What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 203


Chapter 203 Changes from now on

Brother Zhang is really powerful, Zhang Yao made a joke and he really signed up.

And Zhang Yao is also a naturally strong Chinese woman. She started preparing lessons when she went home overnight. She put aside all organizational construction and intrigue. She was really stubborn with Zhang Sausage, no. Make him perfectly clear and her life will be in vain.

second day During the day, Brother Zhang was filming normally, and at night, he put the small restaurant in Xu Wei’s hands, and then waited for Zhang Yao to come to class.

What is unexpected is that this incident actually spread, and there were more than a dozen people who came to sign up, from Jin Mei to Lady Bai, and even the stingy pony paid for it. One thousand eight to apply for this president class.

Zhang Yao specially dressed up for today, with a pair of gold frame glasses and a small suit and skirt. She looks like a female teacher in a drama film. At first glance, she thought it was Xiao Lan. Blue plus.

Seeing the dozen or so bigwigs in front of her who came to report to her president class, the sweat on her forehead suddenly came down. After all, Brother Zhang is not so good at fooling others, but Things have come to this step, and she can be regarded as a bow without turning back, so she paid the registration fee in full, and then dragged this group of people to the backyard, each with a small bench, and she supported her every year for painting. The small blackboard starts.

“From a business model perspective, it doesn’t really matter what the customer’s needs are. What matters is how we build momentum and guide. A person’s needs are not determined by him but by you. The mode and the process can be played, but the outcome must be a win-win situation. I believe that everyone is not purely for money, such as this student as far as I know.” Zhang Yao pointed at Brother Zhang: “This student’s purpose is for self-achievement. and realize self-worth.”

Seeing that most of the people below were dumbfounded, Zhang Yao was silent for a while with his hips on his shoulders, then turned around and drew a triangle on the blackboard: “I’ll talk to you first. Please explain Maslow’s pyramid of needs.”

She talked about a needs model just after nine o’clock. During the intermission, many people gathered around to ask questions, and Zhang Yao did enough. After preparing, one after another gave them all the answers.

“You two actually have a conflict, but the problem is that such a conflict has no advantage for Miss Jin.” In the second game at first, Zhang Yao threw a very eye-catching topic, that It is the result of the market game between Xiao Zhang and Jin Mei: “Because when both of you start to transform, from the perspective of adaptability, the cafe has no advantage.”

“Then I can’t sell fairies. .” Jin Mei raised her hand to the side and asked, “This is too yellow, although it’s not impossible to give it a try.” A look of anticipation appeared in the eyes of the few.

“It’s breaking the law.” Zhang Yao let out a long sigh of relief: “We will formulate a set of methods that can attract customers without considering breaking the law. In this process, you must also know what you want. , what do you want to get?”

Zhang Yao’s course lasted until after twelve o’clock, and because the overall course is divided into three parts, today’s theoretical knowledge is only the first part, and the second part is layout and planning , and the third part is the specific implementation plan.

In this way, after three days, everyone here has been determined by Zhang Yao to set the tone for the next plan.

For example, Brother Zhang, he needs to divide his business into two, one part is the ordinary catering service for receiving low-end users, and the other part is special catering service for high-end users at the stage .

This part of the service content is all-inclusive, from beauty to improving skills, from a dream to communicate with the dead souls of relatives and friends, covering almost all service industries that can be imagined in the world.

In order to pursue excitement, Brother Zhang can decide for himself what the price of these things needs to be, from half of the lifespan to half of the property.

Of course, all of these things need to be developed by Brother Zhang and cannot be fully developed at one time. The product content needs to be gradually improved, and certain hunger marketing is needed, and various restrictions are introduced, what seasons are limited, festivals Limited, special anniversary limited, there are regular, but the functional effect is very general. Plus regular events like 25% off single mother Sword Immortal and stuff like that. Make people feel mysterious and distinctive.

After confirming a series of future planning plans, the first thing Brother Zhang needs to do is to completely renovate the milk tea shop and add another set of shops next to it. In order to maintain the mystery, Brother Zhang must Show it in front of everyone as an ordinary person.

“Knowing that he is a Guardian, there are less than 500 people in the whole world.” Jin Mei sat under the big phoenix tree and said to Zhang Yao: “Because most of the time he does not personally Even if you know there is a Guardian, you don’t know it’s him, but most of the Divine Grade masters know about him.”

“That’s enough.” Zhang Yao looked at Brother Zhang’s milk tea shop on foot. : “It’s all redecorated!”

Jin Mei raised her head and looked at her: “Why do you care so much about her?”

