What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 192


Chapter 192 The frankness is indeed coming up

“Don’t you think this is very sad? Women are not respected and treated as items It’s a tragedy! It’s a tragedy even more than a tragedy!”

“ka ka…”

“You must understand that as women, we must not let this This kind of thing happens, we need to unite and make those stinking men pay, can you see what I mean?”

“ka ka…”

“Although I don’t Know why you are the Lord Divine Grade, but I know you must be very powerful, right? You have the ability to solve this tragedy, right? Then why can’t you speak up for your fellow women? Make this world a better place?”

“ka ka…”

Zhang Yao’s voice was almost hoarse, but the black-skinned Dalailai in front of her always looked at her blankly, her expression like a dementia, eating potatoes in her hands The film’s hand never stopped, and she was naturally unmoving despite the winds of East, West, North, and South.

“Can she understand what I’m saying?” Zhang Yao turned her head and asked Brother Zhang, “Why is there no reaction at all?”

“Yes.” Xiao Zhang Brother said with a smile: “It’s just that she doesn’t want to talk to you.”

“Huh?” Zhang Yao looked at Brother Zhang dumbfoundedly: “Why?”

At this time, Brother Zhang was lying on the counter with a smile on his face, looking at the black-skinned Dalailai idiot Goddess, then pointed to Zhang Yao and said to her: “Help her, she will pack you a whole year of snacks .”

“Deal!” The Diners Lai Mei girl immediately stood up and pointed at Miss Luna, “That’s it, I’ll take her to find the baby elephant tomorrow.”

Zhang Yao was stunned, and Brother Zhang continued to add: “Don’t break your promise, otherwise she will be very angry.”

But this doesn’t seem to be that important, because just now Luna has already As I said before, the body of the big white elephant is more than one thousand meters high and three thousand meters long. It is an incomparable gigantic thing, and this black-skinned Dalilai opens his mouth and says a little elephant for what?

So Zhang Yao asked blankly, “Why is she called the White Elephant God and the Little Elephant? How old is she?”

Little Brother Zhang sat back in the chair When she got up, her face became heavy: “World level.”

“I know, she is really world level.” Zhang Yao didn’t know whether to cry or laugh said: “This is a must Is there an I-shield? She’s almost squirting out…”

“It’s not this, it’s her body shape.” Da Huang returned to the counter after convenience, and tugged before squatting there. Putting a piece of paper under his ass: “The Feathered Serpent God is the largest known creature in this world.”

“She turned out to be the Feathered Serpent God…” Zhang Yao sighed: “It seems that I want to Let’s go and supplement the knowledge of the myth system.”

“Actually, there is nothing to add.” Da Huang replied: “Myths are all talk nonsense.”

At this time, the small Brother Zhang called the black-skinned Dalailai and whispered something in her ear, only to see the black-skinned Dalailai nodded again and again, and then kept whispering in response to the little brother Zhang, the two finally It seemed that some agreement had been reached, and they gave each other high fives.

When the black-skinned Dalai Laimei girl returned to Zhang Yao’s side, she raised a finger and said, “Let me say first, I want to eat a lot of small snacks and they are very expensive. One hundred dollars!”

Zhang Yao turned her head and looked towards Brother Zhang and said with her mouth: “Has she never eaten something good?”

Brother Zhang hung down Eyelids do not speak, just smile.

Then I heard the black skin Dalailai continue to say: “We will go tomorrow, because only tomorrow I have leave.”

Zhang Yao busy nodded: “Yes, of course. Yes.”

Then the black leather Dilailai raised a finger again: “But you have to come with me, because I don’t know the way, I’m very stupid.”

Zhang Yao couldn’t recover her thoughts all of a sudden, she was stunned for a moment and then suddenly asked: “It’s stupid?”

“en.” Hei Pi Lai Lai nodded and said: “I can’t tell the difference. I have a clear direction, and it is easy to be deceived. So I need a very smart person to help me. I…I…”

She suddenly looked towards Brother Zhang, her eyes full of He was helpless, and his face was blank.

“Did you forget your words?” Zhang Yao also looked back at Brother Zhang: “He taught you to say that, right?”

Lailai was a little helpless, and then looked towards Brother Zhang with a miserable smile on his face.

Zhang Yao rolled her eyes helplessly, then sat down and said to Brother Zhang, “So she’s really an idiot, right?”

Brother Zhang just said She doesn’t laugh, she doesn’t shake her head, but now she seems very pale and powerless to say anything. An idiot is an idiot, the kind that doesn’t look smart at first glance. After all, she can’t even be a waiter, so she must be smart. Nobody believed it.


Zhang Yao snapped her fingers and immediately understood all the problems. First of all, it can be confirmed that this black skin Dilailai is a top battle strength, and it is definitely the main Divine Grade. Secondly, her reaction is very slow and her brain is not very flexible. Finally, she is very easy to be brainwashed and easily controlled by others.

