What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 190


Chapter 190 is today!

Twelve working days, the acquisition activity in Hong Kong lasted for twelve working days, and now Wugenshui feels like a dream, because before half a month he was still a poor businessman who was driven to a dead end Little Boss.

And today, when the acquisition was announced, he has become the boss of the largest film company in Hong Kong. Although the majority of the shares are still in the hands of the eldest sister, it doesn’t matter. In the words of the eldest sister, she is her. I don’t pay much attention to such a small business, and I’m not very interested. Generally, it is who manages the position, which means that although she spends money to do this thing, she doesn’t care how to operate her, just divide the money at the end of each year. As for how to deal with newly acquired companies, naturally Treated with rootless water.

Old Bastard’s company is relatively complex, but it still can’t stand the super terrifying money offensive. Although he is the company’s largest shareholder, his share is less than 40%, only 100%. About 32/32, and Wugenshui, who now holds 57% of their company’s equity, has undoubtedly become the biggest Boss of the hostile company.

“Don’t tell me, this big chair is comfortable to sit on.”

Wugenshui turned around on the chair in the old bastard office: “You haven’t done less work here. Bad thing, right?”

Old Bastard sitting on the sofa opposite, he didn’t know what words to use to describe his expression, he pursed his lips and didn’t say a word, because he knew himself and his life’s hard work Now it’s all in the hands of the Junior on the opposite side, and he still can’t figure out what kind of power can buy his own company’s shares regardless of cost. What’s wrong with using that money? Don’t come here for a spin.

But helplessness is helpless, complaints are complaints, and now it’s a done deal. When Mei Junsheng came here with his shares in hand and asked for a shareholders’ meeting, his whole life’s pride could only be put down.

“Huang Sheng, you said that this life is really amazing.” Wugenshui leaned on the Boss chair, put his feet on the luxurious table, looked at the ceiling, and whispered. He said, “Who would have thought it would be solved like this, it was just a trivial matter not worth mentioning.”

After finishing speaking, Wugenshui picked up a document and asked the secretary next to it to pass it to him. old bastard: “Huang Sheng, it’s time to retire. Here is the share transfer contract, and I gave you an additional 1 million. Is it enough? Not enough, I will give you an additional 50,000.”

Now old How much Bastard hates, he can’t tell, maybe most of them are powerless, because after this Mei Junsheng holds 57% of the shares here, he began to transfer to ten at a very low price. In the hands of five subsidiaries under his name, this can avoid monopoly investigations and reasonably avoid taxes. More importantly, the result of this operation is that the shares in the hands of old bastard plummeted from nearly 2 billion US dollars in just a few days. It has reached less than 80 million US dollars, and it continues to plummet.

Wugenshui somewhat admires the group of people raised by the eldest sister. They are all talented people. They can really manipulate the market situation invisibly, just in the past few days. , they topped the entire Hong Kong stock market to a climax, and these experts also directly collapsed the entire entertainment section. Now in the environment of running and selling, the stocks in the hands of old bastard will increase every day. How many millions and tens of millions.

And these stocks have Mafia capital in them. If this hole cannot be filled in a short time, the only end for old bastard is to jump off the building with the whole family like Ding Crab.

80 million US dollars, the delivery price is barely able to repay the funds to the Mafia, it may be almost, but after he sold several of his mansions, he could still be able to pay the entire 100 million dollars. dollars.

After a lifetime of struggle, in the end, nothing was left. Old Bastard leaned helplessly on the sofa and pinched his forehead. I didn’t expect my present report to come so quickly. I was humiliating the younger generation in front of me in the same way a few days ago, but now I am greeted back in this way.

“I advise you to sign it, otherwise things won’t necessarily end like this tomorrow.” Wugenshui opened a book and glanced at it, then threw it on the table: “You Your daughter and son-in-law are in Canada, your son and daughter-in-law are in France, your granddaughter is studying in Germany, and your grandson is an artist in Italy. Ah, what a rich family. But you should know the style of the mafia, right, if you In the past few days, you can’t return the money to them, and the place where your granddaughter appears can only be the Netherlands.”

Hearing this, old bastard’s hands trembled, he took a deep breath, After taking over the contract, he frowned and hovered the pen over the place where the contract was signed. The most difficult thing in the world to write is your own name. If you write this down, the past will become a cloud of smoke.

At this time, Wugenshui got up, played with the ornaments on the old bastard table in his hands, and walked in front of him with a smile: “You said you, what kind of woman have you been for so many years? Haven’t played it before, is it worth doing this for such a beautiful bitch? For her to fuck me, now you have an accident, where is she?”

