What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 183


Chapter 183 Xiao Zhang’s day

On summer nights, Chang’an Lane is always lively, there are no rich people here, Most people, no matter what their status, don’t live in this place because of high position and great wealth. Small courtyards, brick walls, climbing Mountain Tiger and firefly that have long been invisible in the city are not another kind of life. Pursue.

A bamboo bed, a fan, sitting or leaning, in groups of three or four, a fluorescent lamp, a mosquito coil, a pair of poker, a table of mahjong, and decorated with adults’ The sound of laughter and children chasing and fighting, who cares about the hustle and bustle outside.

There are not many old people left. Although the remaining young faces come and go, there are always fresh stories and fresh people. Although there is only a wall away from here is the prosperous world. , but who dares to say that those people in the depths of the high-rise buildings will not be full of envy when they glance in and out of the cubicle with instant noodles.

I don’t know how many years the big plane tree has grown, but unlike those French plane trees that shed their hair in season, this plane tree standing in the middle of Chang’an Lane is said to have attracted Phoenix to stay. ‘s baby.

Among the poker players are the little old fogeys in their fifties who wear a vest and slippers. They don’t want any image, nor are they demons and ghosts, but they know everything here and take it for granted. .

They know better than anyone what they have lived here for many years, and even many people have lived in the same yard with those abnormal creatures for a long time. Understand, that’s how much it can’t be said.

But people are like that. After a long time, there is actually nothing to be surprised about. The relationship between the neighbors has always been good. As for whether the neighbors are human or ghosts, how can it be so important. Even if the few humans in Chang’an Lane move out now, they are probably not used to it. After all, compared to other people, the so-called demons and ghosts are smarter, more open-minded and more human.

“Have something to drink?” The uncle at the door looked at the goose who was returning from work outside and shouted: “Authentic roast goose.”

“Go to your grandma’s old bastard.”


Although he was scolded, the old man didn’t care at all, just laughed heartily, then picked up a goose leg and gorge oneself, and the offended big white goose was not angry, just scolded After a few words, the Old Guy pushed his little bicycle and came back home.

If there is a fly in the ointment in Chang’an Lane, it is probably because there is too much difference between human and non-human lifespan, just like the old man and the white goose, who are almost the same age and old. The days of man are almost over, but the big white goose is still only a young man.

Therefore, there will be no less joys and sorrows in Chang’an Lane than any other place. Love, friendship, family affection, are shown alternately in the past time.

Many times, only by going deep into a group can we see clearly and understand that there used to be so many taboos between who and demons, because people are really too short-lived, while demons are too long-term. Being in a relationship often adds to loneliness.

“Why do you always see you sitting here alone drinking alcohol lately?”

“Old Zhang is gone, no one is playing chess with me.” The speaker was an eighteen- The nineteen boy, but his eyes showed a vicissitudes of life: “Old Li also passed away, and the drinkers are gone.”

After he finished speaking, the very old-fashioned Erlang’s legs lifted up, followed by Xiao Qu’er hummed on the radio, which looked strange and discordant, but it was normal in Chang’an Lane.

“You can’t get attached.” Someone sat under the big locust tree and sighed to the children around who didn’t know anything: “Don’t get attached to someone, you will be sad.”

When she heard his words, Lady Bai in a small suit was crying to the point of sobbing.

She was sitting in the shade of a tree, with brother zombie next to her, and when she heard the chatter of the people around her, her heart, which was already broken into powder, was hit hard again.

Monster, nine out of ten are long-lasting things. Hundreds, thousands, and tens of thousands of years of nostalgia have turned into thousands of hardships after Ta leaves. Some people have good luck, Staying to the next life of the lover’s best friend, but is the old friend who has no memory for a long time still Ta?

The evening wind blew, and her hair fluttered with the evening wind. Lady Bai raised her head to take a deep breath and reached out to wipe the tears from her face: “I want to give up.”

Zombie big brother didn’t answer, just took a sip of the beer in hand, looked up towards the stars in the sky: “I miss my mother.”

After a long time, Lady Bai, whose mood gradually stabilized, walked out of the steps. Jump up and down: “I want to live here too! I like it here.”

At this moment, a person riding a bicycle slowly came to the door of the milk tea shop. He stood under the steps and looked up, then pushed the door and walked in.

