What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 195


Chapter 195 or so it should be

Zhang Yao is actually a wonderful person, although at first is indeed given by Jin Mei’s identity Frightened, but she quickly returned to normal, and calmly thought about a series of problems and plans for the future.

Then she resolutely followed Jin Mei back after carrying the troublesome Feathered Serpent God, and then left Brother Zhang just like that.

“This woman is so realistic.” Da Huang lay lazily on the ceiling fan and watched what was going on below. After they had all left, he said to Brother Zhang, “I found out that you are not as good as her. It’s easy to use and leave immediately.”

β€œBe realistic.” Brother Zhang lowered his head and carefully cleaned the iron plates of fried eggs and meat patties with a steel ball, said with a smile: “Do you mean to think that she followed Jin Mei and didn’t stay with me, that you are holding grievances for me?”

“Isn’t it? It’s you who helped her.”

Brother Zhang raised his head and glanced at Da Huang, with a hearty laugh: “Actually, as long as a person doesn’t put himself in the center of the universe, his troubles will be much less.”

Da Huang jumped. Come down: “You just say I’m careful.”

“That’s not what you mean, your idea is such is human nature. At least I think so.” Brother Zhang took out a The canned cat food was placed in front of Da Huang: “I’m not very literate, so I don’t know how to describe it. Probably…don’t have too high expectations on anyone, so that you can be more free and easy.”

“I understand what you mean, but it’s too boring.”

Brother Zhang rubbed Da Huang’s head: “I will be unhappy if I ask for nothing, I have no covet for her. , so I don’t care at all.”

“Yes, yes, you are arrogant, you are amazing, you are the one who sees through the red dust.” Da Huang spat in the direction of the door with disdain: “It’s all dogs.”


Brother Xiao Zhang hooked the head and continued to do his own business, but not long after Xu Wei suddenly panicked and ran out with a pale face, she said in a crying tone: “Little Brother Zhang…I want to ask for leave.”

“What happened?”

“My grandmother fell and has been taken to the hospital by the neighbors, I have to Go back right away…” Xu Wei said more and more anxiously, and in the end she couldn’t stop her tears dripping down.

“Is there enough money?”


Xu Wei has been working here for a year, although the salary is not high, But she couldn’t go out without food, and Thunder Dragon would give this little disc some pocket money from time to time, so she really saved some money.

“Let’s bring more.”

Brother Zhang took out his mobile phone and sent a message to Thunder Dragon. Five minutes later, Thunder Dragon gave Xu Wei a second call. 100,000 yuan, but also told that one sentence is not enough before speaking. Xu Wei burst into tears at that time, and even bowed a few times before rushing out the door.


Brother Zhang stopped her, then took out the gold pen Jin Mei gave her from under the counter: “You take this, and I Take the notebook I gave you.”

“Well…thank you.”

Xu Wei took the pen and hurried out again. Brother Zhang said outside: “Use it to picture talisman.”

“I know.”

Xu Wei’s voice gradually faded away, while Da Huang raised his head to watch Looking at Brother Zhang: “She is half-baked, if she just goes out like this, will she run into trouble.”

“This step has already been done.” Brother Zhang sat at the counter and opened the door slowly. Music: “More is life.”

The music is very melodious, there is a sudden thunder and lightning outside, and the rain is pouring, just like the day Yiping went to her dad to ask for money. There are no customers in the quiet milk tea shop, only a cat doing rice and a person sitting in a room with no lights on, watching the thunder and lightning outside.

And Xu Wei, who had just walked out of Chang’an Lane, had already been soaked like a chicken in soup. She would have never left the house before, but now she knows that she must go back, because now the only person who can take care of her grandmother is. She is, no matter what demons and ghosts, demons and monsters she has, she must go this time.

The sudden heavy rain made the streets scarce even pedestrians, and the street lights became hazy. As Xu Wei walked towards the high-speed rail station, she held the pen that Brother Zhang gave her tightly, and she still meditated in her heart. with the spells he’s been learning these days.