“It’s not really caring, right?” Zhang Yao leaned against the tree and said with a smile: “It’s a friend of morality. I’ve known him for almost two years. He laughs every day, but only once. Savior is also depressed. He definitely has depression. As a friend, you can’t watch him slide into the abyss.”

Jin Mei nodded with a smile: “This really depends on you, I don’t have your ability.”


“What did the Queen Mother Empress say, I’m blaming me for it.” Zhang Yao jumped down: “Don’t ruin my birthday.”

“You take care of his emotions. , and then you need to speak to me directly.”

When Zhang Yao heard this, her heart was about to explode, but she said calmly, “Then it’s settled. Oh.”

“en.” Jin Mei nodded and said: “As long as it doesn’t violate the rules, anything is fine. We are also friends.”

“Okay, okay…” Zhang Yao I had to take a few deep breaths to suppress my manic heartbeat: “It’s not too late, it starts tomorrow.”

Second day Brother Zhang’s milk tea shop was officially closed for renovation. Grandfather Pi was rolling on the ground for this. It took only hours to get Xu Wei’s promise to help her roast chicken alone every day.

Because it is a protected building, it is unrealistic to increase the height privately, but there is a wall next to the milk tea shop that can be demolished. It was originally the courtyard of Thunder Dragon and Haozi. After the demolition, three of their vacant rooms were completely transformed into extensions of the milk tea shop.

And the milk tea shop has completely changed its pattern from now on. It originally changed from mainly selling milk tea beverages to a full-scale operation. Brother Zhang went to change the business license during the day, as well as the health license and so on. . However, because of the help of Haozi, it is almost done on the same day.

The decoration was designed by Zhang Yao. She originally said that she would invite the best decoration team in the world, but after letting the neighbors in Chang’an Lane know about it, she was sprayed to rot, and then she was taken away. her blueprint.

And when she came over on the second day, she already found that the whole renovation process was nearing the end, leaving the last stage of old-fashioned, she stood in front of the brand-new house, her eyes blinked quickly, and her expression was stunned. .

She was totally unimaginable what the hell happened to this place last night, but when he saw a spider bigger than her coming out of it, with a bucket of paint in his mouth, she That is to say, I am relieved…

Yes, Chang’an Lane, this is Chang’an Lane.

“Bazuo, are you okay?”

The big spider saw Zhang Yao standing there, and quickly turned into a human shape, and smiled apologetically at her: ” sorry for scaring you.”

Then he shouted to the voice over there: “OK, let’s start.”

Then he saw the clear sky suddenly pouring rain, the ground, the room The dirt on the top and the walls was immediately washed away. Zhang Yao hurriedly ducked under the eaves. When the rain stopped, a rainbow hung on the roof. At this time, a huge bastard stuck his head out and saw After Zhang Yao, the king bastard nodded, and then said to the spider spirit: “Go and remove the web, and I will let Earth Dragon come over to make it old.” After seeing Zhang Yao, said with a smile: “You step back a little, Earth Dragon is quite scary.”

Zhang Yao quickly took a few steps back, and then the king blew a whistle, and then a radius A big centipede with a length of more than three meters drilled out from the ground. Its huge body turned back and forth, and the place it turned over would become mottled, and it looked very vicissitudes.

“Will it work?” The big centipede straightened up and looked at Zhang Yao: “You designed it.”

Zhang Yao looked at this arthropod that was enough to swallow her whole in one bite The goose bumps all over her body, her lips were trembling, and she hurriedly said: “It’s okay… okay.”

“Second brother, go to work. !”

The big centipede shouted, and then turned into a human figure and turned into the Chang’an Lane real estate agent that Zhang Yao usually sees, and the one who was called second brother by him was another big spider. , the spider just now was a jumping bead, and this one is obviously a bridal…

I saw a large web hanging behind this colorful bridal spider, and there were seven or eight on the net. Paint buckets of different colors, and then began to draw patterns under the beams. Six of the eight claws can work at the same time, and only two are needed to maintain balance, which is extremely efficient.

And Zhang Yao even saw this spider with a wireless earphone on its head and smoking a cigarette… quite fashionable.

Chang’an Alley is really a magical place. After Zhang Yao exited this place that made his scalp numb and ridiculous, he suddenly sighed for no reason. On the surface, this place is just an ordinary old alley. , and when you really enter it, you will know that this place is even more magical than the Immortal Realm of Alice’s Sleepwalking, and more bizarre and motley than the small town that Chihiro went to that humans should not enter.

Zhang Yao was calming down when Lady Bai happened to pass by her and stopped when she saw her face: “Beauty, I think your face is not good, do you want to drink herbal tea? I have a lot of new flavors of herbal tea over there, do you want to try it? There is a tasting package, nineteen yuan and nine.”

(End of this chapter)

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