What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 196


Chapter 196 Impermanence

Xu Wei spent a night in the hospital, and it was considered a peaceful life, she wrote on a sticky note A few spells were stuffed in the corners of the ward, and the sound in her ears was indeed disappeared. In the middle of the night, the door made a sound of hua la la, but it couldn’t be opened. Now she knew why Master wanted to be flustered and exasperated. Cursing, because what Xiao Zhang gave is really too terrifying. This thing is simply divine. Generally speaking, according to Xu Wei’s level, even if it is taught by Thunder Dragon himself, after all, culture is not old enough, innate talent Although not bad, her IQ limits her progress. She can recite a dozen or so merely a trifling of hundreds of spells, and even Yang Wulei has not learned it until now.

But this pen helped her to skip this limitation, and she could do whatever she wanted. The outrageousness of this thing is far more than that, that is, this thing can write on any material, greatly reducing the original casting conditions required, so little that you only need to stop the pen somewhere, then meditate in your heart, and then Can form.

That’s it, really don’t have to worry about anything, there’s still Brother Zhang’s notebook, and the sentences in it Xu Wei doesn’t dare to read the whole paragraph, it’s all word by word Collapse, but the formidable power of this word is not something that demons and ghosts can sustain. So far, no one has been able to take the broken word of a wall-breaker, let alone the killing word that follows. But the downside of this thing is that Xu Wei can’t control it, so Thunder Dragon basically forbids her to use the laptop.

But this pen is different. The more she uses it, the more comfortable she feels. The incomparable writing feeling and the Divine Force feeling when you pick it up is really wonderful. She sits there. Although she hadn’t slept all night, for the first time, she felt that her whole body was not at all tired, and she felt that this was the strength that this Legendary-like magic pen gave her.

As the sky brightened, she sat there and waited on the old lady all day. In the evening, the doctor came to round the room, and Xu Wei followed and asked worriedly: “Doctor…my grandma How is she?”

“The situation is not very good. She has bleeding spots in her brain, but she is too old, so we can only treat her conservatively.” The doctor sighed and said to Xu Wei. : “Get ready in advance.”

Xu Wei suddenly became as if was struck by lightning, and her whole body was spinning. She returned to the ward and looked at her grandmother’s old face, and tears suddenly flowed. It poured out, lying on the bedside and crying softly.

Then she suddenly felt someone touching her head, she raised her head quickly, and found that the unconscious grandmother was sitting up, she rubbed her eyes in disbelief, and then clearly saw that her grandmother was still lying down. On the bed, but the same old lady was sitting there.


The old lady didn’t say anything, she just smiled and touched Xu Wei’s hair, the feeling was not cold, but a very familiar feeling. of warmth.

Feeling this familiar intimacy, Xu Wei understood everything. Grandma should have died when she fell yesterday, but she waited for her to come back, and today… is the time to say goodbye. .

Grandma’s hand reached under the pillow and took out a note. Xu Wei hurriedly opened it and found that it was a recipe for Red Braised Pork. She really cried to death when she saw this. It passed, but my grandma just gently held her in her arms and slowly wiped away the tears on her face.

At this moment, the sound of clang dong clang dong suddenly sounded outside the door. Grandma turned her head and glanced at the door, let out a sigh of relief, and leaned down to rub Xu Wei with her face. head, and then she walked straight out of bed to open the door.

“No way!”

Xu Wei rushed over and stopped at the door: “I won’t let you go!”

At this moment, the sound of banging on the door was getting louder and louder. Big, Xu Wei took out the pen and began to plunge it directly into her arm, and then her entire left hand was covered by the golden rune, flashing a dark golden light, gorgeous and mysterious.

Then she blocked her grandmother’s path with one hand and opened the door with the other. She saw two erratic things standing at the door. They didn’t look like people. Xu Wei probably knew that this was Ghost. The Messenger was gone, she opened her left hand and pushed it outward, and she immediately marked the two Ghost Messengers into illusory shadows. The entire corridor echoed the roar of Ghost Messenger, but it eventually disappeared into nothingness.

