What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 168


Chapter 168 Happy

“What the superior wants us to do is to bring the original sin to justice Let’s go.”

Haozi crouched under the wall to avoid the scorching afternoon sun. It was extraordinarily lively outside today. It could be described as a vast crowd, not to mention the ghosts walking at night. But that’s what Haozi wants.

“It’s difficult. Back then, Hong Kong was called his home port. The law may be difficult to punish, and it’s still so many years ago.” Shen Yun sneered and looked at the situation outside: “Hundred-legged worm, it’s not easy to kill him all at once.”

At this time Wugenshui spoke. Appearing gloomy: “If it were me, I would just go and do it directly, and I wouldn’t cause such a big trouble.”

“It’s useless.” Haozi shook his head and said, “I really want to. Get rid of him directly, I will find Thunder Dragon to give him a shot and it will be done, but that is useless, our task is not to enforce Justice on behalf of the Heaven, we just need to dig out the truth.”

“Old Bastard is not too young, and he has enjoyed all the things he should enjoy in his high position and great wealth in his life. The key is that even if he dies now, it will not be a loss. This matter is really troublesome. , tonight is the last night, what are your plans, brother Haozi?”

“Haha, it’s still a secret.”

As night gradually came, the bronze tripod was ordered again. On the top, there are not many spices left in the tripod, which is almost the amount of this time, and this evening is about to usher in the climax of the whole party.

It was already dark, but the people outside could be described as a continuous stream. The brothers in the Ninth Layer case also arrived. They began to maintain order at the scene and left the main road out, while the surrounding people With the best observation field, even occupying a place early, carrying instant noodles and dry food with you, just to wait for the never-before-seen Hundred Ghosts Night Walk.

But when the time came to more than ten o’clock, some people had lost patience and left early, and those who continued to stay seemed to be shaken. They discussed with each other because no one saw each other. Not to mention whether you can actually see it. Therefore, many people think that these eight achievements are a farce.

But just when these people’s voices of doubts reached the loudest, the smoke on the street began to fill up again, and their noses were filled with a strange fragrance, accompanied by this strange fragrance. It finally happened.

On the third day, Hundred Ghosts Night Walk ushered in the largest scale since the past few days. Of course, this is also related to the fact that Haozi is using the maximum firepower to burn materials. The road to the underworld is wide and the ghosts who walk naturally will be too much.

When the Hundred Ghosts Night Walk appeared, the crowds on both sides boiled over. Some of them screamed in fright, some waved their hands excitedly, and some even hurriedly took out their mobile phones to take pictures. up.

Humans are really interesting creatures. Everyone present believes that if they encounter this scene, not peeing their pants will prove that they have enough courage, but now that there are more people, the The scene is terrifying, but it doesn’t say that it makes people shudder, have one’s hair stand on end, or even a little jumpy and excited. In the past, no one dared to look directly at the wandering ghost, but now it doesn’t matter.

But how do you say this, it’s not without flaws, that is, when they were watching Hundred Ghosts Night Walk like a show, suddenly there were a lot of ghosts walking out of the fork in the surrounding roads, and some of them were caught off guard. They were wrapped by ghosts and rushed into the team of Hundred Ghosts Night Walk. They didn’t even struggle. They walked forward with their heads sullen as if they had lost their souls.

But it was too late, when a JK girl suddenly rushed out of the crowd holding a black umbrella. She entered the team of Baigui and used the umbrella handle to hook those who were fascinated. The person just pulls back.

As soon as she pulled one, she hooked up all the people who were lost there, and after hooking up the last person, a gorgeous Resurrection suddenly bloomed behind her. Lily, and then the Resurrection Lily shattered, and the road of the hundred ghosts was suddenly covered with the bright red underworld flowers.

“Everyone is not allowed to enter the blooming area, don’t know how to die when the time comes.” She raised her umbrella and flew away a person who wanted to get close to taking pictures: ” Go back, those who are not afraid of death go back!”

Her rebuke and the scene scene suddenly quieted down the scene, because it can be seen from what happened just now… this is for real .

