What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 201


Chapter 201 The Wonderful Story of the world

Thunder Dragon, dressed in a Japanese-style bathrobe, knelt down at the small table, Opposite him sat a man with a face full of flesh. This person is not a triad, but one of the strongest ten leaders in Japanese mythology, the God of Thunder. He sat there with downcast eyes. Next to him was a pretty woman, about twenty-seven or eight-year-old. She was wearing a strange suit with a stone lion mark on her neckline. The smell was a bit heavy, which made Thunder Dragon very uncomfortable.

She should also be one of the eight million gods, but on this occasion she can only serve tea and water, as long as the water in the Thunder Dragon cup is empty, she will immediately renew it while Thunder Dragon sits There was already a belly full of water.

He came to Little Japan this time to find the spirit snake. Reincarnation is a matter of reincarnation. Where a person will be after reincarnation is completely random, so as long as the spirit snake has not awakened, he will go to Chang’an. Lane reports, then the only thing they can do is turn the world around.

And go to a place and immediately meet the local bigwigs, this can be considered a rule, but Thunder Dragon’s current identity is a bit different from the Thor in front of him, although everyone belongs to the Thunder Department, But in theory, if you really want to talk about this matter, Nine Heavens should communicate with Heavenly Venerable. Thunder Dragon’s grade is a little worse, and it is impossible to negotiate with others on an equal basis. It can only be called an audience.

This made Thor somewhat aggrieved, but the rules are the rules, and now I can’t lift the table, so I can only lower my breath, but I am still really aggrieved, and I am also a thunder. Although I am ashamed to say that I have not returned to my position, but I am not like a small shrew.

At this time, the Thunder God Jianyu suddenly said a lot, but Thunder Dragon couldn’t understand it at all, but the little elder sister next to him immediately translated: “It’s not that we don’t welcome colleagues from the suzerain country, but Now there are a lot of people who criticize you, they have done a lot of outrageous things, we can’t directly intervene because of the regulations of the Nether, but Izanami has orders not to allow any outside forces to enter our place again.”

Thunder Dragon straightened his neck immediately: “I’m not like them, they are troublemakers, I’m just here to find someone.”

“Sorry, this excuse has been used too many times. After Jianyu Thor replied, the woman continued: “I can’t tell the authenticity of you, please come back.”

Thunder Dragon pursed his lips and murmured a few times: “I see you Really refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit.”

Jianyu Lei Shen frowned slowly, and the woman next to him said with a displeased expression: “Mr. Lei, Please show some respect, you need to know who you are. Please go back, or don’t blame us for being rude.”

Thunder Dragon picked up the phone: “Let me make a call.”

After he finished speaking, he called Brother Xiao Zhang, and then told Brother Zhang about the difficulties he was encountering on the phone. Brother Zhang said that he understood and then hung up the phone.

After about a minute or so, there was a sudden noise at the door, and then a woman with frost on her face walked in. After she came in, Jianyu Thor and the translator immediately stood up. Come on, give up the main seat, and the woman was not polite, she sat directly opposite Thunder Dragon, and spoke fluent Chinese: “I’m sorry, Mr. Lei, this is our dereliction of duty, please forgive me. Because two teams from your side are making waves here during this time, it is difficult for us not to strictly check.”

“Nothing.” Thunder Dragon sneered: “The proof in my hand seems to be useless. Do you look down on our Holy Master?”

The woman opposite immediately stood up, moved towards Thunder Dragon and bent down ninety degrees, and the Thunder God behind him also quickly bent down ninety degrees: ” I’m very sorry, it’s because of my management mistakes that this problem occurs, and in the future, please rest assured Guardian and Mr. Lei that similar things will never happen again.”

Who is this woman? It goes without saying that, of course, it is the supreme god of Shintoism, the Supreme God Great God Tian Zhao, the life of Amaterasu. Just now, it was Brother Zhang who asked her what was going on, and when she looked eagerly, she was probably taken aback.

Although it is true that the Guardian will not interfere with their behavior, the problem is that Thunder Dragon is holding a certificate issued by the Holy Lord, the Guardian, to prove his identity. If you don’t recognize it here, what does that mean? Just don’t recognize Guardian.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t recognize the Guardian, but when the time comes to let the Guardian not recognize them, then it’s really called die without a burial site, so if the Guardian personally intervenes, Great God Tian Zhao really can’t do it A mortal makes a trip, let alone bowing to a mortal to apologize.

