What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 20

Chapter 20 Being Defrauded

There is no more interesting thing in the world than a person who is at the top of one field goes to another field like a fool.

Just like Zhang Jiachang, he is a god-like person, but he was not satisfied with trying three outfits because he had to go to an interview in the morning on the second day.

“I don’t think it’s too formal. You should dress a little more casually. Youngsters need to be energetic and energetic.”

It was none other than squatting on Zhang Jiachang. Da Huang on the computer, Da Huang danced and matched the clothes with the little Zhang brothers, looking like a professional look.

“No, no, this is too stupid. Look at your stupid appearance. How can anyone wear a floral shirt to work?”

“This is fine, but without pants .”

“This suit is fine.”

Under a series of comments from Da Huang, Zhang Jiachang finally put on a normal suit, a long-sleeved white shirt with a His father’s suit pants, although somewhat old-fashioned, are quite in line with the old-fashioned temperament of Zhang Jiachang.

At this time, Xiaotian also walked in through the crack of the door, squatting beside him and looking up and down at Zhang Jiachang.

“Xiaotian, what do you think?” Zhang Jiachang pointed to himself and asked, “Does this suit look good?”

“You look good in anything.”

“Hahaha, you actually ask a licking dog, it can say nothing?” Da Huang began to mock Xiaotian again: “It’s better to ask Nian Nian if you ask him.”


Xiaotian showed his sharp canine teeth, Da Huang closed his mouth immediately, he has been beaten a lot in the past few days, either by Xiaotian or by Grandfather Pi, it has to be slow and cheap, otherwise I’m afraid my body can’t handle it.

“Okay, that’s it.”

In the early morning of the second day, he sent him to school as usual. He looked up at the towering skyscrapers and couldn’t help but sigh that the city has developed too fast in the past ten years.

In his impression, this place was a dirt square more than ten years ago. It was full of broken copper and iron and various construction wastes. Many scavengers were rummaging here, except for rain and snow. God, other times it’s the gray one.

But now this place has become the most prosperous area in the city, and although Zhang Jiachang obviously lives in this city, even if the straight-line distance is only five or six kilometers, he has never seen such a place. of prosperity.

Because the parking lot of Hongyun Building does not allow electric vehicles to enter, so he struggled to find a parking place, and it was only one minute before the interview time.

Even if Brother Zhang has never worked, he knows that if he is late for the first interview, he will definitely be out of business.

So he came under the Fortune Building, closed his eyes, and all the pictures around him began to slow down and then gradually stopped, and then the people, animals, and cameras in the entire Fortune Building were captured by him. It is marked in the consciousness of the .

He jumped lightly and jumped onto the outer wall of the 7th Layer of the Fortune Building, standing still on the smooth glass at a ninety-degree angle.

“The tenth floor… the tenth floor…” He turned around and counted, and then his eyes quickly locked on the open window on the tenth floor, and just a little toes, he entered it.

After entering, there were already people cleaning, but for him, all these people were still. He quickly came to the stairwell of the safety exit, and then turned on the front camera of his mobile phone and sorted it out. Deportment, after waiting until everything was safe, he snapped his fingers.


With a crisp sound, everything went back to normal. Noises, talking, and music from the computer all rushed towards him. Come.

He looked at the time, fifty-nine seconds left.

“Hello, may I ask if this is… GD Pretty Cute Love Media Co., Ltd.?”

Zhang Jiachang actually felt that after reading the company’s name There must be something wrong with my brain, to come to such a company for an interview…

“Who are you looking for?” The girl at the front desk immediately raised her head and stared curiously when she heard someone ask. Gazing at Zhang Jiachang.

Zhang Jiachang handed over his resume and said, “I’m here for an interview. You called me yesterday.”

“Ah!~” The little girl at the front desk After looking at Zhang Jiachang up and down, he said, “Wait a minute,” and then rushed inside.

“Mr. Zhu, Mr. Zhu! Here, the man in the picture yesterday is here! It looks better than the picture! Come on, come on!”

“You Why is he so good-for-nothing, let him in. He really looks better than the picture?”

“Yes! Hurry up and go.”

Although there were several doors, Zhang Jiachang’s perception ability allowed him to clearly hear the conversation inside, and his expression at that time became very strange, even a little bit He wanted to run because he had no idea what kind of dragon’s pool and tiger’s den he had come to.

“Pansi hole…”

This is the first word that pops out of Brother Zhang’s mind, and he is from the plump and tender Eastern Earth Great Tang monk.

The little girl at the front desk ran back quickly, she said to Zhang Jiachang with a calm face: “Mr. Zhu is waiting for you inside, please come with me.”

Zhang Jiachang didn’t have time to think about it. After all, it was his first interview and he was still quite nervous, so he subconsciously followed the girl at the front desk and walked in.

