What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 177


Chapter 177 is all about returning to the night

“Actually speaking of which, I am also quite helpless.” Cynthia put Da Huang and Sister Gou brought them to the room and personally prepared a glass of retsina for them. This kind of wine with turpentine has a very strange taste. Da Huang said that his favorite is Qingdao Octa Pure Raw, while Sister Gou said she can’t eat it. Grape.

The three hunting Goddess sat there and talked about the past, Da Huang said that the first half of his life was like this, and there was tomorrow.

“I’m here just to make a living.” Cynthia sat on the bearskin mat she got from somewhere, the fire crackling in the fireplace.

“Are you sick? Now you light the fireplace in the dog days.”

Da Huang felt that something was wrong as soon as he came in. The weather was actually not too hot, and it was still cool at night. It was so hot, but the heat made him unbearable as soon as he entered the room. He didn’t know where the heat was coming from. Only after looking at it did he realize that the dang-haired Cynthia was still lighting a fire in the room.

“I’m homesick.” Cynthia climbed over and pressed the fireplace. The fireplace was immediately disappeared and replaced with a hu hu air conditioner. She picked up the remote control and dripped it a few times to turn the heating on. It turned into cooling, which caused the room temperature to drop slowly.

Da Huang finally put out a long breath, but he cursed unforgivingly at all: “Go and treat if you are sick, don’t get sick in front of me.”

Cynthia lazily returned to the bearskin mat, climbed to the coffee table in a saucy posture, picked up the iced wine and drank it: “Zeus Divine King, give up. Almighty God, give up him Deserving dignity.”

“Fuck me.” Da Huang sat cross-legged on the sofa: “Isn’t that Zeus of you should have been down long ago, incest king.”


“Don’t insult my father!” Cynthia scolded: “It’s just a god of exile.”

“Aiya!” Da Huang stood up and called out, “Want to fight?”

Cynthia’s war bow also appeared at hand: “If you want to fight, fight!”

And Sister Gou picked up a piece of cake ka ka on the table and ate it. I don’t like to talk much, and now I have no interest in discussing what Zeus is not Zeus, and it has nothing to do with her. She was just called over to fight, and simply didn’t care about the grievances between them.

But in the end, the two hunting Goddess still failed to fight, because Da Huang took the initiative to admit counseling, he couldn’t fight, and seeing the dog sister didn’t help… So he took the initiative to admit counseling .

“We are incorporated.” Cynthia put away the bow again: “They demand that we must be integrated into their system, otherwise we will be declared heretics, and Odin, too, has been incorporated. Those birdmen are too powerful, I didn’t want to be their one, so I hid here.”

“So you are also a god of exile.” Da Huang took out his bow and arrow to Acknowledged her: “Come on, look straight at me!”

Cynthia just raised her eyes to look at this somewhat ill cat god, raised her head and drank the wine in the glass, her eyes Mistyly lying on the side of Sister Gou’s legs, wu wu cried. It looks miserable, but Da Huang obviously doesn’t care because his journey from Cairo to here is much more pitiful than this Cynthia, as the first generation of God of Exile, what he has experienced will look back at any time. is a nightmare.

Religious wars, conflict of beliefs and bloody massacres all sound like a far cry from this era, but in fact Da Huang remembers that not too long ago, he hunted Goddess as prey. .

After civilized pirates become civilized parasites, they can no longer control the progress of human civilization. Instead, they must be in order to their own interests to cooperate with the pace of their civilization. Once the human civilization to which they belong is exterminated or become a vassal, they will be pressed to the ground and rubbed, losing their lives and even their dignity.

This also answers a question, that is why the civilization full of Heavenly God Buddha never appeared when the current civilization was destroyed. The answer is cruel and realistic, that is, there will be wars above. , the strong civilization will continue to launch an offensive against the weak civilization until one of them completely falls, and then the winner will cooperate with their land walkers to castrate and erode the spirit and civilization of the loser.

Specifically, you can pay respects to the rotten cherry blossoms and the flag of the eight million gods. The flag is Tai Chi, but the biggest festival is Xiaoxiba at Christmas.

