What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 198


Chapter 198 hedonistic son of rich parents

The rooster is back in place, which is of course a good thing, but this chicken, Not really any serious chicken.

Those who are not the first generation are all reincarnated. They actually have real identities and maintain real memories. Although this chicken is a monk now, he has been a monk for less than three years. Very tender monk.

Before, this chicken was a famous scoundrel from all over the world.

He claimed to be born into a wealthy family, and his father was especially favored because he had a son. In one year, his fate took a turn for the worse. His parents died of illness one after another, leaving him a lot of property, but it didn’t take long for him to squander it. In the next two years, he could be considered to have experienced the hardships of the world. The original gang of scoundrels Well, seeing him also seems to be a different person. In the past, the girl whose big brother was long and short was like seeing a wild dog on the side of the road.

After the last bit of real estate in the family was defrauded, he had no source of livelihood. He lived in the cement pipes of the construction site, slept in the bridge hole of the overpass, and worked odd jobs for others, because the four bodies were not diligent. There are no grains, and no job lasts long.

On the last rainy night, his heart was miserable, he escaped into the empty door, went to a temple in the local mountain to have a shave, and the ancient Buddha was lighted every day, but it was also to wash away the desires in his heart. It seems to be a bearer of bad luck. That day was another rainy night. The old monk in the temple passed away. When he came back from a funeral, he found that the temple was buried by a landslide.

So he could only put on the master’s outfit and start the life of an ascetic. Suddenly I remembered who I was, so I walked all the way from Jiangxi to here.

“Although the awakening is a bit sloppy, I think that I can still have a place to stay after all, and it will come when it comes.” The monk sat on the chair with his knees in his arms: “Anyway, At least this can be considered my family.”

He is really miserable, although he made this misery himself, but from his casually description, he can actually experience a variety of things. All are helpless.

“Then you didn’t expect to keep some money before?” Grandfather Pi stretched his head and stared at him, looking like a lust fan: “Then have you Have you ever sold a picture bag?”

“The money is generous and the five poisons are complete.” The monk pointed at the Grandfather Pi and asked Brother Zhang: “What’s the origin of this Small Fox? No one asked me to take the bowl and collect it. , go back to burn and accumulate merits.”

Brother Zhang glanced at Grandfather Pi and didn’t answer, just sat there and glanced behind the monk: “Continue talking.”

The monk rubbed his nose and sat on the high stool, recalling the past: “At that time, I took people to nightclubs and spent more than three million yuan a night. Later, I just wanted them to give me some food money, and they picked up the broom. Let me get out of here. It’s not worth it.”

Although he was talking about the pain in life, it’s actually quite interesting. It can be seen that he has already I don’t care much about the past situation, and there is no joy, anger or sorrow in my eyes when I say it, as if I was telling someone else’s story, with a somewhat free and easy demeanor.

“Then what special skills do you have?” Grandfather Pi also owes a lot, just now they were going to say that she would be taken and burned, but she still insisted: “The twelve spirits each have their own strengths. , you can’t have any strengths, right?”

“I have long eyelashes.”

Grandfather Pi stepped forward: “I don’t believe it, let me see.”

That monk was actually good-natured, and he really let Grandfather Pi come to his face to see his eyelashes, not to mention that his eyelashes are really special, Grandfather Pi yelled there after he found out, Makes it look like I’ve never seen other people’s eyelashes.

“The rooster sings dawn, spirit jade golden light. The rooster’s position in the twelve spirits is the support position, and the technique of spirit jade is the strongest shield in the world. Even Tiger Girl and Thunder Dragon It’s hard to break the shield, the golden light technique, you can understand it as adding a shield to the group, stacking a layer of spiritual shield for all the twelve spirits.”

While they were looking at their eyelashes, Sister Gou started from After all, as one of the twelve spirits left behind, if you see new arrivals, you must show your face. Sister Gou in jeans looks very energetic, but Brother Ji dare not make fun of Grandfather Pi. The same ridicule of her, quickly got up and lowered his head, stood there silently.

“So that’s how it turns out…Are the Twelve Spirits the only two attacking?” Grandfather Pi curiously asked: “Is it Thunder Dragon and Tiger Niu?”

Big White Dog said with a smile: “Yes, but one of the twelve spirit formations is indispensable. They are both the face of the shield and the tip of the spear, but the shield has more than face, and the spear has more than tip.”

