What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 197


Chapter 197 There are so many stories about this world going back and forth

“I’m back.”

Xu Wei returned to the milk tea shop, carrying a large bag like fleeing from the famine on her back, and holding a black cloth-wrapped box in her hand. Apart from being a little thin, there was nothing special about it, but she was haggard. His eyes were sunken, and his eyes were tired.

“Where’s Xiao Zhang?”

Xu Wei came to the counter and saw that Da Huang was actually on duty here. He was well-dressed behind the counter and was whistling frying fish. Because the range hood was not turned on, the whole room was filled with the smell of fish.

“He’s going out.” Da Huang took off the earphones on his ears, put a kitten fish on a plate and held it in front of Xu Wei: “Try my craft.”


Xu Wei glanced at the messy stove, then silently sighed, went back to the backyard, put her salute, then put the portrait of her grandmother on the table, and then changed clothes to wear Putting on the apron, he returned to the milk tea shop with a whip in his hand.

“I’ll kill you!”

Da Huang turned into a cat and ran away with a fish in his mouth, while Xu Wei began to squat on the ground to clean up the mess inside When he came to the stove, Da Huang jumped back and sat there while eating fish while whispering: “You really can’t tell good from bad, I’ve invited you to eat fish.”

“Look, you can get it all over the place! You can handle it if you have the skills!”

Da Huang didn’t bother to care about her, just licked her claws and continued to eat fish.

Xu Wei finally restored the mess to normal. She crossed her hips and looked at the shiny stoves and countertops around her, as if she had accomplished something remarkable, and she was full of a sense of accomplishment. and security.

“Next time you’re going to mess around again, I’m really angry.” Xu Wei looked at Da Huang who was licking his paws: “Brother Zhang, who loves clean people so much, you made this happen. “

“You can just pack up, there’s a lot to talk about.” Da Huang jumped on the ceiling fan with the remaining half of the fish in his mouth: “speaking of which you won’t be back for half a month, come here.” It’s pretty fast.”

Xu Wei sighed, sat down, opened the refrigerator door, took out the ingredients to be used at night, thawed in the sink, and replied: “Take care of grandma’s funeral. , rent out the old house, and I’ll come back. I don’t have to go back except to sweep the grave, where I have no home.”

Da Huang sat on the ceiling fan and watched her, then He suddenly asked, “Did you bring any specialties?”

“I brought you a lot of Shandong pancakes, do you want to eat them?” Xu Wei walked back and took out a large bag of pancakes. There are all kinds of flavors, even red dates: “eat or not.”

“get lost!”

Da Huang cursed, then sat down and continued to eat fish, while Xu When Wei arrived, she put the pancakes in the refrigerator and took out a large piece of pork belly. She skillfully picked up the kitchen knife and started cooking, then raised her head and said to Da Huang, “Help me. Do me a favor and write today’s main dish, Red Braised Pork, on the blackboard outside.”

“Red Braised Pork, oh well.”

Da Huang jumps Come down and become a human, pick up a pen and go outside, and write on the small blackboard tonight’s main dish is Red Braised Pork, and the chef’s name.

The smell soon wafted out of the cauldron. Although it didn’t have the special feeling of a firewood stove, the meaty smell also permeated the entire small canteen. When I was here, I already had the appearance of a chef, and her Red Braised Pork even had the level of little brother Zhang, and even waited there with her small bowl early every year.

“Fragrance.” The door outside was opened, Lady Bai came following the scent, she sat in front of the counter and pointed to the wine rack above: “A bottle of Shaoxing Huang, this Red Braised How is Pork sold? One serving, one serving of rice.”

Xu Wei ordered him a large bowl of meat and a bowl of rice, then a bottle of wine, and pointed to the sweeper in front of him. Code of paper: “Forty meat, forty-five wine, and two yuan for rice.”

“It’s quite cheap.” Lady Bai scanned the code and sat down and ate it in small bites. The two of them praised: “Well, this tastes very good, where did you learn the craft, you can.”

Xu Wei just said with a smile: “The old man taught it.”

“Well, yes.”

After that, people were attracted by the rich meat aroma. Although Red Braised Pork is rarely used as the main dish, this time is really good. It is quite popular, a bowl of meat, a bowl of rice, and a bottle of iced drink can also be added, and the taste of life will come up like this.

