What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 194


Chapter 194 Heaven and Earth is useless

“You’re a real troublemaker.”

Standing on the street in New Delhi, Zhang Yao reluctantly complained to the Diners Lai Lai next to her: “Look at what you have done all morning.”

Diners Lai Lai did not listen to her, I just had a dispute with the stall owner because I tried to pay with RMB. The stall owner said that if he could touch it, the potato balls would be given to her for free, and she agreed.

“What are you doing!” Zhang Yao walked over and patted the hand of the stall owner, then asked sharply in English, “If you do this, I will call the police.”

After speaking, the swing stick in his hand stretched out: “And don’t think I’m easy to bully.”

The stall owner said something in a hurry, Zhang Yao listened I don’t understand, but Da Lailai turned her head and acted as a translator for her. After listening to Da Lailai’s words, Zhang Yao was so angry that she smoked… dragged her and left this ghost place.

“You’re going to die, aren’t you, so you let him touch you when they say they touch you?”

“But he gave me potato balls to eat.”

Zhang Yao’s back molars clenched ka ka. This is India, a place where even motorcycle exhaust pipes can hardly survive. As a High God, this Diners Lailai Goddess has no sense of shame at all. It’s no wonder that the business of Jinmei Coffee Shop is so good. How can men not like such a thing.

“Remember, you can’t touch your body, no matter what conditions others use, you know? You’re just fooling around!”

“But I don’t have money, and I want to eat it. Potato balls.” Dial Lai Lai patted his chest forcefully: “Equivalent exchange.”

Zhang Yao stood on the side of the road with her hips crossed, watching the upright Di Lai Lai explaining herself and waiting value exchange. It’s not wrong to say that she is wrong, in fact, there is nothing wrong, right, it is equivalent to exchange… When she thinks that her Dinersville can be exchanged for potato balls by touching someone, it is simply too cost-effective, because By origin, there is no Bodhi tree, Nor is there a mirror bright.

Fuck…with a bit of a philosophical twist on it.

But Zhang Yao can’t accept it, this kind of thing is disgusting, and any woman in the new era who has established the correct three views can’t accept this kind of behavior, so she took Dalaila to go Go to destination.

Because the location of the destination is in the largest slum in New Delhi, the two of them were coveted by countless people along the way, Zhang Yao felt more and more uncomfortable as she walked, and she wished to pick up an AK on the spot and put it on the side of the road. Those dog men whose eyes are full of desire are all tΓΊ tΓΊ.

But Diners doesn’t seem to take it seriously at all, and she greets people along the way, whoever looks at her, she looks at whoever, and then sayhi, holy as Goddess…

The only fly in the ointment is that as they went deeper, the smell of roadside spices caused Diners to growl, and the saliva made his chest wet, and he looked pitiful, ridiculous, and particularly irritating.

In the end, Zhang Yao had no choice but to buy a large portion of potato burritos for Diners in exchange for some money in a shop that looked like a Chinese owned by the roadside. The innkeeper also repeatedly told them not to leave the hotel after two dark days, otherwise it would be very easy to encounter accidents.

Don’t Zhang Yao know? The group of people outside can’t wait to eat her during the day, but at night, is it worth it?

But Da Lailai doesn’t care at all, because she is a world-class boss, those who can force her will not force her, those who can force her can’t force her, this world is like that Unreasonable.

Anyway, Zhang Yao is really fed up with this journey. Going out with this Dalailai feels like a trip to Tianzhu with Tang Seng to pick up the scriptures, and the whole person is tired. , if she looked in the mirror, she should be able to see her tired face in it.

She finally came to this hanging garden standing in the slums, and the moment she pressed the doorbell, she felt as if she had passed away. The world here is like a dream and it is completely different from the dirty and dirty outside .

The person who opened the door was an old steward of British style. He was polite but a little cold and welcomed Zhang Yao and Diners to the garden, and then said in a very authentic London accent: ” Mr. is already waiting for the two of you, please come with me.”

“He knows we are coming?” Zhang Yao asked curiously.

The old steward chuckled lightly: “God, you know everything.”

Zhang Yao originally thought this sentence sounded fantastic, but when she saw the curry beside her mouth Dill Lai Lai, if she wasn’t sorry, she would have pouted on the spot.

This mansion is very luxurious. It is like a medieval castle standing on the top of a hill, quietly overlooking the world below. The height of the four Twelfth Layers in this slum is like a crane in a flock of chickens.

While waiting for the elevator, old steward briefly introduced the configuration of the house. There are nearly 600 servants, all of whom are daughters of poor families around them. Their salary here is enough to support them. That dilapidated home.

The few servants are also the sons of poor families. Although they are responsible for some heavy work, these children can get the opportunity to study for four hours a day.

This makes Zhang Yao feel sick. What about you, M, that’s all? Back then, a mere mortal in Greater China could do much better than this god, and when he died, he felt that he was not good enough. This god does such a shit thing, and he still enjoys the bones and blood of the people’s believers, but he still dares to be complacent. You are absolutely amazing.

