What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 175


Chapter 175 Classics make miracles

Jin Mei is the first time I hear that someone can screw back the chaos of time and space, this concept It is equivalent to a person stopping a speeding high-speed train in five seconds without any tools.

Brother Zhang was looking around at the moment, and Jin Mei stopped by to buy a hamburger. When she came back, Brother Zhang was still standing there, and the space in front of him had begun to distort. , the surrounding people coming, people going have become the background board, as if no one noticed his abnormality.

When he got closer, he saw that in the distorted space beside him, there were things like TV screens revolving around him. He was constantly picking and choosing, and he seemed to be quite focused.

“What are you doing?”

“What went wrong in the screening.” Brother Zhang answered Jin Mei’s question while working: “If it is not resolved, it will continue to interfere with the timeline. Yes.”

Jin Mei watched his movements while eating a hamburger: “Then why can you let the other world be disturbed, and you are so nervous when it is your turn to be disturbed?”

“Because this is Universe 0.” Brother Zhang casually said: “I talked to the Guardian of the other world, as long as there is a world where a Guardian was born, it is the core universe within that system, regardless of whether it is outside. How many parallel universes appear, this is the starting point when tracing the source.”

Brother Zhang’s hand speed gradually increased, so fast that even Jin Mei couldn’t see its shadow, it felt like Brother Zhang There is no hand, but the surrounding pictures also start to appear and disappear at an alarming speed.

In just a split second, Brother Zhang has screened out millions of abnormal points, and Jin Mei also found that the walking speed of the people around him has become very slow, like walking in asphalt. It was the same as swimming, but she didn’t open her mouth, she just waited quietly for Brother Zhang to finish the work at hand.

As the time of the entire world slows down, Brother Zhang’s speed further accelerates. He is like a high-speed rotation top, processing various abnormal points in a circle, returning to The dream changed from a skill to a domain, and began to search for anomalies in the entire universe. In the end, Jin Mei could no longer feel Brother Zhang’s speed. She just felt that saw a flash, and Brother Zhang had already completed the work.

She knew it was because her ability was not enough to resist his field and became like all ordinary person, even if Xiao Zhang himself has been working for several years, several decades or even hundreds of years, in It was only a moment in her eyes.

At this time, all the pictures in front of Brother Zhang have disappeared, and only one picture is left hovering over there. On the picture is an eighteen-nineteen-year-old girl, and this girl looks somewhat strange.

Brother Zhang looked at the person in the picture and gently shook the head.

“What’s the matter?”

“You go back first, I have something to do.”

“What’s the matter?” Jin Mei asked curiously. : “I’ll go with you.”

“Beat the mandarin duck.”

Jin Mei immediately became happy when she heard this: “Let’s go, I’m the best at it!”

Brother Zhang looked her up and down, and chuckled: “It’s true.”

After speaking, Brother Zhang grabbed Jin Mei’s hand and moved forward like this Walking one step, Jin Mei didn’t react yet. After she instinctively followed Brother Zhang, she found that the scene in front of her had completely changed. They came to the gate of an elementary school, and Brother Zhang let go of her. hand.

“It doesn’t matter.” Jin Mei stepped forward and grabbed his finger: “I don’t mind.”

Brother Zhang looked at her for a while, but then She laughed, but didn’t shake her hand.

The two of them came to the dormitory building in the school. Brother Zhang looked up and walked up with his legs. Jin Mei quickly followed, and the two went all the way to the third floor. Knocked on the door of Mr. Old Lin’s house.

There was no response for a while, Brother Zhang thought for a moment, then pushed open the locked door, and after entering the house, there was only a delicious and pretty woman sitting there, and the opposite of her There was an old man who looked to be in his seventies, and this old man was the one he saw in the mall just now.

Brother Zhang looked up and down the old man: “Master Old Lin.”

The old man slowly raised his head, looking at Brother Zhang with a sad smile: ” I don’t know how to explain to you…”

Brother Zhang shook his head lightly, then looked back at the girl: “No need to explain, this is probably such is human nature.”


Teacher Old Lin looked up at Brother Zhang for a while, then lowered his head and sighed: “I didn’t know it would be the result, but it’s okay, no matter what, I brought her back.”

Brother Zhang leaned beside him for a long time and didn’t speak. Jin Mei knew that this soft-hearted god didn’t know how to explain the matter when he saw the way he looked, so she, a professional battering mandarin duck, stepped forward: “The heavenly rule is the heavenly rule. If you violate the heavenly rule, not only will you be punished, but also many people will be punished with you. Do you think that if you really brought her here, this matter is over?”

Old Lin looked up in amazement, looked towards Jin Mei, and then looked at Brother Zhang again.