Today Wednesday, the main dish of the milk tea shop is rice wine razor clam, Grandfather Pi is eating chicken and clasping razor clam, she is rich now, she can eat whatever she wants, the main dish every day You have to order one, no matter if you like it or not, you can give it to others if you don’t like it, as long as she can spend money, it’s over.

The sound of the door caught Grandfather Pi’s attention, she turned her head and glanced, then moved to the side and continued to eat.

The person who came was Mr. Old Lin. With a sad smile on his face, he walked to the counter and returned the key to Brother Zhang.

Brother Zhang didn’t ask anything, just accepted the key, and Master Old Lin didn’t ask anything, just turned around and was about to go out, but Brother Zhang said: “There’s new rice wine today, Nu’er Hong.”

Hearing this, Old Lin stopped, turned around and sat back. He looked a little tired, but he didn’t. Willing to say more. This is probably understandable, people have not mentioned the hidden pain not far away.

A jar of good Nu’er Hong, a bowl of rice wine and razor clams, I have eaten my stomach, go back to sleep and all spirit pills and marvelous medicine will work.

“This is delicious.” Grandfather Pi had no empathy. After she finished eating, she even drank the razor clam soup in the bowl, and wiped her mouth: “One more!”


Brother Zhang un’ed, lowered his head and started to deal with it. While Grandfather Pi held his chin and waited, he suddenly opened the mouth and said: “Do you know what Zhang Yao is doing during this time?”


“She said she was going to develop a multi-angle three-dimensional maneuvering device, hahahaha… She hit the wall on the first day of the successful development, and is still in the hospital.”

“Is she all right?” Little Brother Zhang raised his head and asked, “Is it serious?”

“It’s not serious, even if three fingers of the toe are broken, she won’t let me tell you, it’s too embarrassing.” Grandfather Pi laughed He had to lean forward and back together: “That three-dimensional maneuver…hahahaha, it’s so interesting.”

Grandfather Pi is notoriously brainless. She has absolutely no idea what Zhang Yao can do with that thing, but Xiao Zhang Brother knows, because although the reaction limit of human beings is similar to that of demons, the problem is that most demons can either fly or jump especially. Like Hu Niu, although she can’t fly, she can jump hundreds of kilometers in one big jump. It’s almost like flying. But people obviously can’t do this, so Zhang Yao definitely wants to develop a device that allows humans to easily perform three-dimensional maneuvers in short-distance space.

Just didn’t expect ……finished apprenticeship died before it was ready, and the toe was broken. However, Brother Zhang thinks that Zhang Yao will succeed, not because of the friendship of friends, but because of Zhang Yao’s dead-end posture and very solid engineering and technical ability, she must be able to develop it, I just hope she Don’t take too many detours, because you will really be killed…

The night is getting deeper and deeper, Old Lin has been lying on the counter and hu hu slept, and Brother Zhang is also before closing the stall. Just putting him on the sofa didn’t disturb the heartbroken man too much. What he needed most at this moment was a good dream.

“Is this person broken in love?”

Xu Wei, who helped clean up, wiped her hands with her apron and asked Brother Zhang curiously, “It’s so miserable.”

Brother Zhang chuckled and said, “It may be worse than a lovelorn.”

When the early morning arrived quietly, Brother Zhang picked up a blanket and put it on Mr. Old Lin’s body , and then turned off the lights.

After returning to the house, Brother Zhang turned on the computer and started to put away the emails, but the resumes he sent out seemed like nothing. Since Zhu Zhenzhen’s company was transferred, he never did Find a decent job.

Although it doesn’t make much sense for him to go to work, he still really likes to go to work, or it can be said that he likes to deal with people more and more, and likes to listen to others tell their stories.

After sitting there and swiping for a long time without new emails, he took out his phone and looked around. Although there were many people on his phone, most of the time those people were impossible to send him messages. , because dare not. But today is a novelty. His former colleague, Xiao Xiao, who was in the insert technique, left a message for him.

Probably the content is to ask about his recent situation, then ask him if he has found a job, and then also tell his own situation, that is, she has been fired by the new Boss, and she is also Looking for a job, if Brother Zhang is free, you can look for a job with her.

After half a year, Xiaoxiao was the first person who would take the initiative to inquire about Brother Xiao Zhang’s current situation. The girl who made Brother Xiao Zhang fined two hundred yuan was quite cute, so Brother Zhang gave her a reply. In the past, I replied very seriously, without the slightest perfunctory, the full text is as follows:

“Hello little, I have been doing well recently, I went to Hong Kong and Macau some time ago to relax, I recently I have also looked for a job, but they all fell into disrepair. Maybe because my conditions are not very good and my education level is relatively low, but I should go to make a movie after a while. If you are interested, I can recommend you to my friends. Go try the mirror.”

