What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 191


Chapter 191 Saving Goddess

“Hello…I’m here to find an old friend.”

The woman in front of her is tall and slender, her figure is almost perfect, her flaxen hair resembles nature itself, and her appearance is not very good, but in terms of public aesthetics, it must be the classic beauty of the East and the West, and the temperament on her body is like an iris blooming in the dark night. Flowers, mysterious and fresh.

Brother Zhang spread out his hand and let her look around: “Which is your old friend here?”

At this moment, Da Huang shook his head and jumped to the ground. On the counter: “It’s me.”

“I’m here to say goodbye to you…” Luna sat down and looked at Da Huang, who was covered in tree bark and fallen leaves, with a sad expression: “I will be tomorrow. I’m about to leave, there have been three orders to me, I have to go.”

Da Huang looked back at Brother Zhang: “It’s not bad, after all, you are about to serve. Humans are also master gods.”

Luna opened his mouth, but didn’t say anything, and finally sighed after a long time, pointing to a bottle of wine on the shelf behind Brother Zhang: ” Please bring me that bottle of wine.”

“It’s fake.” Brother Zhang said simply and clearly: “There’s paint water in it, just to look good.”

Luna’s expression is weird , she sat there all of a sudden without all the imposing manner, just like the daughter in the story of a parent marrying her daughter to an old bachelor in the village for money, with a bitter look on her face.

Brother Zhang patted Da Huang: “Does your friend order food?”

Da Huang nods: “Give her pig ears, not spicy, but more numb. “

Brother Zhang was silent for a while, then he actually took out the pig’s ears from the refrigerator and cut a plate, and put it in front of Luna, and Luna didn’t even see this thing, naturally it was Those who dare not speak, but Da Huang is welcome, he lowered his head and ate it all, and halfway through eating, he raised his head and said to Luna, “I leave the peanuts for you, you can taste it.”

But at this time, no one cares about those peanuts anymore. Luna just sat there with a haggard expression, watching Da Huang nibble on the pig’s ears, and Da Huang nibbled halfway, raised his head and said to Xiao Zhang. : “Do you have goat milk? Bring her a glass.”

“Is it because cats can’t digest milk?” Brother Zhang took out a bottle of goat milk and poured it into the basin for Da Huang to feed: “Don’t let other guests see me feeding the cat with normal utensils.”

Da Huang didn’t say anything, just sighed said: “Would you like us to change, you come here as a pet, I’ll go Is the big white elephant a servant girl?”

Luna raised his head and looked at Brother Zhang and then at Da Huang, nodded like garlic.

“You wishful thinking!” Da Huang said after giving her a kiss: “I don’t like things with long noses, it’s disgusting.”

With this, Luna is even more saddened Now, he was about to cry, but Da Huang didn’t care at all, he just lay there lazily, with his head sideways sticking out his tongue to lick the goat’s milk, his face full of leisurely contentment.

Little Brother Zhang didn’t ask any questions. He rarely intervenes in the behavior of Three Realms. As long as they are not aggressive, it is their business to make trouble.

“Are you rich?” Da Huang asked suddenly, “If you want money, I can find someone to fight the big white elephant for you.”

“But he It’s the main god…except the Guardian, who is invincible in the human world.”

“Hey, don’t worry about that. Just ask if you have money.”

Luna was silent for a moment, Then nodded: “There are… there are some.”

“Some are how much the fuck!” Da Huang raised his head and asked seriously: “Three or five thousand dollars, that’s not good. This matter The difficulty is still very high, you have to prepare at least 20 million.”

“Huh? 20 million? Yes… I have.”

“I mean Dollars!”

“Can’t the euro?” Luna asked timidly after being silent for a while.

Big list! Da Huang suddenly came to his senses. Isn’t this a big order of 20 million euros? According to Zhang Yao’s promise, whoever pulls the business will get a 15% commission, and the 3 million euros will be handed. , that day was not so good, right? The most expensive cat can eat a can for a dog, drink a bottle of goat milk to water flowers!

For financial freedom, Da Huang immediately jumped off the stage, then took out the phone and called Zhang Yao. Zhang Yao was also refreshed when she heard it, and rushed here without saying a word.

After a while, Zhang Yao arrived, and she saw the worried Luna sitting there at a glance.

“Hehe, is Little Sister any troubles?”

Because Luna is in Goddess and immortal, so she looks seventeen or eighteen, Zhang Yao is twenty-seven or eight years old, so it’s not too much to call her Little Sister.

“You call her Little Sister Ghou. When she was born, your eighteenth generation ancestors had just separated.” Da Huang whispered: “She is the Moon God! Moon God, do you understand? One of the Martial Goddess, as famous as Athena.”

“No, don’t talk nonsense, I remember Martial Goddess is Athena.” Zhang Yao curiously asked: “But it doesn’t matter. , Miss Luna, what’s the trouble with you?”

