What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 174


Chapter 174 Death God the Jackal

“Hello, coffee.”

He lifted his head The huge Lai Lai was standing in front of him. Brother Zhang turned his head to avoid the black-skinned Da Lai Lai Feather Serpent who was helping him serve coffee. She leaned forward at a small angle, but showed a thrilling curve. No wonder the coffee shop is always booming here. Isn’t this typical unfair competition?

“You’re going too far, let her use this method to attract customers.”

“What method? She cherishes this job very much, and gives it to others every day. Colleagues, cheer up.” Jin Mei sat opposite Brother Zhang, stirring the coffee gently. Although there were many people in the store, everyone was restrained and relatively quiet, with only a few extremely beautiful waiters shuttled back and forth: ” And shouldn’t it be your heart that’s dirty? She’s just hot, and she didn’t deliberately flirt.”

It’s true, even though Jin Mei talks I don’t know anything about love, but I still have a lot of experience in management. During this time, I will read some related books in my spare time. She is clearly the Queen Mother of the West, but now she looks like a business elite.

Brother Zhang pursed his lips and smiled, then raised his eyes to look at Jin Mei: “What happened to the Heaven Realm war, why didn’t I get any news.”

“You are The Guardian of this world is not the Guardian of other worlds, and the Heaven Realm war has nothing to do with you.” Jin Mei took a sip of coffee and laughed: “But it is indeed a fierce fight, and the basic situation is the same as the current world belief pattern. It’s almost the same. East Asian civilization is self-promoting, European and American civilization is popular, Central Asian civilization is brutal and tyrannical, Latin American civilization hides, Inca civilization… There is no Inca civilization anymore. You can also see Lord Feather Serpent, she is just a fool. The worst is probably the African civilization system, which has already been squeezed almost, the top gods have collapsed, and only a circle of lower gods are left in exile.”

Jin Mei’s words are really professional. , a set of a set, it seems that she has not been studying on it all these years.

β€œEast Asian civilization encircles itself cute?”

β€œWell, the individual abilities are relatively prominent, but the structure is loose. The European and American gods have invaded several times, but they have also been beaten back. However, we had a small problem internally and missed the best opportunity to counterattack. They can’t get in now, and it’s hard for us to break through. This is the situation we are in now. But the God system has already invaded all that can be invaded. Now they are fighting to the death with the Central Asian Department.”

Brother Zhang, nodded, probably understood the cause and result of this incident.

β€œWhy do you say no unity?”

β€œThe East Asian system is too complicated, the northern Totem worships, and the wolf god worshipped has been sleeping for almost a thousand years. Thinking about how to live a comfortable life, the Eastern Shinto Department has been playing nianghua all day for several decades.”


“Well, eight million Divine Immortal changes. Meng Niang, anything can become a good-looking girl, and they are even more likeable than anyone else.” Jin Mei sneered: “You said that we are civilized pirates, but after the fifth Spiritual Qi recovery, we were too early. It has become a civilized parasite. We are what the host is, and there is no way to change it.”

She smiled, but she looked extremely helpless, leaning on it and holding her arms, her face All the nostalgia for the past.

After waiting for her spirit slowly recovers, she looked up at Brother Zhang and said, “God of Exile came to ask for your help, you can help, it’s not easy for them either, as for you If you don’t know what to do, just leave it to me and I’ll handle it.”

Brother Zhang nodded: “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

In the evening, Brother Zhang closed early today. People who had planned to come to the milk tea shop for a walk complained and then left, while Brother Zhang sat behind the counter and in front of him the whole time. Squatting is the plump Da Huang.

Just after twelve o’clock, there was a sudden knock on the door outside, Da Huang ran over to open the door, and then saw a group of strangely dressed animals walk in, led by the little jackal Death God, followed by a group of cats and dogs, looks like an animal story…

The little jackal Death God holds the scepter of death, while directing those cats and dogs to He sat down in the empty seat in the store, and he came to the counter himself, but because he was too short, he could only show a head, not even as tall as the scepter.

“Hello, Dear Guardian.”

Brother Zhang stood up, and the little jackal Death God raised his head stared wide-eyed: “God, you are so tall. Ah…”

“You are too short, you idiot!” Da Huang rushed over and scratched the head of the little tiger wolf Death God: “Give me the appearance of a human! Running around like this, don’t you think your life wasn’t miserable enough?”

