What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 184


Chapter 184 Playing big cards.

This world has become a mess. Police departments in various countries are urgently deploying special forces to respond to more and more superpower incidents. Organizations that were once famous but long disappeared in history are also All quietly emerged.

And because of the superpower crime incidents soared by 1,400% during this period, the sightings of ghosts, monsters, and ghosts also appeared frequently. The legendary monsters have also begun to frequent the world, and have even begun to interact with the ordinary person.

But at this moment, the ceiling of this world is lying under a Republican-style building as a corpse, while his companion is wearing a cheongsam as a dancer who loses one’s head out of fear.

A day’s salary for a group performance is 122 yuan, and the crew provides meals. You can often see stars. It’s hard work, but the pay is okay. Brother Zhang also has a leisurely job. In this street shooting scene, he played the role of a national army spy lying on the ground and pretending to be a corpse. There were no special requirements, just lying there and not moving.

And there was a group performer lying next to him, and the two were chatting there.

“Dude, be a novice.”

Brother Zhang un’ed: “How did you see it.”

“When the veteran lay down, either Lying on your side or lying on your stomach, you are lying on your back like this, and your face will burst from the sun.”

“Oh…that’s it, I’ll pay attention next time.” Brother Zhang lay there and looked at the sky leisurely. He is not afraid of heat, but he just thinks this job is really interesting: “Is there anything else I should pay attention to?”

This kind of professional group performer is generally an experienced old man who should lie down anyway. I have nothing to do here, so I chatted with Brother Zhang about the taboos and tricks of cheating on the set. For example, if you want to show your face, you’d better stand closer to the main and supporting characters. There is a place to rely on, and some gossip about celebrities, saying that there are a few old seniors who are well-respected outside who like to play big names and make various requests at every turn, while some young actors with a bad reputation are not good at it. People are very polite, and of course the other way around.

The names in his mouth are all familiar to everyone, and Brother Zhang enjoys hearing it as a gossip.

“Our group’s favorite is the heroine of the play Grid’s little master, Bai Mengjie. She is the most generous. When the weather is hot, she will buy sorbets for everyone out of her own pocket, and the weather is cold. Sometimes she will also invite everyone to eat hot pot at night, and she has no air at all. Unfortunately, she has not been very popular in the past two years. I heard that she was suppressed by other actresses. While chatting, he mentioned Xiao Zhang’s acquaintance: “By the way, the heroine of today’s scene is not easy to speak. I heard that she always likes to bully other actors.”

Xiao Zhang After a sigh, he said, “I know Bai Mengjie.”

“Who doesn’t know him? He’s pretty and nice.”

Brother Zhang didn’t say anything, just laughed by hehe, Then he continued to lie there with the corpse.

When it was time for lunch soon, the crew sent a box lunch, and Xiao Zhang and Xiao Xiao sat in a shady place to eat. Xiao Xiao still had heavy makeup on his face and was wearing a cheongsam, but his face Excited beyond words, while pulling the rice in his mouth, he said to Brother Zhang: “My play this afternoon is against the heroine, hehe…”

Brother Zhang took a sip : “I continue to play the corpse, is it fun to act?”

“It’s fun, it’s so interesting. Seeing them busy and busy, it turns out that the TV series we watch are all filmed this way.” Xiao Zhang danced and said, “When I was sitting in the back just now, I saw the male and female protagonists play against each other, and I thought, how nice it would be for me to be the heroine one day.”

Brother Zhang With full of smiles, she watched her describe her thoughts, and after the novel was over, she let out a sigh of relief: “But it’s unlikely, all the stars are so beautiful, I’m sure I can’t be a star. But I can play here. Well, I heard from the director who brought us here just now that I can follow him as an accompanying actor, and earn about 5,000 a month, and I still have a chance to get used to it.”

“Yes, why not.”

“I think it’s fine too.”

While speaking, the whistle for the shooting over there rang, and Xiaoxiao hurriedly drank two Saliva ran over in high heels, and in the afternoon, Brother Zhang was still playing the role of a corpse, so he was not in a hurry, just sat there and watched other crews busy.

After entering, Xiaoxiao also entered the reserved seat according to the arrangement, but when he was looking for a seat, he accidentally stepped on the heroine, and she quickly apologized: “I’m sorry…sorry. ”

The heroine didn’t say anything, but just gave her a fiercely look at her. At this time, the director and the others’ scenes were about to start, and Xiaoxiao quickly entered her place.

She thought it was over like this, but in the afternoon filming a scene where the female spy from the military uniform came to interrogate the dancer, there was a scene where people were whipped with a whip. At this time, the heroine suddenly suggested that the substitute was too unreal, and then began to negotiate with the director in this name.

The director can’t do anything either. After all, the actor’s coffee position is okay, and his sponsor is also one of the investors of this play. He really can’t afford to offend him, so he has no choice but to slippers.

“Wait for her to come.”

The heroine surnamed Wang pointed to a small position at once: “I think she is in good condition, give her a face.

