What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 189


Chapter 189 Industrialization cultivation 0.3.1

Zhang Yao is now addicted to her industrial cultivation program, Spirit Sword Shi is only her first step, and then she has a long planning system.

As she learned more about the system, she felt more and more that it was definitely a business, and it was a big business, a big business alone.

And to understand cultivation, we must first understand what cultivation is. And before you understand what cultivation is, you need to understand how the energy works here. And cultivation, to put it bluntly, is a special energy circulation method.

For example, there are four fundamental forces in the universe: the strong interaction force, the electromagnetic interaction force, the weak interaction force, and the universal gravitational force. Cultivation is related to the electromagnetic force and strong force.

For example, the spell attack is the electromagnetic force, because whether it is high temperature or low temperature, it is determined by the speed of the atom, and the speed of the atom is directly related to the electromagnetic force. If a person can change himself The electromagnetic force in a certain place, the faster the speed, the higher the temperature, the higher the energy contained. Whether it is a burning fire bird or a shy Iron Fist, it is within this category.

The most direct explanation of the strong force is to make all atoms solidify in a special arrangement, that is, an object will not move, heat up or cool down under any circumstances. The classic product is three. The water droplet aircraft in the body, such an object that cannot be changed naturally cannot be destroyed.

Cultivation is to enable a person to apply the laws of physics to a certain extent to transform himself The more stable the atom, the stronger the physical attack.

Regardless of whether it is an electromagnetic force or a strong force, the driving force must be energy. The Spirit Sword stone is one of the energy they can apply. This thing is a solidified pure energy body. In short, it is an energy source between coal and hydrogen.

It’s energy conversion rate is much higher than coal but lower than hydrogen, so if that’s the case, Zhang Yao thinks she can try to skip the Cultivation part and directly transform someone, such as Let this person’s skin be directly and permanently covered by strong force, that is equivalent to invincible in the whole world.

Of course, this is also theoretically invincible in the whole world, because there are still gravitational bosses who haven’t appeared. The world’s martial arts is only gravitational, such as neutron star matter, which has an almost infinite mass and an infinite volume. In front of the gravity of small matter, no matter what kind of Divine Ability it is, you have to kneel, even if the Divine Immortal in the sky is not squeezed out of shit in front of one cubic meter of neutron star matter, it will be regarded as his skin swallow. One cubic centimeter of neutron star matter can weigh a billion tons.

But this thing can be ignored. After all, there should be no people who can play gravity in this world. After all, the sand on a neutron star is a mountain when it falls on a person’s head. Sun Wukong’s stick only weighs 13,500 jin. It has a length of 2 feet and a thickness of the mouth of the bowl. If it is changed to the International System of Units, the volume of the rod is about 0.2 cubic meters and the mass is about 6750 kg. Its density is about: ρ=m/v=6750kgΓ·0.2m=33750kg/ m=33.75g/cm.

But as long as no one throws a neutron planet at a person who has unleashed a super hardening spell, the force hardening spell is almost there is no stronghold in this world one cannot overcome.

So what does this powerful skin need? energy. As long as there is enough energy, Zhang Yao can create something invulnerable, indestructible and impregnable on the spot, but such energy is not something she can create now, but the problem is that as long as the theory exists, it can be done step by step.

As long as the step by step is strengthened, even if it can’t reach the theoretical state, if you can create super atomic warriors in batches, then you won’t beat the Central Plains culture world injured badly with many teeth knocked out? And even if you don’t beat them injured badly with many teeth knocked out, is this business doable? A single photon for hair removal can cost 18,000 yuan, so why can’t it cost 100,000 to 200 million yuan for the particle collision and curing?

And using the knowledge of secret technique, Zhang Yao can even bypass the drawbacks of material science and directly perform curing technique for people with enough energy. After all, she is only an engineer, not a scientist, she does not need to know Why does this world work this way, all she needs is to know that this world can work this way.

Looking back 10,000 steps, does this technology have unlimited potential in male subjects? Those forty-fifty-year-old high-end people have more or less enough time for snacks, so when the time comes, come here to shine, isn’t it all alive.