The rest of the formalities went through very quickly, not only allowing Thunder Dragon to use superhuman spells and special items in Japan, but also giving him special law enforcement powers, which means that he now has the authority to handle them directly. He has to deal with things without needing to inform anyone.

In fact, this is also Thunder Dragon’s loss in Europe last time, because he entered as an ordinary person when he entered the country, and he did not apply with those people, so he was not allowed to use mana. In this way, the restrictions are too large, and even a basic flight is not allowed, so this time he entered directly through the special channel here.

As for Brother Zhang, he didn’t say anything serious, he just asked a normal question, he sent a message to Great God Tian Zhao, and the content of the message was nothing but a sentence “Hello, I would like to ask you, my subordinates were hindered when they entered the country, is it because the procedures on our side are not complete, if you need to supplement any procedures, please let me immediately inform me.”

With just such a sentence, Great God Tian Zhao shivered a bit when she saw it at the time, and hurriedly replied to the message and asked clearly, and then rushed here without stopping, and she saw that Thunder Dragon had already shown it. After the letter of introduction written by Brother Zhang was still rejected, her blood was tumbling all over her body.

After she sent Thunder Dragon away, she really stood there and scolded Jianyu Thor, even though Jianyu also acted according to the rules, but he really didn’t know the letter of introduction. The Lord above is the Guardian, and he thought he was a personal lord at the time.

But where can I explain it at this time, it’s over if I get scolded.

“Please be sure to restrain your high attitude, you almost caused us a lot of trouble.” Great God Tian Zhao turned pale with anger: “Always remember, things that are uncertain. Don’t make your own decisions.”

But none of these Thunder Dragons have been seen, and he has now appeared in Tokyo more than 200 kilometers away in a few strokes of sou sou in the clouds. Finding someone is to start here.

It is unrealistic to identify that one by one. Thunder Dragon holds the snake spirit in the twelve spirit wood carvings in his hand, because this is a souvenir of the previous generation of snake spirits, so the breath of the snake spirit is With an instinctive sense, this thing can clearly sense the breath of the snake spirit within a radius of 30 kilometers, thereby sending a signal to inform Thunder Dragon that he is screening little by little, one area by one area.

This process can be as short as a few months or as long as a few years. Although it is tedious and long, it is very necessary, because as long as the snake spirits return to their positions, what they do afterward will become very easy.

Brother Zhang is now sitting on the set and chatting with Great God Tian Zhao about why Thunder Dragon was stuck in the country, mainly explaining, for fear of making the Guardian unhappy.

And when Brother Zhang learned that in fact everything was due to the fact that two organizations over there were fighting each other, causing the whole country to be in a state of turmoil, such a situation would occur, plus the two These organizations are serious mortal organizations, and they have no way to interfere directly, so they are now discussing solutions with their human agents, so they are now banned from outside visitors.

After listening to her description, Brother Zhang probably understood, and then thanked the other party for their cooperation.

Seeing that the matter is finally resolved, the Great God Tian Zhao can feel at ease.

After Brother Zhang returned to Chang’an Lane in the evening, he took the opportunity to talk about what happened to Thunder Dragon in Japan. Haozi had just got off work and was waiting for dinner. After Brother Zhang’s words, he said with a smile: “I really know something about this, they are almost abolished there. Although their native religion is Shintoism, Japan as a whole has been Westernized, and they prefer European and American things. In this way, the foundation of belief will be weak, and the people under them will be a mess over time. In fact, they were okay before, but they have gotten worse over the past ten years.”

Brother Zhang nodded: “Then say Which two Chinese organizations do you think they will be?”

“Xu Fuxie and Jiang Shangxie, who else could be there.” Haozi sneered: “It turns out that their roots are still on the other side. , didn’t Qinglingzi go later, can Qinglingzi still give them good juice?”

speaking of which Xu Fuxian and Jiang Shangxie are also pitiful, and they have finally established themselves in Taiwan. After he got his heels, Jiang Shang was steady and steady in Taiwan, and then gradually spread to the mainland. Xu Fu was playing side balls and doing business of dead people. Everyone’s minds their own business.