Although Xu Wei simmered for three whole pots, the supply was still in short supply at the end. Many people eat here and pack a portion back to eat on the second day. Although Xu Wei is busy, she feels that she has never Peaceful and fulfilling.

“Speaking of which, Little Sister, do you know where there is a store like this for rent in this area? I want to open a herbal tea shop and buy some medicine ingredients.” Lady Bai suddenly said to Xu Wei : “I think this place is pretty good.”

Xu Wei pointed to a guest not far away: “You go and ask him, he is the intermediary of this piece.”

Lady Bai said something and walked over to chat with the person Xu Wei introduced.

At this time, Grandfather Pi swaggered in with the keychain of the cashmere toy, and when he saw Xu Wei, he immediately jumped and ran over: “Eat chicken, eat chicken, bring a chicken to the old man. “

“No today… Brother Zhang doesn’t know where to go, or I’ll give you a Red Braised Pork.”

Grandfather Pi oh, I feel Her tail hung down: “Okay, then Red Braised Pork.”

But after she ate Red Braised Pork, her invisible tails swayed again. , and even the whole person swayed around, but Grandfather Pi doesn’t like to eat rice, and after eating two bowls of meat, there is a large bowl of rice left there.

“Don’t waste food.” Xu Wei said, “Brother Zhang is not happy.”

“Old man spends money, he won’t eat it if he doesn’t eat it.” Grandfather Pi was stubborn, and she glanced at the rice with disgust: “Don’t eat it! Whoever likes it will eat it.” Brother Zhang walked in from outside, and Grandfather Pi quickly poured the gravy from the bowl on the rice when he saw it.

“I’m back.”

Brother Zhang didn’t have any unexpected expression when he saw Xu Wei inside, he just said hello softly, and then walked to the side to wash his hands and change. apron, and then walked to the counter.

He first picked up the meat in the pot with a big spoon, then picked up a piece of meat with chopsticks and ate a piece. After tasting it slowly, he smiled and said to Xu Wei, “What did you do?”


“It’s very good.” Brother Zhang nodded and said: “I just want to keep it overnight, and it will taste better if I eat it at noon tomorrow.”

Xu Wei was encouraged, nodded and said in a hurry: “I can make a little more tomorrow.”

Brother Zhang nodded, and then filled a bowl of rice from the oversized rice cooker, and then directly covered two spoons Red Braised Pork’s soup went up and sat there to eat, and soon after a bowl of rice was finished, he pushed the bowl into the dishwasher: “It’s not very healthy, but it’s really delicious.”

Xu Wei walked to the side to make room for Brother Zhang, and then asked in a low voice, “Are you busy in the past few days?”

“It’s okay, just filming.” Xiao Zhang Brother shook his head helplessly: “That director is very troublesome and has a lot of demands.”

“Then you don’t have to go.”

Brother Zhang thought for a while: “It’s pretty good. It’s fun.”

Xu Wei didn’t ask any more questions, brother Zhang, he is willing to be bought with money, and as long as he wants to do something, no one can say it, he is different from an ordinary person, absolutely can’t Use the thinking of an ordinary person to measure his logic. If he thinks it is fun, then there is no problem. After all, there is no delay for him.

“Is it better?” Brother Zhang suddenly asked: “Thunder Dragon told me before that I would stay there for a few more days, and he said that he would not be able to come back in a while. “

Xu Wei repeatedly nodded: “It’s much better. Grandma left very peacefully without pain.”

“That’s good.”

” But…” Xu Wei raised her head and wanted to ask Master about Thunder Dragon, after all, Thunder Dragon told her that she didn’t know where Brother Zhang was and hurried back.

But after thinking about it, she felt that there was no need to ask, so she quickly shook her head and said, “It’s nothing. Brother Zhang, thank you.”

“en.” Brother Zhang Nod, and start taking the chicken out of the freezer.

The Grandfather Pi was instantly ecstatic.

While Xu Wei sat there watching Grandfather Pi teasing with Xiao Zhang, she smiled softly. Of course, she couldn’t ask the master why he lied, otherwise he would definitely say that he was worried that Brother Zhang’s treasure would fall into the hands of the historical path of the devils, so it would be good to understand some things in her heart.

In fact, on this trip home, Xu Wei’s state of mind was completely different, just like Hua Hua said, this is a Heart Tribulation After that, my heart is stable, and there are not too many thoughts and greed.