And cultivation world can really resist such temptation? A solidification technique, even if it is not permanent, is for these people yearn for something even in dreams, whether it is used to resist a Heavenly Tribulation, or a fight with someone, isn’t that beautiful?

There is another spell route. When I walk around Zhang Yao, I can only throw flames. Now raising my hand is the technique of fireball. It used to be thirty-six punches per second. pegasus Meteor Punch.

You can even carry out customized services. For example, if you think your thunderbolts are not good-looking, you can change the arrangement structure. In the future, all palm thunderbolts will be ball lightnings. Just ask if you are excited or not.

Zhang Yao’s ambition is here, she wants to do business and what she wants to do is this unique business, to be bigger and stronger, and to achieve the faster, higher and stronger that human beings have been pursuing. idea.

What Oriental Musk, what GZ Stark, shit! Her purpose is to be the truth of Genesis and create a new sky for mankind.

But now, these are still in the concept, take your time, sell the Spirit Sword stone first, and accumulate a little start-up capital, after all, you have to make your own collision device, and the cost of light materials is now even one The fractions after the decimal point have not been rounded up yet.

“Boss, here are 2,000.” Zhang Yao put on a denim jacket and piled several boxes of Spirit Sword stones on Brother Zhang’s counter: “Each one will give you 800 yuan. Money commission, plus 200 storage fees, 2,000 is 2 million, no problem?”

“Okay.” Brother Zhang smiled and looked at Zhang Yao who was busy before and after: ” Why are you the only one who is busy?”

“Don’t ask for progress, forget it. You can’t count on others.” Zhang Yao sighed said: “These people… alright, I won’t tell you more, I’ll use the illusion, I’m going to the headquarters.”

Brother Zhang raised his finger and pointed to the yard, Zhang Yao nodded and got out, then stood in front of the bamboo forest and twisted She moved her watch and positioned the illusory realm to her home base, and then she walked in with her head down.

And not long after she left, Xiaoma came here with a Taoist nun and two middle age persons who looked old-fashioned. They didn’t know Brother Zhang, and Xiaoma didn’t either. Too many introductions, I just brought three people to the counter and sat down, pointed to the atmosphere light behind Brother Zhang and said, “Since you want to inspect the goods, then I’ll show you, don’t say I’m bragging. “

After he finished speaking, he raised his head and said to Brother Zhang nodded: “Big business.”

Brother Zhang didn’t say anything, just turned around and took off the atmosphere light and placed it among the three people In front of them, they were somewhat disbelieving, but now this thing is in front of them. The brilliant lights and vibrant colors have a cool touch, and the body is full of spiritual power. Three people, look at me, look at me Look at you, and then take turns playing with your hands, winking one by one.

“Okay, don’t use that string of words, this thing is good or bad, God knows you know I know, I know you want to lower the price, but you don’t want me to sell things to others Right?” The pony took the Spirit Sword stone and said with a smile: “The quality of this thing, let alone you small families, even those Great Sects are probably limited in number, you may not even have seen them. Right?”

Those three people looked at each other in blank dismay, although the pony’s words are not pleasant, but the words are true, let alone use, they really haven’t seen it In the past hundreds of years when Spiritual Qi was thin, they relied on those little finger-sized Spirit Sword stones to barely inherit up to now, but now this goose egg is not much to say, Spiritual Qi is abundant and has gone up several steps, it is completely Being able to tell the Ma Tahua in front of me can not only be used as dry food in difficult years, but can even be directly used as a treasure for Cultivation in this prosperous era.

If this thing is managed enough, it can be as long as a hundred years, and as short as twenty or thirty years. As long as there is even a genius Disciple in the middle, the pattern of the cultivation world will be completely rewritten immediately. So if you can spend money to do this, then you will be able to stand and brag when you see Ancestral Masters after you die.

Of course, the less money you spend, the better. Although Sect has some family property, the money is not blown by the wind. It was saved by little by little for hundreds of years. The hard-earned money of past Disciples.

“Well, as you all know, the quantity isn’t too big, and it’s more precious. What can I say about the price? I’ve always been a fool in business, and I’ll give it to you. Others are 80,000 yuan, you and I are both regular customers, I will give you a 30% discount, I will earn a little less, and you will give a little less money. Okay?”