Brother Zhang is also nodded: “She belongs to a different time and space in the same world. Originally, the channel for you to write letters to each other should be a mistake, and the things that letters can affect are very small, but if it is a If you are human, the entire timeline will be confused. Originally, everything you are familiar with may change. In the picture I just saw, if I hadn’t reversed the chaotic time and space, the Soviet Union would not have disintegrated. The atomic bomb was dropped on the whole world.”

After speaking, Brother Zhang patted the TV with one hand, and the TV that was turned off suddenly turned on. The survivors struggled to survive on the ruins, looking very terrifying.

And it wasn’t any country, but the whole world was like this, Brother Zhang turned off the TV, turned his head and said to Mr. Old Lin: “Although it is cruel to you, But…”

Old Lin teacher took a deep breath, saw the girl named Huang Ailing in front of him, and laughed bitterly, but Huang Ailing took him directly to the balcony, and the two began to whisper. stand up.

Brother Zhang sat on the sofa and looked at Master Old Lin’s book, while Jin Mei was looking at a perpetual calendar on the table, then suddenly raised her head: “Is the picture just now true or false?”

“Really.” Brother Zhang said with a smile: “If I didn’t break it back, you would see a world like this.”

“so that’s how it is , that’s really terrifying.” Jin Mei suddenly thought of something: “Then are you going to send her back to die?”

Brother Zhang rested one hand on the sofa Looking at Jin Mei on the armrest, she said with a smile on her face, “Are you trying to dig a hole for me again?”

“No, didn’t you say that she will die if she goes back? Although I know Some things are inevitable, but how do you deal with your friends. I know of course you can’t take care of everyone, but the problem is that you brought it up, right? According to reason , this is your dereliction of duty.”

Jin Mei’s words were overbearing, but Brother Zhang didn’t evade, he looked up at Jin Mei and said, “Of course, I will give Teacher Old Lin one. If there is a chance, let him solve it by himself. Whether it is good or bad is also his business. But when the time comes, whether he is willing or not, I will pull him back from there.”

“You’re so cruel.”

“It wouldn’t be cruel if you let the Cowherd and Weaver Girl separate?”

Jin Mei was so angry and funny that she didn’t answer him for a long time. This kind of Myths and Legends meme is the best There is no solution, it can even be said that there is no way to explain it.

About half an hour later, Mr. Old Lin and Huang Ailing came back from chatting on the balcony, with tears in their eyes, it looked like a life and death farewell.

“Comrade, please send me back, I know what will happen to me, and I will try my best to save the comrades on the farm. I don’t want to make the country that I have built so hard to become like that because of me. It looks like a vice.” Huang Ailing said resolutely: “I am honored to have the help of Comrade Lin and other comrades.” Then he couldn’t say anything Wei Guangzheng again.

Brother Zhang sighed lightly, then tapped his finger on Teacher Old Lin’s shoulder: “Give you three days, take her here to play, and then I’ll give you three more days She’s going back.”

After he finished speaking, he raised his head and looked at the time: “The calculation will start at eight o’clock tomorrow morning, and you will be pulled over directly at that time.”

Teacher Old Lin also It’s not an ordinary person. As a stranger, he knows the weight of Brother Zhang’s words, so he only needs a thousand thanks to Brother Zhang now.

Before Brother Zhang left, he just snapped his fingers, and Master Old Lin recovered from the old age caused by disturbing the time, and these three days… probably can be remembered for a lifetime. Well, at least Brother Zhang thinks so.

Back at the milk tea shop, Jin Mei came over to chat with Da Huang about the whereabouts of the kittens and dogs, and then chatted about the story of Xiao Zhang’s twisting the time and space. Hearing Da Huang was stunned.

But it’s no wonder, this is the first time I heard that someone can break the time and space disorder with bare hands, and they really broke it back, and then look at the little brother Zhang who is currently cooking, Da. Huang suddenly felt that this world was so unreal. Those hands were actually pulling milk tea, squeezing lemons, frying sausages, and roasting kiln chicken. Isn’t this reckless waste of natural resources? These are a pair of giant hands that can reverse time and space. !

Da Huang watched, suddenly jumped over, crouched next to Brother Zhang and asked, “I ask you, have you arranged all my kittens and puppies? “

Brother Zhang didn’t answer directly, but just gave Da Huang a few cards. Da Huang lowered his head and smelled the soul brand on the card, then glanced at Brother Zhang: “I Go and have a look.”

After getting Xiao Zhang’s approval, Da Huang scurried off the counter and turned into a handsome young official when he landed. He turned his head and glanced at Xiao Zhang: “I Come and go.”

(End of this chapter)

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