What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 187


Chapter 187 The Smiling, Proud Wanderer

For the eldest sister, the problems that can be solved with money are not It’s called a problem, and although she is pursuing the ultimate in Martial Arts, the problem is that Tigress is playful, and she will not use all her strengths except when she is really hunting.

Except for Thunder Dragon.

As for who is the most powerful among the Twelve Spirits, everyone actually defaults to Hu Niu, and in the final analysis, few people have really seen her show her full strength, and how strong Hu Niu is, it is said that she She is the only one in the Twelve Spirits who has achieved True Immortal Realm, but she is a demon, so she is generally not recorded on the human battle strength list, so Thunder Dragon is the next one.

And Thunder Dragon is indeed very strong in the human category. Heavenly Dragon’s body, magic skills are arbitrary, but if he really wants to compare with Hu Niu, he seems to have a particularly hard mouth.

“You said that the eldest sister has never been in love.”

After returning, Wugenshui suddenly asked Haozi a strange question because he had never heard of it. The eldest sister has a saying that she has become attached to people. This is the first generation of the Twelve Spirits until now. Even if there is a small problem in the middle of the reincarnation, the memory is retained after the soul wears the resurrection, so it is also the first generation of players. .

The first generation of Twelve Spirits only has the eldest sister and the dog sister. What about the eldest sister? The eldest sister can be salty or sweet, and her personality is changeable. Does she have any relationship history?

“Don’t you have any thoughts about Big Sister?” Haozi narrowed his eyes and looked at Wugenshui: “This idea is very dangerous, Thunder Dragon doesn’t even dare to think about it, you’d better not think about it.”

“No, I’m just curious, after all, the eldest sister feels very cute.”

“You look cute when she is tearing you back and forth.” Haozi stood up A finger said: “Remember one, the eldest sister is a tiger, a real tiger. Not those little wastes who clearly say that they are fox spirits but can only live by selling picture bags.”

Wugenshui sips He pursed his lips: “Understood…but this time the eldest sister is really too cool. The old bastard is now estimated to be unable to sleep at night. The eldest sister directly injected 10 billion into me, and then Hong Kong three times overnight. Seventeen financial institutions are stalking him, and he thinks it’s too late to cry, this old bastard has the capital of the Mafia, and if he does this, he will not die.”

“The godfather of the mafia has to kneel down and kiss her heel when he sees the eldest sister.” Haozi said at a moderate pace: “You don’t have to worry about this.”

Wugenshui opened his mouth, What he wanted to say but he hesitated, Haozi raised his eyelids and glanced at him, then asked, “Do you want to ask why the Holy Master can live the most luxurious life, but he still chooses to live in that small place .”

“Actually, it is probably understandable. The only thing I don’t understand is that he doesn’t seem to like us to interfere in his life.”

Haozi lay on his side. He muttered on the sofa: “Because in our opinion everything is out of reach for him, it’s just no effort at all. Do you know why he set himself three limits.”

“You mean…” Wugenshui was stunned and then asked: “Don’t revive the dead, don’t create living beings, and don’t control the hearts of others.”

“en.” Haozi chuckled : “It’s not that he can’t do it.”

Wugenshui is not a fool. He heard these six words and understood everything on the spot, which means that the Holy Master did not refuse others to interfere with him. To live but to reject the personified Creator.

Although this thing is more philosophical, one thing is certain that it is within the level of human cognition. Brother Zhang seems to be able to do it, but once idealism reaches its peak, the world will appear. bugs, such as whether Xiao Zhang can create a rock that he can’t move. According to the current situation, of course he can, because he is not omniscient and omnipotent, and he rejects omniscience and omnipotence from his heart. Under these conditions, he is not omniscient and omnipotent, so he can normally avoid world-level bugs, so as not to let himself fall into idealistic logic Weird circle.

From this point of view, the Lord seems to think more than everyone thinks. Because if he goes that way, he will inevitably lead to absolute idealism, and he is destined to become a solipsist in the end. And solipsists “I am the only existence, consciousness is my subjective reaction to myself, and objective things are my perception of the outside world.” That would be really terrifying, because when consciousness begins to distort reality, a little carelessness will perish.

“Okay, don’t talk about the Holy Lord. He is theoretically ‘unspeakable’ in Buddhism, because you can’t pinpoint his existence.” Haozi looked up at the ceiling: “So he…he always said his best destination was death. We thought he was ominous when he said that, but he probably thought a lot more than we did.”

” That’s why you always encourage him to participate in mortal activities?”

“Well, if I’m not mistaken, he is the Supreme God in Hindu mythology.” Haozi pursed his lips. : “must let the great Brahma sleep forever in a beautiful dream, if he wakes up from the dream, this world will be shattered.”

