What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 185


Chapter 185 lets you play big!

Wugenshui is now blaming himself in a mess, that is the Holy Lord, no matter how hard the Twelve Spirits and the Corpse Destroyer are fighting, they are all held in the palm of the hand for fear of falling, and put it in the mouth Fear of the Holy Lord.

But this compulsive person actually made the Holy Lord a corpse for a day? Who is to blame for this? Even if the Holy Master is good at speaking and not blaming him, he must let others know. In light of this, he will be beaten to the ground, and in severe cases, he will be beaten to death without injustice.

“I really convinced you!” Wugenshui shook off the director: “Go back, it’s none of your business.”

Then Wugenshui He just stood under the tree outside and waited. He didn’t go to Xiaoxiao or disturb Brother Zhang, so he just waited outside quietly until they came out after dinner, Xiaoxiao and Brother Zhang came out. Saying goodbye to go home, Wugenshui walked up and lowered his head and said, “Holy Master, it’s your subordinates who are incompetent…”

Brother Zhang said with a smile: “What’s wrong?”

“I didn’t expect the Holy Master to come too. It’s because the subordinates neglected and didn’t give the right instructions, which made the Holy Master aggrieved.”

Brother Zhang waved his hand and said with a smile: “It’s actually pretty good. I learned a lot about being a group actor from them.”

“Damn it.”

“It’s okay.” Little Brother Zhang smiled and pushed up his electric car: “You really don’t need to treat me as a holy lord all the time, most of the time I prefer you to treat me as a friend.”

“Yes… “

Wugenshui knew that Brother Zhang would not embarrass him, but the guilt in his heart was still exhibit one’s feelings in one’s speech, he sighed helplessly: “The Holy Master has something to do in the future, please be first Let us know, or else something goes wrong, and the subordinates are really to blame.”

Brother Zhang helplessly shook the head, he knew that people with deep-rooted concepts like Wugenshui would say nothing in a few words. It didn’t work, so he stopped being hypocritical about this matter, and just asked casually: “Why did you come here? Isn’t it busy in Hong Kong during this time?”

Wugenshui Of course, he knew everything and said everything, and told Brother Zhang all the reasons why he came here. When Brother Zhang heard this, he understood. He pushed the car forward, looked thoughtful for a while, then just laughed and said nothing.

Before leaving, Brother Zhang’s only movement was to patted the shoulders of rootless water, and patted all his tumbling and boiling soul energy.

Wugenshui looked at Brother Zhang’s back and then at his arm, suddenly burst into laughter, then he looked up at the residence of the heroine surnamed Wang in the distance, turned and left .

Second day early in the morning, the crew received a notice that all the scenes with the heroine surnamed Wang would be re-shot, and the director himself was suffocated. When he heard the news, he was on the spot. With a slap on the thigh, he shouted: “Qi live! Start work!”

Today Xiaoxiao was still called. In terms of position, the little person was completely stupid. She continuously shied away, but the director said: “If you want to play, you can play, and this role can be played by dogs.”

In everyone When they were all at a loss, Xiaoxiao put on the heroine’s clothes like this, and then started filming from the first episode, but not long after the filming started, the previous heroine surnamed Wang rushed over and began to question the director.

“What do you mean?” The heroine surnamed Wang asked sharply, “You dare to change the protagonist without even notifying me? And let a smashing group performer take my place? I think you are Don’t you want to mix?”

“I don’t want to mix, don’t you bother. Now please don’t delay our shooting progress, or I’ll have to find security.”

Of course, the heroine surnamed Wang refused. She brought people over and wanted to smash it. The director didn’t stop her, so she let her smash it. Everyone watched her go crazy. In the end, she pointed at the director and Xiaoxiao: “Don’t be complacent, there will be times when you regret it.”

And when she left, the director just folded his arms and smiled contemptuously: “Field manager, go Count the losses and report to Mr. Mei later. The rest will start today, and all the staff and group performers will be paid.”

When things develop to this step, it is no longer within his control as a little-known director. Well, anyway, he’s just doing things step by step, and the people above will naturally handle it.

And that afternoon, the heroine surnamed Wang went to her sponsor and began to cry. She was a famous boss in Hong Kong. Anyway, it’s black and white, everyone knows it. Qualification, of course, is older than Mei Junsheng. As for capital, it is not something that Mei Junsheng can compare. So now he is wondering why a trifling Mei Junsheng dares to challenge himself like this.

So he called his secretary: “Go, contact Mei Junsheng and ask him to come to my place.”

As a senior, he has been here for more than 20 years. Well, didn’t expect today to get a Junior slapped in the face, which made him very embarrassed, so he comforted the canary beside him, and then sat there waiting for Mei Junsheng to arrive.

But I waited until the afternoon, and what I waited for was a letter of termination and a contract of compensation. After he saw these two things, he almost got angry at the time of brain hemorrhage. Mei Junsheng really didn’t give any face at all. Not only did he turn a blind eye to his summon, but he also brought these two things to disgusting people.

