What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 163


Chapter 163 Super excited

“Meteor showers broke out in many places late at night yesterday. Please report to the local public security organ in time.”

The news was broadcast on the 100-inch TV in the milk tea shop, and the content was about the news of the meteor shower that broke out all over the world yesterday, and the milk tea shop was also discussing it. The problem with this bizarre global meteor shower is that there is no warning or omen, wants to come to come. What’s more important is the huge number. At 2 o’clock in the middle of the night yesterday, the brightness of the meteor shower even illuminated the entire night sky.

Today, the milk tea shop is actually quite quiet, none of the twelve spirits have appeared, they have already gotten together to discuss the selection of spirit snakes, and they will definitely not appear in a short time, because the twelve Spirit’s selection requirements are very high, and all aspects must be very top-notch to be eligible to be selected.

“Unfortunately, I didn’t see it yesterday.” Grandfather Pi watched the news on TV with a milkshake in his hand, and then swiped his phone to read the relevant content in the forum, and then not without Said regretfully: “I just went to bed and came out not long after.”

Brother Zhang is cleaning the counter at the counter. He still has time to deal with it when there are not many people. For a moment, and when there are more people, he will continue to be busy.

“Don’t you have to go to Zhang Yao’s place recently?”

Brother Zhang raised his head and asked after hearing Grandfather Pi’s words. He said vaguely: “She has nothing to do with her recently. She went abroad to buy a warship a few days ago.”

“???” Brother Zhang raised his head in confusion: ” Buying a warship?”

“Well, she said that, as if to buy an old warship and park it as a relay station on the high seas, I don’t understand.”

Zhang Yao’s behavior is sometimes really unpredictable, although she is quite interesting, but after all, she is a person on the technology side, just like Divine King, interesting but interesting, but a square head is a square head, there is no such thing in the world. Who can perfectly integrate the secret technique side and the technology side, after all, the way of thinking in both directions is completely different.

It was 5:30 in the afternoon. Brother Zhang had just picked up Nian Nian from the school. As soon as he entered the alley, he saw Thunder Dragon hurried out with his bag on his back.

“Where are you going?”

Brother Zhang parked the electric car in front of him, Thunder Dragon looked up and found it was Brother Zhang, he said with a smile: ” Let’s go and find the right person for the reincarnated snake. This time everyone is splitting up. Haozi said that he will help Wugenshui deal with the things over there and then he will come back to the headquarters. I am not here during this time, don’t think too much. Me.”

Thunder Dragon is about to start wandering again, but this time he is no longer looking for a spirit snake, but instead of traveling, Xiao Zhang didn’t say anything, just said be careful on the road Then let him leave.

When he returned to the milk tea shop, he felt that the milk tea shop without Twelve Spirits was still a bit deserted. At least in the first half of the night, there would not be so many people sitting there drinking drinks and bragging. .

“Everyone seems to be busy.”

It’s still Grandfather Pi, the little fox-spirit, sitting there alone, and Xu Wei, who works the night shift, who gets up to eat After dinner, he put on his apron and stood at the counter watching the sparse customers.

The days when Brother Zhang was not there was the loneliest time for her. There was no who at night, and the little White Dragon was also picked up. She lived with Zhang Yao most of the time every year. Sister Xia Gou and Da Huang accompanied her, while Sister Gou was addicted to idol dramas. Da Huang knew how to play with the computer all day, so Xu Wei often stayed alone all night.

At that time, she couldn’t go out, and it was really uncomfortable to sit here and work hard.

“Yeah, get busy.” Xu Wei put Grandfather Pi’s sausages in front of her: “It’s just that they don’t tell stories anymore, it’s a bit deserted.”

Grandfather Pi let out a long sigh, and then ate the sausage in small bites. Although the sausage is also delicious, she prefers Brother Zhang’s roast chicken over the sausage.

But no matter what, Xiao Zhang is back now, and the familiar roast chicken is also back. This is probably the only thing she can comfort herself.

“Why are everyone so sad?”

Brother Zhang walked in with Nian Nian, and saw Grandfather Pi and Xu Wei sitting there sighing, he laughed He asked, and Xu Wei supported her chin with one hand and said, “I feel so bored, I feel cold and cheerless.”

Grandfather Pi was also busy nodded: “It’s so boring, so boring.”

Brother Zhang smiled and walked to the counter to prepare the ingredients for the evening, and then said to Da Huang, who was sleeping on the ceiling fan, “Da Huang, go cook for Nian Nian.”


Da Huang opened his eyes slightly and looked at Brother Zhang, then jumped down reluctantly, stretched his waist and went to the back, and Brother Zhang officially started his own time.

