What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 18

Chapter 18 begins with a story about the times

“What should I do? What should I do?”

After listening to Haozi’s words, Xu Wei is now The mood is extremely unstable, and this is such is human nature. After all, anyone who hears that he is going to be chased to death by a bunch of snails who are almost invincible and don’t know what to call them will have violent mood swings, and they don’t even know what to call them. Two hundred million in cash can be taken.

But what can comfort her a little is that because of the relationship with Xiao Zhang, those things will temporarily stop for a few months. There will definitely be no problems in these three months, but 3 months later, no matter what. Where Xu Wei is hiding, she is definitely finished. As the last key part that those things lack, if they are lacking, it means that they cannot complete the real resurrection.

The inability to reincarnate means that another mode of reincarnation is required, which may be reincarnation, possession, body possession, reincarnated in someone else’s body, or even reincarnation.

However, all the methods are actually like incense directly resurrected, so some of these magic souls will not be able to survive, and they will dive into various ways of reincarnation, and some will not survive. If one’s ability is damaged, he will persistently want to kill Xu Wei.

If you want to say bad luck, you have to blame Xu Wei for having a very special life. At so many time points, she can be half an hour earlier or an hour and a half later, but she is stuck in the at that point.

The reason why the appearance of these ghosts represents the recovery of Spiritual Qi and the advent of the age of magic is because there are not only hundreds of naked eyes visible, but only those hundreds. It’s extraordinarily strong, most of the scattered magic souls are now in a state of bewilderment.

They are not only human souls, but also the souls of all kinds of strange creatures that have been in existence for many years. This number is in units of 100,000, possibly hundreds of thousands or more.

These things have been spread out, and in the next few months to several years, we will see changes in the entire world, and not only in one region, but also in other parts of the world at the same time. group.

What should be paid more attention to during this time are those vegetative people lying in the hospital. After all, the awakening of vegetative people at this stage is not necessarily a miracle of medicine, but may be a miracle of mysticism.

There are also some that will merge with normal people or even have two souls or even multiple souls. The episodes where dios turns into a war machine of wisdom and bravery overnight will be staged frequently in the future.

Will the chaos continue? Of course not, after all Australia can have a government. So after the initial chaos and confusion, these things start to organize themselves into order.

This order may be integrated with the current social system, and they may become part of the society, or it may be opposed to the current social system and become the cancer cells of this world.

But no matter what, the crime rate will skyrocket for a long time, and there will be all kinds of unimaginable crimes all over the world, such as what eleven-year-old girls steal Museum collection, eight-year-old boy attacked the refrigerator truck transporting pork in full view.

Anyway, the meaning is probably that, the era of magic will not come so soon, but it has already been opened.

But all of this has nothing to do with Brother Zhang. When Haozi and the others were discussing, he sat there biting a gel pen the whole time, pondering how to improve his resume.

Under the condition of fruitless inquiry, he took out his mobile phone and opened the search bar, and on the search page he typed five words full of bitterness: how to write a resume.

And then got scammed out of fifty dollars by an ad that was ranked first in the search results.

“Boil!” Brother Zhang slapped his pen on the table after finding out that he had been deceived: “Destroy it, hurry up, I’m tired.”

His voice made the Xu Wei’s attention was attracted, and seeing Zhang Jiachang who was completely different from usual, she was a little uncomfortable, but Haozi explained: “He is like this, you just get used to it.”

“Didn’t he… don’t talk much before?”

Haozi didn’t know how to explain this to her, but hehe smiled and it was over.

At this time, Zhang Jiachang also came over, pulled a chair and sat down, and snapped his fingers lightly in front of Xu Wei. Xu Wei, who had been patted by the tiger, suddenly felt herself covered up and down. The pain is gone, and the wounds are still intact.

“This is your reward for helping me write my resume.” Brother Zhang looked up and looked at the time after saying that, and found that it was not yet time to pick up Nian Nian, so he continued to face the resume in front of him. Paper struggled.

“Zhang…Brother Zhang.”

Xu Wei called out tentatively, Zhang Jiachang raised his head: “en?”

“I don’t want to die…”

“Why do you want to die?” Zhang Jiachang asked curiously, “Is it bad to live?”

For Zhang Jiachang, who just joined the discussion, He really didn’t hear the content of the previous chat, after all, he had been thinking about being cheated of money before that.

The sentence “I don’t want to die” suddenly came out, and the normal reaction would probably be like his.

At this time, Haozi still had to explain, he moved the stool forward: “Brother Zhang, those magic souls will come back to find her sooner or later, and those believers will not let her go, we I can protect her for a while, but I can’t protect her for the rest of my life.”

