What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 200


Chapter 200 Kṣitigarbha

For a week, Grandfather Pi felt like she was going to have a problem with her She was clamoring for Haozi to find her a psychiatrist.

“As soon as shua, the blood came out.” Grandfather Pi seemed to have been greatly impacted when he described: “Then let those ghosts suck him, and I didn’t see it clearly. Anyway, it must have been enough to suck him dry. I could see his eyes were empty. But after sucking, those things were reincarnated, and he lay on the ground like dead. But ten minutes, ten minutes later He stood up with a swish, can you believe that he was resurrected with full blood?”

The follow-up operation for a week has yielded results, that is, this monk is very evil, he is saving the dead in the whole city, what? Such dead souls will not be spared, whether it is good or bad, even those resentful, he will let those things claim his life. Switching back and forth between hovered between life and death every day, Grandfather Pi believes that state must be uncomfortable, because he screamed out aloud several times, but he still did that on second day…

After listening to Grandfather Pi’s description, those who believe in Buddhism and non-believers are silent. Brother Zhang directly called Huahua, and Huahua said that he didn’t know, and said that if this is the case, it should be another A system is not a system of reincarnation but a system of transcendence. The boss of this system is Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva.

“But Kṣitigarbha has disappeared for many years, and hell has long since been emptied after modern management. Now we pay attention to seamless circulation, and the reward, punishment and compensation system is also very clear, so he has nothing to do with him. , he disappeared. It seems to have disappeared for more than 20 years. According to what you said, it might be that old stubborn, you can try it.”

If Huahua said, let Quan The field fell silent. Everyone, including Haozi, didn’t expect that this chicken could get into the same body with Kṣitigarbha. What is the probability? Theoretically it is impossible.

But if it is really Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva, then his experience is really justifiable, they are popular in Buddhist schools, but according to reason, it is impossible…because Kṣitigarbha and Ji Ge are not in the same system at all.

It is not a system that two lives are entrusted to a body and merged, which is outrageous.

“Should I ask him to ask?” Haozi asked Brother Zhang in a low voice, “What if it is really Kṣitigarbha and a rooster?”

Brother Zhang spread his hands: “Who knows, I don’t know everything.”

This is really interesting. The two systems are forcibly plugged together. Brother’s ferocity and Kṣitigarbha’s selflessness have long ago made Guangkun’s unique twisted life.

But it’s better to ask him personally, guessing is always impossible.

So Haozi tricked Guang Kun, who had just woken up, to come to Brother Zhang in the name of inviting him to dinner. Of course, Guang Kun was rude and sat there waiting for dinner with a slut smile. And in this gap, Haozi suddenly asked: “What did you do last night?”

“Sleep.” Guangkun blinked: “I never go out at night, I’m sleepy after eating, I slept all night. But it’s strange, I slept until after twelve o’clock during the day, but I still feel uncomfortable everywhere, and I often have nightmares at night.”

Guang Kun raised his head. Rolling up his sleeves, he pointed to the aorta of his hand: “I have a lot of pain in this area, but there are no marks, which is strange.”

“That’s it…he just cut this place to feed blood yesterday. For those monsters.”

Guang Kun looked at Grandfather Pi blankly, blinking his eyes quickly, looking rather blank.

Haozi looked at Guang Kun up and down, and found that he did not appear to be lying, and then he began to use his interrogation ability to start cross-examination.

There is only one thing he can’t figure out, and that is why the money he got disappears every day, no matter where it is placed, it will always be a little less on the second day, and sometimes it will be a little less. Sometimes a little less. He deeply suspected that some monster in Chang’an Lane had dirty hands and feet, stealing money while he was asleep.

“Then do you dream at night?”

“If you don’t dream, it will last until dawn.” Guang Kun said seriously: “What’s the matter.”

“Do you remember where you slept?”

Guang Kun recalled carefully, and suddenly slapped his thigh: “This place is haunted!”

And then Brother Zhang handed the noodles and fried ham sausage to Guang Kun, but smiled but did not speak. However, Guang Kun’s expression changed obviously. He raised his head slightly and glanced at Brother Zhang, and then smiled relievedly.

“Don’t ask me, I really don’t know.”

Haozi touched the chin and glanced at Grandfather Pi: “It’s strange… I’ll ask the King of the Mountain.”

And Grandfather Pi spread his hands: “I don’t know, he’s scary anyway. Forget it, I’m off to work.”

Grandfather Pi and Haozi just left , while Guang Kun sat there and finished eating the noodles and ham, and even licked the plate clean. At this time, Brother Zhang happened to hand over a glass of water, and Guang Kun took it: “many thanks, Holy Lord.”


