What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 202


Chapter 202 Water is impermanent

β€œIt’s not impossible for the price to be cheap.” Zhang Yao leaned on that and said to Haozi : “But I have a request.”

Haozi glanced at Brother Zhang, then said with a smile: “Speak out and I will listen.”

“I can reduce the price of all these things, To the extent that you can accept, but I will be exclusive to all the equipment purchasing rights of your department in the future. And I will be responsible for all infrastructure projects. Of course, I will also be responsible for all your design work, and all design projects are free of charge .” Zhang Yao said seriously: “And I can guarantee that no matter I cooperate with anyone else in the future, the equipment and technology provided will not be more advanced than yours. That is to say, you can get all the best technology and equipment.”

Zhang Yao’s conditions can’t be said to be unattractive, but the infrastructure is involved here. How much oil and water are there, then Haozi is a clear door. Will such a big piece of cake be on top of it? Posting it to such a stranger is a big problem.

“Are you worried that the top won’t give you everything?” Zhang Yao hehe smiled: “That’s easy. When the crime rate increases and ordinary weapons are slowly unable to fight against them, Those officials know what to do. You can talk to them directly. If they still insist on their own way, then you can find a way to bring your people to resign. Don’t worry, you will be invited back soon, because except for You, there is no one in the world who can handle this kind of thing, they are useless.”

Zhang Yao is no longer a rookie from more than a year ago, and she is even more concerned about the things here. He is more proficient than Haozi, and the more critical point is that he wants to control the power user now, but the problem is that if there is no Haozi group, they will have a black eye on this thing.

Of course, it’s not that they can’t find the people in those sects, but let’s break the problem apart. Among the people in those sects, one is that few people can handle this problem well, and the other is those who A rambunctious person is used to being free and loose, and it is difficult to be controlled by others, let alone be the eagle dog of the Imperial Court.

“Don’t worry, I’m not letting you call the shots. You just need to bring this up, and you can introduce me to the rest.” Zhang Yao leaned on that and said with a smile: “I’ll take care of the rest.”

Haozi looked back at Brother Xiao Zhang, which meant he was asking for his meaning, and Brother Zhang turned an egg in his hand and saw Haozi After looking at him, he laughed and said, “You can make up your own mind.”

“Well, I’ll report it.”

Haozi is not A procrastinating person, he immediately went to contact him, and Zhang Yao sat there and ordered a cup of salted lemon seven, and while drinking, said to Brother Zhang, “Do you think I have become fussy and utilitarian? ”

Brother Zhang always had the same expression, no nodded or shaking his head, just playing with the eggs in his hand silently.

“You really think so.” Zhang Yao rested her arms on the table: “If we change it, what do you think I should do?”

“I don’t know.” Little Brother Zhang looked up at her, and his eyelids slowly drooped down: “I think you did a good job.”

Zhang Yao took a sip of the drink, smiled and looked at Brother Zhang. After a while, he suddenly asked: “I am also a person with ideals, but I am a mortal, and I can’t be at ease with you gods Immortal-like. There are too many things I have to fight for my dreams, no matter those things. The development from scratch is still difficult for the senior officials, and it is still helpless when faced with funds.”

She said, took a deep breath, leaning on the back of the chair and looking at the night sky outside the window: ” I have invested almost 200 million in it, but now I don’t even have a single movie. 200 million is enough for me to live without food and clothing in my life. I was mocked and ridiculed when I contacted all over the world, and a group of dog men were there. While waiting to see my jokes, while waiting to take advantage of me. I’m already very tired.”

“Just rest when you’re tired.”

“No way.” Zhang Yao waved his hand : “I’m a mortal, and mortals are not qualified to say rest. Speaking of which, many things start with a hot head. Well, I won’t complain to you, let’s have a good time.”

Brother Zhang nodded, turned around and took out the small sausage, changed the knife with a knife, put it on the iron plate and fry it until it looked like a small octopus, then sprinkled a little chili powder and pepper, this is the flower sausage that Zhang Yao wanted .

She sat there and ate, staring blankly outside.

Seeing her appearance, Brother Zhang is laughed, and Zhang Yao, who is very worried, seems to have several points of loneliness, but it is actually inevitable, but to be honest, Brother Zhang has several points in his heart. points of envy, because she is touching her dreams step by step no matter what. And Brother Zhang still doesn’t know what he wants. What he lacks is the joy and sense of accomplishment after reaching his goal through his own hard struggle and a little bit of struggle.

This is probably the reason why people cannot share their joys and sorrows. The world will definitely envy his omnipotent, but they can’t think of the boringness and regularity behind this omnipotent. Because what appeared in front of him was almost a world without accidents.

