guardian reacts?

The Divine King gave Brother Zhang the worst possible hint, so Brother Zhang must start planning, and how can this plan be changed because of the unwillingness of one or several people?

This is the key to whether it can withstand the impact of external enemies brought by the sixth Spiritual Qi recovery.

But Jin Mei also knew about this situation, so there was nothing to say after asking clearly, she still had her job. The adult world is not so pretentious, and she is not a little girl who needs to be coaxed, and she will not be in a bad mood because of this.

“Then what are your plans now?”


Jin Mei asked Brother Zhang on the phone, but the answer she got was Only two words.

(End of this chapter)

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