What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 188


Chapter 188 Lucky Star

“It’s amazing, more than three million! That’s money!”

Xiaoxiao told Brother Zhang about today’s bizarre story with a face full of surprise after leaving work, and it was obviously not a cake, because the contract and money were all in place in the afternoon, and before five o’clock, the little bank card With a ding, there was more than 3 million more. She counted the balance several times with her mobile phone at that time, and even called the police to ask Uncle, for fear of some strange fraud.

After all the answers were affirmative, Xiaoxiao felt that she was about to ascend to heaven. As an ordinary girl, her family was not wealthy. After graduation, she worked hard here by herself. There is a strange disease that she has never paid to a boyfriend, and she has eaten all of her salary over the years. She has no savings, and now she suddenly earns money that she could never earn in her entire life. She felt that the world was unreal.

“Do you want me to tell my mother directly? I’m afraid she won’t be able to bear it.” Little frowned said seriously: “Or pay him 10,000 or 20,000 yuan every month. Money? Do you think she thinks I can’t get along outside and becomes a young lady?”

Brother Zhang was confused by a series of questions, and after thinking for a long time, he couldn’t give any answer. She has an answer.

“No, I still have to tell my mother.” Xiaoxiao picked up the phone: “I’ll go and call her, wait for me. I’ll treat you to a big meal later! “


Brother Zhang sits on the High Level of the little electric donkey, watching Xiaoxiao, but he doesn’t envy her sudden income, he just thinks it’s simple fun, because Xiaoxiao This appearance seems to be in line with the mentality of an ordinary person who suddenly gets a huge sum of money. Excited, frightened, uneasy, and a bit unbelievable, this kind of truth is something that Brother Zhang has almost seen. After all, most of the people he has been in contact with since he was a child are not human, and he doesn’t seem to have such a big desire for worldly things. Over time, he also thinks that These mundane objects are really nothing.

But seeing the small performance today, he suddenly realized that these simple things can bring so much joy to people, and the ordinary person’s requirements for life are really not high, even It can be said to be very low.

Brother Zhang enjoys this feeling very much, because he can really feel the joy conveyed from his childhood. That kind of emotional joy makes Brother Zhang clearly empathize with him. It made him also involuntarily happy.

“I’m back!”

Xiao Xiao jumped up and down to Brother Zhang: “Let’s go, please have a big meal!”

Although in Xiaoxiao’s current cognition, her so-called big meal is still a buffet for two hundred and ninety-nine people, but she did invite Brother Zhang to dinner with sincerity, and she took the initiative to eat while eating. I poured a drink for Brother Zhang, then said with a smile: “Here, I always wanted to come, but I couldn’t bear it. Now I want to eat here for a month!”

Brother Zhang just He smiled and raised the cup to touch her: “You can eat it for a year.”

But Xiaoxiao shook his head and said, “I’m tired of eating that, so I’ll try somewhere else next time. , I still have a lot of things I haven’t eaten yet.”

The two were eating and chatting, Xiaoxiao repeatedly said that Brother Zhang was her lucky star, and when she first appeared, she was strange I was cured, and when I appeared for the second time, I made so much money all at once.

“I’ll play with you more in the future. I don’t know what good luck is waiting for me.” Little chuckled: “I’m so lucky to be your friend.”

Brother Zhang didn’t say anything but just laughed.

However, when the little poor became rich, she still did not develop the habit of extravagance and waste. Although she was rich now, she still decided to live there because the place to live had not expired. Find a way to relocate.

“Speaking of which do you have a girlfriend? I know a few good girlfriends for you.” Xiaoxiao held her chin and looked at Brother Zhang: “Those with long legs are special It’s beautiful, and the family has a lot of money, which one do you like?”

Brother Zhang squinted and smiled, and then called the head rejected the small proposal, but she didn’t care too much : “Then you must have a girlfriend, just pretend I didn’t say it. Tomorrow the director said that he would take me to a wine party. Do you think it will happen to the kind of thing you told the gossip magazine?”

“What’s the matter?” Brother Zhang asked suspiciously: “What did the gossip magazine say?”

“Unwritten rules, peach wine bureau or something.” Xiao Xiao sighed: “You said that if someone wanted to unwritten rules for me, would I just push it for the sake of money?”

“What do you think?”

Xiaoxiao shook her head quickly: “No, no, I still can’t do it. If it’s an old fogey, it would be disgusting.”

For the small worry, Xiao Zhang also helplessly said: “Then you yourself Be careful, theoretically it shouldn’t be a problem.”

“Who knows, I’m afraid to think about the pie in the sky.” Xiaoxiao suddenly began to worry about gains and losses: ” Don’t worry, I’ll take a look tomorrow, if it doesn’t work, I’ll call you, and you come to save me when the time comes.”


“That’s it. It’s over!”

