What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 19

Chapter 19 The events of the age have nothing to do with me.


Thunder Dragon hugged Grandfather Pi who walked in from the outside, then put her on his lap like a doll, and even rubbed his face. Grandfather Pi’s face: “Long time no see, I want to…”

Before he could finish his words, Grandfather Pi was punched and flew out, hit the pillar and bounced to the ground, then No sound.

“How did this dirty thing come back!” Grandfather Pi pointed at the Thunder Dragon on the ground and complained to Zhang Jiachang: “Disgusting!”

Zhang Jiachang picked up a peanut and shot it On Thunder Dragon’s head, Thunder Dragon stood up with a whistle: “The boss called me back, Pippi, you are so heartless, what’s wrong with my hug?”

“Go away.” Grandfather Pi scolded angrily A loud voice: “Old man nauseated when he saw you.”

After Grandfather Pi finished scolding, he put his face on the stage: “Brother Zhang…”

“Speak well. Zhang Jiachang flicked her head: “Isn’t it because I didn’t earn 10,000 yuan?”

“I’m so poor…” Grandfather Pi wanted to cry without tears, full of sadness: “old man may The most pitiful fox in the world.”

“Ahhh, Pippi. Why are you like this?”

“What about you, old man?”

“You act like a spoiled brat in front of the boss, and you are so fierce in front of me?”

Grandfather Pi didn’t bother to pay attention to him, but continued to say to Zhang Jiachang: “Haozi introduced a Bounty Hunter’s job can offer a reward of up to 500,000 yuan at a time. The old man has been tossing this two days, but the money is really hard to earn.”

“Money is hard to earn.” Zhang Jiachang lowered his head and glanced at his copied resume on the counter: “Take your time, it’s better than being an astringent anchor.”

“Old man is in the beauty area! District!”

But after Grandfather Pi finished shouting, he suddenly looked at Zhang Jiachang curiously: “Huh? Why do you feel different?”

“What’s different? Yes Aren’t you talking too much?”


Zhang Jiachang smiled and pointed to the Thunder Dragon next to him: “Then guess why he suddenly became quiet.”

Grandfather Pi turned his head and looked at Thunder Dragon with disgust, suddenly realized!

“Then can you accompany the old man to the movies?”

Thunder Dragon pu’ sound, the noodles came out directly from his nostrils, he hurriedly sucked it back and wiped it. Mouth said: “No way, your yellow skin has also learned this trick?”

“Go away.”

Zhang Jiachang nods with a smile: “Yes.”

“I’m going to buy a ticket!” Grandfather Pi took out his phone: “I swipe my credit card!”

On the morning of the second day, Zhang Jiachang really went to see the ten with Grandfather Pi. He made First Stage movies during the year.

Speaking of which is also sad. After he came to the cinema, he found out that he would not even buy a ticket to get a ticket, and he was already out of touch with society.

There are actually many reasons why he doesn’t watch movies. For example, he is worried about being overwhelmed by sensory stimulation and talking in his sleep at night. That kind of uncontrollable sleep talking is the most dangerous for him.

And he’s not as serious as Haozi and Thunder Dragon, he’s learned the meditation method, in essence he’s a bit like Saitama in One Punch Man, anyway, it’s an unfathomable mystery that becomes awesome forced, and then another unfathomable mystery received an order.

He is actually an ordinary person at the core, an ordinary person with no education or knowledge, an ordinary person who will be despised wherever he goes.

Therefore, strict control of his emotions has become a compulsory course for him in the past ten years, and now with a move to liberate, Xiao Zhang feels as if he has a new look.

He asks a lot of questions while watching a movie, and asks for a re-watch after leaving the theater.

Grandfather Pi looked at Zhang Jiachang, who was usually reserved, and suddenly it seemed like the spring comes upon a withered tree. She was actually very happy, because he was suffering too much. is seen by people.

Now that he has decided to come out on his own, this is something to celebrate, even if he maxes out his credit card.

β€œThe old man asked you, why did you suddenly decide to come out? Didn’t you used to be a Wraith?”

After watching two movies, Grandfather Pi brought Zhang Jiachang Going to a restaurant, the food here is not as good as Zhang Jiachang’s, but Xiao Zhang is very happy to eat.

“Actually, it’s because of what Teacher Old Lin said. We went to see where the accident happened that day… I really want to forget about someone.” Zhang Jiachang suddenly patted his head: “There is a man named Fuyu. Still trapped in that space.”

“Fufu? Yesterday I saw that Haozi brought someone to Director Chen’s place, and it seemed to be called by that name.” Grandfather Pi blinked a few times quickly: ” What’s the matter?”

Brother Zhang shook his head: “It’s fine, just come out.”

“Aiya, don’t talk about work when you come out to play, why Spiritual Qi will not recover. , what does it have to do with me, I’m just a poor Small Fox.” Grandfather Pi shrank into a ball next to him: “I have to sell my color for a bite to eat.”

Brother Zhang put the Drumsticks to Grandfather Pi: “It will get better in time.”