Guang Kun glanced at the sunlight outside Splendid, suddenly raised his head and laughed, but he didn’t answer Brother Zhang either, he just walked out with his Zen stick: “By origin, there is no Bodhi tree, Nor is there a mirror bright. Originally there is not a single thing , Where does dust alight. Bodhi only seeks in the heart, why bother to seek mysticism outside.”

“Come back.”

“Okay.” Ji Ge turned his head and shook his head. He turned around again and sat in front of Brother Zhang: “Actually…it’s not me, it’s my dead ghost master. I’m Ah Ji, your Ah Ji…”

“Also Cheat?” Brother Zhang frowned.

Guang Kun lowered his head and was silent for a while, and when he raised his head again, his body was covered with scriptures, and the Heavenly Eye between his eyebrows also opened naturally, with golden light in his eyes: “This It’s not good to see people.”

Brother Zhang laughed out loud.

Guang Kun returned to his original appearance again, spread out his hands and said to Brother Zhang: “I’m also very helpless, help me hide it. I’ll travel around the world in a while.”


“Then I have a question, did you know you were a rooster very early on?” Brother Zhang curiously asked: “Or woke up suddenly.”

“This is true I woke up suddenly. In fact, I’m already dead.” Guang Kun pursed his lips and said with a smile, his expression was different from when Haozi and the others were there earlier: “I died in that cold rainy night, and I woke up again. I’ve been like this since then. I think a lot of things may really just be coincidences, there’s no special arrangement, but is my identity important to you? It doesn’t matter.”

“Just curious.”

“Thank you.” Guang Kun stood up again: “That’s it, it’s rare to be confused, it’s hard to be confused, you’re confused, I’m confused, he’s confused, and it’s gone.”

After he finished speaking, he went out the door, leaving only Brother Zhang standing inside, and of course… Da Huang on the electric fan.

Da Huang stretched his head: “pu 呲 puci…”

Brother Zhang raised his head, and Da Huang jumped directly in front of him: “What is this? I feel that the people above have super power, can he be the Twelve Spirits?”

“Yes.” Brother Zhang unabashedly said with a smile: “but also not.”

“Well, you guys are talking weird.” Da Huang sighed, “But his power is very peaceful and reassuring.”

In the days that followed, Guang Kun still sleeps until noon every day, eats leftovers, and leaves Chang’an Lane on time at 7:30 in the evening. Haozi asked everyone he could and couldn’t figure out what the problem was. Even King Shan found it unbelievable, because this situation can only happen to schizophrenia and dual souls, but Guang Kun obviously does not have schizophrenia. There is no dual soul, so normally he is impossible to have this kind of problem.

And like the situation described by Grandfather Pi, the pain will definitely make a person unforgettable, and there is absolutely no situation where there is no memory at all on the second day.

So Guangkun’s weird behavior has become one of the unsolved mysteries of Chang’an Lane, but fortunately there are too many unsolved mysteries in Chang’an Lane, and there is no way to check it one by one. As for Guangkun’s behavior, everyone should get used to it.

In addition to the Guangkun incident, there are other news in Chang’an Lane during this period, such as Brother Zhang’s filming as the protagonist, and the official opening of Lady Bai’s herbal tea shop.

In other words, there are already three restaurants in Chang’an Alley, plus the tea restaurant at the entrance of the alley, there are four in total. A milk tea shop and canteen, a tea restaurant, a cafe, and a herbal tea shop.

Grandfather Pi doesn’t like to drink herbal tea, but she always goes to Lady Bai’s to buy herbal tea, because the main reason is that she can weigh two liang realgars there, saying that she wants to take it back to make wine, and for this reason. Lady Bai threatened to eat Grandfather Pi several times.

“Tomorrow I’m going to buy snake guts.”

Grandfather Pi was sitting under the big tree chatting with people. The ringtone of hua la la, they knew that the mental disorder monk was back.

Many people sat there and made fun of Guangkun, and Guangkun wanted to duel them as usual, but now people don’t like him for a long time, but they still like to see his embarrassment and laugh , until Lady Bai rushed out with a medicine-cutting knife and pointed at the crowd: “Who bought snake guts just now? Come out and come out!” The one who turned into the prototype ying ying ying ran away, and there was laughter under the big phoenix tree.

Guang Kun sat on the seat of Grandfather Pi, crossed Erlang’s legs and said, “What story do I have to listen to today, I’m going to bed without me.”

At this time, there was someone He coughed and said, “Why don’t I tell you one.”

“Don’t talk about it first.” At this time, the big water buffalo, who had been busy all day outside, rode his tricycle back and forth. When he got here, there were more than a dozen unsold watermelons on his tricycle: “I will divide the watermelons later, and everyone will listen to the story while eating the watermelon.”

Dim street lights, around the bulbs Flying mosquitoes, noisy midnight and lively under the big tree, Chang’an Lane just spent its 750th birthday.

(End of this chapter)

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