What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 180


Chapter 180 Old Events in Chang’an

Another family in Chang’an Lane moved out, this place can’t keep people, ordinary person wants to live, and this place can’t make money, so the living person can’t stay for long.

Brother Zhang sat at the door of the milk tea shop to say goodbye to the people who were leaving. They are old neighbors for many years. I don’t know if there will be a chance to meet again this time. After all, the life of an ordinary person is somewhat short.

“Let’s go another one, there’s not much left in the old neighborhood.” Yang Junfeng leaned to the side and sighed with emotion, then shouted to those who left, “Come back to play when you have time.”

Brother Zhang laughed: “Less ordinary person, and more strange things.”

At first Yang Junfeng still couldn’t figure it out, but in the afternoon he knew what Brother Zhang meant. Now, because the house of the person who moved away has been vacated, generally this kind of idle house will be rented out, and the rent of this kind of place is not so expensive. rent.

It’s really hard to say whether the person here is human.

At 6:30 in the afternoon, it was just when the lanterns were on and the lights were on. At this time, someone was pulling a small car and slowly entered Chang’an Alley with a pile of cardboard boxes.

It was dog days, but he was wrapped up and down like a zongzi, and the enthusiastic old man was sitting at the door to eat, and she would ask a question when she saw his appearance, but he He also kindly explained that he was ill and couldn’t see the light, and then put it off.

Yang Junfeng ordered food at Brother Zhang’s place as usual, and then sat outside with a chair like most of the natives in Chang’an Alley. He saw this man walking by. , Naturally, he couldn’t help but look up, but he couldn’t see anything clearly, only to see that the part of the skin exposed under the man’s scarf showed a strange bronze color, he knew at the time that this newcomer Not human anymore.

“You said, how can Chang’an Lane always provoke such unclean people.” While eating, Yang Junfeng casually asked Grandfather Pi who was eating chicken and sucking his fingers: “What the hell is this?”

Grandfather Pi didn’t look up, she was now concentrating on eating chicken, and this world had nothing to do with her for a long time.

After waiting for a long time, she ate the last bit of chicken before she took out a napkin and wiped her hands: “Ah? What did you say?”

“I said, just now What was that thing in the past? And how can Chang’an Lane attract unclean things so easily.”

“This is an unknown place.” Grandfather Pi did not hide it: “All the demons and monsters, Demons and ghosts like it here. It’s just that there are Brother Zhang and Twelve Spirits here, and there is a string of rune at the entrance of Chang’an Alley, so mortals can’t see it.”

“Oh? I’m here. I’ve lived my whole life and I don’t know.”

“You didn’t ask. Just wait for the old man.” Grandfather Pi got up and ran back to the milk tea shop, and after a while she took another chicken Came out with a cup of milk tea: “Have you ever wondered why there is a Taoist temple in Chang’an Lane?”

“Yes, why?”

“Suppressing evil monsters, Stupid.”

The relationship between Grandfather Pi and Yang Junfeng is very good, so good that people in Chang’an Lane once thought that Yang Junfeng was a copper smelting warlock. As for the reason… In fact, Grandfather Pi was brought to the world by Yang Junfeng, and Grandfather Pi’s current appearance is also thanks to Yang Junfeng, but Grandfather Pi has to refuse Yang Junfeng’s support all his life, and secretly do pornography, and then… the more confused it is, the worse it is.

“Let me tell you, now Chang’an Lane is both a forbidden place for demons and a blessed place for demons. As for why you think about it yourself.” Grandfather Pi said with a smile like an expert outside the world: “I understand, I understand. Huh. Enlightenment.”

“Imagine a hammer, you just don’t know.”

Grandfather Pi didn’t answer him, because Grandfather Pi really didn’t know, all her information was Listening to Thunder Dragon, Xiaoma and the others chatting, the main content is that they have to rely on them to get it, how long has she been here, and she is still a two sword fox fairy, other fox spirits often have nine tails, and she relies on her background in bloodline Until now, I have only mixed three tails, and the shit is not the kind.

“If you ask for nothing, I’ll ask my sister dog.”

Yang Junfeng got up and went to the milk tea shop, leaned his head into the yard and shouted a few times, and then sister dog went from He stuck his head out of the room and tilted his head to look at him.

“Come, come…Sister, I have something to ask you.”

Sister Gou jumped forward and immediately turned into the cool and cold hot girl: “What’s the matter?”


“It’s so hot, I’ll give you something, let’s go to the door to eat and talk.”

Sister Gou nodded, grabbed a chair and walked out, while Yang Junfeng leaned against On the counter, I asked Brother Zhang: “Chang’an Lane is so evil, you don’t care?”

“Is there any more evil than you panning for gold in the river in the city?”

Brother Zhang It can be said that he is brooding about this matter, because he is wondering what kind of people have the heart to pan for gold in that kind of place, and the two of them are clearly from a good family. Isn’t it obvious that there is something wrong with their brains? .