When Xu Wei saw Ghost Messenger leave, she cried and took her grandma back to the bed, but she couldn’t put the ghost back into her body anyway, so her first thought was Thunder Dragon, so she took out her phone and called Thunder Dragon.


Xu Wei cried out and then wa’ed to cry, crying so badly, Thunder Dragon was stunned for a long time and asked, “Why? Is this?”

After telling Thunder Dragon everything, he just sighed: “People have birth, aging, sickness and death, this is the law of Heaven and Earth, you can’t stop it Live, death is the beginning of reincarnation, you know how sinful it is to forcibly keep a person whose lifespan has been exhausted. And she will suffer too, if she stays for one more minute, she will suffer another moment in the land of ghosts in the future Bitter. It’s a sin.”

Xu Wei started to twitch from crying: “But…but…but I kicked Ghost Messenger away.”

“It’s okay , Flowers will come later.” Thunder Dragon sighed: “She knows you, so she won’t be too embarrassed, but don’t be stubborn with her. Talk kindly and let her arrange a better life for your grandma.”

Said it was too late and then fast, just at this moment, the death star in the sky outside the window suddenly brightened, and then a stream of light came galloping, and went straight to Xu Wei and plugged in, this stream of light directly After breaking the spell in the ward, he went straight to Xu Wei without stopping.

And Xu Wei almost instinctively turned around and blocked the stream of light with that pen, and then a JK girl appeared in front of Xu Wei with a swoosh, and she looked at Xu Wei with a livid face: “It can stop the Slaughtering Staff, it seems… eh? How is it you?”

Ghost King Huahua herself traveled between Heaven and Earth, and heard that someone had injured Ghost Messenger, which is incredible Of course, she couldn’t bear her outbursts, so she arrived immediately.

And her Tusheng Staff was actually blocked by a pen. She thought it had several points of strangeness, but after seeing the face of this person, she was relieved. It’s not very strange for the people in Brother Zhang’s place to do anything.

“Take a look at the pen.”

Putting away Tu Sheng’s staff, Hua Hua couldn’t hold back her curiosity and wanted to pass Xu Wei’s pen. She took it and looked at it for a while. Tsk tsk in his mouth: “Brother Zhang is so kind to you, he even gave you the ivory of the white elephant. When I left at the time, he invited me to eat Oden.”

Ghost King Hua Hua even had some taste, but she still handed the pen to Xu Wei, and then said, “But you can’t do it properly, hurt me Ghost Messenger?”

Xu Wei was busy He shook his head and said, “I’m sorry…I…I…I…”

“I owe me a meal.” Ghost King turned his head to look at the old lady who was being protected by Xu Wei, and then He sighed and said, “birth, aging, sickness and death, the rules of Heaven and Earth. Don’t say it’s human, even the universe must follow such rules, you can’t break the rules.”

” But…”

“Nothing.” Ghost King was Ghost King, she interrupted Xu Wei’s words with a wave of her hand: “Look at Luo Fengshan, which is full of people, which one of them is not a close relative of human beings. Love, you are reluctant, how many people in the world are reluctant. But since we are acquaintances, I will give my brother a face if I don’t give you face, three days. I will give you three days to say goodbye to your relatives, three days later The end of his life.”

After speaking, Ghost King Hua Hua lifted his nose and sniffed: “Eh? I’ll let them stay away for the next three days, so you can say goodbye to your relatives.”

Xu Wei sobbed and looked back at her grandmother, then silently nodded.

“Ai, you don’t need to be too sad. In fact, hell is not as bad as you think. Life is actually just a journey. We will wait for you there, and then we will send you to the next journey together, where is death, this is a reunion.” Ghost King Hua Hua wiped Xu Wei’s tears with her fingers: “Let’s say goodbye, we will be reunited one day in the future. Yes.”

“But… they have all been reincarnated.”

“There is no Meng Po.” Hua Hua said with a smile: “Everyone’s memories will be forever recorded in the Three Lives Stones. Come on. Aiya, when the time comes you’ll understand, it’s really not as bad as you think.”

After finishing speaking, she added: “You’re luckier than most people, Many people don’t have time to say goodbye at all. Okay, I’ll go say hello to those who are pestering you first, and let them go away within three days.”