After knowing these three elements, Zhang Yao, an extremely shrewd woman, immediately came up with a plan. He first ordered Luna to go out to buy food for a few hundred dollars, and then hugged the pile of food. Said to the dark skin D Lailai: “Can you help me heal my foot? I can give you a packet of biscuits to eat.”

Hei skin D Lailai helplessly looked towards Xiao Brother Zhang, it can be seen that she has a strong desire for cookies, but she is afraid of breaking the rules that Brother Zhang has set for her, so she is at a loss for a while.

Brother Zhang also reluctantly waved to her, indicating that he would not care.

Although the black-skinned Dalailai is not smart, at least it is much better than the border collie. She keenly captured the meaning of Xiao Zhang’s expression, grabbed the biscuit in Zhang Yao’s hand, and then Slap on her foot.

Zhang Yao jumped up on one leg from the pain, but after jumping twice, she realized that the place where she had broken the bone really didn’t hurt anymore, and she didn’t feel that tragic pain anymore. When the plaster was removed from the leg, it was found that the affected area had completely healed, and even the slightest trace of fracture could not be seen.

“It’s amazing…” Zhang Yao looked at the Feather Serpent God who was stuffing biscuits on his body in astonishment, and gradually came up with a plan in his heart.

“I advise you not to have crooked thoughts.” Brother Zhang reminded at the back: “She is the object of special attention. Once she is too excited or too angry, it will become a prototype. When the time comes, you will not I know how I died.”


“Really.” Brother Zhang laughed: “For example, if you are in a car, She suddenly becomes a prototype, and it only takes ten seconds for her to expand from her current appearance to her original size, just think about what you will be bumped into.”

Zhang Yao calculated a little, if the In such an environment, even if she is only 100 meters in diameter, with a radius of 50 meters, the person sitting next to her will receive an impact of five meters per second, which is equivalent to a person’s jogging speed. According to the known conditions, she is the largest individual creature known to mankind, so is her diameter theoretically 100 kilometers?

If it was 100 kilometers, that Zhang Yao would be equivalent to being hit head-on by something running at 5 kilometers per second, and the first known speed of the universe is only 7.9 kilometers per second.

“How thick is she…”

Brother Zhang picked up a cup: “This is her.”

Then from Da Huang After plucking a hair, Da Huang groaned: “You’re going to die!”

“This is Eiffel Iron Pagoda.”

“Go!” Zhang Yao scolded.

If the approximate ratio is like this, then the diameter of Feather Serpent is about 700 to 900 kilometers, and if it is calculated according to 700 kilometers, the speed of deformation is about 35 Kilometers per second, more than twice the third cosmic speed, do not need to be considered impulse, even if the distance of a manhole cover exceeds 0.5 centimeters, Zhang Yao will soar on the spot, and even if she is lying on top of her, the inertia is enough To crush Zhang Yao into a pool of pus and blood, there is no need to consider friction with the air, overload, etc.

“It’s more terrifying than a nuclear bomb…”

“She is theoretically above the Divine Grade, the world-destroying grade.” Da Huang explained that he explained at this time: “Even if it is There are very few such individuals in the A-Rank control.”

Zhang Yao’s scalp was numb, but Brother Zhang was still unmoved, he just waved his hand and said, “You can solve your own business by yourself. , don’t irritate her.”

When all of them left, Brother Zhang started to work, and Da Huang slowly turned his head: “Did you just pluck my hair? ”

β€œen. ”

β€œIt’s annoying…” Da Huang moved to the side: β€œYou can also say hello when you pluck the hair, doesn’t it hurt?”

“I’m sorry.” Brother Zhang patted Da Huang’s back: “Aren’t you going to help your friend?”

“She’s not my friend.” Da Huang curl one’s lip: “It’s just an old acquaintance.”

After speaking, Da Huang was stunned for a moment, then jumped off the stage and said as he walked out: “No, I have to watch, my percent The 15th commission can’t be without me, Zhang Yao is shrewd and stingy, she can’t take advantage of her.”

Brother Zhang looked at the way he ran out as soon as he went out, I couldn’t help laughing, thinking that Da Huang always said that others were tough, but didn’t expect him to be the top tough-mouthed player.

After all their tossing and turning, the sky is getting dark, and the busiest time for Xiao Zhang will come, but today is very strange, there are no guests when the time is up, it may be because it is raining outside for the sake of it.

But even if there are no customers, it is quite enjoyable to sit in the quiet shop, turn on the music and the sound of the rain outside. It’s just a pity that today’s main popping cheese rice cake doesn’t seem to sell.

The dazed little brother Zhang just sat there and enjoyed the time alone, until a phone call came to him, he picked it up and found that it was Qing Lingzi, so he picked up curiously. Telephone.