But fortunately, there is nothing special on this road, and even all the way to the high-speed rail station, there is nothing unusual, but she dare not relax a little bit of vigilance, and she is still fully concentrated throughout the whole process, because Thunder Dragon once I told her that her physique is very special. It used to be okay, but now it is very easy to attract those unclean things, especially after a certain event, those things are even more attractive to her, as long as you smell her breath , that is irreconcilable.

And these things are very good at camouflage, their camouflage skills are superb, sometimes even the closest people can’t find clues, so Xu Wei at any time, as long as it is not in the milk tea shop, anyone She can’t even believe it, because nonsense is unbelievable.

“You can’t believe nonsense… nonsense can’t be believed…” Xu Wei kept repeating this sentence, holding Brother Zhang’s pen in one hand and paying full attention: “It’s all fake… It’s all fake.”

In this way, she boarded the high-speed rail smoothly. When she got to the high-speed train, she was actually very tired, but she didn’t dare to sleep, but although she graduated from the next city, her hometown was more than five hours away, and she could not be able to sleep until after twelve o’clock. reach the end.

This made Xu Wei, who had not slept well today, so tired that her eyelids kept fighting. In the end, she closed her eyes under the gentle shaking of the high-speed train. She suddenly opened her eyes in a trance. I found that all the lights around it were off. The original brand new high-speed rail now looks like a green leather car, and it is still a green leather car from the 1970s and 1980s. The seats are all green artificial leather, and they are all tattered. It’s mildew.

There were a lot of people sitting in the carriage, but no one spoke. The voice of the train was extremely gloomy. Xu Wei squinted to see the face of one of them. What arrived was a blue-grey face with a lifeless expression. After reaching out to pat the man on the shoulder, the man fell crookedly.

Xu Wei took a quick step back, and subconsciously went to touch what Brother Zhang gave her, but when she touched it, she found that it was missing, and she panicked, but it was Thunder Dragon. Although the trained people have not experienced actual combat, Thunder Dragon has also simulated many times. Thunder Dragon had told her that the number one rule is to stay calm under all circumstances, even in the most dangerous situations, even to say something or sing a Brother Hou Brother Hou Be bold.

Because according to Thunder Dragon, these ghosts don’t actually have much physical attack ability, they are basically some mental attacks, which drop the san value. This is why all the recorded people who were attacked by ghosts were mostly insane due to excessive fright, and rarely were those things ka beng slammed into two sections.

Under this premise, simply do not need to be false, if nothing else, just rely on Xu Wei’s innate talent and Thunder Dragon’s teaching, most of the demons and monsters in the world can’t help her, of course It’s not all… I can’t pack a ticket.

Xu Wei, she still listens to Thunder Dragon very much, but she is not stupid enough to sing Brother Hou Brother Hou. The backhand is a heart-clearing mantra, and with the effect of the heart-clearing mantra, Xu Wei suddenly opened her eyes. She saw the bright high-speed rail around her, the flight attendants were checking tickets not far ahead, and there were children crying in the carriage. The sound was harsh in the past, but today it gave people an inexplicable sense of tranquility.

Xu Wei took a deep breath, when she found out that she was dreaming, she didn’t dare to take it lightly, but silently paid attention to all around, because since she could affect her consciousness, This means that the thing that is staring at you is here.

It’s just that no one knows who it is.

But this is really thanks to the national ticket real-name system, Xu Wei suddenly found a very simple identification method, just pay attention to the conductors checking the tickets, because even if those things can make people difficult to distinguish between true and false , but it doesn’t always have an ID card. Even if it has an ID card, can it buy a train ticket after 10,000 steps? A Piao who can buy train tickets is a terrifying hammer.

So Xu Wei began to pay attention to the conductor, and as the conductor’s footsteps getting closer to checking the ticket, Xu Wei began to look up and look around, but now she didn’t find anything unusual, and the conductor didn’t jump. past someone.

