What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 182


Chapter 182 The Late Night Tavern


zombie big brother raises his glass:” Thank you everyone.”

It turns out that zombies are also drunk, Xiao Zhang took out a small notebook and recorded it, then raised his head and said to Zombie: “I only drink here, not booze, your amount is about the same.

Zombie big brother is really happy today, he absolutely didn’t expect that Chang’an Alley would welcome him in this way, and didn’t expect that this small Chang’an Alley was actually a crouching tiger Hidden dragon, people are not normal people, and demons are not serious demons. But he felt so happy and warm. For hundreds of years, this was the first place where he didn’t have to hide, and it was also the first place where he could see so many different species gathered together.

The food here is delicious, the wine is delicious, the people are good, the demons are good, everyone is very good. In an instant, he felt like a wandering lone boat found the harbor, a traveler who had been wandering for many years, and for the first time had the urge to live here forever.

About twelve o’clock in the evening, the friend of zombie big brother arrives slowly. This is a woman, about thirty years old, but the one who can be friends with zombie is definitely not human. , so the age shown doesn’t matter at all.

However, this woman and zombie big brother have gone to two extremes. She is simply all kinds of exquisite and all kinds of atmosphere, two people are like two different planet species, they can make friends , It seems that as Yang Junfeng asserted many years ago, the aesthetics of these monsters are somewhat problematic.

After the woman came, she seemed very happy to see zombie big brother again. After sitting down, they chatted a lot, like two old friends who hadn’t seen each other for many years.

β€œspeaking of which you finally dare to take off your outfit, why are you not afraid?”

zombie big brother didn’t care about his old friend’s ridicule. , just said with a smile: “It’s very good here.”

“Oh? Is it?”

She raised her head and looked at this small late-night cafeteria, but she felt that this place The decoration style is quite right with her, and the Boss is also a Little Handsome Brother, which is even more of her heart, so she simply abandoned her old friend and made fun of Brother Zhang.

“Little brother, do you drive so late every day? Do you have a girlfriend?”

Little brother took out the roast chicken from the stove and handed it to her, But he didn’t answer her question, just laughed.

Maybe it’s because the sun is too young when he smiles, the elder sister is full of admiration, holding her cheeks and looking at Brother Zhang: “Little Handsome Brother, elder sister is also single, do you want to? Add a VX.”

Faced with the invitation and ridicule of a mature elder sister, Brother Zhang didn’t say anything, just sat there and looked at her and smiled, and then waited for her to lose interest.

It didn’t take long before she seemed to have no interest in Brother Zhang. After all, no one knew how many years she had lived or how many men she had met. I don’t know how many times I’ve been teased.

After that, she chatted with zombie big brother about her situation over the years. Zombie big brother rarely talks about this, but this elder sister seems to be very generous. And talk.

From her chat, Brother Zhang could probably hear some clues, that is, when they met last time, this land was still a feudal monarchy, and the emperor at that time was still called Zhu Youjian. After that, this eldest sister has been floating around from the Dorgon era until the reform and opening up. In these years, she mainly opened a pharmacy and a tailor shop. She has done a good job in the past few years. She established a design company in the city and made a lot of money. Became a celebrity neither too big nor too small.

“A suitor, of course there are. But…forget it, let’s not mention it. You, you brat haven’t told me what you’ve been up to all these years.”

When the zombie big brother heard the question, he scratched his head and started talking. After they parted in the Chongzhen period, the zombie big brother went to Nanyang alone, and then did some small business with foreigners. During World War II, he joined the local resistance organization and worked there for a few years with the Japanese devils. Later, he was blown up by a cannon. After he grew back, he had no way to return to the original team, so he had to Start a wandering life.

After wandering for almost 60 years, I only returned to my hometown more than ten years ago, and then made a living by writing along the way.

“I just didn’t expect you to read what I wrote.” Zombie big brother laughed: “I will contact me.”

“Yes, after all I usually have nothing to do, so I just read novels. I saw a few familiar names in it, and I thought it was very strange. After contacting me, I found out that it was really you.”

zombie big brother laughed, But he didn’t say anything, just picked up the wine and took a sip and suddenly asked, “Have you found him?”

Before, Brother Zhang thought that someone could change his attitude in a second. But now this elder sister really changed her demeanor in a second. From the beginning, the happiness of meeting old friends suddenly turned into sadness and sadness, and her face was suddenly filled with wind and frost.

“How can it be so easy to find, after all, shemales have a different path. A thousand years of time is nothing for us, but for a person, it has already been reincarnated for ten generations. It doesn’t make sense anymore.”

Brother Zhang interjected at this time, “Are you looking for Xu Xian?”

