What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Call My Name

β€œLittle girl, you have been shrouded in darkness, if you step out of this door, bad omens will come.”

Xu Wei’s head was still groggy, but at least she woke up. Seeing that it was already dark outside, she quickly got up and staggered about to go out for an appointment, but just a few steps away, a hoarse and groggy voice suddenly appeared. As if it had emerged from Yin Sector’s hell, she shivered in fright.

Looking in the direction of the voice, she didn’t see anything. At this time, it was raining and a thunderstorm exploded. Xu Wei felt that all the hairs on her body stood up.

“Who are you…”

“Me? You dare to ask my name? Hahahaha, now you little girls have lost your awe of True God? I , is the Guardian of the courtyard, the leader in charge of darkness, and the gospel of warmth and joy for mankind! Why don’t you kneel when you listen to my name?”

Xu Wei heard this, Her brain was almost a mess, her eyes searched everywhere, and finally she saw a lamp in the direction of the sound and an orange cat squatting on top of the lampshade.

The orange cat is sitting upright and naive. Although it looks like a young cat, it already has cheeks, and it is very chubby and cute.

“Are you talking to me?” Xu Wei looked at the orange cat and asked cautiously, her fear suddenly reduced by 98%.

“Mortal!” The voice came out again, but this time in a stern tone: “How dare you not use honorifics! Do you know who you are facing? You are facing a courtyard The Guardian, the leader in charge of darkness, and the gospel of warmth and joy for mankind!”

“Cats can actually talk!!!” Xu Wei stared wide-eyed: “I still hit my head. Have a hallucination? I’ll listen to you again.”

“Oh, poor and insignificant mortal.”

“wa!” Xu Wei exclaimed: “You really are You can talk! What’s your name?”

In fact, youngsters in this era are actually quite accepting of this thing. Seeing everything make a fuss about nothing, and it’s a fat cat talking, it just seems like too much fun.

“You actually ask a True God’s name? Hahaha, it’s ridiculous. But yes, when you want to worship God, you must know God’s name. So since you asked sincerely, then I will Kindly tell you, I am the Guardian of the courtyard, the leader in charge of darkness, and the gospel of warmth and joy for mankind! My name is with the moonlight, you can humbly crawl on the ground and listen to my name. Please remember Live, the only god in this world, its name is…”

“Da Huang, it’s time to eat.”

At this moment, there was a sound of knocking on the pot. , Xu Wei was stunned, turned her head and saw a youngster in his twenties holding a pot and a bag of cat food. He put the pot full of cat food under the eaves and greeted the orange cat.


The orange cat jumped off the eaves and came to the rice bowl with a bang, but next moment it was furious: “Cat food cat food cat food It’s cat food again! I’m the Guardian of the courtyard, the leader in charge of darkness, and the gospel of warmth and joy for mankind! You feed me this industrial waste every day, do you look down on me?”

The little brother kicked its ass: “What value have you created for this family? I asked you to go to the milk tea shop to act coquettishly to help attract customers. If you like it or not, you will wander by yourself.”

Xu Wei’s eyes widened when she saw the conversation between this person and a cat, her face full of surprise and disbelief.

“Eat, can’t I eat? You are really bad-tempered, we have such a deep relationship, you actually let me go wandering, the outside is so dirty, the ground is also dirty, trees It’s dirty on the top, dirty in the hole, dirty everywhere, I…”

The orange cat babbled endlessly while eating, but the little brother ignored it at this time and just walked away In front of Xu Wei: “Hello.”

“Hello…” Xu Wei raised her head and glanced at him, rather nodded: “Sorry for causing you trouble.”


“Are you alright? Don’t you feel any discomfort? If so, you should go to the hospital.”

Xu Wei hurriedly shook her head: “It’s alright, It’s alright, thank you…is that cat really talking? It’s not my hallucination, right?”

“He talks a lot every day.”

“He really does It can talk!”

“It will also turn somersaults.” The little brother looked back towards the orange cat: “Da Huang, turn somersaults.”

“I am the Guardian of the courtyard, He is the leader in charge of darkness, and he brings the gospel of warmth and joy to mankind! You made me turn somersaults!? I think you have been a little disrespectful to me recently. You know that even the pharaohs of Egypt would have respected me when they saw me. A great best, you actually told me to do some somersaults? I’m going to eat you now!”

“It’s not happy.” The little brother spread his hands helplessly: “I can’t do anything either.”

Xu Wei calmed down a little, looked towards the little brother in front of him: “Is it like this in front of everyone?”

“It’s like this, it’s like this at night.”

“Then…are you not afraid of being told everywhere?”

