What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 171


Chapter 171 is the spring breeze.

In hell, don’t listen to her orders.

What Formation is not Formation, top players don’t care about this at all.

The Great Emperor of Fengdu inserted the Tusheng Staff at the door, and then walked briskly into the room. The advisor repeatedly launched Formation but to no avail. He knew that this time it was really provoked. Big baby, the people of this level in front of him are a bit too high-end for him, and listening to the shouts of several dragon kings downstairs, they are probably wiped out.

The tragic world outside continued, but the atmosphere in the room became more and more depressing, and the depression made people breathless.

“Do you know what I’m here for this time?” The ghost Young Lady Wang walked to the opposite side of the richest man, pulled the stool and sat down: “You can show your chips now, and beg me to be in a good mood. A little.”

The richest man is the richest man after all, and he can be regarded as someone who has seen the wind and waves. Under the overbearing imposing manner of the girl opposite, he can quickly regain his composure.

He adjusted his sitting position, took a sip from the water glass, then smiled, and then actually spoke: “I don’t know what this lady wants?”

The ghost Young Lady Wang didn’t seem to be interested in his words, just folded her arms and turned her head to the side, and continued to wait for the following.

“Is it money? Real estate? Gold? Or something else? As long as you say it.”

When the richest man talks about the field he is familiar with, the imposing of the world The manner came back all of a sudden, as if it was not a human being but a group of any cat or dog being slaughtered outside, and it was not affected by the outside world at all.

The ghost Young Lady Wang chuckled, resting one hand on the table and holding her chin, looked at the richest man: “This is all you can give?”

The richest man was stunned for a moment, then sneered Get up: “Miss, I’m just a mortal.”

“Are you a mortal? Then your fusion killing array is not a mortal’s means, and the Samsara Road you block thousands of people is not a mortal’s Means, you have sucked countless luck, but it is not a mortal method. You have a 72-year-old and ninety-six years of life, but it is not a mortal method!”

“This…” The richest man hesitated for a moment, Wrinkled frowned looked towards Gui Young Lady Wang: “I can compensate.”

“Compensation?” Gui Young Lady Wang suddenly laughed loudly: “Okay, then I will compensate you for it. Price.”

After she finished speaking, she took out a golden abacus, and a thick book appeared in her hand. She raised her eyes to look at the richest man, and said with a smile: “Let’s be fine. Calculate your account.”

Seeing this set of things, the richest man’s expression also became solemn, but he has no way out now, he can only kill himself, and He has been a knife for many years, and now he has finally become a fish on the chopping board for a while.

“Our underworld rules are also simple, that is, life is exchanged for life, and longevity is exchanged for longevity. You extend your yang life for twenty-four years, and one for ten is two hundred and forty years. Killing 47, among them Nine people have not yet reached the end of their lives, nine people have a total of eighty-five years. I record three hundred and twenty-five years. In the next fifty years, three thousand seven hundred and seventeen, solitary soul, unbound ghost I will give you a unified count of ten years. A total of 37,170 years, 37,495 years in total. I won’t give you the fortunes and fortunes of the heavens, I will not give you any of these, just count your continuous descendants, your family. There are one hundred and seventy-nine people, with a total of 2,740 years of Yangshou remaining. As we calculated before, the Yangshou conversion is 1 to 10. Then your family’s old and young Yangshou functions have a total of 27,400 years. .”

The golden abacus crackled, the Life and Death Book beside it turned hua hua loudly, the richest man’s expression was gloomy and uncertain, and his forehead was already full of sweat.

“Okay, after I took your family of 179 people, you still owe me 1055 years.” The ghost Young Lady Wang raised her head and said with a smile: ” Now there are three paths for you to choose, one is for everyone in your family up and down, 9 by 9, 81 years into the Beast Dao, with memories. The second is for you to fall into the endless hell alone, this can be bitter, Forever is not allowed to come out. The third rule, it just so happens that we have opened a 100,000-year-old grand event in Heaven and Earth. You are the 10 billionth customer, and I will give you a chance to be innocent.”

Speaking of the ghost, Young Lady Wang stretched out her hand, and the Slaughtering Staff turned directly into a roulette wheel, with pardon written on the top grid, and various cruel punishments written on the other grids.

“Here is the content of the big reward, you have a chance to be a lottery.” The ghost Young Lady Wang raised a finger: “Once a chance, the probability of winning is 0.03%, But after all, I’m not a devil either, if you don’t get it, I’ll give you a chance to come again, but this chance is not for nothing, you have to exchange things, how about it?”