Of course, the so-called gods are not gods. In fact, it is now very clear that there is only one god who can be a god, and that is the Boss of a milk tea shop. All other gods are just invaders of other world, but the God World and Human World are inseparable, tentatively called a god. As for whether they changed this world or this world changed them, it is impossible to tell at all.

“Can’t you see clearly?” Cynthia said bitterly with a smile: “Guardian let them come to the Nether just to make them part of this world, and there has been no God since that day. World.”

Da Huang knew this for a long time, and Brother Zhang issued a chaos order, which means that the boundary between man and god was completely blurred, allowing the B-Rank world to enter completely. in this world. Then there is no B-Rank world anymore, and the so-called Divine Immortal monsters are about to be incorporated into a unified management system.

And this is undoubtedly a very funny joke, that is, the invaders lost themselves after all, the future legends will only be legends, and a very important point is that when these people enter this main world, , the upper limit here will increase with the increase, and it will be directly upgraded from the basic low-martial world to a high-martial world that is infinitely close to A-Rank in a short period of time.

A world where science and metaphysics coexist, a world that can both rush out of the universe and use the force.

Well…planet wars.

Da Huang hurriedly got rid of the messy thoughts in his head and continued looking towards the strange Cynthia, all her pain is shit in Da Huang’s view, it can only be described as hypocritical, probably A man with both legs amputated sees an able-bodied man complaining about the hard concrete road he walks today.

“So you said so much bullshit just to tell me that you came here to take refuge.” Da Huang foul-mouthed rambled: “And then you shot me with an arrow. .”

Cynthia didn’t answer him, just leaned there and took a sip from the wine bottle, then lit a cigarette with a dejected face: “I escaped, but I don’t know. How long can I run away, because I was given to that curry-smelling guy as a gift by them.”

Da Huang was laughed heartily when he heard it, he absolutely didn’t expect himself this many years The final fate of his old enemy was even worse than his. No matter what, although it is true that he is a god of exile, and that Divine Force is greatly discounted, at least he will not be given as a gift.

This is hilarious.

“Which one is curry?”

Sister Gou, who had been eating at this time, suddenly turned around and asked, “Is that the white elephant?”

Da Huang hurriedly nodded: “Yes, yes, that’s the one. I think it’s pretty good, isn’t there a rumor on the road that the bigger the nose is, the bigger the place, your man’s nose is so big, you should I’ll like it very much. When Goddess meets Elephant Superman, you have to come up with a book.”

Sister Gou looked strange at Da Huang, because no matter what level the cat has It’s bad, it won’t get better, he is no longer the African Martial Goddess with wheat-colored skin, excellent figure, and charming face. He has been polluted by the world and is downright filthy.

Hearing what happened to this Goddess hunter, Sister Gou is actually quite distressed, because most of the end of this subsidiary civilization is like this, and it will be used as a gift for others.

“What happens after they send you there?” Sister Gou curiously asked: “What will happen after that?”

“I don’t know.”

But at this time, Da Huang, who was used to seeing the wind and waves, changed back to the cat form, lying comfortably on the sofa, yawned and said, “What else can I do, but just unite and fight the God World war to the ground. Hey, as long as they are within the controllable range, Brother Zhang won’t care, he himself wants to let go of this part of the restriction, and how it develops in the future is their business.”

” It turns out that this is the case, will we join the war here?” Sister Gou curiously asked.

“Yes, definitely. Because the Eastern gods are relatively independent and closed, you may not know much about it. The Supreme God in the Indian gods is Brahma, but in fact, Brahma doesn’t exist. , the real power falls on the elephant god. Basically, if the birdmen group starts to send gifts to that side, it means that they want to unite with the elephant god. Then you say, they are all united with the elephant god, Isn’t that the skin swallow of your East Asian god, when the time comes you will definitely join the war.”

“I want to go back and ask.” Sister Gou turned around and jumped down from the balcony, Then it was disappeared.

And Da Huang was staring at small eyes with the drunk Goddess in front of him, and then he was about to run but was hugged.

“Let go!”

“It’s so soft…I like small animals the most.”

“Let go!” Da Huang is heartbroken “I’ll let you go!”

