What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 165


Chapter 165 Hundred Ghosts Night Continuation

As the night came, the entire villa area gradually became quiet, and the light of the street lamps became dim. When he got up, several security guards felt that something was not right when they were patrolling, but they couldn’t tell.

“Today is so weird.”

A security guard said to his companion. Although his companion did not answer, he also felt that something was wrong. Today’s situation is far weirder than before. No matter how quiet it is, it won’t be as quiet as today’s cold wind sou sou.

But they still have work to do, so even the eccentrics have to brace oneself.

But when they patrolled to the upper floor of the villa area, a crisp silver bell suddenly sounded around, and when they heard this sound, their skin swallows shrank, and they hurriedly looked around, but they observed it for a long time. But I never saw anything strange, but the feeling of the gloomy wind became stronger and stronger. As the bell became louder and louder, suddenly there was a high-pitched suona sound on the empty street.

Then a team to pick up the relatives appeared abruptly on the main road. The team was very long, there were more than 100 people. In the center is a dark red sedan chair. This eight-lift sedan chair rises and falls with the movements of the bearer, as if there is no one in it.

Seeing this scene, the two security guards wanted to run, but it was too late. The two of them could only curl up by the fence beside the street, watching the team walk past, and when the sedan chair passed them At that time, one of the security guards couldn’t hold back his curiosity and glanced secretly, only to see a pale face with a weird smile in the sedan curtain blown by the night wind, squinting at him and laughing.

At this moment, the security guard’s soul was almost scared away. He screamed and was about to run, but was pulled back by a hand. He looked sideways and found that it was a A beautiful girl dressed in JK, holding the security guard with one hand and an umbrella with the other.

“Hundred ghosts walk in the night, you will be taken away if you break in.”

When the pro-team was sent away, the girl waved to the two security guards: “Run, while now, Don’t look back.”

The two security guards rushed out as soon as they heard it, anyway in this brief moment they may remembered that they once ran to the first place among the tens of millions of brothers and sisters .

Just when the two of them left and returned to the security room shiver coldly, the fog on the street thickened, and then two rows of things with umbrellas came slowly, and they were all about three meters tall. , but the body looks very thin, because they are all wearing umbrellas and hats, so they can’t see their faces, but their exposed hands look as dry as the branches of an old tree.

The girl put the umbrella back on her back, skipped the main road with a light jump, and came to the roof of the villa opposite, looking down at the ghosts walking in front of her.

Night wandering ghosts, hundred-faced ghosts, starving ghosts, etc., mixed together to walk through the long street, their images are not beautiful, and the grotesquely shaped things that continue to converge from all directions It is also being imported into it.

“The rhino horn.” The girl lifted her nose and smelled it hard: “hehe, it’s fun to watch.”

As she said, because the rhino horn has a clear and bright attribute , As a result, everyone in the entire area can see the night walk of hundreds of ghosts, and when they hear the soul-stirring Yin music, many people have been scared speechless just by looking at it, and these ghosts have another feature: Whenever someone looks at them, they look back.

This thing is not to mention scary, especially when the eyes of the two sides meet, the horror factor will directly increase in multiples, and many people who are woken up have sleepless nights because they glance outside.

“Not this.”

The girl jumped from one roof to the other: “It’s not this.”

Eventually she found on a roof I went to the great cauldron in the yard. The great cauldron was blowing white smoke, and the white smoke was drawn to the outside of the yard by an electric fan, and next to the charcoal fire below, there were three people roasting chicken wings.

“Haha, caught it!”

The girl fell from the sky and landed in the yard: “Illegal Soul Summoning, come with me.”

Her appearance made the three people who were grilling raise their heads. Haozi was chewing a piece of beef tendon in his mouth. When he saw the person who came, he spat out the indestructible tendon and stood up: “This is not Huahua. What? Why are you here?”

“Damn…” After Ghost King Huahua saw that it was Haozi, he pouted: “Why are you.”

“I want to Ask how it is you.”

Ghost King Xiaohua took out her umbrella and opened it up. The black umbrella immediately turned into a Magical Artifact, an exorcist. She inserted the Magical Artifact on the ground and stepped forward. Pushing aside Haozi, he sat there, picked up the meat skewers, and ate it.

“You are illegal Soul Evocation.” Ghost King took a few bites and looked up at Haozi: “I’m in a mess over there, the road to the underworld is forked, I originally asked the old black Old Bai to come. , and then I thought that this was Hong Kong, so I just came here.”