“It’s not my fault. Master Cai Young has been abnormal recently. I suspect that he has hit an evil spirit.”


“Then It’s just that there may be something wrong with his brain.” Yang Junfeng waved his hand: “Three more chickens, two cups of milk tea, and a few more sausages, and I will coax Sister Gou to go.”

After a while, Yang Junfeng The cool trio sat at the gate and chatted, and then Xu Wei, who had nothing to do, also joined in. It can be said that the regular team of the milk tea shop is here except for Da Huang and Xiao Zhang.

“What has Da Huang been doing recently? I haven’t seen him for several days.”

“It seems that he has a few children to take care of, and a foreign friend is coming. He is going to receive the reception.” Xu Wei replied, “He told me so.”

Sister Gou also nodded, it seemed that Da Huang really didn’t have one this time. It’s bragging, but he still has foreign friends, which is really curious.

“I’ll send him a message and ask him to bring his foreign friends to play.” Yang Junfeng chuckled: “By the way, Sister Gou. You said Chang’an Lane…”

This time Yang Junfeng really asked the right person. Sister Gou is a super veteran who is here in Chang’an Alley. Even if there is a tree here, she grew up watching it. Yang Junfeng is not an outsider, so She started chatting.

The birth of Chang’an Lane was at the end of the Song Dynasty. It was founded in order to preserve the seeds of learning and art from being trampled by Mongolian iron cavalry. It was built by the Holy Master at that time. The realm of ferocity, the kind of place that no one else brings. Looking at it at the time, it was not much different from the old forest in the deep mountains. Originally, at first was to accept some scholar warlocks to take refuge here, but as time passed, Chang’an Lane gradually became a village, and some fairies Wood Spirit also came here, and then gradually formed the current pattern.

Later, with the development of the times and urban construction, the original wilderness has gradually become the center of the new city, but this place can only be repaired but not rebuilt, and finally it has become a protected building complex. , The small Chang’an Lane is a cross from the beginning to the end, but it contains a series of architectural patterns from the Song Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty, and this area is really not suitable for business and life. After many years, there are fewer and fewer ordinary people. There are more and more strange people, and now eight or nine of the ten households are either ancestors of warlock alchemists cultivators, or descendants of the combination of human and demon. In short, the ordinary person is very few.

As for the reason, the ordinary person here will become very unhappy because of the blessings of Monster Qi, Yin Qi and the three qi of hostility, and this kind of thing is determined by the leylines, but this place is right On the contrary, the cultivator is very beneficial and it is a treasure land for raising demons, ghosts and corpses, so… the development from generation to generation has become like this.

Don’t look at this place is an old house, but it is still famous in the world of demons and monsters, and there is indeed a talisman at the door that is invisible to ordinary people. As a general rule, it is not allowed to abuse spells, let alone display their abilities or turn them into prototypes in front of mortals, otherwise they will be expelled from Chang’an Lane.

“This is the rule back then, and it’s still in use now. Can’t Pippi see it?”

Grandfather Pi hehe laughed straightly: “old man can’t read traditional Chinese… Don’t you know, the old man learned fox language, and the old man was illiterate in the first few months of coming here.”

Although this reason sounds very strange, since it happened in Grandfather With Pi, there seems to be nothing wrong with it, Grandfather Pi… One of the three pistachios in Chang’an Lane, an outstanding representative with a brain, it makes sense… it makes sense.

“What is that thing that came just now?”

“You didn’t tell me what it was.” Sister Gou didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. He said to Yang Junfeng: “You should describe it.”

Yang Junfeng began to describe the characteristics of the person in the afternoon, and halfway through the description, Yang Junfeng suddenly closed his mouth, because the person he described was facing the Walking in this direction, he was still wrapped tightly, even wearing sunglasses when it was completely dark.

“It’s him, it’s him!”

Grandfather Pi simply didn’t care about this, pointed to the man and said to Sister Gou: “It’s him.”

The man It seemed that he was surprised to be named by Grandfather Pi, but he was very educated and nodded to the few people who were enjoying the shade here. Although he couldn’t see the expression, he could feel that he was smiling.

Sister Gou raised her hand to signal Grandfather Pi not to get excited, and then watched the man walk into the milk tea shop. Sister Gou raised her nose behind him and smelled it, and then she was already confident.

After he pushed the door and walked into the milk tea shop, Grandfather Pi and Yang Junfeng immediately approached and asked, “What is what.”

“zombie.” Sister Gou looked back. Look: “very, very high level zombie.”

“How high level?” Yang Junfeng stared wide-eyed curiously asked: “But shouldn’t zombie be bouncing?”

Grandfather Pi slapped him on the stomach with an elbow: “It’s said to be a very high level.”

“Zombie has two systems, one is the Great Desolate system, and the highest level of zombie is the scorpion. .There is also a Divine Physique system, the highest level is the zombie. The one just now should be boneless.”

(End of this chapter)

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