“Holy Lord Jin’an.”

Even Qing Lingzi, the first sentence that came up was to greet the Lord, Brother Zhang un’ed: “What’s the matter? “

“It’s like this… I seem to have picked up the person on the Black Spiritual Mountain, the dead soul Guanyin.”

Brother Zhang snorted, and then said: “Then It’s good.”

“many thanks Lord, if the Lord doesn’t order, the subordinates will retire.”


hang up On the phone, Qing Lingzi put out a long breath, turned her head and looked at the woman who had just woken up after being in a coma for many days. She looked pretty and had the feeling of a pretty daughter in a humble family, but Qing Lingzi knew very well that she The aura on her body is by no means something that a person can possess. It is not so much the host of Hei Guanyin that it is better to say that she is Hei Guanyin herself.

This is a powerful and terrifying battle strength, but from the previous situation, she had to suffer a certain amount of damage and pain to activate the Black Avalokitesvara in her body. Like regular gods and Buddhas, she was ordained and suffered. , Suffering is the key to this Sect.

“Qing Lingzi, what did the Lord say.”

“Holy Lord congratulate me.” Qing Lingzi sneered: “I just didn’t say anything.”

“It’s the best answer if you don’t say anything.” Sai Dongfeng wrapped his arms around the black Guanyin in front of him a few times: “Then what should she do?”

Qing Lingzi said after pondering for a moment. : “Take pain as the lead and pain as the training, Sea of Bitterness Purdue, endless hatred. Black Guanyin, killing people is the ultimate weapon.”

“Then stay. , but you look at her stupid, she doesn’t look like a flexible object.”

Qing Lingzi ignored Sai Dongfeng, just ordered him to fetch some food, and the black Guanyin was just He stared blankly at Qing Lingzi, like a rag doll without a soul, Qing Lingzi didn’t dare to make trouble, just tried to ask the black Guanyin a few questions, but the opposite seemed to be unable to speak, and opened his eyes. There was only that kind of breath coming out of the mouth.

“Come, look at me.” Qing Lingzi raised a finger: “Look at me.” Lingzi nodded, determined that she was able to understand people’s words, but she may have lost her memory and some functions for some reason.

But reshaping a person is exactly what Qing Lingzi is good at, so he soon began to reshape the black Guanyin, which is simply brainwashing.

It is absolutely impossible to rely on mana for brainwashing, because the level gap is too large. The gap between them is equivalent to the gap between the director of the county party committee office and the president of the United States. If Qing Lingzi can control it, he can wake up laughing from his dreams.

But the problem is that now the other party is a blank piece of paper. Although Qing Lingzi is a mage, he was able to become a prince of a party. The most important point here is that his organizational ability is very outstanding, and to be honest Qing Lingzi prides himself on not being a good person, but he really has nothing to say to his subordinates, such as the blood glutton who has not won a single victory in a single battle except for cooking. A dying beggar turned into a waste.

This Qinglingzi still takes him wherever he goes, and he has never said anything about abandoning him, so although he is a villain, he is really good in some aspects.

So now that we want to reshape Hei Guanyin, we have to start from scratch, so Qing Lingzi began to teach Hei Guanyin little by little like raising a child, from speaking to recognizing characters, from eating to the toilet.

But fortunately, although the spiritual wisdom of Hei Guanyin is destroyed, the main Divine Grade is the main Divine Grade. The recovery is very fast, and the memory is almost terrifying. It only takes one night to speak, and can Use dictionaries proficiently.

Watching Hei Guanyin go from that doll state to now while eating and flipping through the dictionary, Qing Lingzi felt a little weird.

Of course, this is not enough, because Qing Lingzi has to establish a personality for this great god, so he started a big battle of cognition. Brother Zhang Hui, Zhenshan Spell on the Twelve Spirits side is a dream, but it is his heart that clears Lingzi. It’s just that they are not as exaggerated as Brother Zhang, and Huimeng really only sees a certain point in someone’s memory, and his heart is just perceiving each other.

This is supposed to be the normal appearance of these two spells, but Xiao Zhang is a bit… foul when he uses it. Huimeng directly ignores the individual reading history, and his mind directly ignores realm’s subversion of cognition.

And the spell of Qinglingzi’s other mind is to be able to pass on part of his own thinking, cognition and knowledge to others. This spell was originally used to train spirit corpses. The conscious corpse was transformed into a conscious corpse, but it failed in the end, but the technique of his heart was preserved, because using this spell to give people a lesson was absolutely amazing.

And this is not to modify and distort other people’s cognition, but to transmit knowledge and information, so it is not limited by the difference of high and low ability.