Da Huang jumped off the stage after saying that, turning into that handsome boy, holding the little tiger wolf in one hand. Death God’s ears snapped: “Don’t dilly-dallying.”

The eyes of the little jackal Death God soon began to well up with tears, looking very pathetic…

But It’s pitiful, he still changed into human form very quickly, but it looks… it seems to be even more strange, because this is a child of only about one meter three, holding a scepter in his hand and wearing a decoration on his head. The gold ornaments, the key is still a little girl, which has nothing to do with the jackal Death God in my impression.

What is even more exaggerated than her is that after the pile of cats and dogs behind her changed, they were actually a group of children between 1.3 and 1.4 meters, which instantly changed the atmosphere in the milk tea shop. It became the classroom of the third grade of elementary school.

Brother Zhang frowned and looked at the strange scene in front of him, then looked up at Da Huang, and Da Huang helplessly spread his hands: “The Heaven Realm war is so cruel, now the entire Egyptian gods. This is the way it is, or else I, an exile, will tell you this.”

Although Da Huang is also a poor god of exile, he looks normal anyway, but this group of little carrot heads No matter how you look at it, it’s a bit weird. They are sitting or standing or tilting their heads to look at Brother Zhang, and the whole atmosphere becomes strange.

At this time, the little jackal Death God took out nine gold coins from the small bag she was carrying, put his feet on the counter of Brother Zhang, and then stood under it and carried it. The head looked at Brother Zhang eagerly, without saying a word, just watching.

Da Huang sighed, turned around and said: “She asked you, are these enough for you to protect them.” He picked them up one by one, put them in the drawer, and said to her, “Deal.”

The little jackal, Death God, became happy all of a sudden, and turned back to follow the cats and dogs behind her. They cheered and then danced, looking silly and without battle strength.

“It’s just a celebration.” Da Huang sighed: “But how to settle them now?”

Brother Zhang looked at the group of Egyptian cats and dogs singing and dancing , also had a headache for a while: “In the afternoon, Jin Mei said she came to do this for me, I don’t know what to say now.”

“Oh…” Da Huang leaned There, he was also worried: “This is the last kind of civilization on the Nile River, although it looks a bit silly.” Brother Zhang called Jin Mei over to take a look, and immediately silenced her. She has never been so speechless in her life. Seeing this group of underage gods, Jin Mei is also difficult to start…

“I think it’s too early for me to agree.”

Jin Mei sat on the chair and folded her arms, watching a kitten climb up her trousers, she was quite helpless Take the kitten down and put it aside, sit there and start thinking hard.

“They all have Divine Spark. Although they are weaker, they are indeed Divine Spark.” Jin Mei glanced at Brother Zhang: “So it is easy to be located, although in the Heaven Realm war They won’t burn to the Nether, but if you let them live alone, it’s actually very dangerous.”

“What do you think about it?” Brother Zhang curiously asked: “I can think The method is implemented.”

“Well, according to the agreement, we can’t harm the creatures in the nether world. That’s a good way to avoid it.” Jin Mei said after being silent for a while: “Let them choose The most common people are bound together, the most common people can neither hurt them, but can also use the protection of the agreement to protect them from other gods.”

Brother Zhang Nodding: “Well, that’s pretty good.”

It has to be Jin Mei, a natural manager is strong, although some things are not difficult, but as long as you can’t think of it, it’s really a thousand miles away Shan Wanshui, according to Jin Mei, assign these children to sign contracts with the ordinary person. If these children have Divine Spark, they can be regarded as symbiosis, and symbiosis is protected by the Nether Regulations, and the rest are only The right person needs to be carefully selected.

“The requirements are actually relatively simple. You can go shopping tomorrow and do some screening by the way. Although these little things are not strong, they are orthodox Divine Spark anyway, so their tolerance is If there is a requirement, those under 20 and over 60 can’t bear it, the interval should be within the range of 20 to 60… Aiya, I will go with you tomorrow.”

Brother Zhang looked up at Jin Mei: “Do you need me to do anything?”