Haozi leaned on the nodded: “I was negligent, I wanted to report it, but the time was tight later. Just forget it.”

“Give me the money!”

Ghost King extended the hand to Haozi: “At least half a million.”

Haozi one Leng: “Why do you have to pay?”

Ghost King Hua Hua raised his head and looked at Haozi: “I’m going to help you out, I can’t speak very well, I want them to turn a blind eye , I have to look at money, do you understand money? Brother, you have to figure it out, it’s not that I want money, it’s that I want to spend your money to do your business, do you understand what I mean? Otherwise, you are under your master. If you want to mess with my ghost world, then will the people under my command be happy?”

Haozi pursed his lips: “But you are the Ghost King, don’t you just say a word?”

“What happened to Ghost King? Ghost King has so many people and so many mouths, and the Ghost Wang Family has no food left. One million, I’ll add more nonsense, don’t give it to me I’ll go and arbitrate you.” Huahua snorted: “Come to Brother Zhang to complain, saying that you are fooling around, and then go to An Sheng to complain that you disturbed the normal order of Three Realms. Although Brother An Sheng is not as strong as Brother Zhang, he is still under Three Realms. You can’t ignore the Realms arbitration.”

“That’s too much, a million…”

“More? You want me to calculate it for you. How much manpower do you need to accompany you in this circle, you have a good day, we have to work half a month, whether the order of reincarnation, the order of rewards and punishments, we have to re-order them. Do you think there are too few? Then I will arrest you. The court is ready.”

Haozi spread his hands: “Then you can arrest me and go to court.”

“You!” Ghost King Hua Hua pointed at him and shouted: “You Why is this person unreasonable?”

“I don’t have any money, so I’ll let you arrest me.” Haozi simply lay flat: “Go tell Brother Zhang, go tell Brother An Sheng, Just go and sue.”

“I don’t care, you have to give me money.” Ghost King simply played tricks: “How much do you have?”

“Buy For materials or something, there is an extra 20,000 yuan.” Haozi Looking at the balance: “Do you want it? “

“Yes!” give me! ”

The Ghost King Hua Hua, who received 20,000 yuan, jumped up the wall with a backflip, and looked back at Bai Gui Ye Xing, which was still going on, and when she stretched out her hand, her Magical Artifact changed back to The umbrella was back in her hands: “I’m off to play, you’d better clear things up before I run out of money, Damn’s ass isn’t the price. “

After she finished speaking, she was disappeared with a swish, leaving only Haozi and the three of them standing on the empty wall.

“Brother Haozi, who is this?” “Shen Yun pulled the meat skewer in his hand:” Talking so arrogantly at a young age. “

Haozi glanced at him and said with a smile: “Ghost King, she really wants to trouble us, we are not her opponents when we bundle a piece.” But she’s here to rip it off. ”

Rootless water took a sip of the beer: “Ghost King is so young…”

“Then you haven’t seen the Monster King, the Monster King is not only young, but also do. The mouth is also very hard. “

“Since there is a Monster King and a Ghost King, is there a human king?” “Shen Yun asked curiously.

Wugenshui and Haozi didn’t answer, they just chuckled, but Shen Yun didn’t understand and continued to ask: “Is there a Divine King? ”

This question can’t be answered after all, because sometimes these things are not the only constant standard answer, so Haozi can’t explain it.

Hundred Ghosts Night Walk continues until When the day dawned, Haozi and the others covered the tripod with slate and extinguished the fireworks, and then the three of them went to sleep.

But when they went to bed, the residents in this area could They can’t bear it anymore. Although they can endure anything because of the price, the stuff is too scary. They basically watched a ghost show last night, and the people in the show were numb.

This incident It quickly fermented. The local owners are all well-heeled people. They have always enjoyed a high-quality life. Now that this kind of thing suddenly happens, shouldn’t someone come to see it?

So the whole of Hong Kong Some well-known masters received business calls, and almost all of them were concentrated in this place in the afternoon. Among them, there were long-established masters and rookies who were new to the arena, but no matter what, this group of people was considered a It’s all here, and even some Masters are even flying to this place.

The Banshan bungalows that used to be crowded with wealthy people have suddenly become like a water and land dojo. Everyone came, monks, priests, priests, and lamas. All day long, it was as lively as a Chinese-style Halloween main venue. Even the witches came.