After the two parted, Brother Zhang also returned to Chang’an Lane. As soon as he entered the door, he saw Zhang Yao sitting there, with a plaster cast on her feet, holding a bottle of ice Beer chatted with Zhu Zhenzhen, and when she saw Brother Zhang came back, she even raised her injured foot to show Brother Zhang.

“I know you’ve hit the wall.” Brother Zhang walked into the counter: “What? You sneaked out to drink at just one o’clock?”

“It hurts to have fun while suffering. It’s been a hundred days, and if you want me to sit in the hospital every day, it’s better to let me die.” Zhang Yao yawned: “I’ve been waiting for you all night, where have you been.”

“My friend, please have dinner.”

Zhang Yao snorted: “Congratulations, I finally have a friend.”

Brother Zhang put on an apron and said: “Why are you looking for me?”

“It’s not the business of that thing, many thanks to you.” Zhang Yao took out a goose egg-sized Spirit Sword stone from his pocket and put it on the table: “This is It’s from the second generation, anyway, I want 12,000 per piece, isn’t it expensive? How much the rest of the pony can give is his ability.”

Brother Zhang waved to her, Zhang Yao will The Spirit Sword stone was thrown into his hand. Brother Zhang took a closer look and found that the second-generation artificial Spirit Sword stone was three times larger and more dense than the first-generation stone. The spiritual power contained in it is far greater than the naturally occurring Spirit Sword stone.

“Is each one this big?”

“Yes, industrial manufacturing, the most basic thing is standardization.” Zhang Yao said proudly, shaking her feet: “But It seems that my technology can only reach this level now, and it is easy to explode the cylinder if it goes down. After I improve the pressure furnace, I will see if I can double the density on the current basis.”

Brother Zhang played with the Spirit Sword stone, and then said with a smile: “What about the cost?”

“This is a business secret, you are too embarrassed to ask me.” Zhang Yao sneered Get up: “But it’s okay to tell you. In fact, it’s cheaper than the first generation. The cost of each piece has been reduced to about six yuan.”

“For six yuan, you sell it for 10,000 yuan. Two?” Hearing this number, Brother Zhang’s expression distorted: “Isn’t this too profitable?”

“Hehe.” Zhang Yao raised her head and said, “This is because of poor information. The advantages are, firstly, no one is competing with me, secondly, the buyer does not have the conditions for production and processing, thirdly, this thing is naturally precious, right. I have a monopoly position and the country does not have any laws and regulations to regulate it. The price ceiling for this item of mine, then do you think I’m a conscientious businessman if I sell it for 12,000 yuan?”

“It’s like a diamond.”

Brother Zhang picked up the The Spirit Sword stone looked at the light, not to mention that this thing is really beautiful, the sea-blue color stone exudes a sparkling light, it is warm and cool to start, and the energy that can be seen in the naked eye is lingering in it. It is constantly flowing, even if there is no special effect, just take it back and put it at home and take a light on it, it is a very beautiful handicraft.

He looked at it for a while, turned around and took off a decorative crystal ball on the shelf and replaced it with this Spirit Sword stone, then turned on the light on the base of the crystal ball, and was illuminated by the light. , the whole piece is shrouded in the light of bright blue, like a dream, like being in the sea, the wandering energy in it is reflected by the light, like the waves on the sea, Very beautiful.

“Ha, you use it as an ambient light.” Zhang Yao said with a smile: “Yes, it’s pretty.”

Brother Zhang pointed to the new atmosphere Deng: “Just be an advertising sign.”

“It’s fine.” Zhang Yao chuckled: “Anyway, you can sell any pony, even if you can sell it, even if it’s good, I won’t do it. The supply is opened, and the goods are sold at 60% of the demand anyway. What do you think?”

“Hunger marketing?”

Zhang Yao shook the head: “This is not It should be called hunger marketing, it should be called hunger marketing.”

Little Zhang didn’t bother, just took a video of the new ambient light for Xiaoma and hung it to him. Sitting in a bamboo forest chatting with a Taoist nun with a bun on her head, when she heard the phone ringing, she turned it on and took a look, and when he saw this, he felt a deep blue in his eyes, and then he was almost blinded by the sparkling waves. Blind.

“Hold the grass…”

The pony screamed, then he pressed the phone and looked at the Taoist nun in front of him with a smile: “Master Dingxing, you It is useless to say that you have saved too many Spirit Sword stones, then if there is a Spirit Sword stone that can be directly used for your cultivation, why don’t you want it?”

The Taoist nun on the opposite side laughed lightly. : “You slick, there is no such thing in the world, the Spirit Sword stone is just something that can be talked about in extraordinary times, if there is a quality that can be directly supplied to Cultivation, then there will be no bloody storms in the rivers and lakes. ?”

The pony didn’t beep, just handed the phone to the teacher in front of her, and the teacher Dingxing clicked on the video, and was also caught by the blue light and shook her eyes, and waited for her. After seeing the thing clearly, she also stared wide-eyed: “Hold the grass…”

(end of this chapter)

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