“This question…if I told you that a cat could talk, would you choose to believe it or not?”

Xu Wei laughed: “I choose to think that you are soaking me. By the way, my name is Xu Wei, and I’m from the next city.”

“Zhang Jiachang.”

The two shook hands gently, indicating that they knew each other. As for the talking cat, Xu Wei felt that she could come back to study after she was done with the task at hand. The place feels a little strange to her, and it is not so unacceptable to have some metaphysics.

“Xu Wei, is that the Xu Wei who has nothing to stop you from yearning for freedom?” The dark leader who was eating cat food suddenly raised his head and asked, “speaking of which I prefer. Pu Shu, that laughter reminds me of my flowers, the song is a bit old, have you heard it?”

Zhang Jiachang raised his hand and waved: “Don’t pay attention to it.”


Xu Wei nodded with a weird expression, then looked at the little brother in front of him laughed: “Then I’ll go first, can I come back to chat with him when I’m done?”

“Follow me. You like it.”

“You let her go, she will die if you let her go, and she won’t be able to come back.” Da Huang shouted from behind: “I think she is quite good-looking. Beautiful, why don’t you keep her? The girlfriend who finally sent her to the door, do you really want it? Do you know that you are in your twenties? Dogs will be bred at your age, why are you still Have you ever thought about being single? Anyway, she’s dead, so if you don’t just keep her and ask for it yourself, it’s a good deal.”

“Shut up!” Zhang Jiachang turned back and scolded: “No more. Nonsense, I asked Xiaotian to come out and clean you up.”


And being told by it, Zhang Jiachang was nothing, Xu Wei was embarrassed, She had a fever on her face and was embarrassedly laughed: “Why does it say I’m going to die…”

“I don’t know.” Zhang Jiachang laughed: “But you better listen to it. I’ll be busy. It’s up to you.”

He turned around and walked out through a small door, leaving only Xu Wei standing in the yard in a daze.

This small courtyard is full of weirdness, weird places, weird cats, weird people, everywhere there is a feeling that something is wrong, although it is not terrifying, but it is weird…

Just When Xu Wei was in a daze, that Da Huang also finished eating the cat food. It slowly swayed its fat body and came to Xu Wei, raised its tail and circled around her a few times: “God gave you the guidance, you No need to doubt. Do you have a cell phone? Take it out and put it in front of me.”

Xu Wei quickly took out her cell phone and put it in front of the yellow cat. Talking cat’s request.

“Unlock! You stupid woman!”

“Oh…” Xu Wei reacted after being cursed, and quickly unlocked the phone and put it on the phone again. in front of Da Huang.

Da Huang rambled while pulling with his claws: “Mac, I don’t like Macs, Apple’s system is very troublesome, and the only thing that doesn’t allow downloads is the only thing that lets people download. What’s more gratifying is that the browser of the Mac is really called a hundred no taboos. Oh, let me see your browsing history.”

“No way!” Xu Wei covered her phone: “Except That one can do anything…”

“It seems that there must be something bad in it.” Da Huang let out a sigh and continued to pick up, he skillfully opened a certain treasure, and then found the pet In the special area, he clicked on an expensive cat canned food, and then clicked on the page with his paw: “Buy it, buy it, buy it!”

Although Xu Wei felt very strange about the cat’s behavior, But still, who can say no to a talking cat…

“I’ll give you the address, just leave the guy’s phone number.” Da Huang circled beside him Circle: “Buy more and stock up. Otherwise, if you eat it all at once, you will have a hard life in the future.”

“Am I really going to die?” Xu Wei squatted beside Da Huang and whispered Da Huang asked, “Why?”

Da Huang stood up straight and looked around, then jumped straight onto Xu Wei’s shoulder and whispered in her ear: “Since you have generously given to the omnipotent The Almighty God will pay tribute to you, and the Almighty God will give you back. I can tell you clearly, as long as you leave here, you will die tonight, and you will die tragically, and you will never be able to reincarnate. People are torn and blood is drained and they leave the world completely… Double pressure! I’m awesome.”

There is a saying in the world that it is better to be untrustworthy than nothing. Wei Du felt that the person might be sick, but this is a cat… A cat told him that he would die, so did the credibility come up with a scratch?

“Then I won’t leave!”

While Xu Wei made this decision, her phone began to vibrate continuously, and Da Huang used his paw to call the The phone is pushed to him: “I’ve got a message, where are you.”

“How should I answer?”

“Just tell him that you are here. .” Da Huang left leisurely with his tail erect, and said as he walked, “He wouldn’t dare to come anyway.”

(End of this chapter)

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