What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 164


Chapter 164 Hundred Ghosts Walking in the Night

To be reasonable, those things are actually not that much consistent with humans. Conflicts, because firstly, they have no conflict of interests and resources with human beings, and secondly, the ordinary person can’t actually see them.

Like in some horror movie, a few random people are taken out and killed. It has never happened a few times since ancient times, and the probability is not even as many times as the pigs raised at home bite their owners to death.

But I really can’t stand those idle people who are full and have nothing to do to disturb other people’s normal activities, and some even bring offensive objects. To be honest… just Haozi’s suggestion It’s an ordinary person who doesn’t know how to do it. Don’t bring those strange things on your body to explore. If you encounter a good brother, these things will not only keep you safe, but also easily anger the other party. It’s like someone wandering around in another person’s house. If the owner of the house wants to talk, he will be thrown out, and if he can’t talk, he will just beat him out, and there won’t be too many things.

But if this wandering person brought a knife on his body, dare to ask the owner of the house how he is feeling?

Therefore, Haozi sincerely suggests that if you encounter it without warning, try to explain it first. If you can’t explain it, it’s fine to scold it, but don’t take out any Vajra Sutra Peach Wood Sword cross. This thing, ordinary person will completely irritate the other party if he holds the egg.

Of course, I really brought these things on purpose to find fault with it. To tell the truth, it is really not wrong to die. After all, the spiritual creatures are so pitiful that they live in those deserted places. It doesn’t make sense to harass or even threaten others.

Haozi returned to the block where Wugenshui lived after assisting Shen Yun to deal with the matter here. He saw the house that Brother Zhang had instructed, and he went around the house with his hands behind his back. After two laps, I found that this place is really a Treasure Gathering Pot, and it is directly connected to the earth veins, not to mention the feng shui. In it, Feng Shui has always been so strong.

“What are you doing!”

The security patrol of the community saw the sneaky Haozi and came over with a flashlight. Haozi didn’t hide, just stood there waiting for him Come over, after the security guard came over, Haozi pointed to the house in front of him: “You patrol every night?”

Seeing Haozi’s attitude and his posture, the security guard was stunned for a while. What is the origin of this person, so he nodded and said: “Yeah, what’s wrong?”

Haozi pondered for a moment: “Let’s go, go to a bright place and say.”

The security guard was stunned for a while, but he still took him to the security room. After sitting down, Haozi took a bottle of water and drank it from the side. In addition to the previously hidden security guards, there were two other people in the security room. Personally, one of them was playing with mobile phones and the other was eating instant noodles. When they saw a colleague brought a stranger back, they asked curiously.

“I don’t know, he didn’t say anything.”

At this time, Haozi, who had finished drinking water, suddenly said with a smile: “How many years have you been patrolling here?”

“Three years? Almost three years.”

“Well, have you seen anything special?”

Being so Q, all the security guards’ faces are not quite right, but next moment they all deny that they are neat as if they were trained. Seeing this, Haozi probably already knows that this place is a wealthy area, a top-level luxury community, and anyone who can live in a mid-level villa in an extremely expensive land like Hong Kong is an incredible player.

This place must not reveal the slightest bit of rumors even if it is a ghost dance every night, because if it spreads out, the house price in this place will plummet. For the people here, ghost dance Where is the horror of the holiday slump.

Haozi nodded, said nothing, and left. After returning to Wugenshui, he said to Wugenshui who was watching TV: “Brother Shui, help me prepare something.”

“It’s easy to say.” Wugenshui said with a smile: “What do you want?”

“Soul Guiding Incense, 12 pounds. Rhino horn, 5 pounds. Cloves, 40 pounds. Locust roots, 40 pounds…”

heard These things, Wugenshui almost spit out a mouthful of old blood, let alone the complexity of Soul Guiding Incense, just five pounds of rhino horns, this stuff… Where can I find it now? The only way is to collect it through the black market in Hong Kong. The price will not be mentioned first, and whether it will be received or not is still a big problem.

“You want to…”

Wugenshui swallowed: “Hundred Ghosts Walk at Night?”

Haozi chuckled: “That’s right, it’s better I can prepare it for me tomorrow, and I want to make this scene lively.”

“Money…I don’t have that much on me now?”

After listening, Haozi made a phone call. After chatting for a while with a smile, he said, “Yes, yes. Twenty million? It’s about the same, five pounds of rhino horn is a lot of money, um… It’s the activity fund I applied for. Well, no problem. Anyway, no Is it just to make things bigger, right? Well, let’s talk.”

About ten minutes later, Haozi’s phone rang, and he showed Wurootshui a text message on his phone: β€œI I’ll turn you around.”

“Twenty million hot money will arrive in ten minutes?”