But Hei Guanyin’s mind was blank, so she didn’t have anything to transmit to Qing Lingzi, on the contrary, Qing Lingzi’s knowledge was poured into her uncontrollably, at first Qing Lingzi still felt nothing, but soon he found out that something was wrong, because when he felt that it was almost the same, his mind technique couldn’t stop, and his memory, thinking and thoughts went crazy through the chain of his mind. into the consciousness of Hei Guanyin.

Soon her expression and eyes changed, and a smile gradually appeared on the corner of her mouth. Seeing this scene, Qing Lingzi knew that it was too late, and she would soon be blackened by Guanyin. copied over.

But it’s too late, just when Qing Lingzi was in despair, Sai Dongfeng came back, he leg raised and kicked Qing Lingzi out and hit the wall heavily. The collision also interrupted the transmission of his heart technique.

Qing Lingzi clutched her waist and put out a long breath: “Your kicks are hard enough…”

“It’s hard to find someone who uses public office to avenge private wrongs Opportunity.” Sai Dongfeng stepped forward and helped him up: “You are really bold, you dare to use his mind tricks on monsters of this level.”

Qing Lingzi laughed, he knew that because of his Seeking instant benefit almost made a big mistake…

But when they looked towards Hei Guanyin, she had already started to walk around the room with a smile on her face: “old fogey, you really are Yes, it gave me such a high level of wisdom.”

Qing Lingzi was stunned: “Who are you!”

“Who am I? I don’t even know who I am. Who, anyway, should be a pitiful person you rescued.” Hei Guanyin stood in front of the mirror and looked back: “I was recalled by you, but most of my memories are still yours. You called me Is it Hei Guanyin? Well, I like this name very much, and I will be called Hei Guanyin in the future.”

Qing Lingzi was stunned for a moment, his brows furrowed.

“Oh, I sense you’re nervous.” Hei Guanyin turned around and looked at Qing Lingzi: “How could I hurt you, emotionally impossible. But you are amazing. , old fogey.”

Qing Lingzi laughed instead: “The last person who called me old fogey…”

“It’s your adopted daughter, right, Xiangtao. I I remember them all.” Hei Guanyin said with a smile: “But she has been dead for more than 2,000 years. But you, you, an old monster of more than 2,000 years old, actually learned so much in just over a year. You have a lot of knowledge in this era, I really admire you. You gave me your memory and knowledge, and it’s really good.”

After finishing speaking, Hei Guanyin’s hand twitched on the wall , and then the entire wall was immediately covered by a layer of black mist, and countless hands stretched out from the black mist, and then she wiped off all the black mist on the wall with a wave of her hand, and then tore a few pieces of paper at random, and raised it to the sky , The black tiger jumped out all the time, and circled Qinglingzi a few times. Qinglingzi stretched out his hand and flicked, and the tiger turned into thousands of pieces of paper and scattered in the room.

“Hahahaha…Awesome, right?”

Hei Guanyin’s laughter was like a little girl showing off to Qing Lingzi, and Qing Lingzi looked at her, actually In a trance, I saw my adopted daughter more than 2,000 years ago, the child he picked up by strangers coming together by chance, a mortal person who finally vanished fragrance and crumbled jade at the age of nineteen because of his involvement.

“Holy Master…” Hei Guanyin suddenly frowned: “Hey, don’t be so old-fashioned, what age, you still believe in the Holy Master. Well, I’ll kill you He.”


Before she finished speaking, Hei Guanyin had disappeared in front of Qing Lingzi, and then she turned around and came to Brother Zhang. Outside the cafeteria, she tilted her head to look, then opened the door with a chuckle and walked in.

Hei Guanyin, who walked in, observed the all around, and then came to Brother Zhang: “Are you the Holy Master?”

Brother Zhang who was shoveling eggs Picking up the shovel and slapping it on Hei Guanyin’s head, she felt a pain in her head, a buzzing sound, then her eyes darkened, and when she opened her eyes again, she was already lying in front of Qing Lingzi.

She looked all around, and then an unprecedented fear surged into her heart, she suddenly thought of who the person she was going to kill was, and she shivered, wa’ed crying… …

Qing Lingzi saw her disfigurement, so she had no choice but to call the Holy Master to explain, while Brother Zhang just said with a smile: “It’s okay, it’s normal for your head to be broken, After all, she died once. I helped her repair it, you can play.”

Qing Lingzi, who hung up the phone, looked at the black Guanyin who was rolling with his head on the ground with sympathy: “You… Do you want to go again?”

Hei Guanyin cried even more fiercely…

After she finally finished crying, Qing Lingzi sat next to her with a smile on her face. , because the Holy Master’s shovel wiped out Hei Guanyin’s rebelliousness, she sat there covering her head, and said to Qing Lingzi with a complaining face: “You didn’t warn me…”

“Did you give me a chance to speak?”

“Old fogey, you are so heartless…” Hei Guanyin covered his head, his face full of sadness.

(End of this chapter)

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