It’s nothing more than these things. The feasting and feasting are not as relaxing as this a side world.

I want the flowers in the world, plum blossoms in the backyard in February, cherry blossoms in April, grapes weaving in July, sweet-scented osmanthus in August. Coming, people going are all acquaintances, no fighting, no robbing, no slander or slander.

No wonder Thunder Dragon told him that the best Cultivation place in the world is not in the deep mountains, but in the quiet place in the midst of the hustle and bustle, where you can see the world and experience Dao Heart brightly lit.

Of course, Xu Wei is still millions of miles apart from this transparent realm, and now she has only just touched the edge.

Just as the small cafeteria was entertaining guests late at night as usual, there was a sudden burst of crisp metal collisions in Chang’an Alley outside. Brother Zhang raised his head to look, and then resumed his work.

Until the welcome bell at the door rang again, and then a monk in green walked in, wearing a bamboo hat on his head and holding a Zen staff in his hand. The metal collision just now came from his Zen staff. It was sent out, and the Purple Gold bowl in his hand really seemed to have some weight.

He couldn’t see his face at a glance, but Lady Bai had shivered coldly when she saw this outfit, and many inhumans in the room also showed obvious hostility. It was this monk who didn’t look very popular.

But he obviously didn’t realize it. He raised his head and glanced at the people in the room. Then he walked slowly to the counter, placed the Purple Gold bowl on the counter, and said in a low voice, “Donor, I To beg for alms.”

Brother Zhang filled his Purple Gold bowl with Red Braised Pork with a spoon.

The atmosphere in the whole shop became relaxed all of a sudden, there was laughter one after another, even Grandfather Pi laughed happily, and the monk didn’t care at all, he just took off his hat and exposed it. His shiny Little Baldy started wandering around the store with his Purple Gold bowl. When he saw the unfinished rice on the table, he poured it into his Purple Gold bowl and waited for a bowl of rice. He took out his chopsticks, mixed the leftovers with the Red Braised Pork, and ate it in big gulps.

“Holding the grass, very handsome…”

Grandfather Pi pulled La Xu Wei’s sleeve, pointed to the monk in a low voice and said to Xu Wei. Xu Wei looked up and saw that this monk was really handsome, with thin cheeks, a high nose bridge, deep eyes, and the movement of the bite muscle when eating made him look very tough and handsome. A little mandarin duck red birthmark looks very exciting.

“Really handsome…” Xu Wei was also stunned for a moment.

I have to say, before this group of girls sat together and selected Thunder Dragon as the first place, the second place was Xiao Zhang, and the third place was Xiaoma. And now the top three have all been postponed by one, and the first place is definitely this monk.

Although his extraordinary and refined abstinence system is set against Xiao Zhang, Xiao Zhang has one more Immortal Qi than him. He is more hostile than Brother Zhang, and the effect of this hostility is that Brother Zhang looks easy to bully at first glance, and this monk is a domineering president.

The monk finished his meal and even wiped a grain of rice from the bottom of the Purple Gold bowl into his mouth. After eating, he didn’t speak, just stared straight at Brother Zhang who was frying eggs.

“Emotional drama, emotional drama!” Grandfather Pi pulled Xu Wei excitedly: “There is an emotional drama! Immortal Qi’s attack and domineering are… stimulated and stimulated!”

tone Barely fell, Brother Zhang raised his omelet hand, grabbed the spatula and stabbed Grandfather Pi on the head.

“Ah…” Grandfather Pi rolled on the ground clutching his head: “My head, my head…”

And the monk also stood up at this time, and picked the He lifted his chin and looked towards Brother Zhang, but he actually brought a bit of provocation on the application. Brother Zhang raised his eyelids and glanced at him, then picked up the spatula and bit him on the head.

“Ah…” The monk covered his head and started rolling on the ground, even colliding with Grandfather Pi: “My head my head…”

Seeing this In one scene, all the people in the cafeteria who were still holding their breaths uttered aloud.

“That’s it?” Lady Bai poked her head: “I thought it was something.”

The naked eye on the monk’s head had a big bag visible, it looked like It was like being stung by a bee, and the bright red top was there, it looked very ridiculous…

But he quickly stood up again, covered his head and said, “The male…the rooster is back… …”

(end of this chapter)

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