What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 181


Chapter 181 Everyone is not normal


The masked man came to the small In front of Brother Zhang, he sat down and said hello in a graceful manner. Then, while looking at the menu, he nodded with his gloved fingers: “Is there any steak?”

Xiao Zhang Brother raised his head and glanced at him, nodded: “But I don’t recommend you order this, it’s frozen. If you want to eat fresh, you have to go to the tea restaurant at the entrance of the alley.”

But the people who came did not Not giving up, he raised his head and looked at the light sign above: “Pork is also fine.”

This time, Brother Zhang didn’t say anything else, he took out a piece of fresh meat from the refrigerator, and the kitchen knife sou Sou cut it into about five centimeters thick slices, then he put the square pan for frying the steak on the stove, smeared a little lard, and when the lard started to smoke, he put the large piece of There were six taels of pork spread on the top, and then the fat on the pork began to make a zi zi sound, and Brother Zhang picked off the fat after seeing that the oil was almost the same, pulled it aside, and started to cook the lean. Meat.

He made a few slits on the pork chop with a knife, and then rubbed the seasoning on it. The pork gave off a burst of oily aroma, and taking advantage of this gap, Little Brother Zhang began to process the side dishes, tomatoes. , cucumbers and purple cabbage were quickly sliced on a plate and served with mayonnaise.

The pork side is almost the same here. Brother Zhang flipped it gently with a shovel, and then pressed it down, only to hear a cheerful zi zi sound, and the house was immediately covered with the aroma of meat. .

After a while, Brother Zhang began to season the pork chop. Because the meat was very fresh, he seasoned it very lightly, with only a little salt and a little ginger and garlic juice. When he finally put the pork chop in front of that person, The pork chop was still making a sizzling sound of oil.

After taking the knife and fork, the man took off his mask and started eating. The bluish-gray skin on his body was exposed, and the teeth in his mouth were serrated like a shark. Scary look.

But call him terrifying, but he eats gracefully and looks great. After eating, he even took out the handkerchief he carried with him to wipe his mouth, and thanked Brother Zhang and praised the delicious food.

“Please bring me another glass of pomegranate juice, thank you.” He sat there and wiped his mouth with satisfaction and said to Brother Zhang, “If it is convenient for you, please add some to my pomegranate juice. Salt, add a little less, probably… just the concentration of normal saline.”

Brother Zhang naturally wouldn’t refuse such a simple request. After Brother Zhang handed him the drink, he immediately Gradually, he began to taste it, and as he sucked, the original wrinkled skin began to fill up gradually, and the blue-gray was much lighter, but it was still far from the skin tone of the ordinary person.

“Sorry, I have a skin disease.” The man took out his phone and asked, “How much is it.”


He quickly left the hotel after scanning the code, and the gossip trio who had just walked outside came in and looked at Brother Zhang curiously.

“What are you doing?”

Yang Junfeng first asked: “That guy wasn’t human, did he tell you anything?”

Brother Zhang Nodding: “I know, but he didn’t say anything, he just ate something.”

“Did he realize that this is not an ordinary shop?” Grandfather Pi asked for the second time. The first time I came here, I didn’t see that this was not an ordinary store. I was still running wild here when I came here. Later, she was pressed and rubbed on the ground by Sister Gou. She wanted to forget it.

“No.” Brother Zhang shook his head and said, “It shouldn’t be easy to find out.”

This is true, although the Formation in this place is not only the most determined of the Twelve Spirits The base camp is the guardian fortress of Xiao Zhang, but in fact, its terrifying is not obvious to everyone, especially after the improvement and improvement of the magic man Thunder Dragon and the Formation master Haozi over the years and Zhang Yao’s thorough great cultivator After that, it was completely indistinguishable from ordinary shops. There was some Formation smell before, but now it’s gone.

“It seems that he is just here for a meal.”

Grandfather Pi turned his head to Sister Gou and said, “Do you think he heard us say him?”

“It’s definitely not.” Sister Gou also raised her head and glanced at Yang Junfeng: “That’s right.”

“Well, probably not.” Yang Junfeng sat down and asked Xiao Zhang Brother: “How does he feel? Is there any kind of scary or scary?”

Brother Zhang shook his head: “Very polite and elegant, even elegant. He cuts the steak without making any sound. Drinking drinks is also quiet. Except for the strange skin color, there is nothing special about it.”

The arrival of a new monster will naturally cause a discussion for a while, but from the current situation Up, because of the different systems, that zombie big brother may not have realized that he is actually in a monster den. He repeatedly emphasized that the reason for his skin disease is probably to hide it better, but well… in a certain To a certain extent, he underestimated the heroes of the world a little too much.

“No, the old man is going to see what he does.”

