What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 179


Chapter 179 The other side of the myth.

Let’s say Qing Lingzi is lucky, he is unlucky in everything he does. When he was just reincarnated, he wanted to develop it, and encountered twelve spirits whose inheritance never broke. I just came here and wanted to do the lineage of my old friend Xu Fu, but I changed hands and met Twelve Spirits. Just when I was about to save someone, I touched the Great White Shark and directly witnessed the evil Buddha coming into the world, and I was almost taken for granted.

But let’s say he’s unlucky, just pick it up, that is, the thousand-handed thousand-eyed Daikokutian Avalokitesvara with Peak battle strength even in Daikoku Spiritual Mountain, here is half of mercy Words are not stained, this is the highest evil buddha in the world.

But it’s okay, not as evil as I imagined, at least from Qing Lingzi’s observations these days, it can be seen that if this person becomes bad, he will be worse than all the evil Buddhas in the world. If it’s bad, other people’s evil Buddhas are at best not compassionate, and some people can’t even be cruel.

“What are we going to do now?”

Looking at the bright sky outside, Sai Dongfeng asked casually.

“Wait until she wakes up and see if we can ask something useful, or… pull her in.”

Qing Lingzi was very uneasy, and he was worried about what was in front of him. This thing is beyond his control, and he is full of hope that such a powerful existence can join his team.

This is one of the very best battle strengths on the Black Spiritual Mountain. The target is the Queen Mother of the West. If you can really pull her into the team, it is not because of God’s help but really because of God’s help. It’s just that it can’t become a complete form, and the little things that are exposed are already unmatched in the world.

But the only question now is whether it can be used for him. He is very panicked, because although he has a little contact with this kind of existence, it is the first time he has encountered this situation today. His Peak period is nothing but trifling Earth Immortal, and the Human World can’t do whatever he wants.

At the same time, in a RT-Mart in LYG, the early risers have already started to work.

“Morning.” The colleague in the store greeted Hou’er, and then handed him a vegetable bun: “See if you have just come here, you can get excellent staff, okay.”

The monkey’s human form is not handsome at all, with pointed mouth and cheeks, and a short stature, not even 1.7 meters, but Essence, Qi, and Spirit didn’t say that, it is the kind that makes people feel at first sight He is particularly energetic, and he has quick hands and feet and quick movements. He can finish the work of the morning in his hands in an hour. In addition, he is also a busy master, so he will touch the west. touch. This gang helps that.

Although it has only been here for less than a month, there is such a monkey among the outstanding employees of this month.

“It’s alright, let’s beg for food.” Monkey went to his post, put on his apron and started to work ka ka: “Start work!”

Monkey’s His hands and feet are really quick, and because of his quickness and diligence coupled with his sharp-mouthed and monkey-cheeked virtues, colleagues here like to call him a monkey, but I don’t know who was the first to call him “Great Saint”. , in less than a month, colleagues in the entire store called him Great Saint.

To be honest, monkeys don’t like to kill fish, but they really lost themselves in the sound of “Great Saint”. They came first every day, and they were full of power in everything they did. Just to hear people shout “Thank you Great Saint”.

Not to mention, Monkey is really famous now. It is not an exaggeration to say that RT-Mart’s shop protects treasure, because his fish-killing technique and neatness have been photographed on the Internet, and many People come here to watch him kill a fish, so the business of his fish stall is more than ten times better than before, and even now the entire seafood area has been handed over to him by the supervisor, just to allow more came to see the Great Saint to kill the fish. And the reason was just that day…

“Want to thorn or not?” The monkey lowered his head to work and saw the crucian carp under his hand: “If you want to stab me, I will leave the thorn, if you don’t, I will give it to you.”


The person who bought the fish was also stunned for a moment, and then asked curiously: “Can crucian carp be thorn too?”

“Then who do you look down on.”

” No…master, just show me your hand, and I’ll see how the crucian carp gets its thorns.”

The corner of Monkey’s mouth showed a touch of disdain, he put the crucian carp on the chopping board, ka ka It was just one pass, and then the back of the knife was turned over, and the slap was a pass. Then he took a pair of tweezers and picked out the fish spines one by one like plucking pig hair. The speed was extremely fast, the position was extremely accurate, and the Tweezers are inserted into the belly of the fish and pulled blindly, without looking at it at all.

The whole process from scaling, belly opening, gill removal and stab removal took less than a minute, which is the same time as other people’s ordinary treatment, but he has already put the fish in a plastic bag. : “Eat the thorns and come to me.”

The man was still skeptical, but when he took the fish back and ate it like this, he found that it really didn’t have a thorn. You must know that this is a crucian carp. Can the thorns be treated so cleanly without destroying the flesh of the fish, can this be an ordinary person?

Because of this move, Monkey became popular on the Internet at once, and more and more people came here every day to watch him kill fish and take thorns, and finally became an Internet celebrity check-in point, Monkey I don’t care, anyway, he can’t use up all his energy every day, and he also enjoys being praised extremely.