“You too, it will get better in time.”

“By the way, I’m looking for a job, and I’m going to Where can I submit my resume?” Brother Zhang took out a stack of resumes with photos from his pocket and handed it to Grandfather Pi: “You have more social experience.”

“It’s not that easy, It’s really so easy to find a job, do I still sell my color?” Grandfather Pi said indignantly: “Anyway, those people either want your education or are greedy for your body, disgusting.”

“I see.”

Zhang Jiachang knew that Grandfather Pi was also a Small Fox who was beaten by social reality and never asked about it again.

This is not to say that it is a group of people who are similar to each other. He looks around and there seems to be no one who can take it to the stage. It is either a goblin or a strange person. Perhaps the only reliable college student is Mr. Old Lin…

When it comes to Mr. Old Lin, Zhang Jiachang has an idea.

In the afternoon, he went to Nian Nian’s school with Grandfather Pi, but before they got to the teaching building, he found that Mr. Old Lin was already waiting for them.

“The spiritual sense is really powerful.”

“Monster Qi, who is a certain comrade, is too strong.” Teacher Old Lin smiled and nodded to Grandfather Pi: “How do you think about it today? Looking for me?”

“I came to you to teach me how to submit my resume.” Zhang Jiachang smiled and took out a stack of resumes from his bag for the second time.

An hour later, Mr. Old Lin presented a beautiful electronic resume in front of Zhang Jiachang, and then said to him: “There are very few people who receive physical resumes now, and they all use electronic resumes. I’ve already sent it out, just go back and wait for the call.”

Zhang Jiachang was actually a little uneasy: “Then… can I hope to be invited for an interview?”

“Who knows, but it really doesn’t work. I’ll go to a few friends and ask. It’s rare that you want to find a job. I’ll definitely help you.”

Teacher Old Lin looked up and down. Looking at Zhang Jiachang, he felt that it was really not easy for him to get out of this step. It seems that he really heard what he said to him that day.

It’s not that Old Lin is talking nonsense, because his sensitive sense can clearly feel that the “human taste” on Zhang Jiachang is getting weaker and weaker, which is really not a good thing for a person like him. .

For example, if a person does not have any emotion and position, and only has a simple relationship of right and wrong to measure the world, then he will easily come to a theory, that is, the theory of human guilt, The next step is inhuman.

Other people are inhumans, but if this grandfather is inhuman in front of you, then humans are really ridiculous enough…

For Zhang Jiachang, let him go more Contacting this world and understanding this world is actually the best protection measure for others.

So no matter what, Mr. Old Lin will help him find a suitable job.

But less than ten minutes after the resume was sent out, Zhang Jiachang’s phone rang. He picked it up and took a look, and found that it was an unfamiliar number.

“Hello, hello.”

There was a sudden noise from the other end of the phone, and then there was an indistinct “The voice is nice, nice! Don’t worry, don’t worry. .”, and finally: “Hello? Hello, is it Zhang… Jiachang, Mr. Zhang?”


“Okay, you We have already seen the resume, if it is convenient for you, can you come to the 11th floor, Tower B, Hongyun Building at 9:30 in the morning for an interview?” The voice on the other end of the phone sounded serious: “You can call this number when you arrive, and we will A specialist will take you in.”


Zhang Jiachang hung up the phone and looked up at Teacher Old Lin blankly: “Tell me to go for an interview. …”

The Grandfather Pi next to him was stunned, and Mr. Old Lin was not much better, because although biologically speaking, Zhang Jiachang is at the top of the food chain, but from the sociological attribute Speaking of which, he’s really… not very good.

I dropped out of school in the second year of junior high school, without any relevant industry training, without any work experience, and some only worked as a cook for eight years, three of which were just selling milk tea.

And Hongyun Building is the king of the most prosperous Commerce District in the area. All kinds of big companies are concentrated there, and it is really impossible to squeeze in without any power.

As for why he sent his resume to the company there, it was because Mr. Old Lin didn’t know what Zhang Jiachang could do, so… he sent it like spam and cast a net to catch him.

But didn’t expect to catch a big fish in ten minutes.

As time went by, Zhang Jiachang’s cell phone never stopped, and there were various requests for interviews, and some even said that he would be employed on the same day. This set of operations completely unprepared the Old Lin division.

“It must be because he looks good!” Grandfather Pi concluded Zhang Jiachang: “If an old man sees Brother Zhang in a pile of crooked melons and jujubes, I will also without the slightest hesitation. Yes, face is money these days.”

“Actually not necessarily, maybe it’s simply because of the aesthetics of elder sisters, he looks very clean.” Teacher Old Lin commented on this. He also began to reason: “Who doesn’t like a clean boy?”

“He doesn’t look clean, he is really clean.” Grandfather Pi said decisively: “Oh, a group of act recklessly If you want to eat the swan leaders, the old man will kill them!”

Zhang Jiachang quickly pressed the head of the restless Grandfather Pi: “Don’t make trouble… I’ll have an interview tomorrow. .”

(end of this chapter)

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