In this day and age, it is a rare breed to be able to recover another person’s information so earnestly and perfunctorily. Cherish the care of others.

The main reason is probably that he didn’t seem to have been cared about much in his childhood. Although he didn’t say it, in fact, he still longed for a friendship that really belonged to the world and had nothing to do with his identity.

He didn’t sleep at night, and it doesn’t mean anything to him anyway, and now that every year is on vacation, Xu Wei can gradually be on his own, and Brother Zhang is more than happy to save it. time to play games or read a book.

As soon as the hot sun rose in the morning, Brother Zhang’s cell phone rang, and when he picked it up, it turned out that Xiaoxiao sent him a message, which probably meant that he could try it out, and then asked. After a while, Brother Zhang was about to prepare something.

Little Brother Zhang didn’t know, so he said he asked, and then he sent a message to Wugenshui. Wugenshui is the producer of the new movie and the biggest sponsor. I heard that Sir Holy Lord wanted to bring a friend into the group, so he didn’t frown, but with a professional attitude, he still talked to Brother Zhang. Probably if you don’t have relevant experience, it’s best to first Go around the crew and get used to the feeling and state of being in front of the camera.

This is not for Xiao Zhang to go, just to let Xiao Xiao get used to it, but Xiao Zhang is a little bit wrong, but he didn’t ask any questions, he just answered complied, and then he said no. Genshui told Xiaoxiao truthfully, and finally added a sentence: “I will also go with you to get used to it in advance and run the trick first.”

Xiaoxiao readily agreed: ” Just do what you say, where do you want to meet.”

After the two happily booked to meet outside the surrounding film and television city, Brother Zhang rode his little electric donkey and went over. But when he got there, he found that Xiaoxiao had actually arrived, and was eating breakfast while holding her.

“You came so fast.”

“My new rental place is right there.” Little cunning pointed to an apartment building not far away: ” hehe…didn’t expect it.”

Brother Zhang was also laughed, then looked up at the film and television base in front of him and couldn’t help but sigh: “I heard that tens of thousands of devils die here every day. “

“No, they make ping pong noises every day, otherwise you think such a good house is only 800 yuan a month, it is too noisy.” Xiao pointed to the apartment building and said : “I will be woken up by the sound of explosions every night.”

“Then don’t complain.”

“Poor, once people are poor, they have no choice. They don’t live here. I’m going to sleep on the cement pipe.”

Although I haven’t known Xiaoxiao for a long time, this girl is actually very interesting. She has now pulled out the Gu Insect, which looks like compared to before. She is much healthier, and after getting rid of the problem of constantly eating and eating, she is now more sunny and confident, and she is very lively on the whole. Although life is still quite embarrassing, it can be seen that her mood does not seem to be affected much.

Brother Zhang locked the electric car outside, and then walked into the movie city with Xiaoxiao. It is very large and divided into many districts, such as modern dramas, Republic of China dramas, Qing palace dramas, and costume dramas. , spy war films, etc., you can find the corresponding sets in it, which is quite new for the first time.

“How can we be a group performer?” Xiaoxiao also smeared at this aspect: “Did your friend say who to look for?”

Xiao Zhang’s hand Holding a piece of fried dough sticks, he looked at the people around him who were working one after another with a bewildered face, and then sent a message to Wugenshui, and Wugenshui said directly to Xiao Zhang to give him the little VX, and the rest Brother Zhang doesn’t need to worry about the next thing.

As expected, after Brother Zhang sent Xiao Xiao WeChat to Wugenshui, within five minutes, someone added Xiao Xiao, the words were extremely polite, and then when he learned about Xiao Xiao’s location After that, a fat man ran over in a short while, and as soon as he came over, he held his small hand and said with great enthusiasm: “I made you wait for a long time, and Mr. Mei followed him. I said, I’ll bring you into the group.”

And Xiaoxiao looked back at Brother Zhang and said, “What about him…he’s my friend.”

“This…” The man scratched his head, then looked up and down Brother Zhang, and found that his physical condition was not bad, so he simply stomped his foot: “Okay, come on, come together!”

(end of this chapter)

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