They are all flowers Those who were invited at a high price naturally had to work harder. They spent a whole day chanting, ringing the bell, burning incense, and praying, and each and everyone clapped their chests and solemnly vowed that they would be fine this time.

But until Haozi and the others woke up Come here…

It’s another gorgeous feast of ghosts at night. Although the ghosts just made a detour here because they got lost, for the people here, their hearts are really Some can’t bear it anymore.

Especially today, I joined the ghost song and dance performance, the dancing is okay…the singing is really unbearable, and I have been singing that sad song all night. Old songs, the choppy voices and the desolate and desolate voices, each one can make the hair stand up.

Today’s team is not as neat as yesterday, probably because the spread of spices is larger , Some houses with poor terrain or feng shui have already begun to enter things. Although they are still passing by, you can imagine that a family is sleeping in bed, and suddenly they open their eyes and find a few shadowy silhouettes strolling out of their beds. Sometimes when I meet someone who is curious, I will go face to face to look at it for a while.

There are not a few people who are so scared that they cry their parents and cry their mothers. Now, it’s all gossip about this place. Some people say that there is a fight in the house of whose house, and now F The ormation failed, which led to strange things. Some people said that this place was originally a yin house, but the formation was filled with human life by the real estate tycoon at the time. Living.

Anyway, there are a lot of rumors, and the main target is the real estate boss who is driving piles in the house. As for how these rumors came out, it is actually quite simple. After all, the Ninth Layer case and GZ The Secret Service is doing a training camp here, and hundreds of brothers have nothing to do during this time.

And the next thing is a video about this place where Hundred Ghosts Walk at Night was streamed out. Although it can’t be seen very clearly, if you really want to brighten the light and look carefully, you can indeed watch it. To shadowy things, and hazy voices.

Although many people refute the rumors and say that it is fake, the problem is that the feeling of the gust of wind cannot be faked, and there are also professional players who have tested it. The video does not have any editing and modification. It is more impossible. special effects.

Anyway, one stone stirred up a thousand waves, and even mainland hobbyists began to pay attention to these things.

Grandfather Pi also swiped this one while sitting there and swiping her phone. She showed the video to Brother Zhang, who just glanced at it and said: “Really.”


“Why? Why is it real?” Grandfather Pi cheering excitedly: “There really are ghosts in the world? It’s amazing.”

Xu who was cleaning the table next to him Wei suddenly raised her head and looked at Grandfather Pi with a shocked expression: “Pippi… did you think about it when you said this?”

“Ah?” Grandfather Pi looked towards Xu Wei curiously : “What’s wrong?”

Xu Wei’s expression was very strange, she looked at Grandfather Pi…for a long time she couldn’t say anything, because every time she paid attention to Grandfather Pi and talked, she could always hear cute Pippi said some stupid words.

As a big vixen with a tail, she can blurt out that ghosts are amazing. According to reason, demons are a million times more strange than Ghost God, because the words of ghosts are barely repayable. It can be explained by scientific explanation, but the demon can’t explain it at all.

“It’s okay, it’s really amazing.”

“Well, it’s amazing.” Grandfather Pi nodded, then turned his head and looked towards Brother Zhang: “How do you know it’s true? Yes.”

Brother Zhang pointed to a photo at the bottom of the video, there were many pictures of Master casting spells, and Brother Zhang pointed to a corner, where you could clearly see a The JK girl holding a black umbrella and eating ice cream stood there with a smile on her face, which seemed out of tune with the seriousness of the people around her.

“Isn’t this Huahua!” Grandfather Pi exclaimed.

“en. ”

Ghost King is here, Hundred Ghosts Night Walk must be true, although Ghost King Huahua is unhappy in mindless and unhappy, but she is still a A more qualified Ghost King, she must be addicted to this kind of thing. As for why she didn’t deal with it, in theory, she should have been bought off, just because of her character that sees money…

“Then No wonder.” Grandfather Pi looked up at Brother Zhang: “I want to go too…”

“Go.” Brother Zhang nodded: “Anyway, you have nothing to do during this time. .”

While speaking, the door outside was opened, and then Zhang Yao walked in with sunglasses, she put her bag on the table next to her, and sat at the counter: “Boss , have a cup of lemon tea, how sweet. I’m dying of exhaustion…”

(End of this chapter)

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