What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 178


Chapter 178 Black Buddha

“This is a catastrophe.”

Sitting in a restaurant, Sai Dongfeng turned his head and whispered to Qing Lingzi: “After this game, many businesses have been vacant. I have already eaten some of them, and now there is another company that wants to contact us.”

Qing Lingzi’s demeanor has always been cold, and since he was injured by Haozi last time, he is now even more cautiously, but this time Sai Dongfeng will let him come over and talk to the person who wants to communicate with them. The organization met, so Qing Lingzi came reluctantly this time, followed by the increasingly strong blood gluttonous and the young man who was resurrected in the form of an alien.

He was named Bow Snake by Qing Lingzi. The name is very strange, but there is no problem. Anyway, they are organized like a triad now, and there is not much spell behavior. Played a lot of games and got involved with some rich bosses.

Today is also the first time that Qing Lingzi and the others have received an invitation from a relatively large-scale local society, and this is why Sai Dongfeng insists on bringing Qing Lingzi over.

The restaurant they came here was closed after they came in, and no one else was allowed in, but Qing Lingzi and the others waited in the entire group for a long time, and the other party didn’t show up. It was eight o’clock. Halfway, Qing Lingzi was eating with a calm expression, while Sai Dongfeng said angrily, “This is Li Wei, right?”

Sai Dongfeng’s words made Qing Lingzi sneered, but But he didn’t say anything else, he just continued to bow his head and eat, and then waited and waited, until about 9:30 in the evening, the other party finally came.

It’s the kind of classic social big brother model, wearing a very traditional short shirt, with a string of beads on hand, it doesn’t look as vicious as often seen in movies, on the contrary There is also some… a little refined feeling.

He walked over with a few younger brothers, pulled a stool and sat opposite Sai Dongfeng, lit a cigarette and said leisurely: “Sorry, sorry, there are some delays on the way. Hey, I’ve made you wait for a long time.”

Sai Dongfeng quickly introduced Qing Lingzi: “This is Brother Liang, and he is the person who speaks for Zhulian in this piece.”

Qing Lingzi was just laughed with disdain when he heard the name, then stood up and said, “Just a little scumbag, why should you talk to me.”

After he finished speaking, he got up and said: He was about to leave, but the good brother sat there laughed heartily. His subordinates also walked over to stop Qing Lingzi’s footsteps. On Qing Lingzi’s head.

“Little defiant three, that’s what you can call too?”


The next second, a hole opened in the middle of his forehead The back of his head was blown out of the smoking hole, his brain cracked, and then the blood gluttonous rushed over to knock down the two younger brothers with one hand, while Sai Dongfeng used a chopstick to directly insert a chopstick into a younger brother who wanted to run away. heart.

Almost instantly, the opponent was completely wiped out. The degree of vicious and merciless made the restaurant guy who witnessed the whole process stunned, but looking at the plasma, Qing Lingzi quietly put away his gun, turned around and walked out, but stopped when he reached the stairs. Step down.

Then I saw a few people walking up from below. The one at the head was very young, he looked like he was about thirty years old. After he walked upstairs, he glanced at the scene on the ground and said nothing. , just gently applauded Qing Lingzi.

“Come and hear that the lady is doing things neatly and neatly. Today is better than seeing a hundred things. I really admire it.” The person who came here lightly said with a smile: “Please sit down, I am the one who neglected this time. It’s my fault, please bear with me.”

This person is very interesting at first glance, he just waved his hand, and immediately someone began to clean the scene, and the bodies of those few people were like dead. Put it into a sack like a pig and threw it into the trunk of the car downstairs. But this man just sat down, poured himself a cup of tea, and let the waiter who was shivering with fright next to him put on several new sets of tea sets.

“I didn’t mean to neglect you all, but mainly to eat our bowl of rice and be careful to sail the ship for ten thousand years. Are you right?”

The man’s expression and his speech Tolerance, it seems that the person who was thrown away by Qing Lingzi was not from the same world at all, and what he said was reasonable, so Qing Lingzi was not a hot-blooded person. sat in the original position.

The guy came up and cleaned the table and put on the tea set. Then the man poured tea for Qing Lingzi Sai Dongfeng and the others, and then served some refreshments. It was cleaned up very cleanly, and even the smell of blood was wiped away. At first glance, it was what professional players did.

