What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 169


Chapter 169 is amazing

This incident has caused the world to wind and rain, and the police in the world are Investigation, Yin Sector’s boss is losing his temper, the richest man impossible doesn’t know, he didn’t say much at the family meeting, but his heirs have thought of a lot of ways, and three days… To be honest, it’s a little urgent .

It’s definitely impossible to explain what they did, because they couldn’t explain what they did. If they really wanted to explain it, they would pay for their lives. Over the years, they broke the Samsara Road of at least 5,000 dead souls. Popularity is blessed on him.

This is no longer described as a heinous crime. This matter needs to be investigated carefully, and this family should be wiped out from top to bottom.

“Not only did it take other people’s lives, but it also took other people’s luck. Their good days are coming to an end.” Haozi hung up the phone and said to Shen Yun: “I was called from above and made me think. The way to stir it again, so that the Old Guy can’t even turn over.”

“Huh… such a big hatred?” Shen Yun said with a smile: “But it’s okay, who doesn’t hate it in the world? What about this blood-sucking Old Dog. But what did he do to cause such a big resentment?”

“When he was in Fujian, he pushed a lot of old streets, destroyed a lot of leylines, and behaved like a man. For his part, people and gods are outraged. But it is because there may be experts around him and the luck of thousands of people, so there is really no way for the idle demons to take him.” Haozi lit a cigarette, talking about the past : “But this time, he is hard to avoid calamity.”

“Oh? How to say?”

“When the time comes you will know, secret can not be revealed. “

The richest man’s luck is unprecedented, and now everyone knows what sinister trick he has used, and the public grievances that have been accumulated for many years suddenly erupted. Early in the morning, as soon as the market opened, all the stocks in the stock market that he participated in directly fell to the limit, and his real estate also experienced a wave of retreats. The Ninth Layer case also began to investigate the case of the corpse in the home of the richest man, and the Hong Kong government directly In accordance with the request from above, they have begun to prohibit their family members from entering and leaving Hong Kong.

Although Old Dog is in a foreign country, it doesn’t matter. A shovel from the Great Emperor of Fengdu directly shoveled into his aorta. The luck that has lasted for many years has finally reached a turning point, and it is a cliff-like whereabouts. This time If he didn’t kill him, he would be considered the Great Emperor of Fengdu.

But who would sit still? The richest man’s family has been actively planning to protect the crisis of this time since last night. They also have experts around them. But it’s not without a turnaround, but it must be fast.

So the second day started early in the morning, and the tentacles of their family began to move. First, they searched for all kinds of superpowers and all kinds of Masters from all over the world, whether they were useful or not. After the whole process, I even went directly to the charter plane to pull Divine Immortal to Liverpool. Anyway, I closed my eyes and piled up BUFF.

They don’t know how to find the channel, anyway, in the end, even Qing Lingzi received the invitation.

“Will you go? Big price.” Sai Dongfeng leaned over there and asked Qing Lingzi: “This ticket is enough for us to make a comeback, and we can also catch the consortium line, we have a chance to revive It’s right in front of you.”

Qing Lingzi sat cross-legged on the balcony and only opened one eye slightly when he heard his words: “Give you another chance to think.”

“Why do I have to think again?” Sai Dongfeng laughed: “Can you explain it to me clearly?”

“I don’t want this opportunity, whoever wants it will want it. Although I don’t know who that woman is, I do recognize the shovel she broke through the ground. It is the slaughtering staff of the Great Emperor of Fengdu. The black Yaksha who demolished the house is the master of Baodu Mountain, the central Ghost Emperor Zhou Qi. You Do you want to make this money?”

“Hold the grass…”

Sai Dongfeng shuddered: “Are you right?”

Qing Lingzi raised his eyelids slightly: “Heaven, Earth and Human ghosts, one of the five masters. Do you really think this is something we can contend with?”

“I’m afraid I’m afraid…” Sai Dongfeng waved his hands again and again: “Isn’t that a good show to watch this time?”

“It’s more than a good show.” Qing Lingzi raised his head and looked at the sky: “I’m afraid it will be a catastrophe, our chance It won’t really start until after this catastrophe.”

