What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 173


Chapter 173 was flat and busy.

When I got up early, Brother Zhang got up and fried an egg for Nian Nian, then made a bowl of fried dough stick soup, and finally added twelve fried dumplings. This is Nian Nian’s breakfast, and then he rode him like he used to The little e-Donkey took Nian Nian to the school.

And when I arrived at the school, I found that the school had already closed the summer vacation.

He looked back at Nian Nian, and Nian Nian also looked up at him. The two looked at each other silently for a long time, and finally Brother Zhang opened the mouth and said: “You don’t tell me when you are on vacation.”


“You hehe… …” Brother Zhang reluctantly stepped on the electric car again and took Nian Nian to leave, but when he was about to start, he saw Old Lin coming from a distance. He saw Brother Zhang and Nian Nian from afar Started to say hello.

Brother Zhang slipped in front of Mr. Old Lin on his feet. After the two chatted for a while, Mr. Old Lin smiled and said to him: “There are very few parents like you. It’s already a holiday, and you still delivered it today.”

β€œLife is a little confusing.”

Brother Zhang was said to be a little sorry, and after explaining two sentences, he asked: “See why you’re in a bad mood.”

Master Old Lin scratched his chin and laughed: “Come and sit at my house?”

There’s nothing to do anyway, little boy Brother Zhang readily agreed to Master Old Lin’s proposal, and the two went to Master Old Lin’s house every year. His family lives in the family area of the school. Most of these old schools have such houses for teachers to live in. The place is fifty-sixty flat, a small one, but it is more than enough for one person.

Mr. Old Lin is a person who loves cleanliness very much. His house was kept spotlessly clean. In the two-bedroom house, one is a bedroom and the other is a study. There is a tea table in the study. Let Brother Zhang and Nian Nian sit on the top and take tea from the cabinet while saying with a smile: “Recently, something really happened. The plot in the movie made me encounter it.”

Brother Zhang raised his head with interest and asked, “Screaming or Death God?”

“Hahaha, do you just want me to die?” Teacher Old Lin Sitting across from him, he skillfully divided and washed the tea: “Actually, it’s a secret that can’t be told.”

“Oh…” Brother Zhang blinked: “Then don’t talk about it. “

“Aiya!” Old Lin teacher didn’t know whether to cry or laugh said: “It’s the movie “The Secret That Can’t Be Said”.”

“Oh, you’re early I will not misunderstand by adding a book title.”

Teacher Old Lin: “???”

“It’s okay, you continue.”

Old Lin The teacher took a sip of tea and told the story about him. In fact, it was nothing new. It was that he was writing letters to a woman who theoretically did not exist in this world.

Love doesn’t make sense, Yang Zhenning told the whole world that love doesn’t care about age, Leslie Cheung told the whole world that love doesn’t care about gender, and Bangladeshi giant lizard told the whole world that if you are really loved, you don’t need to look so beautiful.

So it can be said that it is very romantic to fall in love with a heterosexual in a different time and space, but the confusion that Mr. Old Lin is encountering now is that he can only keep love on paper, even if it is a A pure Plato in the field was a luxury for an alien in his particular situation.

But the woman didn’t think so. Teacher Old Lin’s description gave all the beautiful words to the lady, but it also contained his troubles, such as her urgent thoughts. To meet Mr. Old Lin, and express his thoughts vividly and thoroughly in the letter, the faint fragrance and mottled tears on the letter made Mr. Old Lin sleepless all night in the past few days, and naturally he looked a lot haggard.

“Then do you know what era she was from?”

Faced with Brother Zhang’s question, Mr. Old Lin took out the letter the woman had written to him. It is clearly written “Beijing Wilderness Construction Farm”, but according to the relevant information, Mr. Old Lin shows that this farm no longer exists as early as 1976, and now only the construction farm of the Great Northern Wilderness Farming Group can be found. , but these two are not the same thing at all, not even the address is in the same place.

“I have checked a lot of information. This farm was a state-run farm in the past, and it was a place where educated youth went to the mountains and the countryside. But then in 1970, a flash flood broke out there, and the farm was in a mudslide. It was completely submerged.” When Mr. Old Lin said this, he frowned: “So these letters should have been mailed before 1970.”

“What do you think?”

“I want to save her.” Teacher Old Lin had a helpless smile on his face: “But I don’t know how to tell her about it. Tell me that she never believes in these ghosts and demons, and it also makes me firmer, if I can’t be firm, she will help me become a firm materialist warrior.”

Brother Zhang laughed, but These words are indeed in line with the characteristics of the people of that era, they are simple and simple, but now, based on the words of Old Lin, this woman who made Old Lin’s dreams should be fixed in 1970 forever.