Grandfather Pi transformed into a Small Fox the size of a palm, spreading his legs like a Haozi It seemed to get out through the crack of the door, and no one even stopped him.

When she came out of the room, she squatted on the windowsill and looked inside secretly, only to see that the zombie big brother had already unpacked and sat in the room wearing a vest. Inside, his room was empty, except for a wardrobe, there was only a computer desk, there was a computer on the desk, and there was not even a bed, only a few boards were put together on the stool left by the previous owner. bed.

And there was a pack of cigarettes and an ashtray in front of the computer desk, and the zombie big brother was sitting there cracking the keyboard. He is writing a novel, and from the protagonist’s name, Grandfather Pi can tell at a glance that he is writing the supernatural horror novel “Terrorist Biography” that has become popular recently and she is also chasing.

Grandfather Pi saw this, turned around and went back to tip off.

“Here comes the great god! He turned out to be a novelist!”

Grandfather Pi rushed into the milk tea shop as if he had discovered a new continent, and jumped to the chair in a single step. He danced and said, “He wrote the most popular book recently! Let me just say, how could someone write so truthfully, it turns out to be a zombie.”

Brother Zhang laughed: “Spying on people’s privacy is over, right?”

“It’s over, it’s over, I’m super satisfied.” Grandfather Pi chuckled said: “But his life is so simple, just a wardrobe, a computer, and everything else. No.”

“Undead creatures are like this, they have a lot less desire than living creatures.” Sister Gou explained at this time: “You can calm down and do the same thing for a long time.”


“Then he will not return to the flower tube?”

Sister Gou shook her head and said, “Zombie is a kind of thing between demon spirits, we all call them among us. No matter what.”

“Isn’t that very happy?” Grandfather Pi sighed: “Unlike an old man, everyone has to take care of it.”

“No matter? You are still selling picture bags.” Yang Junfeng hit Grandfather Pi’s arm with a chopstick: “I can’t support you or what? You have to do that kind of thing behind my back.”

“You can’t control it.” Grandfather Pi raised his head stubbornly: “It’s not you, I’m a devastatingly beautiful beauty now! Are you still talking about me?”

“Okay.” Xiao Zhang Brother Yi handed over a few cups of drinks: “It’s meaningless to say this now, just don’t deliberately run on the new ones when the time comes.”

And Sister Gou continued: “Do you think that No matter what, it’s really good, you are bullied in the mortal world, and many people will give you a head start. Fox Race and monsters are your backers. But no matter how you don’t care, naturally you will have no backer. It will be very miserable to follow.”

“No wonder he has to hide.”

In the following days, they all paid attention to this new zombie big brother, But he is really reclusive, never seeing people during the day, but will come out at dusk to have a meal with Brother Zhang.

He will sometimes order a pork chop or a steak, and sometimes a chicken, but he will always order a glass of pomegranate juice with salt, and leave after paying the money. , definitely not much chat or stay.

However, if someone talks to him, he will not coldly reject people beyond a thousand li. Although he repeatedly emphasizes that he has a skin disease, whether it is from his speech temperament or the tone of his voice, he is actually You can see he has a very gentle personality.

In the evening three days later, he came to Xiao Zhang’s shop for dinner as usual, but when he entered the door, he was accidentally hung by the coat hook on the wall, and the mask and hat around his neck They all fell down, and although he immediately re-enclosed, many people still saw his face.

His skin is that grayish-white color, it looks very gloomy and weird, and there is a missing piece on the top of his head, there is no hair or even a scalp, just a white bone the size of a slap exposed there .

After he got dressed again, he found that many people around him were looking at him. He finally realized that he had been exposed. He stood there in embarrassment, not knowing whether to go or continue. Going to order food, even though he was wearing glasses, Brother Zhang could see from his demeanor that he was cramped, uneasy, and a little scared.

And at this time, the little brother sitting closest to him suddenly laughed, then put his hand into his pants, and pulled out a loose cat tail from his butt, and the handsome guy opposite him also took advantage of the situation He took off the scarf around his neck, revealing a circle of fish scales.

The Grandfather Pi sitting in the front even opened up his three tails and wagged around there, but Yang Junfeng had nothing, turned his head with a beer and shouted to the guys behind him. : “Hey, you’re almost done, I’m an individual.”

“Come on, you’re not an individual. The gold panning in the river a few days ago was on the news, you yourself Say this is something that people can do?”

Have a big laughter came from the room, Yang Junfeng spat: “You guys know shit.”

And the zombie brother After looking around, he suddenly burst out laughing, then took off his mask, and said generously: “Boss, here is a roast chicken. I have a friend coming later. I recommended it to her, and she also I like chicken very much.”

(End of this chapter)

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