Arriving on the top floor of the fourth Twelfth Layer, Zhang Yao felt that she was walking in the Immortal Palace, and the old steward was still introducing himself, saying that the pictures on the wall were made of pure gold wire Inlaid, the rugs are also of genuine quality imported from Turkey and are entirely handcrafted.

Anyway, it’s the standard of how luxurious and extravagant it is to put that cool dazzle.

Zhang Yao is really disdainful, because she is not an uninformed little girl, she knows Brother Zhang. The man wearing a Giordano T-shirt, unbranded jeans and a pair of Xtep sneakers has never shown off himself and never said a word about how awesome and powerful he is. Just ask anyone in the world who dares to call him trash.

The heavy gate was pushed open, and a huge garden came into view. Walking through the green flora, I saw that there was actually a house above, and walked two more steps inside. From the side building, I came to a luxurious and dazzling room.

There are gems and gold everywhere in this room, it feels like this room is made of gold, and it shines brightly when you see it. The ultimate visual effect, even Zhang Yao had to praise it for being beautiful.

On the front stool, a man with a body like a mountain is sitting there. The first impression he gives is that he is tall and fat, sitting there with a height of two meters, Zhang Yao It felt like a guinea fowl in front of him.

“Please sit down.”

The big guy speaks fluent Chinese, his face is full of smiles, he doesn’t look fierce, and his voice sounds a little refined in manner.

“Hello, this time…”

“I see.” The big white elephant raised his hand and interrupted Zhang Yao’s introduction: “When you land on this land Immediately on the coffee table, I knew it. Because I smelled danger.”

The big white elephant’s eyes never left Dilai Lai, who was eating on the coffee table: “The Feathered Serpent is coming, let me Uneasy. And you, with the fragrance of laurel on you, then I know why you came, ma’am.”

Ouch, not bad. Although this big guy looks rough, he is really polite when he speaks, which is far from the fierceness that Zhang Yao imagined, but she is not so naive, because she has seen this kind of thing too much. More, it’s not her who makes this big guy polite, but the guy next to her who can wet his chest with drooling.

“I don’t know if this is the Guardian’s will, if it is, then I will unconditionally follow it.”

Zhang Yao immediately straightened up and shook her head when she heard this sentence: “No , he didn’t say anything, he just said he didn’t want to be involved in your disputes.”

Here, the white elephant suddenly laughed, like putting out a long breath: “that’s the best Now, if it’s the Guardian’s wishes, I really don’t know how to communicate with my European allies.”

Zhang Yao frowned when she heard this: “What do you mean?”


“Oh, this is the decision of my European allies, not me. I’m actually very distressed, but in human terms, it would be very offensive to not accept a friend’s gift. I do not There is no shortage of a beautiful maid, I believe you have seen this, I have the wealth and power of Peak in the world.”

Good guy… This means that I won’t let go. I first tested if Brother Zhang was speaking. If Brother Zhang spoke, he would agree. If Brother Zhang did not speak, he would say that he was helpless. This seemed to be a serious answer, but there was a smell of cunning.

It’s really like what they said, the pantheon of which civilization is very close to the cultural characteristics of which civilization, this simple and honest but cunning big white elephant is really similar to Same as Indians.

“That means you can’t refuse it?”

“It’s very embarrassing, no one has the right to decide what kind of gifts others give to them, this is a kind of Bad manners, it will look arrogant and make my friends less happy. Ma’am, instead of asking the gift receiver, why don’t you ask the gift giver? They just need to change the gift list It’s enough to solve all problems, instead of making you embarrass a poor, helpless and bewildered recipient.”

Look, he has explained all the reasons, but when it comes to fundamental things, he doesn’t say a single sentence. Said that, after a round of balls and kicks, they sent people to Europe.

“Okay, then I’ll go to Europe.”

“Don’t worry ma’am, guests from afar should be treated by the host.”

The big white elephant rang the bell, and then the old steward walked in and bowed politely to Zhang Yao: “God has prepared meals for the two of you, please enjoy a light meal with your face.”

Zhang Yao was taken to the luxurious banquet hall in such a daze, and then served by thirty-six servants to eat a luxurious meal that she had never eaten in her life. After eating, the white elephant even sent them to her When I got to the first floor, I repeatedly emphasized that I was not greeted well. If there is an opportunity next time and the time is not so rushed, please be sure to stay here for a while.

So just like that, Zhang Yao was sent out of the gate. When the big iron gate closed, she immediately reacted… She was actually kicked out!

When did she suffer this grievance, she just learned to grapple.

Just when she was about to knock on the door again, the phone rang at an untimely time. She didn’t look at the number, so she said angrily, “Who is it? What are you doing?”

The voice on the other end of the phone woke her up: “It’s you, what’s the matter?”

“I checked the time, you should have dinner by now and then stand on the streets of New Delhi. Come on.” Brother Zhang said on the phone that he was taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune: “Didn’t you say that it would be easier if you bring Feathered Serpent?”

“Why is this guy so difficult? Tangle…” Zhang Yao felt extremely wronged, and said with a long sigh, “I was fooled by him all the way.”