But then Xiao Zhang took a trip and crippled the Xu Fu Department, and then Qing Lingzi passed by to further squeeze the living space of these two organizations. It is estimated that neither of them knew it was for What, life is getting harder and harder anyway…

All in all, the Twelve Spirits and the Corpse Jie Xian were pinching each other, and Jiang Shangxi and Xu Fuxi were pinched to Japan, and then these two groups of people are estimated to be now It is also on the bar, taking advantage of the messy gap in Japan, frantically grabbing the site. And Japan’s local superpower organization is now worse than shit, even the two scumbags killed by Qing Lingzi gave them a headache.

“Jiang Shang is the most pitiful. The Nine Nether Reincarnation formation was broken because Xu Wei met me, and the Five Prisons Reincarnation was broken because of me, and even the White Dragon that was raised was lost. Haozi couldn’t help but say proudly: “Thunder Dragon brought Xu Fu’s forces back to Taiwan in Macau again, and Qing Lingzi, who was forced by the Twelve Spirits there, must have taken care of them. It’s fake to say it’s not miserable.” Yes.”

Brother Zhang also laughed along, while Xu Wei next to him asked, “Brother Haozi, how’s your case going?”

“Difficult.” Haozi shook his head and said: “Although we have certain clues, but now we have crossed the border, and we can’t follow us to Japan to investigate the case, so we can only wait. Last time, we arrested a few people, but those people were only action teams. Yes, they don’t know anything, these people are too careful.”

Xu Wei sighed, then sighed said: “The eight girls…”

“Don’t worry. .” Haozi narrowed his eyes: “As long as I take a chance, I will make them a debt of blood must be paid in blood, but I have never given up.”

Brother Zhang looked up. After a while, I realized that Grandfather Pi was about to come, so I put the chicken in the oven, sat down and asked, “How’s your ninth inning going?”

“It’s almost a year, I’m going to be beaten if I don’t get results.” Haozi said with a smile: “It’s just that the manpower is not enough now, I plan to set up a complete defense network, and the legal process will also be It will continue to unfold, but the biggest problem right now is that we don’t have a suitable cell to detain those who commit crimes with superpowers, and they can easily escape from prison.”

Brother Zhang raised his eyes and looked at Haozi, Then suddenly said with a smile: “Why don’t you go to Zhang Yao to cooperate and let her develop.”

“But her asking price is too dark, and the above will definitely not approve it. She gave us a customized weapon , a pistol costs more than 70,000 yuan, and an automatic weapon costs more than 150,000 yuan. The price is really unbearable.”

At this time, the door was just pushed open, and Grandfather Pi and Zhang Yao walked in together, but they obviously didn’t hear Haozi’s words, they just walked to the counter and sat down. Grandfather Pi was still clamoring for chicken as usual, but Zhang Yao wanted to lose weight and asked for a glass of lemonade.

“The efficiency of the pony is not bad, it’s almost sold in half a month.” Zhang Yao said with a smile: “When will the next batch of goods be available?”

“You can send it here in early September.” Brother Zhang glanced at Haozi, and then said to Zhang Yao, “I heard that you are asking for a very black price. You can give Haozi a pistol for seven or eighty thousand?”

“High-tech, that thing is standard high-tech, unique in the world.”

Brother Zhang laughed: “Really?”

After finishing speaking, he asked him In his treasure chest, he took out a strange rectangular box with several buttons on it, and then he handed it to Zhang Yao.

Zhang Yao pressed the button on the top, and a lightsaber grew out, not just the lightsaber, but also the pure energy excitation mode, cation oscillation mode and Spirit Physique capture mode. .

The sophistication of the design of this thing is higher than that of Zhang Yao. The more she looked at it, the more shocked she became. She raised her head and looked at Brother Zhang in amazement, and Brother Zhang just took the box with a smile. Back: “Given by a friend.”

“Impossible…this is simply not Earth’s technology!”

Brother Zhang didn’t answer, just laughed. But I have to say that Zhang Yao has a good eye. Of course, this is not Earth technology. This thing is something that Divine King has nothing to do to play. It is a small toy made with his understanding of secret technique and his technology.

But the impact on Zhang Yao can be said to be huge. She looked back at Haozi, and then at Brother Xiao Zhang: “Do you want to use this to make me lower the price?”


(End of this chapter)

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