Ghost Young Lady Wang patted Xu Wei’s shoulder, and then disappeared in place. At this time, Xu Wei was shocked to find that the grandmother next to her was actually awake, lying on the bedside and smiling softly at her.

Xu Wei hurriedly called the doctor, and the doctor didn’t know the reason, but he thought it was probably a return to light, and finally Xu Wei gritted her teeth and took her grandma out of the hospital.

For the next three days, she used a wheelchair to push her grandmother to the alley where they lived, met all the neighbors, and asked her grandmother to talk to everyone for a while, and then take her to the alley. I went to have a meal of KFC with my grandma. Because of the difficulties at home at that time, my grandma always said that this thing is unhealthy, but every time when Xu Wei got good grades in the test, she bought a copy for her, but she just quietly Pick up the crumbs and smack the taste.

Then I bought a cheongsam for my grandmother, because my grandmother said that she had never worn a cheongsam in her life. At that time, only a wealthy lady in the city could afford it. She was only a country girl. can see.

I also took my grandma for a trendy hairstyle, bought a pair of sneakers that she had missed for a long time, ate ice cream, watched a movie, and even took my grandma on a high-speed train to the next door. In the city, I glanced at my grandmother’s cousin.

Many firsts can only be compressed in the last three days, and on the afternoon of the second day, my grandma suddenly asked to take a look at Chunlian, and Chunlian belongs to Xu Wei. Mother, she hasn’t been home for many years. When she left with an Uncle that Xu Wei didn’t know, her grandma told her never to come back.

Xu Wei is in a hurry. In the past few days, she never closed her eyes at all. The words of a child who wants to support her but don’t wait for her are unforgettable to her now, and she also knows that she has nothing left. for these three days.

She immediately bought a ticket and took her grandma to the city where mother was staying overnight, and when she knocked on the door of mother’s house, the mother in the door was very surprised when she saw the mother’s mother, Then he cried a lot.

She cooked a hearty meal for her grandmother and Xu Wei that day, but Xu Wei didn’t call her mother from beginning to end, and she didn’t even take a bite of the meal she cooked.

In this way, they returned to their home for several decades on the afternoon of the third day. Xu Wei was crying and asking her grandma what she wanted, but grandma just clapped her hand and stood up with a smile. Come, walk to the kitchen, take out the meat that Xu Wei bought just now, and start cooking for her.

Hearing the sound of the kitchen knife stomping on the cutting board, Xu Wei couldn’t hold back any longer. She leaned on the sofa and almost fainted from crying. When a pot of Red Braised Pork was placed on the table, the time It was approaching dusk, and the three-day period was finally coming. Xu Wei’s tears were mixed in the meal, and she ate with big mouthfuls, but her eyes never left her grandmother’s face.

In the end, when the last ray of sunset disappeared under the skyline, grandma extended the hand and touched Xu Wei’s face lightly, then sat in full of smiles and watched her eat until gradually. lost breath.

Seeing that her grandmother could no longer play, Xu Wei wiped the tears from her face with her sleeves, walked to the kitchen to clean up the dishes, and said in a hoarse voice, “Grandma, I’m done eating… …”

No one answered, only the news broadcast at 7 o’clock and the sound of wu wu outside the house were playing on the TV, and then Hua Hua appeared in the window, quietly watching the room Xu Wei, she didn’t say anything more, just chuckled, and then disappeared with a backflip.

Xu Wei put on her cheongsam and a pair of shiny dancing shoes for her grandmother, and put on a beautiful make-up. She knew that grandma likes dancing and that grandma loves beauty. After all, she was also A stinky little girl.

After finishing all this, she emptied the refrigerator, poured out the things that should be poured out, packed them, covered them with plastic sheets, and then started to deal with grandma a little bit. ‘s aftermath.

The wind was strong outside, Xu Wei was busy, but she didn’t cry, instead she seemed very calm. And when she started to deal with the funeral, she seemed to be a different person. She was quick and light, greeted and sent to the funeral and even smiled. One person handled the whole funeral process in an orderly manner, and even sent a message to Xiao Zhang.