Old bastard signed with trembling hands His own name, and then he leaned there like he was dead and didn’t move. But Wugenshui didn’t bother to look at him again, whistled, picked up the two contracts on the table, patted old bastard’s forehead, and walked out.

“Okay, now you are the entertainment king in Hong Kong.” The lawyer beside Hu Niu smiled and said to Wugenshui, “By the way, several of that person’s properties have also been dropped by the way. What do you plan to do with the acquisition?”

“Renovate it, and next time the Lord comes to play, there will be a place to live.” Wugenshui raised his head and said with a smile: “Everything is for the Lord. “

“Everything is for the Holy Master.”

The people around them all shouted in unison, just like a cult organization, but in fact these social elites are actually They belong to the Twelve Spirits and are the secular part of the Twelve Spirits. They are all Peak talents cultivated by orphans adopted by the elder sister. The concept they have been instilled since childhood is that everything is for the Lord. Loyalty is directly filled, and there is no need to worry about their mouth being unreliable.

Wugenshui looked back, shrugged, but didn’t think it was strange, after all, it should have been taken for granted.

This matter has been settled. Although there are still some tails to deal with, this is basically the ending. The rest is the heroine surnamed Wang. A notice was issued, that is, all the entertainment companies under his name will no longer have any business dealings with Miss Wang XX, and will permanently stop the distribution of films and TV series that have been completed and are being reviewed.

Nowadays, Mei is a big dark horse in the entertainment industry. Other entertainment companies will not have any contact with Young Lady Wang after seeing this announcement, because they will inevitably deal with Mei. , It’s really not worth it to go to a few hundred million business for a woman with a bad reputation.

And at this moment, in GZ Studio City, Xiaoxiao was squatting beside eating a box lunch waiting for the next scene to come. She was eating and scanning her phone, and suddenly she came across this notice from Mei’s , after seeing this, Xiaoxiao was very excited and said to the colleague next to him: “Look at this!”

“It’s really retribution, I already said that this woman won’t be popular for a long time. The gold master, do whatever you want all day long.”

Xiao Xiao continued to follow this article to guide her reading, and found that so many things happened during this period. The Lord’s company has been eaten up…

“Is this drama invested by Mei’s?”

“You don’t know?” The colleague next to him was amazed: “When the king drove away before, it was Mr. Mei himself who came here. Didn’t you see it?”

“Ah?” Xiaoxiao was stunned: “Really?”

“Of course, I guess I’m just too angry. Well, let’s follow Mr. Mei and don’t worry about being bullied.”

Xiaoxiao said, but it felt a little strange. That’s all, I don’t think much about the rest, after all, she is so busy every day now that the mother was worried that she ran over from the country two days ago. Seeing her like this, she simply lived here to take care of her. The past few days She was filming and looking for a new place to live, and she really didn’t even have enough time to sleep.

“Xiao Xiao, why didn’t the handsome guy who came with you come the past few days?” A female supporting role in this play came up to Xiao Xiao curiously and asked, “He is very good. Charm, are you a couple?”

“Hahaha, stop talking nonsense. We are just ordinary friends.” Xiaoxiao waved his hands again and again: “It’s a colleague from the previous unit.”

” Then don’t blame us for being rude!”

Several young girls burst into laughter, and the feeling of youth erupted all of a sudden, but they didn’t know the Wang surname at all. How did the heroine disappear, let alone the rising winds and scudding clouds in these short ten days.

As for Brother Zhang they asked, he was sitting in the yard making rice cakes at this time, because today’s main dish is fried cheese rice cakes, and insisting on making rice cakes by hand is a kind of respect for food.

The past few days there were no group performances, so the group performance leader over there didn’t call Brother Zhang, and he naturally resumed his life like a veteran cadre. , he has nothing to adapt to, because this is his life.

Sister Gou squatted on the ground and watched Xiao Zhang beat the rice cake, while Nian Nian held a bowl with chopsticks and ate the hot rice cake dipped in sugar, while Xu Wei put the steamed glutinous rice on it. In the pot beside Xiao Zhang, only Da Huang was dozing on the treetops in the yard, his tail kept rolling back and forth, and Da Huang’s exclusive Bluetooth speaker was placed next to it, playing the assassin creed. The soundtrack of Origins, a mummy smell.

“Is anyone here? How are you?”

At this time, there was a sound from the front, and Brother Zhang stood up and wiped his hands, and slammed the hammer for hitting the rice cake in front of Sister Gou. Put: “Come.”

(End of this chapter)

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