In the afternoon, the fish in the fresh area was sold out several hours in advance. Monkey sat there with a lunch box and ate lunch. There was a mobile phone in front of him, which was playing. With the 86th edition of Journey to the West, he’s looking good.

“Hey, Great Saint. I’ll eat later, the Boss will call you.”

The call of the colleague did not wait for the monkey to get up, he just continued to eat at a moderate pace , and said, “Let him wait.”

The colleague next to him saw that this guy’s stinky problem was committed again, and quickly reminded: “The Big Boss is here too.”

“It’s the same when I come here, grandfather doesn’t go if he doesn’t want to go.” Monkey is still eating at a moderate pace, and he’s not used to those stinky things at all.

It wasn’t until he was full that he patted the rice particles scattered around and got up and followed the henchman colleague to the Boss’s office upstairs. When he got in, the Boss and Big Boss immediately looked at him. laughed.

Monkey is also welcome, and sits directly on the sofa next to him: “Why are you looking for me?”

“Of course it’s a good thing.” Boss said with a smile: “Wei They always say that they will transfer you to another store to manage the aquatic area, are you willing?”

“Will the salary increase or not?”

The two bosses looked at each other, Qi laughed.

In this way, Monkey became a fish giant in a new store, and the store was just next to Flower Fruit Mountain. Days passed by like this, and he was finally in a sun. Shone Brightly spent money on tickets to go home on her day off.

But he came back in less than ten minutes, because it was completely different from its original appearance. Although the Bibo Eastern Sea can still be seen, his home is no longer his home, and since that day , He works every day except for work, as if he was drained of energy.

The greatest pleasure is to meet up with the three Crown Princes and Erlang Shen occasionally for a few drinks.

“If you want me to say, you have too high expectations for the world, hypocritical.” The three Crown Princes, who had always been dressed as baby-faced teenagers, are now also full of stubble, with one foot on the KTV On the small coffee table, holding a bottle of beer in his hand, he took a few gulps down: “In the world, either you are the same as you did in the past, energetic and bustling to do a career, you don’t care what career, anyway You have the ability. Either you can be an obediently and honestly person, three meals a day, firewood, rice, oil, and salt. You are hypocritical, and you will not pass the time of being hypocritical?”

Three Crown Princes lit a cigarette: “This The world, there is no room for you and me to mess around.”

True Lord Erlang also picked up the bottle and sipped it down: “The world is hard, it’s really hard.”

The monkey leaned against the cry of wu wu, and he was rebellious, but now he has nowhere to put it. In the end, the wind, frost, rain and snow did not make him an unparalleled hero, but a mortal who attempted nothing and accomplish nothing . He was the Great Saint of Equalling Heaven. He was also a great hero who was hailed by everyone back then. How could he live like such a dog now.

“Okay, okay.” The three Crown Prince patted the monkey’s shoulder and handed him a bottle of wine: “You have made troubles, I have made troubles, and your eyes are not good, but Up to now, it’s not all about trying nothing and accomplishing nothing. I chatted with Star Monarch of Huo De that day, he asked God of Wealth some days ago to borrow some money and open a hot pot restaurant. I asked him, this time What exactly is the picture, he said that the picture is a Cultivation, you can’t live if you hold it, and you have to endure the smoky fire of this world when you go to the world. He asked me to ask myself if I still have that. When the determination of Heaven and Earth heroes, I said that I have no more, the world is too prosperous, I have long been fascinated.”

Monkey took the wine, took a sip when he picked it up: “I want Be a hero!”

“You are a hammer, and the world doesn’t allow you to be a hero. Why should you be a hero? Do you think that saving a few people outside is a hero? Oh, you two are driven out together. You have no choice from the lower realms. You have to be responsible for your food, clothing, housing, and transportation, eat, drink, shit and piss. Besides, you are now more sturdy than ordinary people and more dexterous than ordinary people. The rest are just mortal bodies. A hero?”

“I’m not, I’m much stronger than a mortal.” The monkey raised a finger and pointed to the ceiling: “I will not be injured if I jump from a place of twenty meters.”

Three Crown Prince picked up a string of beer and slammed it on Monkey’s finger, and he withdrew his hand with a groan of pain.

“impervious to sword and spear , neither water nor fire can approach , it’s still painful in the end.”

At this time, True Lord Erlang, who had been drinking suffocated wine, rolled up his sleeves , there are several teeth marks on it: “The dog bites.”

Seeing this, the three Crown Prince and the monkey seem to have seen the biggest joke in their lives, and the two hugged each other and laughed. , but after laughing, it was surprisingly silent. The three of them suddenly had nothing to say. They just sat there watching the KTV screen and played songs by themselves, and then drank every sip, like hiding outside after get off work and refusing to return. The middle-aged man at home is full of exhaustion in his eyes.

“The world is hard.” True Lord Erlang suddenly sighed, “It’s harder than anything.”

(End of this chapter)

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