What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 199


Chapter 199 The problem of being ill is very difficult to deal with

“Miss, it’s not so real, it’s better to let This poor monk touches your bones for you, this poor monk is a must.”

Monk Guangkun stayed in Chang’an Lane, and he arranged for him a room next to Xiaoma’s house, which was originally a small room. The warehouse, which has been idle for a long time, has just been sorted out for him to live in first.

But within a few days, everyone found out that this monk with a shocking appearance is really a complete piece of shit. He doesn’t even know how to play games. Except for the stinky problems that came out of the night show, there was nothing.

And he is not only useless, but also extremely lazy. He sleeps until after twelve o’clock every day, and then goes to several restaurants in Chang’an Lane to “beg for alms”, but fortunately, although he has many stinky problems , but in the end he has experienced baptism. He doesn’t choose what he eats, he eats leftovers, he also eats a bowl of white rice, and even if some leftovers are boiled in white water, he can eat with keen interest pleasure. Better to feed than pigs.

Haozi was troubled when he saw his appearance. He was a Twelve Spirit, so it was not a solution, so Haozi had a long talk with him several times, but with little success. This monk gives the impression that he is just like the legendary Jigong. He is crazy and lazy, always saying crazy things and doing stupid things. More importantly, he has not even the slightest bit of self-awareness of being a monk. He has no strengths, but he always likes to be aggressive and provocative.

Ordinary people are provocative, and they will admit to being cowardly after being beaten a few times, but this is really like a piece of cowhide candy, they can’t be beaten to death, and they can’t be scolded. The fierce ominous beast could only pinch his nose and turn his head aside when he saw him, and was not willing to provoke such a stinky shit at all.

On this day, he took out Haozi’s previous fortune-telling booth and sat at the entrance of Chang’an Lane to tell people’s fortunes, but he didn’t know what fortune-telling was, it was talk nonsense. When you see a man, you are cheating for some money, and when you see a woman, you take a little advantage, but just because you can talk about it, the business is really good after a day, but if you look closely, you will find that most of the people who come to him are Some young girls, wild bees and butterflies, pictured his face.

In the evening, his dangling hair disappeared, and it was not until late at night that he walked slowly back to Chang’an Lane wearing his tattered clothes. He would also squat there and chat for a while, and when he was irritated, he would jump out to fight someone, usually he would get beaten up and then go back to sleep, and then he would sleep until the afternoon, after cheating to eat and drink, Going to Haozi’s fortune-telling booth is like not pursuing it at all.

“You can’t do this.” Haozi found Guang Kun again, and said earnestly, “You should pursue something.”

“I don’t need to spend money on food and sleep, every day If you win another 20 yuan from the slot machine, it will be 600 yuan a month, and 600 yuan is enough to do a lot of things.” Monk Guangkun is also a bachelor, he leaned on the marble reclining chair under the big phoenix tree, leisurely. Enjoying the evening breeze, holding a piece of bread from Jin Mei: “Occasionally, the kind-hearted Female Bodhisattva will give me something to eat. People, perfection is so small. It’s a blessing.”

Haozi sighed, then got up and left. The monk Guangkun raised his head and glanced at him, and continued to squint his eyes to enjoy the refreshment until night fell. He randomly caught a passerby and asked, “What time is it?”

The passerby took out Looking at the phone: “It’s half past seven.”

“Let’s go.”

The monk Guangkun got up lazily, and then swayed with the Vajra stick. Dang away.

Standing in the floor-to-ceiling windows of Brother Xiao Zhang’s milk tea shop and looking at his Haozi, he couldn’t help sighing, turned around and said to Brother Zhang, “Brother Zhang, what do you think this person should do?”


Brother Zhang pursed his lips: “Just let him, he likes it.”

“But this is too sloppy.” Haozi said helplessly with his hips on his shoulders.

At this time, Xu Wei, who was cleaning next to him, suddenly raised his head and asked, “What does he do every night? I think he runs out every night.”

Haozi Shaking his head: “I don’t know, who knows what he does.”

“It’s very curious.” Xu Weihe said happily: “But this person is also very interesting and fun.”

Brother Zhang just finished his work at this time. He was lying on the counter, leaning forward slightly: “I don’t think it should be that simple. His temperament is very strange.”

“Isn’t that weird? I get up at noon every day, I don’t work, I just wander around all day.” Haozi said angrily: “He doesn’t want to work with me, he doesn’t go when I find a job for him, or he If you say that you are lazy or say that you are not, it doesn’t make sense.”

“Or…” Xu Wei came to the counter with a rag and said mysteriously, “Let’s find someone to follow him all night. , and see what he’s doing?”

After a few people added up, they thought it was more reliable, so they decided to find someone to spend the night with him to see what he was wandering about outside, but this stalker As for the candidate, of course, one has to have strong tracking ability. What kind of thing has strong tracking ability? Of course it’s a dog. So the list of candidates was narrowed down to Sister Gou and Grandfather Pi, but Sister Gou definitely doesn’t like to do this kind of thing.

