What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 186


Chapter 186 Shocked

On the third day when Brother Zhang came here, he finally didn’t have to pretend to be a corpse , because his appearance condition is very good, so the director arranged a scene with lines for him today, it is the underground trafficman who connects with the male lead. Anyway, there are only three sentences: Comrade, we are exposed, you go first, I Cover, I fought with you.

But Xiao Zhang is acting seriously. Although he is a nobody, he is definitely no less attentive than those professional actors. Basically, his emotions, tone and actions have been figured out several times by him. After being skilled, he stood in front of the camera, and his role was over in one go. Even the actor who played with him praised the director that the group was very attentive, and there was no trace of performance at all.

“How did you do it? I heard them compliment you just now.”

Xiao Xiao took advantage of the lunch break to find Brother Xiao Zhang curiously and asked: “They also said that you must have graduated from the professional film Academy. When the time comes, you can record a few more scenes.”

Brother Zhang was just eating his lunch and laughing, but he didn’t actually have any. He has acting experience, but he has the art of returning to dreams. He can see how the real heroes of that era faced the enemy. At that time, their faces were both fearful and fearless, and they wanted to make people complicated. and contradictions manifest.

In other words, everyone is afraid of death, but the fear of death does not affect one side tΓΊ tΓΊ suddenly and one side ying ying ying. Brother Zhang carefully observed that many heroes of the real underground front were facing the enemy in that era. The expression at the time, and then it can be vividly performed.

And this feeling was captured directly by the camera, and one shot was enough. Even the director watched it over and over several times, and praised Xiao Zhang’s acting skills.

After finishing work in the afternoon, Brother Zhang was supposed to be able to go home as a group performer, but he was kept by the director, that is to say, he wanted him to make a cameo appearance in the evening, and Brother Zhang readily agreed. , After he got the script, he began to speculate about the characters in the script. As for the lines and so on, for him, it was just a matter of glance.

Not to mention, Brother Zhang is really innate talent in acting. Although the filming didn’t stop until more than three in the morning, Brother Zhang didn’t let anyone at all. Disappointing, as long as there is his part in the scene, it is very smooth. Even in the words of the male lead, it is quite interesting that the rhythm tonight is controlled by a good actor.

This is not to say that Brother Zhang is stealing the show or anything, it’s just that he will play an emperor in the future. Some time ago, he has been thinking about how to play an emperor with that kind of character, but He didn’t know that either, so he first used Huimeng to check the real situation of all emperors in ancient and modern China and foreign countries, and then maybe he didn’t think it was too enjoyable, so he found Divine King and let him transfer hundreds of worlds from his database. past information.

Brother Zhang has studied the behavior and personality characteristics of tens of thousands of emperors and everyone around him. Now he turns his head and asks him to run a trick. It’s really too simple. .

If you want to speak of which, the biggest advantage of Xiao Zhang is that he is serious. He is very serious in everything he does, whether it is cooking or acting as a cameo, from the cook to the master, from the actor. When it comes to Guardian, no matter how his identity changes, he always adheres to the habit of being serious and careful. It may seem that Brother Zhang is a bit old-fashioned in the eyes of most people, but being serious will not be a bad thing after all.

And more importantly, Brother Zhang doesn’t have a lot of desires. How does human suffering come from? Most of them are nothing more than asking for nothing. Brother Zhang gets what he doesn’t ask for. Everything is an unexpected joy. Then what kind of unhappy he is will be happy.

He is happy here, but Wugenshui is in trouble. In the past few days, he seems to have been isolated by the entire Hong Kong entertainment industry. He probably knows that too. The reason is that everyone doesn’t want to offend that Old Senior explicitly. But it doesn’t matter. Anyway, Wugenshui’s work has long been focused on the mainland, but the fact that Mei Junsheng’s partners started to withdraw funds before has caused a lot of headaches.

“Isn’t it really necessary? You’re a stubborn person.”

Haozi was leaning on the sofa and playing with his phone, and every night the two of them would talk to each other after dinner. I drank a few cups of clear tea in the tea room, and talked about the good and bad. Today, after Wugenshui told Haozi about the actual difficulties he encountered, Haozi laughed.

“Ah… that’s so sorry.”

“What’s wrong, since you have taken refuge in the Twelve Spirits, you are your own.” Haozi raised his eyelids to see He glanced at him: “I’ll tell the eldest sister.”

“Excuse me.”

After that, Haozi said that he told the eldest sister about the situation, but he didn’t know how to deal with it. Clearly, on the morning of the second day, the general meeting of shareholders of Wugenshui Company was held. Wugenshui knew what it meant. It was nothing more than the withdrawal of capital from shareholders. What else could it be?

However, the shareholders’ withdrawal is like this. They will be discounted according to the valuation of shares and the company. Although Wugenshui accounts for 51% of the majority of this entertainment company, that percentage If more than 40 people want to withdraw shares, he will definitely not be able to get so much money.

