What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 166


Chapter 166 was stolen

“I tell you, I bought a warship, it’s an old-fashioned The destroyer that only has engines and hulls has been towed to my small island.” Zhang Yao said excitedly: “I plan to move the base slowly in the second half of the work plan, and then spend some time. Time to complete the renovation of the maritime headquarters.”

Brother Zhang handed sweet lemonade to her: “Can you do it alone?”

“Of course, my robot is quite strong, since Last time that Santa Claus friend of yours gave me a set of things, I have already reversed seven or eight technologies, each of which surpassed the current technology for at least ten years, and some even have twenty years. When the time comes, you will Look it up.” Zhang Yao chuckled, then looked up at Brother Zhang: “I haven’t seen you for so long, do you miss me?”

Brother Zhang pursed his lips and smiled. Then silently shook his head.

“Hey hey hey, you are so heartless, can’t you just coax me?” Zhang Yao sighed: “Forget it, I brought you a gift.”

After she finished speaking, she took out a thick stack of postcards from her bag. Most of them were postcards from Tianping Island. Some countries had never heard of them, but Brother Zhang was so happy when he saw this, he quickly gave her to her. Roasted a chicken: “Please.”

“Hahaha…Look, I know what you like.”

Brother Zhang looked down with a smile on his face He took the pile of star films, and then divided them into different groups according to their preciousness, and put them in his treasure cabinet.

“Tell me, if this locker of yours is stolen, will you start a killing spree?” Zhang Yao looked at Brother Zhang with a smile on her face: “It’s just because of losing your love. The kind.”

Grandfather Pi was eating Zhang Yao’s chicken next to her, and when she heard her asking this question, she didn’t even bother to eat the chicken, and rushed over to cover her mouth.

Little Brother Zhang just looked the head, staring blankly at the box full of postcards: “No matter how precious things are, they are things, and human life cannot be measured by value.”

Zhang Yao didn’t know what was going on. She shook off Grandfather Pi’s hand and said with a look of disgust: “What are you doing, your hands are full of oil.”

“The old man advises you not to talk nonsense.” Grandfather Pi looked left and right: “If Thunder Dragon is here, he can slap you to death.”

Zhang Yao was not happy when he heard this, frowned asked: “Why does he slap you Slap me to death? He’s not sick again.”

Brother Zhang pressed Grandfather Pi’s head, then smiled and said to Zhang Yao, “It’s really hard for them to hear this.”

“What? There is a story? You, a person as plain as water, also have a story? Let me hear it.”

Brother Zhang smiled, but turned on the music player without speaking. With the music he started to sit there again, as usual. Zhang Yao glanced at him, but did not continue to ask.

But since it’s hard to ask Brother Zhang, she can ask Grandfather Pi. Although Grandfather Pi’s brain is sometimes not very good, she has been in this place for a long time and knows a lot of information. What is the taboo in the future is not worth it.

“Pack up two chickens to take away.”

After packing up two roast chickens and seduce Grandfather Pi to go out with her, Zhang Yao hooked Grandfather Pi’s shoulder: “Pippi is good, tell elder sister what happened here.”

Grandfather Pi held the still-hot chicken, was silent for a long time, and looked down at the chicken in his hand Looking back at the milk tea shop again, he told Zhang Yao the story of the past as he walked.

It also includes the reasons why Xiao Zhang likes to collect postcards.

“My little sister’s dream is to travel around the world after graduating from college, and then she can’t wait until then… she’s gone.”

Zhang Yao is actually quite a feminist person After hearing this story, her hair exploded, and her eyebrows stood upside down: “Is there such a thing? Where’s the man?”

“After so many years, I have seen Brother Zhang lose his temper once. That time he perished.” Grandfather Pi said after tearing off the chicken leg: “But revenge is revenge, and people can’t come back.”

“He’s not that powerful, why can’t he be resurrected?”

“Don’t you know his three rules?” Grandfather Pi sighed: “Don’t resurrect the dead, don’t create life, don’t force others to fall in love with him. He said these three are the bottom line, if you violate it There will be a major event soon.”

After listening to this, Zhang Yao also let out a long sigh: “Really, if it were me, I would hear someone making fun of such a frivolous thing. I have to slap that person to death. I was killed by Thunder Dragon.”

Zhang Yao really doesn’t know that Brother Zhang has so many stories in the past, no wonder he keeps a certain level with everyone now. Distance, it turns out that the trauma in my heart sometimes really takes a lifetime to heal.

“Okay, okay, I’ll just pay attention in the future, what are the taboos?”

“Well… old man doesn’t know too much, they also I don’t tell the old man, but it seems that each of them has a lot of stories.”

Zhang Yao looked thoughtful nodded: “Okay, the old man knows.”

