What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 172


Chapter 172 Murder and Punishment

That’s right, the ghost Young Lady Wang didn’t kill anyone, not a single one. The whole process was broadcast live to the world, and the attitude of the richest man at that time and what he said were all published on the Internet without a word.

“We will definitely coexist in the future. If I kill someone, the future will be difficult. You know what I mean.” When the ghost Young Lady Wang interacted with fans in the live broadcast room Said, “I didn’t kill anyone this time, no one died, it was just someone who wanted them to die.”

As she said, she didn’t kill anyone, all those exorcisms What the audience saw was the Illusion Technique. Although she could kill, as a highly educated person who studied public relations, how could she not know what would happen if she killed herself.

But although they didn’t kill people, those terrifying Illusion Techniques also made those exorcists crazy, but this stuff is also their own Heart Demon, no wonder others. And the real highlight is the final roulette stage of the ghost Young Lady Wang.

She asked the 96-year-old richest man to cut himself completely in front of the whole world, and then little by little tore off his fig leaf, the moment the market opened on second day, All the properties of the richest man suffered heavy setbacks, almost all stocks fell below the issue price, and not only retail investors, but also investment institutions withdrew from his group, and even covered his life. A handful of people are his beloved relatives, sons, daughters, sons-in-law, etc. All the people who are related to him have all issued a statement to distance themselves from him, and his own published crimes also made the phone line unplugged. The British police directly took him away for investigation.

Just like when you play roulette, business, family, family, friends, honor, status and even memories are disappeared overnight.

“I extended his life for 30 years, plus one year for every 10,000 followers.” The ghost Young Lady Wang shouted in the live broadcast room: “Let’s try to renew him. To 200 years old.”

If there is no accident, if he is really extended to 200 years old, even if there is no death penalty, the sentence of the richest man will not be less than 50 years. When he came out, he was almost one hundred and fifty years old, and with the situation of having nothing, what was even more terrifying was that his longevity had not expired, and he had to live fifty years in the world.

Several decades later, he will experience the cruelest side of Human World, and what’s even more terrifying is that he doesn’t even have the memory of the first ninety years, and lost the memory of all the good people.

How cruel such punishment is, in fact, only those who have experienced it can know. But he was lucky and became the first person to eat crabs. Maybe after several decades, he could still publish a book. The title of the book was made by the ghost Young Lady Wang, and it was called “My Life”.

Of course, this matter has not yet been settled. The movement of the richest family has become a major event that the whole world is paying attention to. Even reporters have begun to search the world for people who are related to them. verified.

What followed was a series of collapses. Most of the richest man’s assets were in the UK. The British government directly lost more than 30 billion pounds because of his relationship. The social losses and resource losses incurred are not counted.

In the afternoon of the second day, demonstrations broke out throughout the UK, protesting against putting such scum into the UK and protesting against the incompetence of the current Prime Minister, and the British government is really seeing that old bastard now. Hate to gnash the teeth, and naturally it will not give him a good look.

And in the next few days, the video content about the richest man playing roulette and the richest man turning himself in has been rotten by online players all over the world, giving him various happy bridges .

Once this person is unlucky, many people will fall into trouble. After the richest man entered, his various financing also collapsed. Countless investors gathered at the door of the British police station, holding The brand requires the richest man to go to the guillotine…

Of course, in addition to these social influences, there are also rumors about him, especially his life extension technique, which has become the most popular among people. A topic of relish. The first on the global hot search list is the richest man, and the second is the content of the main online live broadcast of Ghost.

“Okay, Huahua.”

Thunder Dragon sat in the restaurant, opposite Young Lady Wang, who was gulps.

“I warn you, if you dare to touch me with your dirty hands, I’ll hit you on the head with a slaughtering staff.” Ghost King pointed at Thunder Dragon’s hand that was going to lift her hair: “Dead scumbag, Go away.”

“You are so heartless.”

“Go away.” The ghost Young Lady Wang cursed raised her head and said, “Actually, I can think about these three days. To be clear, I think that pure revenge is not enough to maximize the benefits, so how can we maximize the benefits, that is to use a large-scale event that has attracted widespread attention to promote the mysterious world and promote it generously This is the reason why I didn’t kill people. If I kill people, some people will question why I can be above the laws of the world. Although everyone knows that the laws of the world can’t control Yin Sector’s people, it will undoubtedly increase the number of people. So I chose to do this, isn’t it super powerful?”

“en.” Thunder Dragon nodded and said: “You have to kill so many people before something happens.”