Until the third day, when Brother Zhang appeared here, he saw Xu Wei sitting alone in a quiet room, his eyes staring blankly.

And when she saw Brother Xiao Zhang, she stood up and walked over, hugging Brother Zhang’s shoulder as if she was drained of all her strength: “Brother… Home.”

Then there was a burst of piercing cries, tears completely wet the sleeves of Brother Zhang’s clothes, and his whole body trembled like chaff.

Brother Zhang patted her head gently: “In the future, that will be your home.”

Xu Wei didn’t speak, just stood there and fell asleep, Leaning on Brother Zhang’s shoulder.

Seeing Xu Wei who fell asleep suddenly, Brother Zhang just laughed, then put her on the bed, and then helped her deal with the rest of the matter, and it went on like this until late at night, Spirit Hall. Suddenly, a gust of wind swept across the room, and the little brother Zhang, who was sitting on Xu Wei’s last day’s spirit, was playing with his mobile phone, but saw a few shadows running in, and he put down his mobile phone and frowned.

And the black shadow was going to drill directly towards the old lady’s body, but when it was about to pass, it was found that a hand blocked its way.

This dead soul was very angry, the whole Spirit Hall erupted violently, and even the Changming candle was blown out, but Brother Zhang just stood there expressionlessly, and then clapped his hands. , like swatting a fly.

In an instant, everything in the room returned to calm, and the dead soul who was the first to come in to do something was just disappeared, leaving nothing behind.

There are still six or seven lingering outside the house, and they were all stunned when they saw this scene, and then one of them showed the Illusion Technique, but Xiao Zhang just hit him lightly. Snap your fingers…

Then the dead souls suddenly found that their positions had changed. This place seemed to be a small Taoist temple. They were about to fly out, but suddenly they seemed to hit the glass cover It was pushed back with a thud like a fly.

Then they saw a very outrageous scene, that is, a yellow fat cat was making a terrifying wu wu sound in his throat, and then they ran… As I ran, I saw a big white dog squatting at the door, baring its fangs…

On the other side, Brother Zhang lit the candle again, sat back to his original position, and continued to stand up. mind.

It was one afternoon when Xu Wei woke up. When she woke up, the sun was shining outside. The breeze was blowing the curtains. On the curtains, there was a wind chime that her grandmother made for her with bamboo sheets when she was a child. A soft thump sound, crisp and pleasant.

Xu Wei lay there and let out a sigh of relief, then walked out like this unkempt, and as soon as she went out, she found a table of dishes outside, and a small table next to her was enshrining her grandmother’s urn. Next to the urn is a posthumous photo.

Seeing this scene, Xu Wei hurriedly took out her mobile phone and took a look, and found that she had slept for three full days, and from the temperature of the dishes, it was definitely less than half an hour before Brother Zhang left. She watched the rice cooker in the kitchen count down thirty seconds, and when she looked at the dishes on the table, Xu Wei laughed softly.

And when she was eating, there was a knock on the door outside. She opened it and found that Thunder Dragon appeared at the door with a bag on her back. The first thing Thunder Dragon saw her was: “Is there anything to eat? I’m almost hungry.”

Xu Wei gave way, Thunder Dragon went straight in, and looked at the food on the table: “Why, my boss just left?”

“Master…why are you here.”

“Come on, of course you have to come.” Thunder Dragon said while adding food in the kitchen: “This is the time of Cultivation. When people are most likely to be invaded by demons and monsters, if there is a slight mistake, you will be lost, and you are carrying that kind of thing around you. This is to let dirty things occupy your body, and the trouble is not yours alone. I received Your news will be rushed back from Lisbon. Fortunately, the flight can’t take off because of the fog, and there are regulations on the other side. I can’t use the spell casually. I can only go to Madrid by car first, and I can fly from Madrid in any weather. The Russian Airlines will fly to Moscow, and then fly back from Moscow.”

After finishing speaking, he looked back at Xu Wei: “If I knew my boss was here, I would come back with a hammer. Money is a trivial matter, I I haven’t eaten well this way, and I’ve done a fucking crime.”

Xu Wei pursed her lips and her eyes were red: “Thank you…”

(End of this chapter)


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