What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 170


Chapter 170 Looking at the sea

What was the last news that the whole world paid attention to?

911 World Trade Center Twin Towers hit by plane? Or the collapse of the Soviet Union?

It’s hard to say, but the news that the whole world is concerned about at this time is how the richest man in Asia after the three-day deadline will deal with the Kill Order of the mysterious world.

His actions in the past few days have been recorded and posted on the Internet, not only in the UK, but even fanatics from all over Europe have participated, and some people are even using miniature cameras to continuously This magical event was broadcast live, and the Internet has even called this event the dividing line between the New World and the old world, because this is the first time that the official media of various countries have acquiesced in a massively disseminated mysterious world event, and it is aimed at A world-class celebrity, this kind of dissemination is obviously easier to enter the field of vision than all the sporadic weird events, and even some small country TV stations have already started to follow up on this content.

The series of terms such as super power, ghosts and aliens began to slowly appear on the Internet, and began to ferment rapidly, although the current situation of the so-called aliens is not very good, But one thing is certain, they have officially entered the stage of history, there will be countless new opportunities and new challenges in the world in the future, and the accompanying disputes and wars will probably continue for a long time.

But it doesn’t matter, this is the inevitable stage of human progress and development. Every innovation and change at the social level is accompanied by a period of arduous struggle, and then with the development of the times and progress in all aspects, finally Struggles and divisions will disappear and humanity will turn its head and see that it has taken a giant leap forward.

And speaking of which, the cause of this event that divides the old and new eras, is just one morning a ghost told a story, maybe the butterfly effect is so interesting, the one who died The funny and hilarious middle-aged man of the 1970s would not have thought that he had become the inducement to change the cognitive pattern of the world.

Under the attention of the whole world, night finally came, and almost every inch of land around the richest man’s mansion was covered with Formation. Those things that were only seen on TV are now neat and tidy. are displayed in this manor.

Several Southeast Asian dragon kings have officially formed their formation, they have brought all the magic weapons and weapons they can bring, but they don’t seem optimistic, because since yesterday, all the Divination Techniques have been It didn’t work, which means that the person who gave the richest man his fate was very high, so high that they couldn’t catch her movements together.

Ghost King Huahua is in Brother Zhang’s shop at the moment, she is holding milk fragrant corn in one hand and milk tea in the other, and there are two flowering sausages in front of her. Her mobile phone is talking to JK clothing store on a treasure. Boss discusses returns and exchanges.

Brother Xiao Zhang is still in a daze as always, no one knows what he is thinking, and he is not too curious about this world, nor is he too concerned about what people in the world are concerned about today. topic content.

“Xiao Zhang, big brother, you are not lively enough. I will take you to the Comic Con in a few days. There are many high school girls in there. You are really energetic. Do you want to try it?”

Hearing Ghost King Xiaohua’s words, Xiao Zhang turned his head and looked at the JK girl in front of her. She couldn’t see the shadow of the Great Emperor of Fengdu, so he She looks like an ordinary girl with a little willfulness, but that’s not what the umbrella leaning on her side said. Even if you look at the entire mythological system, the Slaughter Staff is the most powerful thing. Its attack power is not high. How about it, but there is a very interesting feature, that is, if you are hit, you will enter the interrogation mode. No matter what level people are, they will start to calculate the causal gains and losses of the three lives and three lives, and then reward and punish according to the law. For those who have never done bad things in three lives, how many Jin Chanzi have to be eaten?

So the words that there are no wronged souls under Tu Sheng’s staff are not just casual words.

“Aren’t you over yet?”

“Seven hours, now we’re… 1:30, right.” Ghost King said with a smile: ” It’s only half past six, you don’t have a time for dinner? Animals know that they don’t hunt when they drink water.”

Brother Zhang laughed: “This is the first time I heard about Fengdu. The Great Emperor is still considered jet lag.”

“New World, new youth, we have to blaze a new path.”

And at this moment in a small bar in LYG, where is the Zha was watching an anchor named Lingling in the UK live streaming this gluttonous feast of the old and new world with his mobile phone. There were two people sitting beside him, one was studying a smartphone and the other was sleeping with his arms hu hu hu hu.

“A monkey is a monkey. It’s not enough to drink two sips. You have to share the table with the children.” True Lord Erlang glanced at the monkey next to him with disgust, and then took He took a drink and took a sip: “How can I use this function? He asked me to scan the code to pay, how can I scan it?”