“You think it’s a joke that Twelve Spirits have been operating for two thousand years?” Haozi chuckled: “You guys In the two thousand years that they were buried underground, the Twelve Spirits have been active. Although inheritance has been for many generations, the resources have not been cut off. There are industries all over the world.”

“Your income… is all under the control of the Holy Lord?”

“Otherwise?” Haozi spread his hands: “It’s mainly because the eldest sister is in charge of the business project, and we actually have nothing in this generation. The ability to make money, or do you think Thunder Dragon got the money from picking up girls and traveling everywhere in the past few years?”

After receiving the money, Wugenshui immediately started activities, and other things are easy to say , but the rhino horn was really impossible to get. In the end, I asked Shen Yun to get one out of the anti-smuggling inventory in Hong Kong. Even so, it cost a full 8 million to balance the account…

It only took one night and one day, all the materials had been placed in front of Haozi, Haozi rubbed his hands and sat astride a grinding table: “Start work!”

He was here to Grind all the materials that can be ground, and rootless water uses a guillotine knife and a wall breaker to grind some things that stone grinding can’t handle. The two of them have not been able to finish the three hundred kilograms of materials in front of them from day to night. .

In the end, it was Haozi who pulled Shen Yun, and the three of them worked all night to get everything cleaned up.

Looking at the powder-like things in the three buckets, Shen Yun curiously asked: “This…how is it used?”

Haozi just laughed: “You will know at night.”

The three fiercely slept well during the day, and when night fell, the three of them got up and ate something.

“Come on, help me drag this to the yard.”

Haozi after eating pointed to a Bronze Cauldron in the storage room: “That’s it, come on Come on… Be careful. Don’t get on Ghost Qi.”

This means that no root water can make ghosts help, three weak young men are trying to move this 800-pound cauldron. , It took Shengsheng toss for two hours to get it into the yard.

“Ha…ha…ha…Brother Shui…” Shen Yun leaned on the tripod and panted: “Brother Shui…why did you buy this thing and keep it at home…”

Wugenshui was even weaker than him, his face turned purple, and he couldn’t speak at all. After drinking a whole bottle of water for a long time, he said, “Looks like it…”

And the worst is Haozi, everyone else is getting tired and lying down, that’s 800 jins… It’s not a big deal for someone like Thunder Dragon, but it’s not a big deal for someone like him. , a careless can crush him.

“What time is it now?”

Haozi asked, he only felt that his two arms were no longer his, and he was struggling to hold the phone.

“You should have exercised Brother Haozi.” Shen Yun took out his phone, but fell to the ground in a few seconds: “hehe … mistakes and mistakes.”

These three people After such tossing until about ten o’clock in the evening, he finally poured all the 200 catties of powder into the tripod. Haozi used a stone grinder to compress them, and then lit a charcoal fire under the tripod.

The temperature of the charcoal fire quickly made the lower part of the powder heat up and start to smoke, and the green smoke slowly dispersed.

This cigarette is very fragrant and cottony. It doesn’t have that kind of pyrotechnic smell at all. Instead, it has a faint scent of anthers, and the smoke is very heavy and heavy, and it seems that it will sink in when it comes out. On the ground, it slowly spreads out.

Haozi sat beside the firewood and waited quietly, he looked at the time: “Two hundred catties of material is enough to burn for three days and three nights, three days and three nights, I want to make This place is famous all over the world.”

“Huh?” Shen Yun looked confused.

At this time, Wugenshui said: “Soul Guiding Incense gathers spirits, locust tree roots connect to earth veins, rhinoceros horns see spirits, cloves requiem, purple shell powder Qi Condensation, and jasmine grass leads the way.”


“Ah…that’s not…”

“Yes.” Wugenshui nodded and said: “Hundred ghosts walk at night.”

Shen Yun was stunned for a while, Then he smirked and touched his head: “I’m going to say that Yin Soldier borrowed it.”

“It’s okay.” Haozi said with a smile.

“Then what are we going to do next?”


The scent of the tripod began to gradually diffuse into all corners of the wealthy area. Strangely, they don’t take the initiative to enter the house, they only flow down the road, but everyone here can smell the smell of spices such as rhino horn and cloves, which is very comfortable when mixed together.

It’s just that with the smog, this place has become Ghost Qi. Originally, this place with excellent feng shui seems to have turned into a shady residential area overnight. The smoke, on the contrary, would swirl in this place, stirring up the white smoke that was floating on the ground, as if someone walked by.

“When I think about the 20 million burn here, I really don’t fear anything.” Shen Yun stood by the wall and looked outside, then said to Haozi and the others, “This is also It’s too expensive…”

“Money is a small problem, to be honest, it’s my first time in Hundred Ghosts Night… If it can be successful, it’s worth spending more money, even more how is not Spend my money.” Haozi said with a smile: “Public money.”

(End of this chapter)

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