“Family, memory, family property, reputation, status, etc., etc., anything.” Ghost Young Lady Wang said with a smile: “For example, if you exchange relatives, then I will give you a list. You can start with the farthest relatives, then little by little toward the closest ones, and finally the children and grandchildren, hahaha… Fair enough Right? If it is reputation, you need to record a video and talk about what you have done over the years. Then I will announce it to you, and the property… One billion dollars will be transferred once, okay? By the way, if you If you transfer in the middle, you can add more chips, if you can win twice, I will give you immortality directly.”

The richest man thought for a long time, he glanced at it, it was almost dawn, but then The ghost Young Lady Wang’s words directly extinguished his last hope: “Don’t look at it, this is a big dark sky, there will never be a sunrise, and the big sun is not easy to use. Choose, old man Son.”

Finally… the richest man was overwhelmed by this sentence, he let out a long breath and pointed at the turntable with gritted teeth: “I choose the turntable.”

“That’s right, don’t be a fool if you have benefits.”

The roulette wheel started to turn, but he was not the Child of Destiny after all. The first time he lost, but this time it seemed to be in his As expected, he looked up towards the ghost Young Lady Wang: “I choose the property.”

“Sorry.” The ghost Young Lady Wang chuckled: “I checked just now, the property on your account is not It has reached a billion dollars, and in the past two days, your sons and daughters-in-law have transferred all your property.”

The eyes of the richest man suddenly widened: “They…”


“Hey, it’s understandable that we’re going to fly separately when the disaster is imminent. Well, the family property is not enough, what are you going to use in exchange?”

“My relatives…”

Under this stimulation, the ruthless richest man finally had red eyes. He still bet on the roulette with his family, and there was no joke under Tu Sheng’s stick. Every time he said it again, there would be someone His relatives were deprived of their birthdays and left worl for various reasons d, Death God is coming than “Death God is Coming”.

In over a hundred chances, he did not transfer to the vacant seat of pardon, and his family, even the youngest grandson, had been consumed, the ghost Young Lady Wang spread out his hands: “Oh , no more, you have no family anymore. Your wealth and family are gone, you still have your reputation, memory and status, how do you say? Do you still want to come?” Where did the richest man care so much, he took a deep breath and said in a hoarse voice: “Go on!”

“Okay.” The ghost Young Lady Wang laughed and took a step back: “Then please choose a chip .”

The richest man chose the honor this time, but he still lost in the end. The ghost Young Lady Wang took out a DV player from nowhere and pointed to the old man: “What? Do you need to start now? Or give you some time to prepare.”

“Give me a little time…”

The richest man sat on a chair with his head raised and his eyes half-closed, and at this moment He suddenly realized one thing, and that is that he has nothing left unconsciously… The wealth and wealth are gone, the family and family are gone, and now there is only a ridiculous reputation and status left.

Although I have been calm and composed for a lifetime, I chose to stake all on one throw with a smile.

The eloquent unscripted speech made people realize that the richest man in his 90s is still young, but from what he said, he also saw the numbness and cruelty of the richest man over the years. It was just a trivial matter, and what was even more terrifying was his disregard for life and disregard for the law. After a series of speeches, his strength seemed to be drained.

“Okay, you still have status in the end, but it seems that you have lost your status after you come here, why don’t you just bet on your memory, won’t you come once in ten years?” Ghost Young Lady Wang hehe Hee laughed: “I will count it for you once in the last six years. Do you want to have a ten draw?”

The richest man didn’t resist, just silently nodded.

Then the ghost Young Lady Wang snapped her fingers, and the roulette wheel started to move on its own. When she arrived at the scene in front of her, she said, “It’s amazing, you won.”

After she finished speaking, she snapped her fingers again and disappeared into the room, and then it was dawn outside. Get up, and the scene of blood flowing into a river in the yard is also disappeared, and the only thing left is the scene where the group of exorcists fainted there.

But at this moment, the world’s media and the Internet are playing the self-monologue of the richest man just now, while he is sitting in the room, watching the remote video on the computer screen, the family is shocked, disappointed and at a loss. Eyes, and another scene in which he is betting on roulette with the lives of his relatives is played repeatedly in another video.

He was at a loss for this, because his memory only had the last six years of his life left, and he didn’t remember anything before… But he remembered everything that happened last night. Clearly.

“I don’t know how to kill people.”

The ghost Young Lady Wang said in her live broadcast room with her mobile phone: “How much is his life worth? ? Death is not a punishment, keeping him alive is the biggest punishment. Aiya, don’t give me rockets, alright, don’t brush, I’m stuck.”

(End of this chapter )

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