“You think their lifespan for thousands of years and tens of thousands of years has lived in On the dog? You are too tender for them.” Brother Zhang said with a smile: “Come back.”


tone barely fell, Suddenly Zhang Yao felt saw a flash, and then she and Da Lailai appeared in Brother Zhang’s backyard. Brother Zhang was putting a mobile phone in his pocket, while Jin Mei, who was smiling like a flower, was standing beside him.

“You…” Zhang Yao frowned, then stared at Jin Mei: “I knew you were not simple!”

“I am simple.” Jin Mei raised her head while speaking Glancing at Brother Zhang: “Right.”

Brother Zhang didn’t respond to her, but said to Zhang Yao, “Take her there.”

“First Say yes.” Jin Mei raised a finger: “I offered to help you, it has nothing to do with him.” Then I saw Jin Mei stepped forward and held Zhang Yao’s hand and said, “What about you, you have no experience dealing with these people, what do you think they are like?”

“Just…aloof and remote, Very majestic and… fierce.”

“Actually neither is right.” Jin Mei shook her head, said with a smile: “You are restrained by your inherent thinking, let’s go.”

Jin Mei pulled Zhang Yao, who had a blank face, into the illusory realm. Then the two of them appeared directly in front of the big white elephant. At this moment, the big white elephant was drinking black tea, Sri Lankan black tea, when she saw Jin Mei In an instant, one spewed out without breaking down.

“I’m enjoying my life.” Jin Mei sat on the sofa with her arms crossed, and then pulled Zhang Yao, and the two sat down like that.

“No, no, it’s just normal.” The white elephant obviously lost the calmness at noon, and there was even a trace of panic in his eyes.

“Is it a pleasure to bully my little friend in the morning?”

“No, you can verify by yourself, I entertained your friend very warmly and sincerely.”


Zhang Yao didn’t talk nonsense at all, but Erlang’s legs curled up: “I heard you want to cooperate with Birdman?”


“Okay.” Jin Mei sneered: “If I find out, it’s equivalent to declaring war. You’ve been at peace with you for too long, have you forgotten who the Kunlun Mountains are?”

The white elephant remained silent, while Jin Mei continued: “Three thousand years ago, I was able to drive you out of the plateau. Do you think I have the ability to do that today?”

The sweat dripping from the head of the great white elephant fell on the table. In a puddle, he even showed his original shape, his long nose dancing uneasily, and he didn’t even dare to look directly into Jin Mei’s eyes.

“Look at me!”

Jin Mei’s voice shocked both the white elephant and Zhang Yao, and the room was extremely quiet.

“You.” Jin Mei raised her chin: “obediently and honestly enjoy your high position and great wealth here, don’t play with fire. Don’t interfere with those bird people’s affairs, someone will take care of them. “


“Is it the person who receives the gift? Or the person who gives the gift?”

“You…you say what you say.”

Jin Mei got up and patted the table: “Wait until you have the ability to play this set, and when you have a crooked mind in the future, remember to look up at Kunlun Mountains !”

After finishing speaking, Jin Mei walked to the desk of the big white elephant, picked up a pure gold pen and fiddled with it: “Where’s the box!”

The big white elephant hurried from The box was taken out from the drawer, Jin Mei put the pen in the box and put it in her pocket, then she waved to Zhang Yao: “Go.” She was about to stop shouting, that imposing manner was like a sudden avalanche on a lofty mountain. Besides terror was terror, she had guessed who Jin Mei would be before, but now it seems that she is not a person at all.

Kunlun Mountains  … Isn’t that Yaochi Holy Mother? The Goddess of Supreme in the Eastern pantheon. Zhang Yao always thought that the Holy Mother of Yaochi should be in her fifties, but now, looking at her… it doesn’t look like she is in her fifties.

“What? Don’t you know me?”

While sitting in the elevator, Jin Mei suddenly asked Zhang Yao, who had been secretly looking at her, while Zhang Yao shook her head hurriedly, and then showed a weird smile: “I…”

“I told you before that elder sister is covering you.” Jin Mei took her arm and said, “You must tell elder sister about this kind of thing, you and that black skin What’s the use of what the idiot said, she just eats.”

“But…you…I…over there…” Zhang Yao suddenly hesitated, and after a long pause, she said: “You are… Yaochi Holy Mother?”

“It’s a secret.” Jin Mei stretched out a finger and shook it: “I won’t say it, you can guess for yourself.”

This is still a guess… Zhang Yao took a deep breath, and then pursed her lips for a long time before she had the courage to speak. When she thought that she had been sharing clothes, food and movies with this little elder sister all day, she Immediately I felt a little offended.

“Why are you so calm in front of Guardian, but panicked in front of me.”

“Because I…I don’t know.” Zhang Yao shook her head.

Jin Mei touched her head and said, “It’s alright, we are still good friends, right? Just ask me if you have any questions in the future.”


The two went back out of the gate. Jin Mei walked up to Brother Zhang and handed the box of the golden pen to Brother Zhang: “A gift from the white elephant.”

Brother Zhang opened it, took a look, and sneered: “You robbed it?”

(End of this chapter)

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