“But I Looking at Thunder Dragon is also very ordinary, Hu Niu seems to be…”

Sister Gou smiled and said nothing, because so far there are only seven Twelve Spirits and Roosters, so their complete attributes have not been published yet. Activated, so it feels like that, but after it is fully activated, if the layers of buffs are stacked up, let alone Hu Niu and Thunder Dragon, even Haozi will become very terrifying. Anything in the net can be changed by him, but now he has no ability to use it.

In other words, every time one more Twelve Spirits are awakened, even if they do not enter the combat state, the abilities of the other Twelve Spirits will automatically increase by 50%. And the twelve spirits are all returned, and the power of all the twelve spirits will be close to one hundred and thirty times that of the single twelve spirits, and the reason why Grandfather Pi feels that Thunder Dragon and Hu Niu are not good is because it is only now. If you don’t believe me, take a calculator and multiply it. Six Twelve Spirits have only a little more than eleven times the enhancement value.

This is why Brother Zhang said that after restarting the snake spirit, they were all so excited, a complete body… Who doesn’t want to be a complete body.

But now that the chicken has appeared, it means that the spirit snake has recovered a month ago. This time, it is the chicken-snake combination, but the problem is that recovery does not mean awakening, and the time of awakening is very different. OK, so there must be human intervention.

“Is that the complete Twelve Spirits can keep up with the Three Realms fight?”

“It’s difficult.” Brother Ji looked at Grandfather Pi and said, “That’s not one of them. World, but it’s not impossible to spell.”

At this time, Sister Gou took out a book and said to Brother Ji: “I will enlist your information, name.”

Brother Ji pursed his lips: “Ji Meng, or the law name Mengchen.”

“True name, real name in this world.”

Brother Ji was silent for a long time, and his expression gradually changed Embarrassed: “Isn’t it bad to use the original name?”

“No.” Sister Gou frowned: “If you want to say it, it’s so much nonsense.”

“Xie Guangkun…”

Brother Ji blushed, and even his shiny Little Baldy was red, and after he finished speaking, he immediately defended: “It’s Kunpeng’s Kun …”

But at this time, the defense seemed so pale and weak, and everyone in the room let out a cheerful laugh, and those who liked to coax laughed at him and said, “I thought it was the Buddha crossing. Eh, who ever thought it was country love”.

Hearing the ridicule, Brother Ji’s face became even redder, and he finally put his hands together: “Amitabha…I have not touched the love and hatred in the mortal world, this poor monk. Dharma name Mengchen, take mountains, rivers and rivers as dust, you and I are the dust in the dust, I advise all donors to think twice and laugh, otherwise don’t blame me for the golden bowl in my hand.”

There are not many people in the room who are really afraid of him, and I have never heard the sound of joking, but Grandfather Pi looks like someone from the past, patted his shoulder: “Aiya, get used to it, the old man is always here. It was ridiculed, saying Grandfather Pi, I heard that you were reported for pornography some time ago, and what else did you say, the old man has long been accustomed to such slanderous words as to whether the picture package is not easy to sell.”

After listening to this, Brother Ji turned around and looked towards the group of people behind him, and then pointed at one of them: “You, go out and duel!”

The one he pointed to was also a bachelor. After getting up and going out, Brother Ji put his bag down: “Today, watch me subdue monsters and defeat demons!”

Ten minutes later, Brother Ji was arrested by police Uncle for fighting.

“Huh? Is his brain still so sick?”

It was half past one in the morning when Haozi received a call from Brother Zhang. I was still very happy, but the next sentence I heard was that Brother Ji was arrested by the police Uncle for making an appointment with someone.

What can I do? As the boss of the Twelve Spirits, the only thing Haozi can do is to make a phone call to fish Brother Ji out of it and ask him to write a letter of guarantee and pay a fine.

“Let him squat in it all night, and I’ll go back tomorrow morning.” Haozi sighed: “It just happens that things here are almost the same.”

Brother Zhang thought about it. Thinking, I think this is quite reliable, since Haozi said let him live in it for one night, then he will stay for one night, then hang up the phone and go to sleep.