When I look back at those terrifying ghosts, there is already an indescribable fear and shock.

At this moment, Haozi, the initiator of this feast, is sitting on the wall watching the ghosts walking in the distance. Now that the flow of dead souls has reached Peak, he turned around and said to Shen Yun: “Turn off the fire, Cover!”

These two actions are in one go, the fragrant road that attracts the soul suddenly loses its strength, and those ghosts finally wake up at this moment, they soon enter a state of madness, constantly Start attacking surrounding spectators.

This time, the spectators knew what fear was. They screamed and fled, as if it wasn’t them who watched the spectacle just now.

Ghost King Huahua stood there, just about to cast a spell, but saw Haozi shaking her hand in the distance, she silently retracted her black umbrella, and then gestured to Haozi five times. finger.

The chaos of the ghosts didn’t last long, and soon they were drawn in one direction as if guided. After they calmed down, they re-entered the queue state, but this time their team changed direction and rushed straight to the house of the “richest man”.

They returned to normal, and the crowd watching the excitement gradually recovered. These people watched these ghosts enter the big house, but did not come out.

At this time, Ghost King Huahua also came to this room. She frowned and looked at the room carefully, and suddenly heard the howling of ghosts coming from inside, her eyes widened.

“What a big dog!”

The ghost Young Lady Wang’s hair is frizzy, and there are still people in the world who dare to set up such a Formation of ghost refining? This is simply not taking her, the lord of the underworld, in his eyes.

The ghost Young Lady Wang hair stands up in anger, rushes up to the black umbrella and turns it into a long staff, directly inserting it at the gate of the house: “Black Yaksha, tear it down for me!”

tone barely fell , a 20-meter-long crack opened from where the long stick landed, and then a black-haired monster drilled out of it. After it came out, it first kicked the iron door, even Even the peach wood talismans on both sides of the iron gate could not stop this orthodox Ghost Messenger, and the talismans in the yard were directly turned into fly ash.

The night errand began to demolish the richest man’s house in the presence of hundreds of people, not even the walls and windows fell, and finally it even used a few large supports in the house. Columns are pulled up by the roots.

So far, the ghost refining formation here is completely destroyed, and the pillars are actually used to hang an iron box with iron chains. Throw those iron boxes by the roadside.

The ghost Young Lady Wang stepped forward and kicked the heavy tin cover away, revealing the contents inside. After seeing the contents, everyone present was shocked, because every box was filled with They were filled with a person, including children, the elderly, pregnant women, adult men, of different ages and genders. These corpses were naked and could not be identified, but the only thing that was the same was that the outside of the iron box that contained them began to corrode, but their bodies were intact. Lossless.

“What a sinister Formation.” The ghost Young Lady Wang pointed to the room and said, “If this family does not give me an explanation within three days, I will destroy his nine clans.”

After she finished speaking, she turned into a puff of blue smoke and disappeared, along with him, Baigui Yaksha and the huge black Yaksha.

People can’t even tell if what happened just now is true or false, but the demolished house, the broken ground and the iron boxes with corpses on the ground are very real. There.

The Ninth Layer case immediately began to clear the venue, but it was actually too late at this time, and it was already spread on the Internet all over the world, although no matter what the angle of shooting was, the little JK elder could not be photographed Sister’s face, even if it is photographed, is blurred like a mosaic, but it still does not affect this good show being directly displayed in front of the whole world.

This unrestrained performance simply does not mean that the blocked news can be blocked. Since the Hundred Ghosts Night Walk, the eyes of the whole world have been fixed on here, and the angry roar that ends at the end, It also really caught everyone’s appetite.

Within three days…this is an ultimatum, and it’s also an announcement. People all over the world want to see how this account should be given.

And this incident has also brought about a big discussion among the whole people, that is, the so-called demons and ghosts in this world. Now it seems that there is sufficient evidence that they exist, and the official organizations of all countries have not dealt with this matter. To refute rumors and ban, there is a lot of meaning to let go of this content for discussion.

“Hey, the live broadcast is crazy, haven’t you watched it?”