Of course, Qing Lingzi wouldn’t be involved in this near-death thing, but the others didn’t care about it, Liverpool’s airport started crowding early in the morning. Weaving, people in all kinds of costumes gather together, there are the Shinto priestess who have a good life in the neighborhood, the shaman wearing the high hat, and even the Witch Doctor from South America, and the highlight is the few from Southeast Asia. The Dragon King invited.

They were picked up in batches, and there were almost 2,000 people going back and forth, and the number is still increasing. After all, money can make ghosts run the mill. I’m here just to protect one person, so many people together won’t be able to lose, right? On the opposite side, could it be Jesus who was not Jesus?

But what’s interesting is that this time, the priests who like little boys are collectively misfired. No matter how much money they have, they can’t ask for it. It’s like someone gave them a death order. In that place, even the local priests were evacuated, as if they were afraid of being affected.

“The war reporters in front have sent you first-hand information.” Thunder Dragon stood on the street in Liverpool and made a video with Brother Zhang: “Since this morning, a lot of strange things have appeared on the street here. People, look at the group behind you, this is a group of Smecta’s little elder sisters, they came with their Saintess, some of them are good looking, I’ll chat with you later.”

At this moment, Lei dragon body suddenly passed a few monks, he quickly chased after him and started an interview in a decent manner: “Several Masters, how much incense money did you charge for coming here this time?”

The monks put their hands together, and one of them murmured, “The old monk did not come here for money, but because he couldn’t bear to see that demon come into the world.”

“This eighth The calf has let you finish it.” Thunder Dragon cursed angrily and continued to say to Brother Zhang: “Anyway, what I see now, it seems that if one person is counted, one person can spend two million dollars, and the most expensive is still The few dragon kings in Southeast Asia are also worthy of being called themselves dragon kings.”

Brother Zhang laughed: “How many people are there?”

“There must be more than 2,000 people. Yes, it’s really good to be rich. One person is 2 million, ten people is 20 million, 100 is 200 million, 1000 is 2 billion, 2,000 is 4 billion, or US dollars. This is higher than that of many countries in one year’s taxation, it’s really a goddamn grievance.”

Thunder Dragon of course knows what the two thousand people are here for, so it shouts a grievance. It’s really not a loss, because they want to fight against the Fengdu Great Emperor? Go dream it, that is the whole ghost, it is the core area of Three Realms.

That lord really doesn’t know what the immensity of heaven and earth is, thinking that he has been arrogant for several decades, this time the Great Emperor should let them know what cruelty is.

At this moment, Ghost King came in from outside, holding a pass in her hand: “I got the action approval.”

She looked over after she finished speaking. Glancing at Brother Zhang’s phone, it was Thunder Dragon’s face on it, she curled one’s lip: “Big scumbag.”

“Hey, you passed, I didn’t slap you. Come on. Come, let’s take a look at the grand occasion here.”

The ghost Young Lady Wang looked around through Brother Zhang’s mobile phone and sneered: “mob.”

“Okay, okay. Now, I know you’re amazing.” Thunder Dragon said impatiently: “I’ll go back to work and look forward to your performance in two days.”

Hang up the phone, the ghost Young Lady Wang sat in Xiao Zhang’s seat Brother said in front of him: “Brother Zhang…”

“en? What’s wrong?”

“Little snake…” The ghost Young Lady Wang raised her head and looked at Xiao Zhang timidly Brother glanced: “I know that you restarted the snake, so the little snake…wouldn’t it be forgotten?”

The ghost Young Lady Wang was also one of the participants. But she wasn’t the Ghost King at that time, and she was still young, so she couldn’t stop her, but she felt a little uncomfortable when she thought that her position as a good sister was about to be replaced.

Brother Zhang shouted the head: “Go ahead and do your own thing.”

“Got it…then I’ll go first.” Ghost King Huahua jumped off the stool: ” Just wait and watch the news.”

Not long after she left, Haozi called, and he said to Brother Zhang, “Brother Zhang, I want to apply for support. “

“What’s the matter?”

Haozi told him about the matter at hand. Anyway, simply put, there are not enough staff, and he wants to find a solution here.

“You can find Zhang Yao, she should be happy to help you.”

