What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 193


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“I fought him for 300 rounds at that time, and it was called a Heaven and Earth dimmed Sun and Moon lost radiance, and the situation changed. You can’t even imagine the scene at that time. The three hundred miles around turned into desolation. After a sneak attack, this is considered a defeat.”

Hei Guanyin was describing the scene where he was dueling with the Holy Master, while Sai Dongfeng squinted and listened to her bragging, but Qing Lingzi was Sitting there meditating cultivation, not at all disturbed by the noise next to you.

“Ai, Qing Lingzi. Don’t tell me, this little thing you picked up is quite interesting.”

Sai Dongfeng smiled and spoke to Qing Lingzi, while the side Afraid that they wouldn’t believe it, the black Guanyin even put on an action scene, which seemed to be somewhat believable, but until Qing Lingzi asked with a smile, “What is the weapon used by the Holy Master?”

Hei Guanyin was at a loss for words, he hesitated for a long time and then his eyes shined: “It’s a muddy Heavenly Halberd!”


“Yes, he dances like a tiger. , the momentum is scary.”

Qing Lingzi finally opened his eyes at this time, extend the hand on the iron shelf next to the bed, and the iron shelf was missing a piece immediately, and then he saw the hand in his hand. A shovel for an omelette appeared, and he looked up at Hei Guanyin: “Is that the shape of Heavenly Halberd?”

Hei Guanyin’s face collapsed on the spot when he saw it: ” It’s boring, I’m going to rest.”

Qing Lingzi was still reserved, but after Hei Guanyin left, Sai Dongfeng said happily: “I thought she would be cold and cold, but I didn’t expect it. It’s actually like this.”

“Then go and slash her.”

Sai Dongfeng waved his hands and shook his head in a hurry: “Forget it, I still want to drag out an Ignoble has existed for a few years.”

In fact, Qing Lingzi can now see that Hei Guanyin definitely has two faces, and the form that truly belongs to her needs to be able to use pain as a boat and blood as a guide. Showing her true face, it doesn’t matter what she looks like now, it’s really to the point of showing her true face, and whoever hurts her will pay back at a thousand times the price.

As for the Holy Master hitting her, she deserved it. She didn’t seem to take it to heart, even being hit hard by the Holy Master, her black Guanyin didn’t come out. It illustrates a problem, even the seemingly omnipotent Hei Guanyin is sensible and knows not to provoke it, and as for bragging, just bragging.

And after hearing the sound of the door closing downstairs, Qing Lingzi asked, “How are things going over there?”

“It’s not very smooth, That person is also surrounded by expert guards, and there are so many people that it is not easy to approach.”

“Useless things.” Qing Lingzi extended the hand towards Sai Dongfeng: “Give me the photo.”

Sai Dongfeng smiled and handed the photo of the target person to Qing Lingzi, this is the younger brother of the young master, and according to Sai Dongfeng’s description, this guy is doing partial business, and he is beside him. There are indeed many experts guarding him. If Qing Lingzi didn’t take action, the rotten fish and rotten shrimp under their command would probably not be able to complete the mission.

And after looking at the photo carefully for a while, Qing Lingzi slowly stood up: “I still want my old bones to be shot in the end, right?”

“Who said no? , this time is different from the past, we can’t put our posture too high, let’s take it slowly.”

Qing Lingzi coldly snorted, put on clothes: “Three days will be an auspicious day, I will be there. Do it.”

Watching him leave the room, Sai Dongfeng was shrugged indifferently, and he also knew in his heart that Qing Lingzi was subdued, but this kind of person is always dead like this, and his body is subdued. Now, I still have to put the last punch on my lips, mainly to maintain those ridiculous dignity.

But it didn’t take long before Qing Lingzi left, Hei Guanyin stuck one’s head around to look for and got in. After seeing Sai Dongfeng, she chuckled: “It’s better to leave it to me.”

Seeing this strange guy come and go, Sai Dongfeng raised his eyelids, then said with a smile: “Can you do it?”

“Yes, of course. You But don’t forget, I can fight against the Holy Master for three hundred rounds.” Hei Guanyin was still emphasizing this matter, and then said: “It’s just a lesson to the individual, why can’t it be done.”