Hearing this name suddenly, that big The elder sister was startled for a moment, then turned her head and looked at Brother Zhang in amazement: “How do you know?”

“Because you are a white snake, I thought about it, Zhao Yazhi is the most famous among the white snakes. Well, except for Zhao Yazhi, it’s also Lady Bai.” Brother Zhang chuckled: “So just ask casually.”

Brother Zhang is actually quite happy, watching the new Lady Bai Legendary for a lifetime, All versions have been read, and now I really see the deity, it is actually quite interesting, there is such a feeling of breaking the dimensional wall.

How to say, the real Lady Bai is slightly different from what he imagined, Monster Qi is more full and has a unique inhuman temperament, if it looks good, it is definitely good-looking, monster Although there are more or less problems with the aesthetics of your spouse, you can never go wrong with your own aesthetics. They are all carefully selected looks, can they not look good?

As far as Brother Zhang is concerned, this kind of snake monster with a sultry smell is probably the most suitable for the characteristics of the real Lady Bai, but it is preconceived for him, so it seems very strange.

“It’s alright, you guys continue to talk.”

Brother Zhang continued to discuss what he was busy with, while Brother Zombie also began to tell the stunned Lady Bai about the relationship between Chang’an Lane and Chang’an Lane. Different places, it took a long time for Bai Empress to realize that most likely people in this place are not normal people.

“Little Handsome Brother, you can actually see my original form, so do you also have a cultivation base for thousands of years?”

Brother Zhang faced such a problem , usually show the ID card directly, but Lady Bai, who saw the ID card, giggled, and then took out her ID card from the bag: “Well, I’m only six years older than you.”

This time, Brother Zhang simply showed her the photo of the stone lion sitting in front of Chang’an Alley when he was a child, which dispelled the curiosity of this snake monster who likes to be more serious. However, she was still brooding about the fact that Brother Zhang could see her real body at a glance.

It wasn’t until the zombie big brother got herself drunk that she completely let go of herself, and even began to question little brother Zhang, snake spirit, the best thing is to test a man’s concentration, just This time… she seems to have miscalculated.

Because the cross-examination has not yet officially started, I saw a man with rays of light walking in outside. Others couldn’t see it, but Lady Bai’s cultivation base was enough to see this dazzling person at a glance. How terrifying is a woman who doesn’t open her eyes.

“Bring a glass of fresh milk, and I’ll go back to sleep after drinking it.” Jin Mei sat down opposite Brother Zhang angrily: “I ran outside for a day today, and you don’t even ask me!”

“Didn’t you say yesterday that you were going to the first Human World party today, why should I ask.” Brother Zhang poured her a glass of milk.

And Jin Mei, who was serving the milk, looked back at the little white snake sitting in the dumbfounded, and laughed: “Hey, little white snake, long time no see.”

“West…West…The Queen Mother of the West.”

“Aiya, okay, it’s all a false name.” Jin Mei waved her hand: “Don’t call this title, just call me Jin Mei. .Human name.”


Lady Bai, who used to be flamboyant, is now as well-behaved as a primary school student, not to mention challenging Brother Zhang’s weakness Now, he didn’t even dare to take a breath, for fear of disturbing the Supreme’s Goddess next to him.

“The party was unsuccessful, and many people lost contact.” Jin Mei sighed: “Tomorrow I have to go to a party around the world, and I feel uncomfortable when I think of the faces of those people. .”

Jin Mei’s disgusting expression exhibits one’s feelings in one’s speech , but she really did what she said, she turned around and left after drinking a glass of milk, not at all sloppy. He didn’t count the money for her, he just said, “It’s hard work for you.”

“It’s not hard work, but life is hard.” Jin Mei came to the door of the room and turned around and said, “You treat the little white snake well, I’m going back to rest.”

“en. ”

And since Jin Mei left, Lady Bai has become more honest and doesn’t dare to impudent any more, because she is sitting in front of her. The author Little Handsome Brother is a person who can communicate with Empress, the Queen Mother of the West, and can even make the Queen Mother of the West act a little coquettish in front of him. Although this coquettishness is not obvious, but after being a woman for so many years, she still can’t understand those little things. do you mean.

cannot afford to offend.

As for Brother Zhang, he has no problem, just poured a glass of wine for Bai Empress again, and said, “If you really want to find someone, you can come here for a while, the news here is still very well-informed. Yes.”

“Okay…I see.” She obediently and honestly agreed: “many thanks, is that…is it too late? No, I’ll take him away first, He is so drunk.”

Brother Zhang nodded.

After Lady Bai got up, she didn’t forget to scan the payment code with her mobile phone: “How much?”

“He gave it.” Brother Zhang pointed to the sleeping man. zombie big brother: “Just take him there.”

(End of this chapter)

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