“You are in charge of the screening, it would be quite troublesome for me to screen, but your ability is stronger. “


According to Jin Mei’s instructions, at night, Brother Zhang took down the Spiritual Imprint of the group of cats and dogs overnight. , and then recorded it in the notebook. In the morning of the second day, he only needs to go to the gate of the mall to meet Jin Mei.

The screening method is also very simple, age, psionic affinity, lifespan, personality integrity and income status, etc.

Because as long as Spiritual Imprint is merged into one, these people can immediately get a part of the Divine Spark power of the Egyptian god in exile, so these screening indicators are relatively important, and there are not many people who meet the requirements. .

The overall requirements are roughly between the ages of 20 and 60, unmarried, living alone, with a certain psychic affinity, and the lifespan should not be too short, and the personality should be relatively healthy and not anti-social The personality should not have quirks such as mental illness and pedophilia, and the income is medium and above, because these little Egyptian gods are quite edible…

After turning around, Only less than ten people were screened, and most of them were between twenty four-five years old, because there are too few people who have to meet these conditions at the same time, most of them in their thirties have married, and those who do not have a family or income There is a problem, either the personality is not so sound or there are some hidden things, or the character is withdrawn and likes to be alone.

And as long as Brother Xiao Zhang lives his life with his dreams and is judged to be qualified, he will inadvertently be planted with Spiritual Imprints of kittens and puppies, and in the next few days. For hours, these people will form life-changing bonds with their destined buddies in different ways.

Jin Mei helps Xiao Zhang as a staff advisor. Although many people seem to be suitable for all data, sometimes they are brushed off for bizarre reasons, such as being too ugly. Those with body odor, those who don’t brush their teeth, those who have been scumbags, those who speak foul language.

Anyway, the general direction is just that much, but Jin Mei is very concerned about the small details, because as a member of the Primordial Spirit system, she is very sad about the blasphemy. In theory, she is not. Anyone is allowed to blaspheme easily, and even if some people do nothing, the face they have can already constitute blasphemy.

In this way, the range that can be screened is getting smaller and smaller. Although the number of people in the mall is terrifying, it takes them a day to find all the people.

When the last little jackal, Death God, was also assigned, Brother Zhang put out a long breath: “I felt tired for the first time.”

“Normal, mainly My heart is tired. Anyone who sees such a filthy thing will be tired.” Jin Mei smiled and said to Brother Zhang: “Tonight, I must recite the mantra of the Queen Mother Shengwei Qingxin Jingyan.”

“Don’t read.”


“Don’t read.”

While they were talking, they suddenly saw a little elder The sister is squatting on the ground and talking to a kitten, and she is one of the selected people, but her behavior seems strange to others, because in the eyes of others, this little elder sister is talking to a Tuanqiang spoke and touched the air with his hands…

“It’s started, the gears of fate are turning.” Jin Mei happily clapped her hands: “There will be many beautiful stories.”

Brother Zhang is also nodded with a smile: “We seem to have accidentally created a lot of novel protagonists.” The cat was carried away with a sweet smile on his face.

As Xiao Zhang said, everyone who is selected can actually become the protagonist in a novel, because when they meet these puppies and kittens, their Life is destined to embark on a completely different road.

Some will be bland and warm, some will be fierce and brave, some will be funny and humorous, but the only thing that is the same is that their lives will be different from now on, their identities are given Those exiled gods have a protection and the Divine Force of exiled gods will also make them different from the ordinary person.

“Have you noticed?” Jin Mei raised her head and looked at Brother Zhang: “Although you always say you have nothing to do, you are actually quite busy.”

Brother Zhang Wan Er smiled and was about to speak, but saw an old man walking towards him tremblingly. Brother Zhang frowned, lowered his head and said to Jin Mei, “There is trouble.”


tone barely fell , the space of the entire mall began to distort violently, all the time and space began to rotate and disintegrate like a Rubik’s cube, and Brother Zhang extended the hand was stuck in the change of time. , and then Shengsheng twisted back the time that had been messed up.

“Feel it?” Brother Zhang asked.

Jin Mei looked at the head blankly: “No, what’s wrong?”

“Someone brought someone back from another time and space.” Brother Zhang took a deep breath: “The world line has changed.”


“en.” Brother Zhang nodded and said: “But I screwed it back.”

Jin Mei gave him a thumbs up: “It’s still you, Master Zhang.”

(End of this chapter)

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