After entering, he found that all eyes in the entire office were directed at him, and he was also sure that this was Pansidong, because there were about ten people on and off the field, and there was not a single man…

He was brought to the door of Mr. Zhu’s room, the little girl at the front desk, and she knocked on the door in a pretentious manner and said, “President Zhu, the interviewee has arrived. “

“Come in.”

After entering the house, the girl at the front desk left, and Zhang Jiachang quickly closed his super hearing because he was already talking about himself outside. , this thing is really embarrassing to hear.

“Sit.” Mr. Zhu stuck his head out from behind the computer screen and glanced at Zhang Jiachang, took the resume in his hand: “Zhang Jiachang? Why is it called this name?”

“Maybe it’s because my dad likes it.” Zhang Jiachang smiled bitterly: “I can’t choose this either.”

“That’s right.” Mr. Zhu may have realized that he asked a silly question, He quickly continued: “Drop out of the second year of junior high school? Why?”

“Because I can’t adapt to school life anymore.”

Brother Zhang didn’t lie about this, because he woke up at the age of fifteen It happened to be the second half of the second semester of junior high school. He would not be able to control his emotions very well, which would lead to frequent reality distortions, and because various abilities soared at an exaggerated rate, he could easily hurt others by mistake. people.

In such a situation, dropping out is the best option.

“Oh, I didn’t have a job after that?”

“Yes, I have opened a fast food restaurant.” Zhang Jiachang said seriously: “But because I haven’t been in contact with the society for too long. , so I decided to come out and find a job.”

“You can cook!” Mr. Zhu’s eyes lit up at that time: “Is it delicious?”

“I rely on This one who survives…”

“Yes, yes.” Mr. Zhu patted his head: “The state is not very good today, so can you be responsible for cooking lunch in the company in the future? Just deal with some simple things. Besides, I’ll be responsible for cooking.”

“Okay.” Zhang Jiachang has no objection: “I can do it.”

“Well, what do you think about the salary package? Besides cooking, what other specialties do you have?”

Zhang Jiachang thought for a while, pursed his lips and smiled wryly and shook the head, but this expression directly hit the head like a shooting star Mr. Zhu’s head, she was not clear at that time, and she felt that her mind was full of smiles…

“You can’t laugh, you can’t laugh… You can’t laugh.” Mr. Zhu hurriedly He waved his hand: “Are there any requirements for salary?”

“Actually, there are no requirements, it’s almost enough.”

“Well, as you can see, you are the only male in the company. In the future, many jobs may be troublesome and hard. Would you like to?”

“en.” Zhang Jiachang nodded and said: “I will connect wires and repair gas stoves, as well as microwave ovens and computers. .”

“Enough! Enough.” Mr. Zhu smiled, obviously very satisfied with Brother Zhang: “The three-month internship period is 80% of the salary. Your basic salary According to six thousand, the commission will be calculated separately.”

“I want to ask…” Zhang Jiachang straightened up: “What is the company doing?”

“Just… …just…just…”

While speaking, the door suddenly opened: “Old pig, go, three are missing.”

Mr. Zhu coughed and hurriedly Get up. In order to hide her embarrassment in front of the person who came over, she dragged her into the room: “This is the CFO of the company, you call her Ding.”

“What is O? Am I not an accountant? ?”

Mr. Zhu’s face burned with a flash, and she quickly pulled the dog woman who couldn’t carry it to Zhang Jiachang: “This is our new employee, Zhang Jiachang. “

“Oh… hello. Just call me Ding Ding, I am not Mr. Ding, I am a pitiful person who was tricked by her to be an accountant in the name of her best friend. This company has been around for a while. She has no income in 2018, and it all depends on her cheating money from her father. It is too late for you to leave. I recommend you a very reliable company. You can search for Ding Group, a partner of the world’s top 500 enterprises, the largest company in the city. Comprehensive trade group, after you go, report Ding Ru’s name, saying that Ding Ru introduced you.”

“Dog woman!” Mr. Zhu rushed up and covered her mouth: “When I The person who robbed me! I killed you!”

Zhang Jiachang was very embarrassed looking at the bloody sisterhood in front of him. He probably understands why there are no men in this place now. He dares to be a family business. , It’s called a boudoir business… Whoever comes here, boudoir friends will probably have to mess with Huang.

Zhang Jiachang thinks that they are recruiting a son-in-law rather than an employee, and when he looked towards Mr. Zhu, judging from her bone age, this Boss is actually a post-00… …

“That… I’ll go to another place first.”

As soon as Mr. Zhu, who was fighting with his best friend, heard this, he immediately scolded: “Don’t go, wait. I killed this woman, I’ll take you to the workstation, you sit there.”

And the CFO next to Mr. Ding took the time to stick his head out: “Run! Run! Remember to go to Ding’s in the afternoon!”

(End of this chapter)

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