And Sister Gou had already returned to the milk tea shop at this time. Seeing Brother Zhang who was cleaning and preparing to close the shop, she used to tell what she saw. Wen told him.

Brother Zhang didn’t seem surprised, just sat down with a smile and poured a glass of ice soda for Sister Gou: “Are you worried about this?”

“en. ”

In the face of Sister Gou’s concern, Brother Zhang just slightly lifted Erlang’s legs, leaned on the cabinet at the back, and took a bite of the ham sausage in his hand: “Actually, I already knew that, but I didn’t stop it. I can understand your concern, because you were once one of them.”

Sister Gou looked at Brother Zhang for a while: “You mean…you acquiesced. ”

β€œen.” Brother Zhang lowered his head and fiddled with the cleaned shovel, then said casually, β€œThis is a necessary stage, right? The only restriction I set for them is that they cannot be given to humans. Society brings trouble.”

The milk tea shop has turned off the lights at this moment, and the faint light outside is projected from the window, shining on Brother Zhang’s side, and Sister Gou suddenly can’t understand This person, he is obviously such a warm person, why does he look like a ruthless emperor now.

There was a car passing by outside at this time, the light of the headlight flashed in front of Brother Zhang, and Sister Gou stared at him.

“You really don’t care about their lives?”

“You do.” Brother Zhang, as usual, casually: “But people who die because of desire, don’t It deserves sympathy.”

“But aren’t they going to be violated?”

“Do you really think that the civilization over there is just preparing for war?” Brother Zhang laughed: “And this kind of thing is determined based on the behavior of their civilization carriers. These civilization parasites can only follow the process of the main civilization. Don’t worry, it has already started.”

“Really? “

“Of course.”

Brother Zhang waved to Sister Gou, and Sister Gou immediately handed him his hand, the moment her hand touched Brother Zhang , countless pictures poured into her consciousness, and after she read it, she realized that the entire East Asian god system had moved before everyone knew it.

The giant Great Mountain Sect, which has been covered in dust for many years in the deep mountains, has re-displayed the huge rocks, and the paths that had been hidden by the dust vines have become clear again. On the snow-capped cliff, the climber who was about to freeze to death suddenly saw golden light ten thousand zhang on the cliff in front of him. After entering, it was as bright as the Immortal Realm. On a small island by the sea, a fisherman inadvertently moved a stone statue, and at the far end of the sea, a towering round platform was soaring, with pavilions and pavilions on the round platform.

Scenes like this continue to be staged throughout the East Asian region. All kinds of traces that did not exist or were hidden appear in front of the world. The released magic soul also entered the reincarnation sequence. Although some people did use reincarnated in someone else’s body or body possession to complete the reincarnation, the overwhelming majority still used the most conventional method – reincarnation to complete the great cause of reincarnation.

Sister Gou saw that some children had a Fire Emblem mark between their eyebrows when they were born, or there would be a snake pattern on their arms that was connected to the end.

In addition to these magic souls, there is another kind of awakening, or awakening. This part was caused by Spiritual Qi resuscitation, while a larger part was awakened by artificial stimulation.

After the awakening, there is another kind of mutation that is not controlled by people. During this period of time, there are 5,000 people in the whole world who have been added to the special attribute, and the more powerful ability is almost the same. There are more than 1,200 people, and the frequency is still accelerating, and the number is still increasing. In the end, it will probably reach a ratio of about 1 in 100,000, and there will be about 10,000 in a billion people.

According to Brother Zhang’s classification, these people belong to superhuman beings. After the sudden emergence of Zhang Yao and the others, the overall pattern has now been divided into three major directions, one is super power, the other is secret technique, and the other is technology.

Seeing this, Sister Gou probably understood. She raised her head and retracted her hand: “I understand.”

“No wonder you asked to restart the Twelve Spirits.” Sister Gou With a chuckle: “Okay, I’m going to rest.”

Brother Zhang said after nodding: “There is a place for you to fight in the back.”

“en. “Sister Gou Nodding, then asked: “Where are the evil Buddhas you released that day? Where did they all go.”

Brother Zhang pursed his lips and took a sip of tea: “Looking for the host.”

(End of this chapter)

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