“Yeah.” Ghost King Xiaohua chuckled: “The Ghost King of modern thinking is still very difficult to deal with. If I were my father, then this place would be a bloody mess. But killing people at that time was fun. , after the reconciliation crematorium, Human World is the main venue after all, it is the core area of the sixth Spiritual Qi recovery, I have to make a plan first.”

β€œAt this stage, people are widely accepting ghosts. This nothingness is still a bit difficult.”

“It’s more than a bit difficult.” Ghost King sighed: “For many years before, my father just wanted to be majestic, majestic, majestic, and alive. The ghosts are made into scary, ruthless, ugly poses, and the Human World is talking about ghosts. I am now going to launch a cognitive revolution to let the whole world know that ghosts are actually not that bad. “

“What are you going to do?”

“Secret, I’ll announce it after a while when my plan is complete.”

In two days, what happened in the UK gradually calmed down. Just as Ghost King Xiaohua expected, people’s conversation after dinner gradually changed from the richest man’s fuss to the advent of ghosts. Those who are afraid, worried, curious, and doubtful are here. The children are pouring out, just like the beginning of all new things, countless noises and disputes are being staged.

“Fortunately, she didn’t kill her.” After reading the discussion on the Grandfather Pi forum, Zhang Yao turned her head and said to Brother Zhang: “If it really kills, people will Panic, panic is the opposite of resistance. You say, which of the ghost world or the Monster Realm will merge into the human world first?”

Zhang Yao is not simple now, she seems to be an expert in non-human affairs, this is really true Experts will quickly become experts wherever they are placed. It turned out that the woman who saw a fox spirit who was frightened and flustered was able to discuss some arrangements for the future integration plan with Ghost King in just one year.

“I don’t know, it’s probably a demon. Because people have different perceptions of demons and ghosts.” Brother Zhang said with a smile: “I was harmed by movies and TV shows.”

Zhang Yao laughed out a goose cry, then leaned on there and sipped a sip of milk tea and said, “But this little girl is really powerful, this method…beautiful.”

Little Brother Zhang hehe smiled, shook the head: “It’s still a little immature, she shouldn’t be so flamboyant.”

“It’s okay, a twenty-year-old child, what else do you expect.”

Brother Zhang smiled and didn’t answer.

And at this moment, Jin Mei pushed the door and walked in, Zhang Yao laughed stiffly after seeing her, and Jin Mei came up and took her arm: “Why don’t you go to me? What fun are there to play over there, there are stinky men here.”

Zhang Yao looked at Brother Zhang, opened her mouth, originally wanted to say that she was here to play with stinky men, but she never After saying this sentence, Jin Mei was pulled away, and Brother Zhang shouted the head and continued to clean the glass.

But not long after they left, a sassy woman rushed in, it was Monster Race’s Great Emperor Golden Dragon Princess, she angrily sat in front of Brother Zhang: “This time Ghost Clan that The little girl is out of the limelight, we have to get the field back.”

Brother Zhang looked up at her, but didn’t speak.

“You can help me anyway, you can’t help her just because she has a good relationship with you.”

“What am I helping her?”

“Didn’t you let her use this trick?”

Brother Zhang hooked the head: “People learned it by themselves.”

Golden Dragon Princess sighed : “I agree that Monster Race has intermarryed with a human, why can’t it match her popularity? I don’t agree.”

Brother Zhang didn’t say anything, and he couldn’t say anything, the two systems of monsters and ghosts have been They have been competing with each other for many years. Now that the ghost Young Lady Wang is emerging, it is strange that the Golden Dragon Princess is not in a hurry. After all, from ancient times to the present, they managed to make the image of the demon into a gentle, lovely, kind and loving person by seducing scholars, but now they are being A ghost girl was suppressed in the limelight after a live broadcast.

That day, the Golden Dragon Princess was also in the live room, and saw the messages on the screen full of messages from Young Lady Wang who wanted to be a ghost. What do you want from Chazi? Come and ask for her Golden Dragon Princess, ranging from standard incense to international incense.

“How about I also start a live broadcast? It’s not popular recently, right?”

“Your temper is not suitable.” Brother Zhang shook his head and said, “By the way, I heard Hu Niu say…”

“Don’t mention her! I don’t want to mention her! I don’t want to deal with her!”

The Golden Dragon Princess covered Hu Niu as soon as she heard it. sighed: “It’s annoying and annoying!”

Brother Zhang sighed: “You have been fighting Battle Qi for so many years, you are no longer a child, it’s almost over.”

“No, she won’t apologize to me for a day, and she won’t forgive her for a day.” Golden Dragon Princess coldly snorted: “By the way, I have a plan in a few days, you can help me see it, I won’t treat you badly!”

(End of this chapter)

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