When the conductor was in the middle of the carriage, Xu Wei suddenly discovered that the conductor had jumped over a man dressed in ordinary clothes, as if he had jumped over him like air. The man didn’t pay any attention to the conductor, and the two felt that they thought each other didn’t exist.

This small anomaly made Xu Wei stare at this man’s every move, and until the car arrived at the station, her expressions all did not leave the man for more than ten seconds.

When she got off the train and exited the station, Xu Wei just looked up at the exit, and that person disappeared directly from her field of vision. The person who got off at this stop was not There are many, so suddenly there is one less person on a flat platform, which is still a very conspicuous thing.

Xu Wei had concerns in her heart, but she didn’t make a sound, she just silently mastered the operation of Palm Thunder in the heart, and then quickly walked into the taxi stand, got into the taxi, She felt a little relieved, and after saying a word to the master, she went straight to the hospital in the city.

And the moment she landed, she suddenly felt a gust of wind everywhere. As the entry Disciple of the Twelve Spirits, if she couldn’t even distinguish this feeling, then Thunder Dragon would really expel her. sect, so she raised her vigilance again and started walking to the hospital.

Just as she walked to the gate, a girl hurriedly greeted her and said anxiously, “Sister Weiwei, you are finally back.”

Xu Wei was stunned. Moment: “Who are you?”

“I, you forgot? I’m Lingling who lives in the yard next door. You gave me a pen when you were in college. It’s only the second year of junior high school.”

Xu Wei was a little relaxed when she mentioned this, because it really happened, but the girls change eighteen times between childhood and womanhood is really unrecognizable.

“Grandma fell down at night, and I found it out. In the end, I asked my dad to bring her here.” The girl grabbed Xu Wei’s hand and walked up: “Go quickly. Let’s go.”

Xu Wei looked up and suddenly found something wrong, because in such a huge hospital, only one window in one building was lit, which was obviously a problem Yes, but she didn’t make a sound, just followed this Lingling into the elevator, the elevator finally stopped on the thirteenth floor, and the two of them walked out.

Empty corridors, not even a single person, Xu Wei found that all the wards she passed by were darkly lit, and there was not a single nurse in the nurse station.

At this time, Xu Wei finally knew what the problem was, she stopped, and she refused to take another step no matter how Lingling pulled.

“Sister Weiwei, what’s the matter? Hurry up.”

At this moment, Xu Wei took out the golden pen given by Brother Zhang with her right hand, spread out her left hand and drew a palm thunder on it. The symbol of , and shot it down according to the ground.

In an instant, everything in front of her shattered, and then the scene in front of her was still sitting on the high-speed train, the ticket inspector in front was still in the place where she had just entered the carriage, and everything seemed to be Same as reset.

Xu Wei took a deep breath, raised her hand and looked at the symbol in the palm of her hand, she took a deep breath to confirm the thoughts in her heart, then she erased the symbol at a moderate pace, and then With a gold pen, he drew the seal of the Yin and Wu Lei, and then the left thumb was placed on the palm of the hand, and the remaining four fingers were pressed on the top.

Everything happened again just like the illusion just now. This time Xu Wei had a good eye and didn’t straighten up to observe, but just sat there quietly, as if nothing had happened, but with the golden pen she But she held it tightly in the palm of her hand, because she deeply knew that if it wasn’t for the terrifying power of this golden pen just now, she would definitely be trapped in that illusion and never wake up again.

It seems that the cultivation on the opposite side is really not shallow.

This time, I got off the car normally. In order to prevent it from being an illusion, Xu Wei took out a coin and tossed it seven times in a row, three heads and four tails, and then seven times in a row, two Positive and negative. From this, she can conclude that she is now in this real world. Because Illusion Master Zhang Yao once said that everything in Illusion can be controlled but only the probability cannot be controlled. If it is in Illusion, the time when the dice is thrown will always be the same time, no matter how many times it is thrown. In the same way, when a coin is tossed in a fantasy world, what is the first time, it will always be the same side. The reason why is not known for the time being, but Zhang Yao’s many tests are the same.