Sai Dongfeng leaned on the head of the bed, opened a book and flipped to the place where he had not read it before, while reading the book, he muttered: “This matter is no trivial matter, you have no seriousness in your hands, it really made you stabbed. What a big leak, when the time comes we have to wipe your ass.”

“Don’t worry, don’t forget that I am someone with old fogey memories, how could I have made a leak? , let me try.”

Sai Dongfeng shook his head and said, “Don’t ask me, ask you old fogey.”

In fact, it is not so difficult for Sai Dongfeng to find the black Guanyin now. Getting along, on the contrary, although she inherited most of Qing Lingzi’s memories, her personality did not resemble Qing Lingzi.

This is probably the reason why Qing Lingzi allowed her to act like this. If it was someone else who would attack the Holy Master, even if the Holy Master didn’t blame him, Qing Lingzi would have to marinate that person. But now it’s just a few scoldings and it’s over. Although there is a reason why he can’t do the black Guanyin at all, the deeper reason is that the old bastard is not to become immortal after all.

“Then ask him, it’s definitely no fun.” Hei Guanyin chuckled: “Just tell me, I’ll come back after I’ve dealt with it.”

“Are you addicted to killing? Sai Dongfeng suddenly asked in a serious tone: “Remember, don’t kill innocent people indiscriminately! Otherwise, the Holy Master will come to clean up the portal in person, and I’ll see you fight him for another 300 rounds.”

When it comes to the Lord, Hei Guanyin’s little face turns pale, and the feeling of fear pouring out from the bones cannot be faked, so she hastily nodded, simply didn’t mention anything about the 300 rounds. When I mentioned that I was going to help with the task, I turned my head and went back to rest. Then I had nightmares all night. Among them, I was cleaned by the Holy Lord thirty-seven times, knocked on the head fifty-two times by the Holy Lord with a spatula, and was crushed on the ground. One thousand seven hundred and eighty-five times under Spiritual Mountain.

At this moment, the sky is just getting brighter. Zhang Yao, who could only live in a large warehouse because she sold her room, was woken up by someone. When she opened her eyes, she saw the black-skinned Dalailai kneeling beside her. In fact, she didn’t see her face either. But when you open your eyes, there are two balls, and a fool knows who it is. After all, the sign is too obvious, as if everyone saw Times Square and would never think it was in Wenzhou.

Zhang Yao hurriedly backed away and put her body against the wall by the head of the bed: “How did you get in…”

Although this place is now a sub-base, Zhang Yao’s kind of How can someone who is somewhat paranoid not make this place impregnable. She was haunted by ghosts in her childhood. When she grew up, she could only stop thinking about those things by indulging in engineering. Da Huang ate it, but the insecurities remained the same, so defense was her number one rule.

And now all of my defenses are broken like a low-quality butt-wiping paper, so who can stand it?

“I just… walked over.” Hei Pi Lailai pointed to the door not far away: “There.”

Zhang Yao looked at the alarm that was not triggered He was whispering in his mouth for a while, then sat up straight and wiped his face: “What are you doing here.”

“Go, it’s already dawn.” Lai Lai said seriously: “You can’t go back on what you said yesterday.”

Zhang Yao reacted at once, but today she is going to take the surrounding uncles to negotiate with another main god. At the thought of this, she felt her head numb, because strictly speaking, this was the first time she had to sit at a table negotiating with the existence of the Lord Divine Grade.

But since she wants to do this business, she has to be brave oneself. There is no such good money in the world. Now almost all of her funds are directly invested in the construction of that unnamed island. You can’t sell it, once you sell it, you can only sit and eat, so for some money…

If it’s not for living, who wants to pay for big shit.

After washing up, Zhang Yao changed her clothes, and then she looked left and right and felt that something was wrong with the black-skinned Dalailai. Oh negotiation.

In such a formal negotiation, wearing a maid outfit always feels disrespectful to others…

But the problem is that Zhang Yao tried on her clothes for her, and she actually There’s nothing that can be buckled. In the end, the frustrated Zhang Yao sat there and sighed, while the black-skinned Dalailai was stupid, but she was very gentle. After she ripped off all the buttons of the sixth shirt on her body, she came to Zhang Yao and spoke softly. He said softly: “It doesn’t matter, you’ve worked hard.”