“I just found her…but her price is very high.”

After a long time, I was asking for money. Brother Zhang said with a smile: “How much?”

“She asked for 15 million all-inclusive and 8 million for assistance. I need to break it here. That guy has all the feng shui bureaus in Hong Kong. It’s not very cost-effective to give her all-inclusive assistance. The assistance of 8 million is a bit high, but I’m really too busy here. What about Xiaoma? A few people are almost enough.”

“Okay, I’ll transfer it for you.”

Originally, as the boss of the Twelve Spirits, Haozi could transfer the ponies, but this Wasn’t the pony out there performing the spirit snake mission? It was the Holy Lord’s order, which was higher than Haozi’s order, so he had to ask Brother Zhang to coordinate.

After connecting to Xiaoma, he said that he immediately returned to Chang’an Lane, and then he came back after eleven o’clock in the evening.

“I’ll be there early tomorrow morning.” Xiaoma has endured the hardships of a long journey: “didn’t expect this thing to be so big, it’s interesting.”

“That’s right.” Brother Zhang took out a small bottle of Spirit Sword stone from under the counter: “This, can you sell it?”

The pony took the bottle and looked around carefully: “Yo , Spirit Sword stones of this quality are rare, but now the Great Sect has not started large-scale activities, the price is not up, but with this quality, one gram and fifteen is still a good sale, here is one I can have about ten grams, and when the time comes, they will sell it for a personal price, 12,000, and they will look like they are robbing.” The pony said with a smile: “These people have survived for hundreds of thousands of years. There are a lot of things, and some Sects have several tons of gold.”

“The cost is five thousand, and the more is yours.” Brother Zhang said to the pony with a smile: “I have time to sell it. Just a moment.”

“Hold the grass and give me money?” The pony looked at Brother Zhang in astonishment: “Boss, where did you get the bully?”

“Zhang Yao. “

“Understood.” The box in front of the pony patted: “Tell her, give me as much of this stuff as you want, and give her money after it’s sold out.”


“Then I’ll go to rest first.”


Things are proceeding in an orderly manner, time Also came the night of the second day.

Far away in a foreign land, those capable people have already set up their battles, and everyone has their own area to start casting spells and arrays there, including the dancing witch and the dancer. The shaman of the great god, and dozens of monks meditating and reciting sutras together, and the Taoist priests who painted the screen full of spells lay there drunk and drunk.

Everything looks so comfortable, each of them feels full of confidence, and the center of this huge array is the mansion of the richest man, he stands at the window and looks at the lively scene outside, with an old face There is a little more vicissitudes.

“It’ll be fine.” A man in a black robe stood beside him: “This is already the most powerful mysterious power in the world, and it will make sure you are safe.”

The number of people is indeed large, and it looks very professional, which makes the richest man somewhat relieved. He is also a person who has experienced storms. He turned around and glanced at the “consultant” beside him: “I feel that the past A few days my body is obviously not as good as before, don’t you say I can immortality?”

The black robe consultant lowered his head for a moment and said, “Sir, if everything goes well, it is indeed possible, but now it is obvious that Someone is behind it.”

“When this is over, find that person and no one can let him go.”

“That’s for sure, that Don’t worry.”

The old man coughed twice, his face obviously became ugly, and the maid next to him immediately walked forward with a small jar and took out a bunch of brown Black’s things were wrapped in a scroll and handed to the richest man. After he took it, he took a deep breath, but there was a vaguely human face in the smoke he spit out.

However, after he finished smoking this cigarette, his face became obviously better. He looked back at the consultant: “This cigarette is almost gone, you can get some more.”

“Understood, I’ll do it now.”

In this way, the time came to the third day, the seven dragon kings present took Disciple to guard the mansion, and the rest followed their respective The location began to be arranged, and tonight was destined to be a sleepless night.

In fact, there are quite a few reporters who have infiltrated these sorcerer teams through various channels. They just want to get first-hand information and make big news. But looking at the current battle… it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be a big deal.

It’s really good to have money. In just a few days, you can create a big net of Absolute Defense. I heard from the mages around them that they have never seen such a battle in their life… … the scene is really a bit big.

(End of this chapter)

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