“Everyone should know that we have worked with groups like you before. You have technology, I have money, and everyone can hit it off a lot. But now, what happened some time ago? It is clear to everyone that there are a group of people who have cooperated with us, but now these lines are broken, and I have few contacts left.” After he finished speaking, he suddenly patted his head: “Oh, forget yourself. Introduced, I am the new head of Zhulian, and you can call me Hong Yiwei, my younger brother is not only a second-generation ancestor, without the ability of my parents, I will only do things to gain favor.”

Qing Lingzi raised his head and glanced at him: “Then what is the content of your cooperation with us?”

“Didn’t I already say it just now? These days, even experts like you are unable to move a single step without money. As for me, since I was a child, I have listened to the world of Shen Xiao and others, so I will naturally choose you. Of course, this is a It’s a two-way choice in the field, if you don’t like me, then please do it yourself, and what happened tonight has never happened.”

Qing Lingzi was silent for a moment: “What is the content.”

“It’s very simple, just because it’s inconvenient for us to do something about it, we’ll ask a few people to come forward. But please rest assured, I absolutely respect your beliefs and bottom line, but I also ask a few people to put you on the line. Tell me about the taboos, I don’t want to offend everyone’s taboos unintentionally.”

Qing Lingzi glanced at Sai Dongfeng, Dongfeng immediately stepped forward to say with a smile: “Actually, we also have some taboos, but Not much. First of all, we won’t take any continental content, and secondly, we won’t kill innocent people. The rest will be nothing.”

“Of course, you are also one of the few. Many conditions are as simple as that. Regarding the operations on the continent, we have stopped some time ago, mainly because we have suffered a lot of losses in several operations, and another partner of mine has almost given up the operation in the mainland. .”

Qing Lingzi raised her brows, but didn’t ask anything, she just stood up and said to the Hong Yiwei nodded: “That’s it.”

“Don’t panic. .” Hong Yiwei said with a smile: “Don’t panic and leave, I want a few of you to help me with one thing, the price is easy to discuss, and I will give the number after the event is completed.”

He He smiled and gestured with three fingers: “Three million, US dollars.”

Although he wanted to clear Lingzi’s character, he 100% despised this kind of behavior, but now It’s true that the world has changed, and he has no better way but to accept other people’s proposals.

Business, making money, not shabby.

Hong Yiwei took out a photo from his arms and handed it to Qing Lingzi: “Actually, it’s very simple, this person has something to do with Americans, and my top has something to do with Americans, but He doesn’t follow the rules and does business that shouldn’t be done on this land, I really don’t know how to do this, so…”

Sai Dongfeng took the photo with understanding and played it. After a while, he said to Hong Yiwei: “It’s okay, leave it to us.”

Qing Lingzi left with a dull expression, while Sai Dongfeng explained why Qing Lingzi was so dull. , but Hong Yiwei said reasonably: “Expert always has an expert temper, but it’s not incomprehensible. Please bear with me in the future.”

And when they walked out of the restaurant, Sai Dongfeng walked quickly to Qing Lingzi and said: “Great Immortal, the reality is like this, we have to bow our heads. We have to recuperate and recruit troops, which is missing this hole Brother Fang, and it is not ashamed to let a youngster do his bidding. things.”

Qing Lingzi didn’t speak, just sighed for a long time. Seeing his appearance, Sai Dongfeng knew that he was feeling sentimental again, so he couldn’t say anything else, he could only follow him Walking silently on the brightly lit streets of Taipei.


Suddenly Sai Dongfeng’s ears perked up, he raised his brows and said to Qing Lingzi, “There is a strange aura.”



Qing Lingzi turned his head and gave him a look: “What?”

Sai Dongfeng didn’t talk nonsense, so he raised his hand and took Qing Lingzi to run in the direction he sensed the strange aura Go, and run along this breath for more than a kilometer, a few people entered a narrow alley, and there were bursts of noise inside.

After a few people passed by, they saw that several men were abusing a woman who seemed to be in her twenties. The woman was dying at the moment, but the abusers were still Harsh laughter surrounded her.

“It’s really unsightly.” Qing Lingzi scolded and beckoned: “Blood gluttonous, go and clean it up.”

The blood gluttonous was ordered, and his eyes immediately revealed the right The thirst for flesh and blood, I saw him running out of the ground on all fours and on the wall, but when he was about to start killing, a ripple burst from the woman, and then everyone, including the blood gluttonous was blasted out.