The complicated philosophical discussion finally ended at midnight, without root water sitting on the computer Before looking at the hundreds of emails in the mailbox, he didn’t open it, but just sat there and fell into contemplation, because the multiple identities of the Holy Master made him feel an ethereal sense of illusoryness, and this feeling made him suddenly have an epiphany.

Isn’t what he does best at creating a dramatic life? To let the Lord truly integrate into the world, isn’t that just dreaming? In that case, he must be able to create a beautiful dream for the Holy Lord that he will never want to wake up from.

Then eliminate all the unstable factors around the Lord and let him exist in a stable and even vulgar environment. In terms of lens theory, it means to regard the Lord as the audience watching the movie, and let the audience Immersed in a safe and stable environment, although this method will lead to low evaluation, but the box office and word of mouth will be very stable. To simplify it a bit, let the audience know at the beginning that there will be no knives in this whole film, only pure plot and happy ending, so that what the audience comes to watch here is not having ups and downs, but a pastime and entertainment.

This is also the classic pattern of a family carnival movie. At the beginning, everyone is told that this is a family carnival, and even the film critics are reluctant to say anything more about the family carnival. Usually, such a family carnival only needs to make the picture a little better. One point, and the rest can be quite a hit as long as it makes sense.

But there is also a problem here, that is, how to prevent the audience from feeling the same depression when watching “Chu Sect’s World”, because if it is arranged too deliberately, there will be a Such a sense of disobedience, it would be difficult for even ordinary audiences to deceive, let alone an existence like the Holy Lord.

So it’s really a university question here. It requires a delicate balance between making the reader and audience comfortable, and making everything look natural and appropriate.


Wugenshui suddenly raised his head, looked towards the ceiling and called, then he picked up the phone and called Haozi.

Haozi in pajamas came down, and the two began to discuss, but their discussion did not seem to have a good result, and finally Haozi said: “Your proposal is very good, before we It really didn’t expect. But I can tell you the truth. If you completely create a false environment, it is impossible, because Xiao Zhang’s ability will not allow him to be deceived.”

” No, you misunderstood. We are not the pursuit of falsehood and deception. We use the maze to describe it. What we want is not a smooth journey through the maze, but no matter what problems we encounter, we will eventually lead to the exit. Leaving means that we did not make a plan in this regard. As you said, the departure of the snake spirit at that time almost caused the Holy Master to enter a state of occlusion because of self-blame. This is the work error of your twelve spirits.”

“I…” Haozi pursed his lips and said nothing: “I want to beat you now.”

Wugenshui shook the head: “Because of your mistakes, a game that could be The avoided disaster has a permanent impact on the Holy Lord. If we take this matter now, what we need to avoid is not the snake spirit falling in love with people, but avoiding the snake spirit’s love caused by this incident. the soul flew away and scattered.”

Haozi looked thoughtful nodded: “I understand, it’s not Brother Zhang, but the people around Brother Zhang, only the people around him are good As a result, his world is naturally Perfection’s, and it doesn’t matter how many problems the process encounters, we are dealing with problems that may lead to bad results. What problems can he encounter on his own, oh my goodness…the problems he encountered Can we solve it?”

“Yes, if we go to the horns to solve the problem he encountered, then in the end, it will be a low-quality version of Chu Sect’s world, which is not only useless, but may also cause even worse problems. Consequences.”

“Well, it makes sense.” Haozi nodded and said: “I’ll go and tell other people about this, so that they can start paying attention.”

second day Early in the morning, all Twelve Spirits took rootless water and Huang Die’er for a video conference, which lasted for six hours, and pointed out the focus of the future part of the work and some practical problems that need to be solved.

And just when they were having a meeting, Brother Zhang came to the studio again. There are not many group performances today, so he mainly watched other people’s performances. The little heroine part has gradually improved. Brother Zhang has a lot more roles than before.

“That’s right, Xiaoxiao.” The director said to Xiaoxiao after the morning’s scene was filmed: “The above just called to say that you filled in the position of the heroine before, and we have given her to her. She settled the salary that she deserved, and the rest is yours.”

“Ah?” Xiaoxiao was stunned for a moment: “Isn’t it one hundred and twenty a day?”

“That’s the price of a group performance.” The director turned his head and whispered: “The heroine’s role is 171,000 episodes. She has filmed 14 episodes before, and there are 22 episodes left. Although you give her You’re a newcomer, and it was said that you didn’t get paid for the first fourteen episodes, and from the fifteenth episode onwards, you will be paid according to her pay.”

Xiaoxiao was stunned at that time. There: “Is the money so good…”

(End of this chapter)

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