Brother Zhang copied the contents of his resume on his mobile phone and copied it on his resume. He just looked up after hearing what Haozi said. He glanced at him: “You two just accept her as a disciple, and then let her work here. The salary is not much, but the food is still enough, her life is special, and she learns twice the results for half the effort. In a few years, Thunder Dragon will not necessarily be her opponent, and she is afraid of a hammer.”

After he finished speaking, he slapped the table: “Finished! I’ll pick up Nian Nian.”

Watching him leave the milk tea shop, Haozi and Thunder Dragon looked at each other, Thunder Dragon touched the beard on the chin: “I’m sorry to see my boss, you see how well they arranged.”

Haozi After hesitating for a moment: “We are qualified to teach the discipline?”

“Try it, who doesn’t come step by step? Master can even teach you stupid B. I don’t believe anyone can compare it. You pay for it.” Thunder Dragon’s heart was very big, and he said indifferently: “And let her work here, I’m relieved.”

“Oh! You can’t be polite. I’ll protect you when you were beaten when you were young.”

“You’re welcome? Don’t let me save you.” Thunder Dragon crossed Erlang’s legs and didn’t care: “That’s it. It’s decided, this Little Sister…Little Sister, what’s your name?”

“Xu Wei…”

“Nothing can stop you, your yearning for freedom?” Thunder Dragon After singing a sentence, he straightened up and his expression became strange. Finally, after holding it for a long time, he said, “Blue Lotus!”

“He and Da Huang are good friends, especially good ones.” Haozi introduced Thunder Dragon to Xu Wei in a low voice: “It’s a childhood playmate.”

When Da Huang was mentioned, Xu Wei immediately understood it, so it’s not surprising.

However, although Thunder Dragon’s mouth is a little broken and he is a little stupid, this tall northern man is really enthusiastic, and he doesn’t care whether Xu Wei agrees or not, and he goes again. Bought a bedding roll for her, and helped him clean a hut in the Taoist temple behind him.

In the second half of the night, Brother Zhang’s late-night cafeteria opened before he was busy.

“Okay, you can live here from today.” Thunder Dragon patted his chest and said to Xu Wei: “In the future, you will find a chance to learn from a teacher, and you will live here for a while. “

Xu Wei opened her mouth, but she didn’t know how to reject this tall and mighty Thunder Dragon with a thief enthusiastic and a neighbor-like temperament. But this matter has developed to this point, I am afraid it is not her turn to refuse, and now she basically can only obey the arrangement, after all, the life of the dog is important, and working here… It looks pretty good, quite a kind of elf The feeling of a hostel.

“Clean up yourself,” Thunder Dragon took off his dirty coat: “Help me wash my clothes along the way. There is a washing machine outside, my boss, you can use it.”

After making arrangements, Thunder Dragon went to the late-night cafeteria alone. When he came up, he asked Zhang Jiachang for a large bowl of noodles. After eating, he wiped his mouth: “Boss, I’ve settled for her, you Do you have any comments?”

“Ask me if you have any comments after you’ve made arrangements?” Zhang Jiachang was also helpless to this man, but after all he had known him for many years, he had already gotten used to his conduct: “That’s it, tomorrow I’m going to look for a job, so you can open a shop during the day.”

“Well, can you wait a few more days, I still want to go out and play.”

Brother Zhang As soon as his eyelids were raised, Thunder Dragon froze on the spot: “Tomorrow! It’s tomorrow!”

At this moment, Xu Wei was sitting in the room, standing on the window sill to watch the lively Da Huang, Da Huang’s Behind him is a bright moon. He seems to bring his own ambient light source every time he appears, which is very cute.

“You will live here in the future?” Da Huang curiously asked: “Then you must pay me tribute every month… no, every week, if you refuse, I will As a courtyard guardian, I will expel you.”

“Isn’t this Brother Zhang’s home…”

“Ah this…” Da Huang paused: “Don’t worry about it. So many, you just need to serve me.”

After Xu Wei put the pillow away, she suddenly raised her head and asked Da Huang: “Da Huang Da Huang.”

” Dry hair?” Da Huang lowered his head: “Da Huang is also your name? Call me Hei Ye!”

“But you…are not black.”

” It used to be dark.” Da Huang jumped out of the window, came to the table in the room and squatted down: “You smell like that stinky dog, go and wash it off!”

Xu Wei knew it said Who is the stinky dog? He answered in a low voice, and then put on his clothes and prepared to wash up, but as soon as he went out, he saw the big white dog walking into the bathroom with a basket in his mouth, and the door slammed closed. .

“Leave her alone.” Da Huang jumped on Xu Wei’s shoulders: “Licking a dog is like this, it seems like you can’t live without a master, huh.”

“Don’t say it, She’ll hit you later…” Xu Wei glanced at the bathroom nervously: “Be careful.”

(End of this chapter)

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