He first prepared the ingredients for the night and put them in the fresh-keeping cabinet, then began to clean the countertops, and then lightly incense and played melodious old songs in the store, the whole process. at a moderate pace methodical, as if he had nothing to do with the changes in the world outside.

At 8 o’clock in the evening, the number of guests gradually increased. Most of the old guests and hosts in Chang’an Lane like to come here for a short rest after dinner. Seven, eat some snacks, maybe a few fried fish balls, maybe two sausages, and then wait until the milk tea shop turns into a late-night canteen around 11:30, and eat a meal of rice noodles cooked by Xiao Zhangge. Or sweet porridge, elated to go back to sleep.

What kind of scientific mysticism, the biggest knowledge in the world is how to make oneself comfortable, and most of the people here are like this, Xiao Zhang is also like this, he has been in this state for ten years, and this year About to enter the 11th year of Veteran Mode.

Different from the tranquility of Chang’an Lane, all kinds of strange phenomena are actually happening all over the world. Just like in the streets of SH at this moment, there is a man dressed in black clothes. The strange woman stood there with bare feet, her body was tightly wrapped, and her eyes were covered with a layer of black cloth. She looked extremely cold and icy, but it was all right. Dressing up was her own business. , but she has been standing on the most prosperous street for more than ten hours, motionless, silent, looking really scary.

Finally, an enthusiastic citizen couldn’t stand it anymore and called the police. After the police came, no matter how they interrogated and persuaded him, this person was motionless. In the end, the police had no choice but to tell her to take her back to the police station first. .

But something happened when she lifted it up. One of them accidentally dropped the blindfold on her face, and the moment she dropped the blindfold, the woman’s eyes slowly looked towards her. The person in front of him, and then suddenly the whole SH day turned into night, dense clouds came oppressed, the wind suddenly rose, and then the lightning penetrated the clouds and hit the ground.

Originally, the two policemen said to move this strange woman away, but she disappeared without a trace after only one second. The huge portrait is quietly overlooking the earth, and some people even took it with a high-powered camera. At the moment of lightning, the electric light illuminates the clouds, and the scene in the clouds can be clearly seen. In addition to the huge portrait, there are also Countless arms extended from behind the figure.

Some people say that this is the manifestation of Avalokitesvara with thousands of hands and thousands of eyes, and some people say that this is definitely the coming of Evil God, the black Avalokitesvara. Anyway, there are different opinions, and experts have also come out to refute the rumors, saying that the special light and shadow effect during thunder and lightning just looks like a silhouette, but it is actually caused by the difference in light transmittance of clouds of different thicknesses.

Anyway, believing or not, then just be yourself, explain it is just such an explanation, it is just such a thing, the horror is not scary, it is that the thing is too real and a little too dark , which makes people feel that the expert’s explanation is a bit far-fetched.

In addition to this, various wonderful events have also appeared in other places, and they are not fixed in the whole world.

No matter what the experts say or how the popular science big V explains, the paranormal hobbyists all over the world have entered an unprecedented state of excitement.

“The sign is nailed here, and there is barbed wire around it.”

Hong Kong.

Shen Yun took a breath and looked up at the abandoned playground in front of him, somewhat helpless. Since two days ago, this place has welcomed four batches of people who live broadcast by Internet celebrities, just to shoot some supernatural materials.

They did succeed, but the problem is that things have happened one after another. Until now, there are still three people who have not been found. According to Haozi, these idiots should be lost in the alien space. It should appear after a while, but I don’t know if it will be dead or alive when it appears.

In fact, this kind of thing is completely avoidable, and these people really don’t deserve sympathy. Normal people know that they shouldn’t come to this kind of place. They come to this kind of place for the live broadcast effect. That’s no different from courting death. It used to be okay to say, at most, some strange images were taken, but now Spiritual Qi has recovered, and a lot of things have been liberated. This is a place with unclear boundaries, can we? Go really don’t go.

“I heard that in the past few days, my Japanese counterparts were also in a daze. More than a dozen people were missing in Mount Fuji, all of them trying to make money.” Shen Yun said to Haozi next to him: “I I really don’t know how long it will last, our provincial and Hong Kong flag soldiers probably won’t be able to take it apart for a while.”

Haozi also stood there with his hips on his shoulders and sighed, β€œPut it on me. Over there, I pulled the camera directly, went in and caught one. You are really hypocritical here, and when something goes wrong, everyone is dead.”

“I didn’t say that, Brother Haozi… What’s going on for a while, I feel like suddenly…”

“Be careful.” Haozi waved his hand and said, “For some things, just let it take its course, don’t ask anything else. We’ll leave after you nail the sign. Whoever’s in here should be damned.”

(End of this chapter)

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