“Then what are your plans now?”

Before Master Old Lin could speak, he and Brother Zhang looked towards the drawer of the desk at the same time, and Master Old Lin hurriedly stood up. He got up and walked over, there was a letter lying quietly inside, he hastily unfolded it and read it inside: “Comrade Lin: Last time you asked me what era is it now, I can only tell you that it is the hottest time now. The era of …”

Afterwards, thousands of words were written, not only with love and loyalty to the country, but also with good expectations for the future. Anyway, Brother Zhang looked like a very upright person. , and in addition to these, there is a very subtle and careful expression of his love, the whole text does not have a single word of love, but the whole text is depicting the future with Mr. Old Lin.

β€œI hope that when I’m back in the city, I’ll teach at the same school as you, and we’ll eat in the cafeteria, prepare lessons together, and wander through the happy laughter and cheerful voices of the children. Oh. , By the way, the last time you told me that you need to record the date, I admit it was my negligence, and I will record it this time.”

After this last paragraph, the girl I wrote down the date and my name “Huang Ailing, April 11, 1970.”

When Brother Zhang and Mr. Old Lin saw the date, they raised their heads and glanced at the same time. , and Brother Zhang said: “How many months is the mudslide?”

“The record is July.”

“You have three months left.” Brother Zhang reminded : “I can’t help you with this kind of thing, but…”

After he was laughed, he pushed the electric donkey’s key forward: “My key accidentally fell here.”

Then he got up and took Nian Nian’s hand and walked out: “Nian Nian said goodbye to Mr. Old Lin.”

“Goodbye.” Nian Nian waved to Mr. Old Lin He waved his hand and left with Brother Zhang.

Old Lin looked at the electric donkey key on the table in a daze, and then he got up and picked up the key, picked up the letters and walked out the door, he came downstairs Brother Zhang took a deep breath and stepped up in front of the electric car. When he was worried about not knowing how to start the electric car, he suddenly ran back, leaned into his ear and said, “Accelerate.”

said She didn’t wait for Teacher Old Lin to ask carefully, she fluttered away with her short legs.

Looking all around and seeing no one else, Old Lin took a deep breath and started the electric car, then he rashly turned the switch to the top, and saw the electric car buzzing and disappearing in the The speed was so fast that it was too late to react.

Mr. Old Lin was sitting in the car and only felt the Floating Light Sweeping Shadow in front of him, as if he had entered a fantasy space. When he released the switch in surprise, he found that he had come to a place. strange place.

This is a small town-like place, and the people around are dressed very simply, just like those old men who were dressed when his father took him to the market when he was a child. She was wearing an army green cloth and the women were similar. At most, she was wearing a floral short shirt over her body, and the women on the street were either braided or short ears, not to mention any fashionable hairstyles, even a pair of them. I can’t find any good shoes.

In comparison, Mr. Old Lin’s black suit pants, white shirt and brown leather shoes suddenly became the focus of the crowd, and then he looked down and found the electric motor under his crotch. The car has been turned into a permanent bike. But even so, he seems to have become the most beautiful boy on this list.

Isn’t it…

Old Lin was stunned, and then he looked back to see the concierge with a sense of age, as well as the commune dining hall with its door open not far away, which is itself a cultural history. The professional Old Lin teacher knew at once what era he had come to.

Seeing the scene in front of him, and thinking of the girl in his letter, he was heartbroken, and then asked the fellow next to him for the way: “Fellow, may I ask, how do I go about building the Hongqi Farm?”

The old farmer on the road was hearing this and looked up at the youngster in front of him, thinking that this man was probably also an elegant official from the city. Said that the place there is not easy to walk, in the valleys, there are several dozen li mountain roads, and it is convenient to hitch a ride only when the commune has trucks passing by.

But Mr. Old Lin didn’t care, just after clearing it up, he rode his bicycle and galloped away.

As Mr. Old Lin officially embarked on the road to save his beloved, every year looked up at Brother Zhang on the road.

“Don’t look at me like that, I didn’t do anything.” Brother Zhang took her hand and walked slowly forward: “It’s just that the electric bike forgot to ride back.”


Year after year, she doesn’t like to talk, but she is very smart. She put on a shy face to Xiao Zhang, but Xiao Zhang said indifferently: “The horse has stumbled, and I have It’s not omnipotent. Besides, the established reality cannot be changed, and the changed past will only create new forks. It won’t affect the present.”

While speaking, they crossed a small bridge, There were several old men on the bridge who were watching the people under the bridge discussing. Brother Zhang glanced over, only to find two people with their backs to him, pulling their trousers and using a dustpan to fish something in the river.