Luna is now a person who is about to die from drowning, no matter what kind of life-saving straw, she will reach out and get a hand. After the questioning, she told her all the predicaments she encountered.

After listening to all the content, Zhang Yao didn’t say anything but just filled a large bottle of water. Brother Zhang saw that Zhang Yao went from being complacent to flustered and couldn’t help but feel funny, so he He opened his mouth and asked, “Do you have the confidence to accept this?”

But his question obviously did not get a positive answer from Zhang Yao, he just swallowed and asked, “How can these foreigners say Chinese, is this a bug?”

Brother Zhang still didn’t answer, but Da Huang said disdainfully: “It’s really easy to make a fuss about nothing in a long time. In the years of age, the most common way of leisure is to study.”

“Then I haven’t seen you research on controlled nuclear fusion.”

“Hello.” Da Huang Reluctantly, he stood up and said, “You have to understand that we just live a long time and not have a high IQ. Can we learn controllable nuclear fusion by studying? Then does your logic mean that ten fifth-grade elementary school students are equivalent to A scientist who has been studying science for fifty years?”

“The length of time and width cannot be equated.” Zhang Yao retorted Da Huang’s words persistently.

“But when you saw Calculus in fifth grade, would you study it?”

“I don’t think you’re very smart and articulate.”

Da Huang sighed, turned his head and said to Brother Zhang: “This woman is soft all over her body, but her mouth is very hard.”

Brother Zhang nodded, and then said with a smile: “But isn’t the question under discussion now how to save this Martial Goddess?”

Of course Zhang Yao knew that the core issue now was to save Goddess, but when she learned that this was actually the plan of those above, And if you want to save Goddess, you will inevitably offend the two main gods of civilization at the same time, Zhang Yao is actually a little cowardly.

“She’s scared.”

“You fart.” Zhang Yao refuted Da Huang sharply: “When have I ever been scared!”

“Then you Come!”

“Come, come.”


“Come, come!”

This At that time, Goddess had already taken out the laurel under the moon and placed it in front of Zhang Yao: “If it succeeds, I can even give you Divine Force.”

I’m tempted! To be honest, Zhang Yao was instantly moved. But she, who has always been rigorous, still raised her head and looked towards Brother Zhang, and Brother Zhang nodded said it was true. This time Zhang Yao was even more itchy, but she was still a little scared, so she asked Goddess: “Why don’t you want to go there?”

“You won’t marry an Indian. Do you want to? Me too.” Miss Luna’s eyes turned red at that time: “My impression of him is ugly, stinky, vulgar, savage and ignorant.”

“Then why don’t you Ask the magical conch?” Zhang Yao pointed at Brother Zhang: “Can’t he just say something to you?”

Zhang Yao already knew the identity of Brother Zhang, and it was a big mouth. What Pippi told her, she didn’t believe it at first, but after multiple verifications, the cruel reality finally told her that Brother Zhang is different from those coquettish bitches, he is really awesome.

The Moon God heard this shaking his head and glanced at Brother Zhang with a helpless expression: “Guardian will not be involved in this kind of thing.”

“Really not. Will it?” Zhang Yao glanced at Brother Zhang curiously: “You are so heartless.”

Brother Zhang gently shook the head: “No.”

“Then how?” Zhang Yao suddenly asked curiously: “If you want to participate in a certain event, what preconditions do you need.” The machine whipped cream and said with a smile after hearing Zhang Yao’s words: “Don’t expect to pull me into the water, if you really provoke something of that level, they don’t need to trigger the restricted area setting if they want to destroy you.”

Zhang Yao understands as soon as she hears it. Brother Zhang’s meaning is very simple, that is, if he provokes those main gods by himself, then if they want to kill themselves, they don’t need to use those powers that are beyond the scope and need to be punished. , a slap probably solved it.

But the question is here, how much energy is foul.

“Don’t think about it.” Brother Zhang shook his head and said, “Don’t play with fire.”

“I know.” Zhang Yao leaned there and looked at Goddess in pain. Appearance: “You mean that I have no hope at all, but I really want to challenge it. I have to fight for the oppressed women and comrades of the whole world.”

After she finished speaking, she pondered. After a while: “Is there any civilized main god at the same level that is a girl? And it is a more naive kind.” “

At this moment, the door of the milk tea shop was opened, and a dark-skinned Diners Lai Mei girl in the uniform of Xiaojin Coffee Shop walked in with a happy face. She saw Brother Xiao Zhang. After that, he jumped up and down and said, “There is a customer over there who wants your chicken! Hurry up, hurry up!”

Brother Zhang looked at her, Da Huang looked at her, Luna Looking at her too, only Zhang Yao asked blankly: “What’s wrong? Why are you all looking at her?”

“Well…” Brother Zhang pondered for a while: “I take back what I just said. words.”

“What words?”

“How can the Lord God be naive.”

(End of this chapter)

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