Being touched by this ripple, Qing Lingzi instinctively launched a defense, but who would have thought that this kind of defense would not be worth mentioning in front of this ripple.

Then the originally weak light around him dimmed again, and then the woman who had been raped stood up, and behind her, a surging black shadow appeared as if trying to break free. Twisted back and forth like a bound boa constrictor.

The violent men raised their pants and wanted to run when they saw this scene, but the moment they turned around, they seemed to hit the transparent glass wall, and fell to the ground after a few thuds.

At this time, I looked at the woman again. Although she was naked, there was an illusory shadow more than ten meters high behind her. Inside the illusory shadow was a blindfolded god. Xiang slowly unfolded the thousands of hands and thousands of eyes behind him, each of which looked like a hunting snake, with an extremely terrifying momentum.

And at this moment, a deadly Sanskrit sound resounded, and the sound was not heard, but soon even Qing Lingzi lost his mobility because of it, and a mouthful of old blood was shaken out. .

Qing Lingzi is still like this, and the others are even more unbearable. Sai Dongfeng directly curled up there shiver coldly, his spiritual sense at this moment is like watching the atomic bomb directly with his eyes, forming a brief moment. Sexual failure, and then the fear spurting out from the inside out, this feeling of being blind, deaf, and paralyzed made Sai Dongfeng tremble all over.

And at this moment, the thing behind the woman has finally turned into a butterfly, and a huge Thousand Hand Goddess of Mercy appears in front of everyone. The lights at the place were still bright and it seemed that the terrifying giant statue could not be seen, but Qing Lingzi and the others could really see it.

“The Great Darkness Spiritual Mountain…” Qing Lingzi put one hand on the ground, struggling to stand up with all his strength, he cup one fist in the other hand, trying to shout: “Bodhisattva, misunderstanding… We are just passing by here to save people.” Let the eyes on the palm scan him up and down. After waiting for a while, the powerful oppression finally disappeared, followed by the huge Buddha statue.

They were saved…but the violent people were not so lucky. Those people had been turned into stones on the ground and kept struggling and calling for help, but it was true There was indeed no sign of life.

And the woman who was raped was naked at the moment and slowly walked out from the depths of the alley. There was an eye opener on her shoulder. When she entered the light, that eye was opened. It slowly faded away.

She staggered to Qing Lingzi, and then her whole body went limp. Qing Lingzi quickly supported the woman, but found that there seemed to be some kind of force constantly sucking on her. The spiritual power on his body couldn’t be shaken or released, but after a while, the strange feeling disappeared, and the woman lay on Qing Lingzi’s shoulder and fainted.

Qing Lingzi immediately took off her jacket and wrapped her, kicked Sai Dongfeng who was on the ground pretending to be dead: “It’s time to go!”

Sai Dongfeng was at a loss at this moment He raised his head: “Did I just see… the one with thousands of hands and thousands of eyes?”

“We’ll talk about it later!”

Several people took the woman to the residence , Qing Lingzi personally applied medicine to her, and then bandaged her wound. During this process, Qing Lingzi was really full of fear, because that power… simply is not a power that should belong to the world, everyone is Spiritual Mountain. The Holy Buddha is there, but they don’t know where people’s filth and sins are concentrated for thousands of years. All the Buddhas have long since died, and only the black Buddhas born of filth and resentment are left.

What they encountered just now is that these things are extremely terrifying and extremely ferocious. The original holy things have long since become the dirtiest things in the world. Really being pressed by that thing is not fun.

“Our good luck, the things on Dahei Spiritual Mountain will not make sense. It is because this woman is still conscious that she can survive.” Qing Lingzi said with lingering fear: “It’s also a loss for us Those who come to save people, if they hesitate for a moment and see death, then our fate will not be any different from those wicked people.”

Sai Dongfeng walked over to the sleeping woman and glanced at it. I saw that she looks delicious and pretty, has several points of good-looking, and her age is lithe and graceful, but no one knows why she was bullied by those wicked people.

“Don’t worry about it, this must be the host of the Dahei Spiritual Mountain Guanyin!” Qing Lingzi looked at the woman on the bed and said, “Dahei Spiritual Mountain is also here, it seems to be true It’s heaven helps me.”

(End of this chapter)

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