“You learn to talk like old man!”

“No, old man just thinks Pippi is the cutest.” Zhang Yao scratched Grandfather Pi’s chin lightly: “right?”


“That’s not right!”

Grandfather Pi jumped aside: “A few days ago, those dog things were still saying whether the old man was posed, which is different from before. I just now I know, you are training the dog!”

Zhang Yao laughed, but she stepped forward and hugged Grandfather Pi’s shoulders: “How could it be, Pipi is my best friend, How could it be dog training. We’re just going in a better direction together.”

Grandfather Pi whispered for a while, then raised his head and said, “I’m telling you, the other day I saw The boss of the coffee shop came out of the backyard of the milk tea shop, I think she must have a good relationship with Brother Zhang.”

“Oh? How do you say it?” Zhang Yao raised her eyes: “That Jin Mei?”

“Well, who else is there besides her? You’re a bitch.” Grandfather Pi coldly snorted: “I’m afraid you won’t be able to grab her.”

Zhang Yao was silent It’s been a long time, but she has always had an idea this time, but she doesn’t know what to do this time, because she’s very smart, and smart people know how big the gap is between themselves and others, whether in temperament or appearance.

But people, there is always a bad idea, that is, she thinks that she can bet on Brother Zhang, betting that he is as lukewarm to Jin Mei as other women.

“There’s nothing you can do about it. It’s going to rain and your mother wants to get married. You can’t stop it.” Zhang Yao came to his motorcycle and patted: “Get in the car and take you home.”

Grandfather Pi took the roast chicken and got on Jinmei’s motorcycle: “Aren’t you in a hurry?”

“Don’t ask, this is not what the little child should ask. Go back After that, we still have work to do, we have to make money, and buying warships has hollowed out me.”

“You really bought warships?”

“Of course. , I’ll take you to see it tomorrow.”

Second day, the news from Hong Kong has already spread, and today countless tabloid media and melon eaters have gathered in this place. They tried everything they could to get them out.

Everyone here is waiting for the night to fall, and then take a good look at the legendary Hundred Ghosts Night Walk, which is definitely a feast for most people, especially the legendary Hundred Ghosts Night Walk. As long as they don’t walk into their team, these ferocious ghosts will not hurt anyone. This has aroused high attention. The attention of the whole society has come here, and even many foreigners have rushed here to witness a legendary Ghost Feast.

Of course, many scientific institutions have also come here, just to see if the results of their research over the years are the same as imagined.

While they were waiting for the night to come, Zhang Yao had already taken all the members of her tower organization aboard the tattered warship she bought thousands of miles away. This warship is unimaginable. It is a spruance-class destroyer in the 1970s, with a displacement of 7,700 tons. This ship is too old to be refurbished. It was originally used as a For the target ship, I heard that someone wanted to buy it later, and the military base over there sold it as scrap iron. The deal was sold for 1 million, the ship was 200,000, and the tugboat was 800,000.

The stuff here has been dismantled long ago, it’s basically an empty shell, and Zhang Yao spent a full 3 million matching a series of exteriors for this thing. Suppose there is a new permanent base on the island, which adds up to tens of millions of RMB, and she is basically hollowed out this time.

And now she is using drones and robots to transform this broken ship. The structure of the entire ship needs to be overhauled, and then a new ship engine will be installed. An experimental device, weapons, powerplants, and radars based on secret techniques will be gradually installed, all from the strange set of orders that “Santa Claus” gave her. Soldier armor.

“Mysticism is really not that mysterious. As long as there are enough samples and theoretical foundations, I will kill you even if it is a god.” Zhang Yao patted the rusted command room of the warship: “Now you guys I dislike it, and after a year, it will make you unable to climb high.”

Although I said so, but now that it is like this, whoever sees it will be confused for a while, this place is more than It’s not as good as a garbage dump, and this broken ship is only suitable for use as artificial islands…

However, it is a warship design, and it is the hull design of Peak’s old beauty, it is actually quite capable of fighting, 171 meters. The captain and nearly 8,000 tons of full-load displacement, although it can no longer meet the needs of modern warfare, but it is no problem to be converted into a large toy.

β€œIn terms of energy, I want to try the full secret technique. For energy, I will choose the combination mode of rune and Formation. This is the energy source.”

Zhang Yaocong He took out a shiny Spirit Stone from his pocket. If Thunder Dragon was there, it would be obvious at a glance that it was the Spirit Sword Stone.

“This is a high-compression spiritual power ball that I condensed with Formation. I have tried it. If it is continuously stimulated, it will release very powerful energy, and the energy efficiency ratio is very high.” Zhang Yao patted console: “Spiritual Qi is very abundant on the sea, which is much easier to take care of than nuclear energy.”

(End of this chapter)

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