In Chang’an Lane, Yang Junfeng rushed to the milk tea shop with his mobile phone, and after entering, he found Grandfather Pi and Zhang Yaozheng Sitting on the TV in the shop, watching the same content, Yang Junfeng sneered and stepped forward: “It was really exciting just now, but I don’t know if this ultimatum will be useful.”

“Of course it works.” Grandfather Pi replied: “You didn’t read what Jiang Lihua said.”

“Jiang Lihua?” Zhang Yao curiously asked: “That JK?”

” Ang, Jiang Lihua.”

While speaking, the welcome bell rang again, and a girl in JK came in with an umbrella and sat down on the counter: “Stockings, half candy, No ice.”

Everyone in the store looked towards this murderous-looking girl, and Zhang Yao did several rounds of comparisons with the photos posted on the Internet…

“So angry?” Yang Junfeng patted Hua Hua’s head: “Today, big brother, please be okay, don’t be angry.”

“It’s too much, hell is really empty, and the devil is in the world. .My Eighteen Levels of Hell, only the bottom level will sentence a life to life without reincarnation, that is a heinous crime. This trifling mortal dares to do such a thing, using the trapping dragon spell to lock people Divine Soul then attracts the dead to refining. Damn it! It’s a fucking sin.”

Brother Zhang handed the milk tea to the ghost Young Lady Wang and asked, “What are you going to do with it?”


“How to deal with it? If the world can’t give me an explanation, I will give an account myself. If the richest man is not the richest man, I will take his head.” The ghost Young Lady Wang pinched her finger and said, “Okay. Ah, a person with a 72-year-old birthday has lived for 96 years. It’s okay, okay, really okay.”

On hearing this, Zhang Yao was sure that the person sitting beside her was the one who is famous in the global media today. The brilliant girl, she is not curious about what will happen to the richest man in the end. After all, she knows better than anyone what those people will do. What she is most interested in is that today’s big scene is broadcast live around the world, will it be directly upset the existing balance.

“In fact, don’t be afraid, each country has its own plan, because Spiritual Qi’s recovery is not a slow process, and it will suddenly pop out a lot of strange things. The world seems to have gradually unraveled the content of this aspect. After all, instead of bothering to explain, it is better to find an opportunity to let the ordinary person understand the situation.” The ghost Young Lady Wang explained: β€œIn fact, whether it is a demon or a demon Ghosts, in fact, are native creatures. They have coexisted with people for tens of thousands of years. How many demons and ghosts have you heard about hurting people during these years? Very few, right? They are basically people who hurt people. This Mainly because whether it’s Above the Heavens and Under the Earth or in the grass, there are more rules than Human World. Otherwise, like a monster like Pippi, she just kills a few people and grabs guns to make money than it is to make money from pornography? But in fact Does she dare? She doesn’t dare, there are many rules, she really did it, and according to the rules, she will pay for her life.”

The ghost Young Lady Wang said here that the conversation changed: “People kill demons. , is also punished.”

After finishing speaking, she looked up at Brother Zhang: “That’s right.”

“en. “Brother Zhang nodded and said: “Yes.”

“You let Haozi and the others leave this matter alone. I know they just intend to muddy the water, but now it’s not about them, it’s about me.”

Brother Zhang raised his head and looked at the time: “Will you be recognized by your classmates at school?”

“How is it possible, I don’t usually wear JK.”


Zhang Yao suddenly became curious: “Are you still in school?”

“Yes, I go to college. I study public relations.” The ghost Young Lady Wang turned her head and said: ” Can’t I go to school?”

Zhang Yao quickly shook his head: “Of course I can, but I can’t tell. By the way, if he avoids meeting somebody, or seeks help, will you be in danger? Yes? Don’t you help me?”

“Thank you Elder Sister Xie.” Ghost King Huahua smiled sweetly: “In this world, as long as my big brother Zhang doesn’t do anything, I will screw the head of anyone I want. Guess what I was in ancient times?”


“Fengdu Great Emperor.”

(End of this chapter)

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