Xiao Xiao pointed to herself and asked in surprise: “Me?”

But the actress surnamed Wang ignored her and continued to say to the director, “I’m filming. You know, the key is to be realistic, if you put a cushion on them in this weather, it will make them look a little bloated.”

The director has been with people who have been here for an unknown number of years, how can he I don’t know what this great aunt is thinking, so I hurried up and said: “great aunt … This is the person named by Mr. Mei into the group, you can give me some face, Mr. Mei is one of the producers of this film. “

“I don’t care about Mr. Mei, Mr. Li, my play has to follow my rules. Either act or get out.” The heroine surnamed Wang said angrily: “Otherwise I won’t act. .”

The director frowned and tried to pull the great aunt aside to reason, but she played a big game on the spot, turned around and said to the assistant: “Tian Tai It’s hot, I have a heat stroke, so drive me to the hospital.”

The director saw this scene, his teeth were itching with hatred, but he couldn’t do anything, so he ran to Xiaoxiao and asked in a low voice Said: “How did you offend this great aunt?”

Shaking his head, then suddenly remembered: “I was in a hurry… stepped on her foot.”

“Oh, it’s really a headache.”

The director sat there, picked up the phone, and called Wugenshui: “Mr. Mei, something happened here, listen to me… “

And when he finished speaking, Wugenshui’s answer was very simple: “Change.”


“Change the one from surnamed Wang.” Wugenshui’s voice was cold: “I don’t want to see her in any of the dramas I invested in.”

The director covered the phone and whispered. After a few words, Wugenshui was silent for a while, and then replied: “I know, I’ll go over.”

“Ah…you want to come?”

But the director’s question was not answered, only the busy tone of the phone.

Wugenshui has now fully grasped the identity of Mei Junsheng. In this year, he used his ability and Mei Junsheng’s resources. His assets are now seven times higher than that of Mei Junsheng. More than twice, it has already become an entertainment giant across the two sides of the strait.

And when he heard this, his hair really exploded with anger. If it was someone else, he wouldn’t care. He was just a group performer, but this person was entrusted by the Holy Lord. , This is to be beaten by that stinky mother-in-law, isn’t that equal to hitting the Holy Master in the face?

Yes, the Holy Master doesn’t necessarily want to compare, but do you want his rootless face? Fuck, just bully intolerably.

Wugenshui is rushing over, and the progress here can only be temporarily stopped because the heroine does not cooperate. When Xiaoxiao appeared in front of Brother Zhang again, her mood was obviously a little down.

“What’s the matter?”

Brother Zhang asked casually, Xiao Xiao told him the truth, and Brother Zhang nodded: “It’s ok if you don’t call, the rest doesn’t matter. “

“Now the crew is shutting down because of me.”

“It’s not because of you, you have nothing to blame yourself.” Brother Zhang stood up and took off his clothes. Prop costume: “It should be fine today, I’ll treat you to dinner.”

Xiao Xiao looked at Brother Zhang’s back in surprise, because the other group performances were all sweaty, and the clothes in the prop costume were all gone. He was soaked through, but Brother Zhang was still as dry as when he first went out in the morning. Xiao Xiao couldn’t help but leaned in and smelled it, but he only smelled laundry detergent, nothing else, not even body odor. .

She asked Xiao Zhang curiously, “Aren’t you sweating?”

Xiao Zhang was un’ed, and immediately got wet with a lot of sweat behind him, while he Sorry laughed and scratched his head: “Forgot…”


Is this something I forgot? If you don’t sweat in this weather, you will die!

And when she looked back, she found that Brother Zhang had become as sweaty as everyone else, but there was still no special smell. Same.

Brother Xiao Zhang was in the vicinity to invite Xiaoxiao for dinner at night. Originally, he planned to invite Xiaoxiao to the milk tea shop for dinner, but the distance was a bit far, so it was very late to go back and forth for dinner.

And at the place where they were eating, Wugenshui also rushed here. He first went to the studio to find the director at that time. After asking about the situation, he was even more furious, and turned around and ran towards The heroine’s resting place.

The director followed him all the way and whispered to discourage: “Mr. Mei, calm down, the people behind her should not be trifled with.”

“not to be trifled with , I want to see how it is not to be trifled with.” Although rootless water is a good guy in the corpse fairy, he is also in the corpse fairy, and he is not someone who is easy to deal outside. with .

“I’ll handle this matter, and everything will be business as usual tomorrow.” Wugenshui said, and the ghostly power of his body had begun to slowly linger on his side.

But when he was walking past the small restaurant, Jinghong glanced at the two people sitting beside the bed, his footsteps suddenly stopped, he turned his head and grabbed the director. The collar of his clothes: “Is there someone next to that girl today?”

“Huh?” The confused director didn’t know what he had done wrong, but said trembling with fear: “Yes… yes A young man.”

“What did he do?”

“I let him… let him be a corpse for a day.”

Rootless Water Eyeballs stared: “What did you say?”

(End of this chapter)

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