The key point…the backs of these two look familiar.

Take a closer look, and you will find that the people who are pouting in the river and sifting the sand are Yang Junfeng and Cai Young Master, a rich second generation and a grounded air youth. I’m soaking in the river like a fool, and I don’t know what to do.

Brother Zhang’s expression became very strange, and then walked to the river with Nian Nian, standing not far from the two of them: “What are you doing?”

Yang Junfeng Yang He glanced at Brother Zhang at the beginning: “Why are you here? Gold digging! I heard that there is gold digging in this river. Some time ago, Master Cai Young scouted a gold ring.”

Heard With these remarks, Brother Zhang thought superficially that these two people’s heads are not easy to use, and Master Cai Young also straightened up and beat his back to Brother Zhang and said, “It’s really possible, I just did it a few days ago. I come here for two hours a day, and the average daily income is fifty-sixty, not counting the gold rings I picked up.”

Hey, this is obviously just picking up junk!

Fortunately, the river is not deep, and it is not a sewage river. There is no silt, and most of it is sand, so they can still play happily. But Brother Zhang really doesn’t know whether the two of them have problems with their heads or whether they have been wandering around at home for a long time, and their mental retardation is still contagious. The thing is really… Brother Zhang has been in the multiverse for many years, and he has seen smart I’ve seen the brainless, I’ve seen the treacherous, but I’ve never seen one as boring as them.

“Okay, you guys can play slowly.” Brother Zhang shouted the head: “Be careful.”

“Understood, don’t worry. Expert.” Master Cai Young With a confident face, he said, “Absolutely OK.”

Back at the milk tea shop, this time was the lightest and lightest time. He turned on the computer and turned on the music, and then read the latest news. .

The Internet is really the memory of goldfish. The most prosperous news a few days ago was naturally the news of the richest man being killed. In the next few days, there will be some news about him and his family, what family interests? The chain broke, the family fell apart, etc., and many people began to dig up his fortune online. The hottest news in the next few days was the live broadcast debut of Ghost King, and since that day, the ghost Young Lady Wang also had a live broadcast, but there was nothing very exciting. It was an interactive part of answering questions, such as what ghosts are, whether they exist or not, and whether people can marry ghosts weird questions like that.

So Ghost King also stayed on the list for a few days, and after that… it’s actually some boring stuff.

The speed of people accepting new things is much faster than expected, and the operation of the ghost Young Lady Wang this time, if he has at least 180 points out of 100, it will really speed up all of a sudden After Spiritual Qi’s recovery, the speed of operation at the social level, and the voices of the general public actually did not have too much resistance, and some of the main concerns were about fear or indiscriminate harm.

Of course, this kind of thing can’t be done overnight, it needs to be reconciled slowly, but I have to say that Ghost Clan has kicked off a pretty good prelude. As for Monster Race when the time comes, then Let’s see what kind of strategy the Golden Dragon Princess will come up with.

The morning was quiet and long. Brother Zhang sat at the counter listening to music and watching the news, but he was quite leisurely.

He can’t go to Zhu Zhenzhen’s company either, because Zhu Zhenzhen is now concentrating on major events with Zhang Yao, and because of money troubles, Zhu Zhenzhen spent 20 million some time ago to sell her company, which had just started to make a profit. Now, Brother Zhang is now unemployed again at home.

However, who can do this kind of thing? People also want to have a family life, and the world will naturally not revolve around anyone, not even Brother Zhang.


A fat silhouette jumped up to the counter, squatted there and shouted.

Brother Zhang raised his head and glanced: “What?”

“The little jackal, Death God, wants to chat with you.”

“Little? “Brother Zhang was stunned: “What do you mean?”

“It’s just small.” Da Huang thought for a while: “The Jackal Death God has disappeared for many years, and now it is his daughter who is a Hu Wolf Death God, she just wanted you to help.”

“How can I help you?”

Da Huang thought for a moment, then suddenly sighed: “We These exiled gods are very pitiful. I just want you to help them find a place to live, there is no way for them to live, the Heaven Realm war has completely destroyed us, those angels are like doves in front of you , but in front of us, they are vultures. We have less than twenty gods in exile left… I think the only one who can protect them is you.”

Brother Zhang laughed : “Is it so miserable?”

“It’s miserable, so miserable that I have no friends, think of a way. Tonight they will come, and the leader is the little jackal Death God, but I am counted as a has in them. Several points of thin noodles, it is still able to talk, if you have something inconvenient to tell them, you can tell me the same.”

(End of this chapter)

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