Pony said with a smile: “But the ugly words are said in the front. If you leak this thing out, when the time comes, it’s not me.”

The three looked serious and serious, and the The master asked, “Then if it’s a heretical path of the devils, would you sell it?”

The pony slapped the table with a disdainful expression on his face, and then took it out of his arms. Two hundred-dollar bills: “Come on, tell me which one is from Upright Sect and which one is from heretical path of the devils. I’m in business, you talk to me about values? It’s not right, Dingxing .”

Master Dingxing laughed too embarrassedly, and then stopped talking, while the pony sat back and continued: “As for the goods, the three of you must be given priority, these things are extremely rare, yes Collected from the bottom of the pollution-free deep glacier in the North Pole, it is basically a life-for-money business. So you definitely don’t want too much, what five hundred and eighty hundred, then I really don’t know when I can collect it for you. Qi.”

“Then I want 100 pieces first, but the quality can’t be bad.” Dingxing Shitai said: “If the quality is bad, I’m going to find you.”

“Xingxing, what’s the relationship between us? Can I bully you?” Xiaoma sighed: “It’s really boring for you to say such emotionally hurtful words. If there is any problem with the quality, I will compensate you tenfold.”

Dingxing nodded: “Then I want a hundred.”

The two people next to it also nodded and said: “We want a hundred each.”

” Okay, I’m going to adjust the goods now, and I’ll have it in seven days.” Xiaoma took out the calculator and tapped it: “Eighty thousand and one hundred are eight million, and you can get a 30% discount, seven, eight, fifty-six, 5.6 million. Give you a fraction, 5.5 million can be used? Chenghui.”

“I don’t have enough money…” Master Dingxing pursed his lips and said, “Can you do that? Use something else to pay for it?”

“Only gold, Taoist nun can’t do it, you have to get me two Taoist nuns, it’s all human trafficking.” Xiaoma turned on his mobile phone and checked: “Today’s gold price is five 1151 grams, is it ok to count 500? If the gold is mortgaged, the recovery price is calculated at 8.5% of the current gold price, which is 4251 grams. 5.5 million is 12,000 Nine hundred and forty-one grams, 13 kilograms. You also give me some hard work. A total of twenty-six kilograms of gold. “


Sending these three buyers away, Brother Zhang looked at the pony up and down, and then pu chi let out a melody, and the pony also laughted heartily Get up.

The two of them laughed enough, Brother Zhang counted for a while with the computer: “One to one, more than six million. “

“Hi, this is the fat sheep.” It won’t work in the future, take your time, different buyers have different prices. “

“You earn so much, what should Zhang Yao do when she finds out?” “

The pony raised his brows and chuckled: “Boss, do you think she doesn’t know?” She is very clear, but there is no way. She didn’t dare to go up herself, for fear of being blackmailed. She doesn’t dare to mess with those people because of her current strength. She really encountered a tough problem. It doesn’t matter if she robs the goods. She will be slaughtered at the top. Who do you think she will go to? So through our hands, she is safe and I am safe. If she knows, she will know, but she can’t sell it herself. at worst, I’ll give her a little more. “

“No. Brother Zhang shook his head: “Invest in shares, primordial shares. “

The pony was stunned, took a step back in disbelief and looked at Brother Zhang: “Boss, you are really ruthless…”

“I am also a businessman.” people. Brother Zhang chuckled lightly.

While the pony cupped one fist in the other hand with both hands: “I admire it, by the way, what did the chief source say? “

Brother Zhang was un’ed. He lifted up several large boxes with his feet. The pony opened it, and the blue light inside almost blinded him again…

“My mother, how much is this? “

“Two thousand. “Brother Zhang said with a smile: “There should be more at the back, but don’t rush to sell it, it will not be able to sell at the price. “

“Well, come on fooling around.” The pony squatted down and took out a part: “I’ll take these first.” “

“To transfer the account. “Brother Zhang said seriously:” She also gave me a dividend of 1,000 yuan for each ball. “

“What? The pony stared wide-eyed and looked at Brother Zhang: “You are earning both ends… My money is also yours.” “

Brother Zhang hurriedly shook his head: “It’s organized, it has nothing to do with me. This thousand dollars is mine. ”

(end of this chapter)

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