But Nezha’s mind was obviously not here. After being reminded by True Lord Erlang two or three times, he did not came back to his senses, and then said: “How can you say that these people can make up so many things, the monkey is just a monkey, how could he go to the underworld to tamper with the Life and Death Book? All of a sudden, it’s really a life for nothing.”

True Lord Erlang laughed: “It doesn’t matter what they say. Are you willing to let me down, didn’t you also let me down this time?”

“Don’t be complacent, I guess the Spiritual Mountain people brought you here with their feet when they were freed. Otherwise, you will point to the virtue of that lord, and you won’t be locked up in murky heavens dark earth. I count you as good.” Nezha leaned on that and said with a smile: “What a cowardly thing.”

“How many years have I become an immortal, and the next mortal still has to obey his rules? What’s the reason? To scold him? I’d be underestimated. And rob my dog!”

“Aiya is fine.” Nezha took a sip of his wine glass and said, “Don’t you know how bad you are, so you still do it with others. .”

“What happened?”

“I said you’re bragging.”

“You’re believing or not I’ll find him tomorrow!”

“You go!”

“You wait!”

Nezha looked disdainful, and asked the waiter to bring a pen and paper: “Let’s stand. Documents!”

True Lord Erlang yawned at this time, then leaned on the monkey’s shoulder and fell asleep for ten seconds before and after.

“I thought it was so awesome, but it turned out to be a strong mouth king.”

And Nezha didn’t go to run on True Lord Erlang anymore, just watched the live broadcast seriously. Come.

Now it’s almost eight o’clock in the evening, the scene can be said to be a vast crowd, red flags, gongs and drums, and the lively atmosphere has caught up with the Chinese New Year. According to common sense, don’t say There are all kinds of exorcism professionals in it, even if all the ordinary people will not have any demons and monsters dare to come here.

The richest man in the manor’s mansion was a little more at ease when he saw this scene. Although the noise outside gave him a headache, he was still very happy when he saw that the safety of himself and his family was guaranteed. Glad.

The “consultant” next to him gave a special life-sustaining cigarette, and then stood beside the richest man whispered: “Sir, there should be no problem this time, just now several dragon kings have said, although the other party is very It is difficult to deal with, but we have prepared very well, so there should be no problem.”

After listening to this, the old man showed a satisfied look on his face, then smiled and said to the consultant, “I have experienced so many years. There are also a lot of winds and waves. Of course, you will not be frightened by these things. If you order it, it will mean that everyone’s compensation will double tomorrow morning.”

“Okay sir.”

The richest man is in a great mood. It doesn’t matter if he has money or not, but it is only a few billions. His family property is calculated in hundreds of billions, and he simply doesn’t care about the three melons and dates. And what he is most worried about now is that his longevity is coming, and he really wants to live another five hundred years.

When the Exorcists outside heard the news that the bonus was doubled, they worked harder, and the whole scene became more prosperous. The time also came to twelve o’clock little by little.

I thought this matter would end like this, but when the clock rang at twelve o’clock, the surrounding atmosphere suddenly changed, and the darkness rushed like a tsunami. The thick dark night shrouded all the light inside, no matter how strong the light, the illumination range will not exceed five meters, and then the surrounding overcast wind began to whistle, and the dark clouds in the sky also arrived as expected to block the moonlight. .

Suddenly the crowd began to panic, and they couldn’t help but start to pay attention, but no matter what, the pressure became stronger and stronger as the darkness hit.

The formation ropes around the witch on the stage began to break one by one, and the spells posted by the Taoist priests also burned without warning. The monks’ rosary beads were scattered all over the place. Wu hummed the shaman of the great god, and even the Divine Idol in front of him was broken into pieces.

Between Heaven and Earth faintly resounded the sound of ghosts crying. The richest man who had just relaxed a little was now sitting in the room looking pale, while the chanting of the dragon kings downstairs became obviously rapid. It got up, and all the signs indicated that that thing… came.

The most exciting thing about the change of scenery between Heaven and Earth is the whole world audience who stayed in the live broadcast room for three days, all of them stared with bated breath waiting for the next development. It’s a lot more exciting than those fake documentaries, because there are unexpected images everywhere in the camera.