Zhang Yao rolled her eyes and looked at the two balls and then looked down at herself: “It’s not hard, just sad in my heart.”

In the end, I had no choice but to let this Legendary Goddess wear a maid costume to negotiate with the main god of another civilization.

“How do we get there?” Zhang Yao looked up and was standing in front of her refrigerator tearing ham sausages. p>

Diners has already eaten a whole bag of ham sausages, seven cans of luncheon meat, and two cans of canned yellow peaches. She feels almost full. After hearing Zhang Yao’s words, she raised her head and shook her head. Circle, and then suddenly grabbed Zhang Yao’s neck collar.

Zhang Yao only felt that her body was heavy, and then when she opened her eyes, she was already above the stratosphere, with a strange creature that was big but not exaggerated. , while she was inside her protective cover, the terrifying sunlight on the top of her head seemed to pass through a pair of sunglasses, and when it fell, it was just gentle and not dazzling, there was oxygen and no wind, it was very stable, and from this angle , Earth showed a perfect appearance, Zhang Yao stood up happily and cheered, after all, it was too shocking and made people feel that something was not real.

And seven minutes later, she and Da Lailai were standing on a plain, in front of a deep canyon, giraffes were leisurely foraging for food, a group of hyenas were shiver coldly in the distance, lions Run away like crazy.

“This is India?”

“Well, India.” Diners Club nodded and said: “I flew this way.”

Zhang Yao raised her hand and glanced at her watch, then turned her head to look at Da Lailai: “I really believed in your evil.”

Afterwards, they naturally wanted to take off again, but from the morning From eight o’clock until twelve forty noon, they were present in New York, Paris, Honduras, Helsinki, Changchun, Hanoi, Rio, South Pole, Moscow and Canberra.

“I really convinced you.” Zhang Yao has lost the temper after being tossed by her: “India, we are going to India, to New Delhi!”

Diners Lai was chuckled at this time, touched his head and said to Zhang Yao, “I don’t know the way…”

And when they took off again, this time they came to Brother Xi city, maybe because of the big Because Lai Lai was so excited, she actually used this form to hover over Brother Xi City, and happily told Zhang Yao that she knew this place, and she used to live here.

Zhang Yao is really convinced by this old sixth. Seeing that the F22 of the US Emperor is about to rush over, this Dalailai is still happily leading Zhang Yao to visit Brother Xi…

Several fighter jets whistled past the main body of Da Lai Lai, while Da Lai Lai was still walking slowly, until Zhang Yao slapped her back hard: “I’m going to be bombed by missiles!”

Being shouted like this, Da Lai Lai suddenly accelerated, and disappeared under the eyes of everyone in the world like playing a game. What F22F35, even the shadow can’t catch her, even for the sake of her Shuaku also specially performed a multi-point flashing skill.

Zhang Yao couldn’t hold back and vomited on her back.

And Da Lailai didn’t know if she was playing with her heart or she felt that those fighters were unlucky. She had clearly escaped the pursuit range, but she turned her head and turned back, facing the opposite group of fighters. past.

Just when the crucial moment was about to collide, Zhang Yao only felt saw a flash, and then she appeared in Brother Zhang’s backyard, while Da Lailai was bored. Brother Zhang’s palm.

“I told you.” Brother Zhang held down Lord Feather Snake and said to Zhang Yao, “She can easily lose control, so don’t accompany her crazy.”


Zhang Yao just wanted to speak, but the intense dizziness made her wa’ed spit it out. Brother Zhang frowned, and after a few strokes, what Zhang Yao spit on the ground disappeared without a trace.

“I didn’t expect…” Zhang Yao wiped her mouth and sat there covering her head: “She’s so crazy.”

“She’s just not smart, and It’s not cute.” Brother Zhang pulled Dalilai over: “How did I tell you.”

Dalilai had already entered a state of excitement at this moment, and scales began to appear on her face again. This is obviously a prelude to the main words, but Brother Zhang was not in a hurry, just walked to the side to pick up a glass of water and poured it on her face, and everything immediately returned to calm.

Zhang Yao was wheezing and panting next to her, but Brother Zhang just smiled and pointed to the bamboo forest: “You guys can walk in the illusory realm safely.”

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