The valuation of his company is about 20 billion Hong Kong dollars, and this time it will take almost 10 billion in cash. Isn’t this a mess? Which company can cash out almost 50 percent of its market value? They have already been integrated into real estate and operational heritage, let alone 10 billion, even 500 million can’t be taken out.

At the general meeting of shareholders, the previous partners expressed their helplessness, and then they would rather lose money and forcibly withdraw their capital, and told Wugenshui euphemistically that someone above wanted him to leave the circle, So no matter how much he struggles, as long as he can’t get the money for the shares within five days, he will have to be accused, and then all assets will be frozen.

And when all the shareholders signed the agreement, Wugenshui sat there smoking, looking at the signatures, not desperate or scared, but just amused, and now I may really have to wait for the tiger girl here to help.

But he really didn’t expect that the old bastard actually used all his means to suppress himself, white can’t make black, black can’t make yellow. But now it seems that the underworld and the white are not as easy to use as the ecliptic, and money is really a knife on the head of a hero.

Just as Wugenshui was watching the scattered Conference Hall smoking, there were footsteps outside, and then the old bastard walked in with a bunch of people swaggering.

He had a cigar in his mouth, and he had the style of an old Hong Kong gangster. The assistant next to him helped him pull out the chair. Old bastard sat down and looked at the rootless water smoking in front of him. , he said with a smile: “You youngsters, you just don’t know the immensity of heaven and earth, how can you be so mixed up in the rivers and lakes, now it’s alright, is it gone?”

None Genshui didn’t speak, just laughed. If it wasn’t for the Lord’s disapproval, this old bastard had already collapsed on the ground and convulsed and was sent to the hospital for rescue.

“Well, I’m not a devil either. I still like your youngsters’ temperament. I can’t bear to see you have nothing, and maybe go to jail. In this way, I have a million here, You take it to make a comeback, and then transfer the Mei Shi to me, what do you think?”

Hearing this, he immediately laughed without root water, this old bastard is purely to humiliate people , but Wugenshui didn’t panic at all, just crossed his arms and said, “Then see if you can eat it.”

“Hahahaha…Okay, I’ll just sit here and watch how you die.” , someone will come to check on you later, but I want to see where you go to get the money in these few hours.”

Wugenshui folded his arms and didn’t speak, and just At this moment, a convoy suddenly came downstairs. After the car stopped, a group of people who looked like social elites came down. Then the door of the car in the middle opened slowly, and then saw Hu Niu from After getting off the car, the group of people directly entered the gate of Mei’s Films. The old bastard man at the door wanted to stop them, but Hu Niu’s bodyguard pushed them directly against the wall.

The elevator came to this floor with a ding, old bastard thought it was the person he called, so he stood up with a smile and said to Wugenshui: “I’m so sorry, didn’t expect them to be like this. Be punctual.”

But before he could finish speaking, the door was pushed open, and Wugenshui saw Hu Niu walking in surrounded by a group of people, he immediately She stood up: “Big sister…”

Tigress was nodded, then pushed the old bastard aside with a random push, then shook her head lightly, and the people behind her immediately opened four Briefcase, and a well-known lawyer next to Hu Niu glanced at Wugenshui and said: “Mr. Mei, there is a cooperation agreement here, Eldest Young Lady expresses its willingness to inject capital into your Mei’s film industry, but you need to transfer it. More than 51% of the shares will be given to us, and there are several shooting agreements in the future. Please take a look at it. In the next three years, we will launch a full range of cooperation with Mei’s Films for many films.”

Wugenshui didn’t read it at all. After taking the contract, shua shua signed it, and after these few transactions, the company’s accounts instantly increased by tens of billions of dollars, and Hu Niu didn’t even look at the old one. Bastard took a look, just walked to Wugenshui, patted his clothes: “Why don’t you come to me when you are in trouble?”

Wugenshui stood up straight and lowered his head: ” I dare not disturb your cleanliness.”

The eldest sister chuckled: “Next time I see you like this again, I will punish you.”



And after she finished speaking, she waved her hand: “I’ll go back and play with them, and you can cooperate with them to handle the rest.”

“Understood, many thanks to the help of big sister.”

When the old bastard saw this scene, he was stupid on the spot. He didn’t even know where this evil consortium came from, and it cost tens of billions and billions of dollars. What kind of situation is this… .

Hu Niu acted like the wind, she turned around and left after speaking, and the staff she brought also began to assist Wugenshui in handling the equity transfer of Mei’s Pictures and the payment of previous shareholders.

“Congratulations.” The lawyer next to the eldest sister extended the hand towards Wugenshui: “The capital injection still needs some work, and I will assist you in handling all problems during this time.”

“many thanks.”

“Don’t thank me, thank Eldest Young Lady.” The lawyer hehe smiled: “I’m just a clerk, and Eldest Young Lady also instructed.”

He said, looking at the stunned old bastard behind him: “If there is grievance and revenge, then how about we have a hostile takeover?”

β€” β€”

I didn’t feel good today, so much more.

(End of this chapter)

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