The first cruel and bloody scene appeared, an elderly witch inspector was suddenly backlashed by his own Gu Insect, his body began to twist in a strange posture, and his eyes burst. When he opened it, a mixture of yellow and white things had a large number of inserts drilled out of every hole in his body that could be drilled.

Next, the black viscous liquid spewed out of the water pipe originally used to water the garden. These liquids seemed to have life. They first spread from the ground, and then began to climb to the buildings. After the surrounding walls and statues were infected by it, a pungent blood-reeking breath came from the night wind.

Then, on the fountain statue in the center of the manor, a girl in a sailor suit suddenly appeared. Unlike last time, she had a mask on her face, and the umbrella behind her became With the dark golden hollowed-out long staff, there is also a bell in the hollowed-out interlayer at the head of the stick, which emits a crisp and pleasant bell every time there is a movement.

She appeared on the ground and looked at the people around her who were chanting sutras and incantations. Down.

In an instant, the door between Heaven and Earth opened, and then countless cracks began to appear on the ground, and the wind hu hu with the smell of blood-reeking qi blew, and finally countless Yaksha evil spirits emerged from the darkness. rushed out.

“Human beings will die for riches, just as birds will for food, since you have collected money, you are his people.” The girl looked around and said softly, “I’m sorry. ”

The whole hell is extremely ferocious. The Formation, talisman technique and Taoism of the thousands of people present are simply unable to resist the Yin army of the Great Emperor of Fengdu. They fiercely pounce on every exorcist they see, The level of that level was immediately judged, and the entire exorcism scene turned into a sea of blood in hell, and miserable screams filled every corner.

Someone called the police, but the police didn’t dare to come, and neither did the army. They pretended they didn’t see or hear it, and even pulled the phone line…

The tragedy was not broadcast live, because the space here has been isolated, people standing outside even a wall looked towards it, whether it was naked eyes or instruments, they could only see a mass of pure darkness, and the inside was even more There was no signal at all, and simply couldn’t send out the terrifying scene in front of him.

At this moment, the JK girl turned her stick and walked in the underworld, she saw a woman who was obviously not an exorcist, but a network anchor who was kneeling there and praying to God, Ghost King Huahua stepped forward Patted her shoulders with Tu Sheng’s stick, and then drew a circle around her: “Your God will not come, he won’t offend me for your shameful skin. But you don’t charge any money, so don’t leave this circle. You survived.”

tone barely fell , a Yaksha beside him tore a Great Buddhist Monk’s body in half, the cassock fell in front of Ghost King Huahua, and blood dripped on on top of her mask.

“Spiritual Mountain is dead, you still believe in Buddhism.”

Ghost King snorted, turned around and whistled towards the mansion, and she whistled It is friendship that lasts forever. This is a standard funeral song. Whether it is at a funeral or at the scene of Uncle Liao’s burial, this song is very eye-catching.

The whistle gradually came in. No one in the mansion was not nervous. Several dragon kings with the most powerful mana were sweating like rain at the moment, and many of the disciplines had rolled their eyes and fainted. past. But for the money, they finally carried it down.

The gate has a ban and a Formation inside the door, but even this can’t stop the boundless coercion caused by the whistle outside the door.

With a muffled sound, the prohibition on the gate was broken like this. The seal used to seal the most ferocious ghosts is now more fragile than paper.

The door was broken, and the Formation in the room was activated. The two stone lions turned into living creatures and rushed out fiercely, but within ten seconds they returned like frightened kittens. to the stone base.

Then I saw a girl humming a song with blood splashes all over her body and walking into the room.


She exclaimed in surprise, “There are so many people.”

After saying that, she went straight upstairs Going up, how could these dragon kings let her succeed, they rushed up to stop her, but before they got up, they found that their feet were firmly held by the dark claws sticking out from the ground, and that The claws are strong as an ox, little by little dragging them to the ground.

At this moment, the richest man was trembling all over. Although he said that he was used to seeing wind and waves, as the whistles and footsteps little by little approached from outside, he finally collapsed.

“Sir… I’m sorry!”

Seeing this, the consultant immediately wanted to start the Formation to leave, and at this moment the door suddenly opened automatically. After a while, the girl I just walked in and saw the Formation of the consultant next to me, but laughed: “You try it out, it’s already hell here.”

(End of this chapter)

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