Seeing the contents of the agreement, the Old Senior felt as uncomfortable as a mouthful of old phlegm stuck in his throat. His own people were bullied, and he still had to pay for the loss, tens of millions of dollars. The compensation was just in front of him, and even the bill for his canary smashing equipment scene in the morning was hung in front of him.

The smoke from the seven orifices is no longer enough to describe his current anger.

Bai Dao has no way to solve Mei Junsheng, because everything in black and white is there. It was the heroine surnamed Wang who broke the contract and delayed the shooting schedule. Since Mei Junsheng, the largest shareholder, now chooses to tear his face, it is actually It’s like I’m too lazy to continue talking.

Since the white way is not enough, then it is natural to go the underworld. The place in Hong Kong is chaotic. The mountains are high and the emperor is far away. In addition, there are various forces. It is normal to have some gang-like organizations.

“I don’t know when it will start. Anyway, as long as you get involved with people in the entertainment industry, you are inseparable from the underworld, and Hong Kong is no exception.” Wugenshui handed a beer to Haozi opposite. : “Of course I won’t neglect the matter of the Lord, but the Lord told me not to use violence.”

Haozi has been here to deal with the legacy of the former richest man, and about Ninth The integration of the Layer case and the integration of special departments in the Mainland, etc., so he has not returned since the previous Baigui Night Walk. He lives here in Wugenshui. When the two are free, he he tea, and occasionally he will bring Shen cloud.

“It doesn’t matter, it’s a trivial matter anyway.” Haozi took a sip from the teacup and said, “You don’t care about tearing your face with anyone, anyway, in the secular industry, you really can’t call the big sister directly.”

“I don’t dare to call Hu Niu casually.” Wugenshui said with a smile: “She is a little grumpy.”

“No, the eldest sister is very strange, but definitely She is not irritable, and she is also the most playful one.” Haozi shook his head and said, “It seems that you have some misunderstanding about the twelve spirits.”

Wugenshui thinks it is better to say that it is a misunderstanding than a misunderstanding. He doesn’t know much, he just knows that the secular institutions of the Twelve Spirits are managed by Hu Niu, and how many assets the Twelve Spirits have, to be honest… The Holy Master may not know, but the oldest existing one in the world The family is older than the age in front of the Twelve Spirits, and it is all a joke. In the past thousand years, the Twelve Spirits have appeared in almost every change in the world. Money… This concept is theoretically nothing to them, otherwise Thunder Dragon will not be doing their jobs all day. How could it be possible to have ex-girlfriends all over the world, just relying on Hu Niu to take special care of this little brother, Thunder Dragon has a bank card, which is the pocket money and New Year money that Hu Niu gave him, and this money is enough for him Be a playboy for ten lifetimes.

Of course, it’s not that others can’t want it, but they’re not as thick-skinned as Thunder Dragon, so sorry to say that.

As for the Holy Master… The Holy Master is mainly because his character is too bland, and money doesn’t mean much to him, but he really wants to speak of which, and grow up with the oldest civilization in East Asia How come there is more to the organization than those Jewish families.

While they were chatting, several cars stopped in front of Wugenshui’s house. Wugenshui, who was drinking tea, raised his hand and turned his ears to listen: “Someone It’s here.”

Haozi snorted, then pointed to the lights on the ceiling, Wugenshui knew it, and controlled the ghost to turn off the lights of the entire villa in an instant.

About five minutes later, those little sluts who were going to find trouble with rootless water covered their heads and sneaked away like a rat as if they had met their own father. Just like that, he ran away screaming.

While Wugenshui, who was standing on the second floor, took back the ghost, he smiled and said to Haozi next to him: “If I was still under Qing Lingzi, none of them would want to live.”


“That can’t be done.” Haozi took out his credentials and shook it in front of Wugenshui: “Brother Shui, you are this now.”


In the early morning of second day, Old Senior heard that the person he called last night didn’t get anything done, and was frightened for several times. He almost lost his temper and went to the secretary’s place. He shouted: “How do you do things? You can’t handle such a small thing.”

The secretary said to him with a bitter face: “Boss, they said that place was haunted yesterday…”


“Haunted, I think you are like a ghost. I don’t care, I want to see Mei Junsheng kneeling in front of me today, no matter what method you use. And all the investments over there will be withdrawn for me. Come!”

There are rising winds and scudding clouds here, but Brother Zhang is already sitting there watching Xiaoxiao’s performance, what he is watching is really called with keen interest pleasure, Xiaoxiao deserves it She graduated from a media school, and her acceptance is quite high in this regard. The director is also very satisfied with her. Although her appearance is indeed worse than those of the little flowers, she is cute and her temperament is very similar to the heroine of the original script. temperament.

So the shooting progress is very smooth, Xiaoxiao has already figured out a set of her own methods in just two days, and it has begun to get better. Brother Zhang, he still pretends to be a corpse every day, acts as a background board, or walks up and down the street. Most of the scenes are playing an underground worker who sells newspapers on the street.

But Brother Zhang is really happy, the past few days are the top three happy days in his life.

(End of this chapter)

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