What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 17

Chapter 17 The Adventures of Brother Xiao Zhang

Zhang Jiachang actually thought about this decision for a long time, mainly because the words of Mr. Old Lin touched him very much.

He said: You’re a little less human now.

Brother Zhang may not care about what others say, but if Old Lin, a person who relies on spiritual sense to eat, said this sentence, it is definitely something wrong with him.

It’s no wonder, because of the reason of following the law, little brother Zhang has not laughed or chatted well with people for ten years, he always trapped himself in this small In the milk tea shop, there is no fun and no life in the life of the three o’clock every day.

He’s a man, and a youngster, and he doesn’t know what he’ll become in the long run.

So he made the most hasty and bold decision in the past ten years, that is, to give the power of words to others.

He has considered many people, but the two most suitable are Haozi and Thunder Dragon. Although Haozi is not high in battle strength, he is definitely a firm supporter of justice and justice, so please rest assured. Although Thunder Dragon’s whereabouts are erratic, he is also a really good person, plus he has a stable temper and a peaceful mind, so it is more reassuring to give him the other half of the word spirit.

But even so, it is very dangerous to give this terrifying power to someone alone. Zhang Jiachang thought for a long time before deciding to divide this power equally between the two of them.

As for Spiritual Qi’s recovery and demon’s messing with the world, that has nothing to do with Zhang Jiachang, he doesn’t have to deal with these issues.

And he gave Haozi and Thunder Dragon the strongest rule-level ability, which was the greatest help for them both. These two people can also form a situation of mutual restraint, mutual supervision and mutual cancellation, just like adding a layer of double insurance to the nuclear bomb. It’s not that I can’t trust them, it’s just that the formidable power of this thing is too great, the power of the rules.

Besides, if Brother Zhang asked Thunder Dragon to come to the milk tea shop to help, it was actually for the convenience of supervision. If something unexpected happened to them, Brother Zhang could immediately deprive them of their abilities. , then reset all consequences.

This is one move, two gains, it not only gives them the strongest tool to resist the darkness, but also allows them to regain their freedom.

He used to be a cheerful, laughing teenager, but now he has been tortured by this ability for ten years, he is finally about to lose his humanity, but he does not want to lose it, so this can be considered a kind of self-help.

“It’s raining.”

Thunder Dragon suddenly said these words while lying on the bed. thump.

“You mean… are you sick?” Haozi walked in from outside and saw Thunder Dragon wearing briefs on the bed, holding a bowl of instant noodles with a shocked face: “This is a show What kind of talent?”

Thunder Dragon played for half an hour before it stopped, Haozi stepped up to investigate, and found that the hairy man was in shock…

This pass It was another pinch, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and reinstatement spell, and finally got Thunder Dragon back, but that was absolutely didn’t expect, the first thing Thunder Dragon woke up was to point to the sky: “It’s raining. !”

“ao ao ao ow…” So he started bouncing on the bed again.

Finally, after the third shock, Thunder Dragon finally made it rain outside, but the others were almost useless, looking like they were run over by a hundred and fifty dump trucks In the same way, the nails of both hands disappeared, and a large piece of flesh on the feet disappeared, revealing a red glowing wound, which was painful when touched.

“If you want me to tell you, you are sick! You play like this when you say what you say? It comes at a price, bastard. Brother Zhang won’t be hurt in any way, so his words follow what you say. It is to randomly consume other people’s lives, and we will pay the price if we use it. Now you just have no nails, and one day you will take it off and the basket will be gone. I don’t think you are smiling.”

Haozi gnashing teeth bandaged Thunder Dragon. Now that he sees this fool, he feels that the biggest mistake in his life is to have such a senior brother… Is this inappropriate brain damage?

“Hahahaha…it’s so interesting.” Thunder Dragon sat there but still laughed: “But it hurts really hurts.”

“Don’t play, you really know Terrible.” Haozi sighed: “This can save lives in an emergency, but if you play like this, you won’t survive tomorrow morning.”

Thunder Dragon sat up straight and looked down at the insteps A large piece of flesh lost on the Internet: “I’m just testing the way to trigger the Word Spirit.”

“Test?” Haozi rolled the eyes: “Isn’t it enough to ask Brother Zhang tomorrow?”

Thunder Dragon was stunned for a moment, he subconsciously raised his hand and slapped himself, but because of the excessive force, the wound was involved, and he rolled on the bed again in pain.

On the morning of the second day, Zhang Jiachang was still muttering when he saw the seriously injured Thunder Dragon, but when he knew that this guy actually played himself like this, he couldn’t help laughing. Voice.

He picked the medicine from the yard, took apart the gauze on Thunder Dragon’s wound, and while dripping the juice of spiritual medicine on his head, he said: “The word spirit doesn’t need a special activation method, it may be that you are unintentional. It may also be a sentence that slips out accidentally. For example, ‘Go to hell’, ‘Let there be light’ or ‘How nice it would be if it were sunny today’, the imperative sentence is 100% triggered, and the assumed relationship is 50% triggered. , causality is 100% triggered.”