Boarding the taxi again, Xu Wei watched every move around her in the car. She found something very interesting, that is, the scenery outside the window would change subtly with the description of the driver master. For example, the driver master just said that the landmark big cock in front of here was demolished, and it was demolished a few months ago. Xu Wei, who had seen the big cock just now, looked at it and found that it was already a circular flower bed. Another example is that the driver master said that the antique street next to it burned on fire in a week, which is a pity. When Xu Wei looked again, the tidy ancient street would turn into ruins.

This matter is very mysterious, but Xu Wei doesn’t find it strange at all, because she has been targeted by that thing, and that thing will retrieve images from her own cognition, and once she If your perception changes, the surrounding things will also change.

In other words, Xu Wei is now in the real world, but the vision she sees is all illusory.

Arriving at the entrance of the hospital, after getting off the car, Xu Wei was careful this time, she took out the mirror to take a deep breath, and whispered: “Gamble.”

Then she took out a gold pen and began to draw the third eye on the center of her brow, and then she closed her eyes, and the moment she closed her eyes, the surrounding pictures appeared in her mind again. , and then she took out the earphones and put them on her ears, and the phone directly pulled the volume to the bottom.

After putting on the sunglasses, Xu Wei instantly became blind, but she didn’t care at all, she could feel someone talking to her outside, but she couldn’t hear clearly, and her consciousness None of them appeared.

Opening her eyes a little and taking a look, she found that an old neighbor was beside her and greeted her, but when she closed her eyes again, she was still alone in her consciousness.

Xu Wei chuckled, said Heavenly Eye really awesome. Then I walked into the hospital like this, and the nurse at the front desk thought she was blind, but she didn’t say anything when she saw her quick hands and feet.

After finding out which ward my grandmother lived in, she closed her eyes and listened to the song all the way to the ward. After entering, she found that there were really two old neighbors sitting there, but this time it was a daoist. , she came forward to greet her, and then let the old neighbors go to rest.

Grandma has just finished the operation and hasn’t woken up from the anesthesia, Xu Wei is sitting on the edge of the bed and quietly guarding, and at this moment, she can still hear other sounds in her ears besides music. , but she just doesn’t open her eyes, and as long as her mind is not affected, I will have nothing to do with her when the King of Heaven comes.

After charging the battery, Xu Wei, who was sitting by the bed, began to describe what she saw and heard today to Brother Zhang and Thunder Dragon. Brother Zhang used his mobile phone to listen to stories every year. , did not reply to her, but Thunder Dragon immediately replied to her message.

“It’s beautiful, it deserves to be my discipline. You just spend it like this, and you will start to fight back tomorrow morning.”

“I don’t know how to fight back. Where is the ghost XZ.”

“You are really…I praise you for nothing. You have Heavenly Eye Technique, you can’t find such a thing?”

“How do I find it…”

Thunder Dragon quickly replied: “When the Heavenly Eye book is open, you concentrated one’s mind and locked the head, removed all flesh and blood, and then followed the One of the five yin and five thunders of that invisible thing collapses in the past, and your mana is not good. If one is not good, then another one will be added. If it is really not good, anyway, this kind of dirty thing cannot be dealt with by one yin and five thunders. If one is not good, then add another one. Originally I can support you, but you still have to experience some things yourself, you have almost the theoretical knowledge, and this is the first time to practice.”

Xu Wei da da da’s typing In the past, he said, “Brother Zhang gave me a pen, and I just tried it. Using spell doesn’t consume mana and the formidable power is very large.”

“Then you’re afraid of a fucking dick. Hammer.” Thunder Dragon directly voiced over and scolded: “Don’t fucking delay my sleep, it’s past three o’clock in the morning here.”

(End of this chapter)

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