Then there is only one answer.

In the evening of the second day, Grandfather Pi came to Brother Zhang’s restaurant to order roast chicken on time. With a stable job, but never working overtime, Grandfather Pi will always show up at Brother Zhang’s shop at 6 o’clock on time, waiting to eat freshly baked roast chicken.

“Roast chicken roast chicken.” Grandfather Pi slapped two hundred-yuan bills on the table: “Two.”

Brother Zhang quickly served her two roast chickens , Grandfather Pi was eating with her hands and mouth full of oil, and while she was eating, she was suddenly surrounded by Haozi and Xu Wei. Grandfather Pi saw that her posture was not good, and she covered the plate with both hands: “No!”

“I won’t eat your chicken.” Haozi moved the stool: “I want you to do me a favor.”

Grandfather Pi put the chicken head in his mouth and chewed it ka ka sound , and then said in a low, muffled voice: “What are you doing?”

“Wait, help me track that stinky monk to see where he runs every night, and report to us in a week’s time. How about it?”

Grandfather Pi heard that it was doing this kind of thing, and after thinking for a while, said: “Two roast chickens a day.”


Although Grandfather Pi is not very smart, the things she explained can really be done according to the quality and quantity. She started to follow the plan after dinner. As a demon, doing such a thing She has a natural advantage, even more how she’s a dog, and doesn’t even have to keep the target in sight.

She first turned into a prototype, and then turned into a slap-sized jade fox. Even if people saw this little thing walking through the night, they would just think it was a Haozi. This adds a bit of an edge to her tracking program.

She first followed the monk Guangkun to see that he asked for some pastries that were not sold out that day from Jinmei Female Bodhisattva, which was enough for two lunch boxes. Monk Guangkun sat outside with an unbranded mineral water bottle and asked a family on the roadside for some cold water. He ate two boxes of cakes with the cold water, and then he lay down on the stone stool under the plane tree. up.

Arriving at half past seven, he sat up in a hurry and asked a person passing by: “What time is it now?”

“Seven thirty. ”

After hearing this time, Monk Guangkun got up and supported his Vajra stick and walked out of Chang’an Lane slowly, and Grandfather Pi immediately followed.

After this monk Guangkun walked out of Chang’an Alley, he seemed to wander aimlessly for a while, and then walked towards the shanty towns outside the city with the oh la la sound of metal rings colliding. I bought a lot of cheap noodles and ham sausages with the money I got by begging for alms and fortune-telling, and then I carried a lot of things to the vicinity of an abandoned station outside the shanty town outside the city.

With the sound of his meditation stick, many unkempt and resentful little ghosts appeared in those abandoned small houses. Monk Guangkun walked into the center of these little ghosts and broke the layer on the ground. Spread out the cloth, sit on it and start the Scripture Lecture preaching. With the reincarnation of the scriptures, one after another light falls from the sky on those solitary souls, unbound ghosts, who cannot enter reincarnation because they have no names.

As long as it is illuminated, it will soon enter the Reincarnation Light directly, disappearing one by one.

This process lasted for more than two hours, and it was almost half past ten. Solitary soul, unbound ghost no longer existed in this place, and Guang Kun’s face also showed a little tiredness. He struggled to get up from the ground with a stick, and then went to the next location.

Then he came to the vicinity of a smelly landfill, he tore the ham sausage from his body, broke it into small pieces and put it on the ground, and some green leaves and the like He also put it next to him, with mutter incantations in his mouth, and then saw many dead souls of cats, dogs, pigs and sheep rushing towards him from the rubbish heap. He squatted on the ground and touched the dead souls with his fingers. What is touched will turn into a stream of light and disappear.

It wasn’t hard work, but it lasted for more than half an hour. Seeing that it was getting late, the monk Guangkun came to a famous urban legend square in the local area. Haozi once said that this place became a place for cultivating evil because of the opposite of the construction location and the direction of the entire leylines. , even if you do nothing, you will gather a lot of Evil Spirit.

As expected, when the monk Guangkun walked in, the atmosphere around him became solemn, but he didn’t care at all, just crushed the noodles in his hand and sprinkled them on the ground, shouting loudly: ” There is vengeance and vengeance, vengeance and vengeance…it’s good to go on the road when you have enough food.”

The things here are different from those wandering spirits and small animals. This place is fierce and will attack people. But the monk Guangkun did not fight back no matter what kind of attack he attacked. He used his flesh to resist the grievances of these Evil Spirits. His lips and fingers had been frozen blue from the naked eye, but he still stood still.

And there are many of these attacks that exceed the lethal dose. When those resentments enter his body, he will stumble unbearably, and then one-knee kneels for a long time, until his body is faint. A golden light appeared, but he turned off the golden light and continued to walk the whole way.

“This person is sick,” said Grandfather Pi whispering.

(End of this chapter)

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