“What is causality?” Thunder Dragon curiously asked, “What’s it like?”

Brother Zhang pointed at him His wounds, his nails, naked eyes, visibly grew: “Because so, since then, because of this. Because you came, this world collapsed, and then the world collapsed.”

Haozi, who was taking notes next to him, suddenly realized: “No wonder, you have been answering and asking questions for most of these years, and generally do not make explanations and assumptions, so it is.”

“en .” Zhang Jiachang smiled bitterly: “Isn’t it very hard?”

“It’s hard…” Thunder Dragon repeatedly nodded: “Then I can’t talk nonsense?”

“Nonsense!” Haozi angrily said, “Shut up!”

tone barely fell , Thunder Dragon’s mouth was suddenly sealed, and the two lips began to close gradually, and finally the lips disappeared, Be a mouthless person, like the little girl on a Silent Hill promotional poster.

Haozi quickly covered his mouth when he saw this…

“Be careful.” Zhang Jiachang got up and flicked Thunder Dragon’s head, his mouth quickly reappeared.

This time he got up and started chasing and beating Haozi. Haozi was squatting in the corner with his head covered by his beating: “It’s almost there… I’m sorry.”

It’s not easy to thunder Dragon Qi disappeared, he sat there who didn’t know whether to cry or laugh and looked at Zhang Jiachang: “Boss, aren’t you cheating on me?”

“It doesn’t count, the future is up to you. When fighting the darkness, this may be your life-saving ability.” Zhang Jiachang laughed: “This is the strongest weapon I can give you with a legitimate reason.”

“Um…” Haozi turned towards Zhang Jiachang cup one fist in the other hand: “many thanks Brother Zhang.”

“You don’t need to be polite. In fact, it is also a shackle for me. Everyone wins.” Zhang Jiachang smiled and came to the counter: “If you really want to thank me, just come and help me write my resume.”

Zhang Jiachang is looking for a job. This may be an ordinary thing to others, but to him Rather, it’s like a big adventure.

He has been trapped here for ten years. In ten years, he has been from fifteen years old to twenty-four years and nine months, and he has never walked out of this Heaven and Earth. It is to go to a school 1.2 kilometers away to pick up Nian Nian.

In the past ten years, he has grown up from a student who dropped out of the second year of junior high school to the age he is now. He has no diploma, no experience, no eloquence, no emotional intelligence. Zhang Jiachang, who can cleanse the world in a blink of an eye, has just become Zhang Jiachang. the kind of waste that cannot survive on the world.

Although he really wants to make money, he has 10 million ways to make money, but now what he urgently needs is not money but more contact with this world and society, so as to make himself more popular taste.

“Brother Zhang is pitiful, I will not even write a resume.”

“What should I do.” Zhang Jiachang didn’t know whether to cry or laugh said: “I I haven’t written it yet.”

Thunder Dragon raised his hand at this time: “Report to the boss, I won’t either.”

And Haozi smiled embarrassingly after standing there for a long time in silence He got up: “I don’t know either…”

“How come I know people like you?”

Thunder Dragon felt aggrieved, he looked up at Zhang Jiachang: “We didn’t go to college, nor did we find a job. But there is a saying that Zhuge Liang is the top of the three cobblers. Let’s discuss it together.”

In the end, it turned out that the three Stooges couldn’t stand up to Zhuge Liang at all, and just such a broken resume turned the three big men into autism.

It feels like nothing is right to write, especially when it comes to writing experiences, they can’t even write. Otherwise how to write? Write a personal honor: Xiao Zhang has verbally praised him five times?

What about Zhang Jiachang himself? Honored: Best milk tea and roast chicken in Chang’an Lane?

“This one has to be a college student…” Haozi sighed, “If only Xu Wei was here.”

Zhang Jiachang suddenly rolled his eyes and looked at him, and Haozi covered him I stopped…and at the next moment, the welcome bell really rang, and then I saw Xu Wei, who was wearing a plaster cast, walk in with a full of smiles on crutches.

“I’m here to thank you…”

Zhang Jiachang and Thunder Dragon looked at Haozi, and Haozi fiercely gave himself the stinky mouth in Xu Wei’s shocked expression. Came a slap.

“You can’t write resumes?”

Zhang Jiachang , Haozi and Thunder Dragon looked at each other in blank dismay , then shook their heads…

“Okay, I’ll teach you.” Xu Wei suddenly felt great: “You’re going to make it difficult for you, right?”

“Well…my highest honor in my life is being taken by Xiao Zhang. Brother verbally praised him five times.” Haozi smiled wryly.

“Actually, it’s very simple. Just make up your resume to make it look better. The specifics still depend on the interview.” Xu Wei sat on Zhang Jiachang’s chair: “You personally have obtained The honor column can be written…”

She thought for a moment: “Having won the 2006 Person of the Year from Time Magazine and the 2008 Special Award from the Chinese Organizing Committee in 2008, isn’t Brother Zhang still courageous? ? It can also be written, and then there are excellent managers at the municipal level, and…”

(end of this chapter)

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