What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 176


Chapter 176 is the past

Da Huang’s first stop is the little jackal Death God, the little jackal Death God’s host is a little brother who just graduated from college and is a programmer. I usually live a simple life, but today I picked up a puppy and brought it home, and now the puppy has turned into a human, sitting on his TV cabinet and preaching to him.

“I am the Death God from the underworld, in charge of the boundless realm of the dead. You must worship me, serve me, and regard me as the only god you believe in.”

Little Jackal Death God so He said, and the little brother’s expression is complicated, let’s say he’s afraid, but he can’t say he’s afraid. After all, who would be afraid of a cute-looking elementary school student, but to say it’s normal, it’s obviously not normal, although this paragraph Time gradually began to lift its veil, but to the overwhelming majority, that mysterious world is still far away and empty.

“But you don’t look like Death God at all.”

The little jackal, Death God, heard such disrespectful words, and immediately took out her scepter from the void. , but he couldn’t hold it steady and rolled in front of the little brother, and the little brother picked it up.

The little jackal, Death God, became anxious and jumped off the TV cabinet, but he didn’t stand firm on his feet. He fell and ate shit, but she got up very quickly. After the dust, she quickly got up and rushed to her host: “Give it to me! Give it to me! Give it to me quickly!” The height of the host is limited, and it is impossible to reach the scepter in the host’s hand.

Although, this little jackal Death God is very water, but the scepter is real. And with her ability, she can’t wake up the Divine Force contained in the scepter, but the host itself is integrated with her Divine Spark, plus she is a reliable adult, the scepter is in the hands of the little brother. Divine Force was activated in an instant, and quickly formed a contract with the lucky youngster.

And the little jackal Death God saw this scene and sat on the ground and cried loudly.

“Don’t cry, don’t cry, just give it back to you.”

The little brother handed her the scepter, but she refused to hold out hands to receive because she Knowing that I can no longer use this scepter, this person will be the real Jackal Death God from now on…

“Don’t cry, okay? I’ll get you something to eat. Yes.”

“Eat!” The little jackal, Death God, who was still crying, suddenly cheered up, and she clumsily got up from the ground: “What to eat?”

The little brother smiled and came to the refrigerator to take a closer look: “There is a big piece of ham, do you want to eat it?”

“Ham?” The little jackal Death God tilted his head and looked at him : “What is ham?”

Soon, the conversation between the two changed from the scepter to the ham. The little jackal Death God was far more curious about the ham than the scepter was to him. Attraction, excited after eating a slice, jumping to eat ham.

And Da Huang saw this scene outside the window, sighed helplessly, turned around and jumped out of the window, lightly landed on the opposite roof, and walked to the next house under the moonlight on a graceful catwalk.

“The civilization of the Nile will be gone when it’s gone. It’s really nothing.”

Da Huang raised his head and sighed at the moonlight: “God, I’m sorry. You.”

After looking around, Da Huang had nothing to criticize besides lamenting that the Nile was unmanned. Brother Zhang and Jin Mei jointly selected the person , It can really be said that they are all very good people, both men and women, they are the most gentle people.

And these kittens and puppies were originally exiled gods. They suffered a lot, and they melted completely with a little gentleness. They were taken care of by such excellent hosts. In fact, Da Huang thought that he would never be What to worry about.

But just as Da Huang was about to leave, a bow and arrow fell from the sky, wiped its scalp and flew over, it swiftly avoided it, but when he turned around, he found that the arrow had turned into a A ray of moonlight disappeared.


Da Huang cursed, then turned into a human form, with a golden bow in his hand, he skillfully pulled the bowstring and aimed in the direction of the arrow just now. He shot without even aiming.

The arrow turned into a streamer and penetrated the night. It was nailed directly to a person’s feet, and the body of Da Huang came along with the arrow.

This is a very high-level residential building with a very good view. A woman is sitting on the balcony, wearing a red dress, with retro short curls, flaming red lips, sitting lazily on a single table. On the sofa, with her legs crossed, music is playing on the old-fashioned gramophone beside her, she holds a war bow in her pure white as jade hand and a cigarette in the other hand, her eyes are hazy, and the smoke she exhales is accompanied by the music. swaying.

She was not excited when she saw Da Huang’s arrival. She just opened her eyes slightly and looked at Da Huang lazily from behind the hanging strands of hair: “long time no see.”

“Who I thought it was, it turned out to be the Moon God.” Da Huang stood there holding a bow and arrow: “Your arrow technique has regressed, and all arrows will fail.”

“What about you? Didn’t the Heart of Hunting also miss?”