But Brother Zhang is a very good listener. He likes others to tell stories with him, because he has no experience, so most of him play the role of a good listener. Most of the questions can also have a good atmosphere group effect.

speaking of which Interesting, because he is probably the highest-ranking atmosphere group in the world.

“Actually, if you really want to find excitement, you might as well do it with me, to ensure that you live a very fulfilling life every day.”

Zhang Yao once again sent a message to Brother Zhang He accepted the invitation, but Brother Zhang shook his head and refused, not because Brother Zhang had any scruples, but because he knew that he couldn’t be of any help at all.

“Oh, you are really contradictory.” After eating the sausage, Zhang Yao took out a few tissues and wiped the lips of the oily zi zi: “On the other hand, I am trapped in my own Small World. Painful, and constantly refusing to experience in a new environment.”

“Actually not.” Brother Zhang rarely rebutted her: “Actually, I like my Small World, and I like it here. I have never said that I am in pain, all my pain is imagined by you, and it is not that I have not been in contact with the new world, but…”

Brother Zhang looked up at the ceiling, long Let out a breath: “My character and the way I behave may be a little out of tune with this world itself.”

“Then why are you afraid, go get up and play’ today’s audience. Consume Young Master Zhang to pay the bill’, go to play ‘Today even if the King of Heaven is here, I have to kneel down for me’, you can obviously act recklessly.”

“Very low.”

“Hi.” Zhang Yao shook the head: “Then you’re at the high level, how about being a teacher?”

Little Brother Zhang laughed, leaning back and forth, his attitude could be seen in the shop Everyone else was frightened, because they rarely saw Brother Zhang have such a wild smile, just like a culture deviation.

“There are many things that can be done under the sun. You choose the industry you like the most, and then expand your business.” Really showing a tangled expression: “I’m making a movie now, I think it’s okay.”

“The movie is not for you, when the time comes, if you really become popular, you will be harassed by others. Yes. Your character is not suitable.” Zhang Yao shook his head and said, “Or else.”

Little Brother Zhang nodded: “All ears.”

“You don’t like dry cooks. Well, expand your business and stop selling roast chicken all day.”

Grandfather Pi, who was eating chicken next to him, suddenly shuddered, pricked up his ears and raised his head, holding half a chicken leg in his mouth: ” wu wu…”

“Don’t bark!” Zhang Yao pressed her head down, and then continued to say to Brother Zhang, “You can develop a special menu, such as one thirty fifty After two o’clock, you will launch a special dish, what kind of volcanic stone baked Phoenix eggs?”

Brother Zhang scratched his head: “Is this still possible?”

“Of course you can. Ah.” Zhang Yao patted the table and said, “As long as the mind doesn’t slip, the method is always more difficult than the difficulty. If you think your life will be smooth and you don’t want to abandon your small shop, you should expand your business. What you eat can increase your business. A 10% skill set meal, a drink that can detoxify a hundred poisons when you eat it, and a drink that can get you drunk and have a monstrous dream all night. So you say whether it’s selling well or not? And you have to put on a high standard , what service does not serve, even if the king and Laozi come, you sit here, see if he is not pleasing to the eye, say if you do not do it for him, then do not do it for him. If you put it in front of you, you will directly do it. snort disdainfully.”

Brother Zhang had already picked up the notebook at this time, he listened, his pen was flying like a fly on the notebook: “You continue.”

“Don’t you have a pair of glasses to suppress yourself becoming a Guardian? Put it on and play with the Heavenly God Buddha in the palm of your hand with a mortal appearance. Is it exciting? Is it exciting? Where is this fast food restaurant, this is simply It is a charge from the traditional catering industry to the comprehensive service industry! What do you want? You want to be beautiful, a beautiful fruit will keep you young for three months. You want to change your life, and let you experience a A completely different life. You can even customize your dreams. In your dreams, you can have as much money as you want. If you want to lead the revolution, you will lead the revolution. If you want to travel thousands of miles a day, you can travel thousands of miles a day. /p>

Then Zhang Yao continued to describe: “When the time comes, you can expand this place a little bit, and hand over the first floor to Xu Wei, specializing in the business of the ordinary person, and you specialize in receiving custom customers on the second floor. What you have to do every day is to think about developing new products and improving service content. It not only enriches myself but also fulfills my inner emotional needs. It can also attract a beautiful female Sword Immortal to embrace her if she is not in good balance. Isn’t that bad? Doesn’t this work? In this way, I will open an industrial revolution course. As the first Academy, the course of 100,000 yuan will give you 1,800 yuan. “

Brother Zhang scratched his head, then took out a plastic bag from the drawer. After opening it, there were hundreds of yuan bills in it. He slowly counted out one thousand eighteen and handed it to Zhang Yao.

Zhang Yao was shocked at that time, because she had not seen anyone use this thing to hold money for a long, long time.

(End of this chapter)

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