The poor chicken is sitting in the detention room now, cross-legged looking at the person who is facing him duel, because the rule in Chang’an Lane is that there is no spell, so both of them are bloody nose and swollen face, Brother Ji’s handsome face was also beaten into a dog that was stung by a bee. The one on the other side was not much better, but because it was a spider spirit, the recovery speed was much faster.

“Demon Monk!”

“Demon Monk!”

“Demon Monk!”

“Demon Monk!”

The two spit at each other after scolding and swearing. Finally, Uncle, the police officer, had to come over and tell them to be honest. This was considered to have extinguished the battle of intangible cultural heritage.

In Chang’an Lane, although Brother Xiao Zhang’s shop was closed, some wild monsters, late sleepers and Grandfather Pi were sitting under the plane tree chatting, and they all said that Xiao Zhang Brother, after a few days of cleaning up, another monster came.

“If you want me to say, what twelve spirits are not twelve spirits, why don’t you let me forget it.”

“You are also worthy of you toad?” Grandfather Pi squatted on the The man tore a ham sausage: “Look at what other people’s twelve spirits look like. You don’t urinate as you do. When you urinate, don’t urinate on the hands of the old man, the old man is afraid of getting a rash. “

Grandfather Pi’s speech is tart and mean, no wonder people always ridicule her, but at this time Lady Bai leaned there and said with a smile: “I, I, I, I see they don’t have it either. Snake, shall I go and be a snake?”

As soon as these words came out, the monsters and people around them dispersed immediately, but Grandfather Pi curl one’s lip: “Where The pot can’t be opened, let it go, go to sleep.”

Lady Bai, a newcomer, chased after him with a bewildered face, and asked Grandfather Pi in a low voice: “What’s the matter, why did you mention snakes, everyone I’m gone, I just can’t sleep and want to chat.”

Grandfather Pi scratched his head: “How should I say, it’s taboo anyway, I advise you to hold it in.”

After speaking, Grandfather Pi turned into a prototype and jumped back into the house from the wall, while Lady Bai stood there blinking her eyes, thought for a moment, and then walked back.

And on the morning of the second day, Haozi returned from Hong Kong, and when he came to the detention room and saw the two people inside, he couldn’t help sighed, the spider spirit was sitting there looking at the one on the ceiling. flies, and the monk snored while lying on the bench.

Haozi asked people to open the door. With a loud bang, the monk also woke up. He raised his head and looked at Haozi’s face. He was still a little confused. When the boss of Erling, he directly tried to give Haozi a big hug.

“Serious!” Haozi snapped: “Go out and write a promise. You two!”

The spider spirit is good at writing, and the monk’s word is… He was at the level of the third grade of elementary school. He had a good face, but he was really a top scumbag. Haozi laughed when he saw his chicken feet crawling.

“Go back!”

After writing the promise and completing the formalities, Haozi said angrily to these two people: “You add up… Bazuo, how old are you? already?”

“Three hundred and seventy-three…”

“What about you?” Haozi turned to look at the monk.


“The two together are four hundred years old.” Haozi opened the car door, didn’t know whether to cry or laugh and said: “As for the Shame or not? Huh? Talk!”

Haozi is actually quite prestigious in Chang’an Lane, and he actually acts as the receptionist for these special creatures and aliens. The role, this is also the work that his ancestors started, the birth, aging, sickness and death in Chang’an Lane, of course, little brother Zhang does not care, most of them are drawn by Haozi, so his prestige is high and he has a share in his speech. .

So he uttered his voice, the unruly spider spirit didn’t dare to talk hard, but Brother Ji straightened his neck and said in disapproval: “They laughed at me yesterday!”

“What are you laughing at?”

“Yesterday I registered my name with Sister Gou. I said my name was Xie Guangkun, and they laughed.”

Mention this , the octopus next to him made a sound of pu chi again, but Brother Ji was not happy when he heard it, and pointed at him: “Hey, look!”

Haozi pursed his lips and held back His expression changed, and he glanced at him in the rearview mirror: “Is it country love?”

After saying this, the spider spirit couldn’t hold back even more, covering her mouth and looking out of the car window. Laughing, I burst into laughter when I couldn’t help it…

“Aiya, there’s nothing funny.” Haozi couldn’t hold back anymore, he said with a smile: “Okay, be a little older. Can you guys be more mature? No… Guang Kun Na… I’m sorry.”

“You laugh too!”

(End of this chapter)

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