Da Huang put away his bow, and a short hunting sword appeared in his hand: “Why are you here? You shouldn’t Come.”

“Why not? Is this yours? You can come to exile, why can’t I come and play?” The woman in front of him brows lightly raised, extremely beautiful and tempting: ” Hunting twins, I’m the only one left, very lonely.”

This bitch is none other than Artemis, also called Cynthia. The identities of her and Da Huang are actually highly overlapped. The two were once collectively called the Hunting Twins. Because their killing abilities are equally excellent and they have the same beauty, they have always been compared with each other in the ancient gods. role, and both are classic ascetic Goddess.

One is the most famous cat god in the God World, and one is Goddess, one of the few places on the chaotic and rotten Olympus Mountain. The two of them really have many similarities, but now Da Huang became Da Huang, and she was still her.

“You motherfucker, it’s really a stubborn.” Da Huang cursed: “Don’t leave if you have a way, wait for me to shake people.”

At this time, Cynthia He suddenly got up and came to Da Huang, who had already taken out his mobile phone, and squeezed his chin with one hand: “Beautiful kitten, how did you become a stinky man?”

“Hello? Yes, it’s me. Come and do me a favor, I’ll send you the location, I can’t beat anyone here.” Da Huang was shaking her phone while pinching her chin: “Well, okay, I’ll wait for you.”

After hanging up the phone, Da Huang slapped Cynthia’s hand away with a slap: “I have something to do with you with a hammer. You entered the country illegally, and you are finished.”

“It’s over? Why? I came here legally.” Cynthia didn’t know what she was about to face, and her smile was even impudent: “And you’re just a god of exile, I have What about Divine Spark.”

β€œDivine Spark is a hammer, don’t you know what you are?” Da Huang took out his phone and glanced at it: β€œYou are finished, you are dead. You.”

To be honest, Da Huang knew better than anyone else that although he was also called the Hunting Twins with the woman in front of him, he really couldn’t be beaten by the exiled god because there was no With the civilization bonus, all indicators will plummet. He can catch a Haozi now. If he really wants him to fight with the gods at the same level back then, Da Huang can’t do it.

But it doesn’t matter if he can’t do it, someone can.

Before Cynthia could speak, suddenly a wolf howl came from the sky, and then the moon began to show a gap. Cynthia looked up in astonishment, but just this one, suddenly a slender and slender line appeared. The fierce hound suddenly jumped to Da Huang’s side, and flew directly towards Cynthia.

The hunting Goddess was caught off guard and slammed into the wall behind her, but the hunting knife that also appeared in her hand was no joke, she moved towards this fine dog at once, but who would have thought The small dog dodged this as quickly as lightning and dodged behind her, then a pair of hands grabbed her throat from behind without warning.

At this time, the dark clouds in the sky gradually dispersed, and the clear moonlight once again shone on the balcony, but this time, Goddess, a famous place on Mount Olympus, has been held down by a set of captures. There, no tricks can be used.

“Sister Gou YYDS.” Da Huang applauded beside him: “Too handsome, so handsome.”

Sister Gou grabbed Cynthia’s throat and forced her body to show She is in a stiff state, and even Sister Gou has to admit that this woman’s figure is really the Top Grade in the Top Grade. In comparison, she is much worse than her, who bathes in hot springs every day…

At this time, the upstairs suddenly shouted: “I’m not letting people sleep, and I’ll call the police again!”

When the voice came down, Sister Gou slowly released her hand. , but took advantage of the opportunity to hand down the weapon of hunting Goddess and put it on her chest.

“It’s you…” Cynthia smelled Sister Dog’s scent: “I know you.”

“Hehe, my Sister Dog is first under the heavens!” Da Huang said at Beside him wagging his tail and shaking his head: “Did you admit defeat?”

Compared with the people above, Thunder Dragon may not be a big deal, but only Hu Niu and Gou sister are the first ones. Dai Guardian is an exception, especially Sister Gou. She is generally not counted in the battle sequence of the Twelve Spirits, because her main role is to watch the house, but you must know that Sister Gou’s real name is Xiaotian, and she follows Three Realms. Top battle strength True Lord Erlang has fought in the north and south.

And if you really want to count it, the reason why there is no hunting god in the East Asian pantheon is probably that Sister Gou is the hunting god, and now it is basically a struggle between three hunting Goddess, now it seems Sister Gou deserves to be the gatekeeper of the Twelve Spirits. Thunder Dragon is known as the number one in the human world, but it really hurts to watch Sister Gou.

“Speak!” Da Huang looks like the fox which exploits the tiger’s might and is really a bit mean: “What are you doing here!”

(End of this chapter)

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