What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 167


Chapter 167 The Halo Plan

Zhang Yao is really not bragging, she already has a very complete plan, It is the Halo Project, which is to use this headquarters as the core to continuously develop a systematic and complete secret technique system to end the Sect monopoly over the past few thousand years.

But of course she knows why the spell has declined. First of all, this thing is out of touch with the times. Qin Country has been dead for more than 2,000 years, and there are still people who stick to the concept of that time. Second, it is too much. It emphasizes personal ability and innate talent, and thirdly, it has no way to guarantee the three highs and one low of relevant practitioners, including high income, high social status, high activity participation rate and relatively low risk.

The overall decline of secret technique learning is actually inseparable from the father and son and the monarch-subject-subject system that has been in place for many years. Even in the new era, this model is still a stumbling block restricting the development of this industry. The concept of mentoring, passing on from father to son, and practicing martial arts and selling them in the Emperor Family is still deeply rooted.

Although this model does not have much problem in essence, whether it is the teacher leading the apprentice, the father passing on the son, or the male but not the female, some of the content will be lost in the transmission from generation to generation. For example, Zhang Yao said in the literature some time ago that in Tang Dynasty, folk warlocks were still able to play the Illusion Technique.

And Zhang Yao’s philosophy is to raise the treatment of relevant practitioners and lower the threshold. Isn’t this just in time for the good era of Spiritual Qi’s recovery? The situation has changed. Although she seems to be making a fool of herself now, she will show results in less than two years. By then, she will impress everyone in the world.

This is her Zhang Yao’s ambition. In this respect, she has a strong demand, even stronger than men and women, love, and love. Those things are a plus for her. It was her yearn for something even in dreams.

And the reason why she chose the base in this place is because in the future, as her career gradually expands, she is destined to have a conflict with the government. In order to avoid this conflict, she simply hangs on the Overseas, it operates in the mode of a security company.

Business, making money, not shabby.

Before she actually planned to invest in a logistics company, because then she could just and honorable set up outlets in the whole country and even the whole world, but the cost of logistics is too high, behind Zhang Yao There is no consortium, she is just gritting her teeth alone, and now she has very little savings left, so she can only find a way to earn some money to support her family.

“This thing is actually the same as pressing diamonds in an autoclave. Formation gathers spirits at sea to form the first product, and then put these primary level products into the autoclave for a second. After secondary compression, this clean and efficient energy can be obtained.” Zhang Yao explained his super energy product: “I believe that this thing must be formed naturally, but it must not be naturally formed by us. This is good. In the next step, we have to sell this.”

When the people present heard this request, all the expressions were like old men in the subway looking at their mobile phones. They are here to be superheroes. It’s not for sales, it’s just to sell products… not so good?

“You don’t have that expression either, do you think I don’t want it? Bosses, money, I spent almost 100 million in the past eight months. I paid for it myself, money… I didn’t I’ve got the money, can I sell my house?”

Zhang Yao was really aggrieved when she said this, she even put her top-floor tech mansion for sale, just to subsidize this aspect. Things, but looking at the group of people under their hands, one by one is really not sensible at all.

“I don’t care so much, when the time comes, including me, I have to sell it. You can choose the way of selling it, whether it is to sell to an alien or a cultivator, even if you sell it Sell it to an 85-year-old lame old lady, as long as you can get money. Well, don’t complain, everything is difficult at the beginning.”

“No, you can go to the milk tea shop.” Pippi looked at the male ten thousand zhang Zhang Yao and the tattered warship: “I don’t think you are very reliable.”

Zhang Yao did not answer, but continued: “You don’t go to me. Go by yourself!”

Of course the stubborn Zhang Yao refused to bow her head, she felt that she would definitely be able to do it, because Grand Era was about to belong to her, and in this new era, she believed that she would definitely be able to Be a trendsetter at this time.

As for asking for help, that’s not her style. A woman doesn’t need to be pitiful to succeed. Anyway, she is confident. She doesn’t care about the rest, but it must be done.

The few people who were forcibly sold were given a travel bag, about 1,000 balls, and they were asked to sell them at a price of 5,000 yuan each. The team was immediately downcast. …

Let’s be honest, they are really not optimistic about this thing. Search on a certain treasure, luminous elastic balls, there are a lot of them starting from 50 cents, who would spend 5000 dollars on a serious person Buy such a bright blue ball and accidentally blow yourself up.

“You guys said, this thing…” Zhu Zhenzhen pinched a small Qiuqiu: “Who would buy this for serious people? It’s useless, does it boil water?”

After being silent for a long time, Grandfather Pi said: “I’ll ask Monster Race, they probably won’t be able to use it… It’s not necessary for the long-lived species to have this, this thing is just for the short-lived species.”

A few of them were talking, and then they got out of the illusory realm, came to the front hall of the milk tea shop, and sat there complaining.

“Brother, milk tea. One for each person, a few more octopus balls, and a roast chicken for Pippi.” Zuo Danshuang said to Brother Zhang, “Less sugar and more ice.”

Brother Zhang nodded, turned off the music, stood up and started washing his hands, when Grandfather Pi suddenly came to the counter and took out a Spirit Sword stone and handed it to Brother Zhang: “Brother Zhang … Zhang Yao is crazy, she asked us to sell this.”

“en?” Brother Zhang squeezed one, and with a little force, the Spirit Sword exploded in his hand, escaping inside. The energy shows a blue streamer wrapped around his fingers, which is really beautiful.

“ahhhh Ahhhh!!! Five thousand yuan!!!”

Brother Zhang looked down at the purity of the energy, then laughed: “She asked you to sell five Thousand?”

“You just broke five thousand dollars…”

Brother Zhang said with a smile: “Go to Xiaoma, he will solve the problem for you .”

“Pony?” Grandfather Pi curiously asked: “Can he sell it?”

Brother Zhang nodded: “He still has channels, how do you guys tell the difference? Your business, this thing is still relatively easy to sell.”

(End of this chapter)

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