What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 204


Chapter 204 New product development, Xinyuan major event note

Brother Zhang in the middle of the night with glasses wrote a line in the search engine β€”β€”How to become a domineering president.

Then he just watched it all night, but after watching it, he didn’t seem to feel that there was any substantial improvement. Brother Zhang just put his hands on the table and watched the content on the computer in a daze, but After being in a daze for a while, he suddenly got up and searched again – the characteristics of a domineering president.

There is a lot of content here, and there is a statistic in it, that is, the characteristics that a domineering president needs to have. First of all, the first rule is to have money, and then there is something wrong with it, and there must be a steward.

Brother Zhang sat there thinking for a long time, and then turned off the computer directly.

This is not what he wants to do, it is mainly the task given by Zhang Yao’s president class, to set up people, the ruthless and domineering president’s plot will always make people like it, cold and domineering The Boss of the snack bar also has three points of coolness and seventy points of coldness. If he can’t speak, he won’t speak.

But the problem is that Brother Zhang answered her that he could not speak without speaking, but Zhang Yao thinks it is not enough, and he needs to improve his overbearing CEO character. He is now at best. A soft-hearted god, completely unable to meet the requirements of an overbearing president.

However, Brother Zhang actually had a headache after seeing those requests. He really couldn’t complete these contents, mainly because it was too strange, very strange, more than anything he had ever been exposed to. strangeness.

Although Brother Zhang is very opposed to these things in his heart, Zhang Yao’s course for the president’s class is still useful. For example, many things may sound a bit vulgar, but the root of the problem is here. , Brother Zhang has not experienced all the tacky things, his life is extremely elegant in the eyes of the overwhelming majority.

But what’s the problem with elegance? It is the alienation of Brother Zhang himself from the society itself. The longer he is estranged, the more elegant his life will appear to others, but this kind of elegance is not what he pursues. Those who are elegant must have seen through the world of the vulgar before they can enter the elegant.

What is that one-step elegance? Isn’t that depression?

So Zhang Yao’s plan for Xiao Zhang is vulgar, the more vulgar the better, there must be desire, and even let yourself follow the desire to move forward, money, power, eroticism and even destruction, these things must be Let him free.

Generally speaking, it was Xiao Ma who gave Xiao Zhang a psychological way to overcome it, while Zhang Yao gave him a practical operation guide. So of course.

For this, Brother Zhang has made his eyes nearsighted. Although this is just a simple body setting for him, he must wear glasses all the time, no Then there are cases where you forget all ordinary person settings because you forget to wear glasses.

“Brother Zhang, the decoration is done, come out and have a look.”


The voice outside changed Brother Zhang from “Learning Pulled out of the nightmare of becoming an overbearing president, he walked out of the door and saw that the decoration had been completely completed next to him. He walked over and saw that the good guy’s carved beams and picturesque buildings are like a sub-monarch style, and there are nine carvings on the old wall. The Golden Dragon is completely embossed, and the level of detail definitely meets the requirements of the Imperial Palace.

There are also hand-painted patterns around the mortise and tenon structure on the top, from flowers, birds, fish and insects to human landscapes, all of which are vivid, showing a pretty and dignified feeling, and the ground is covered with two inches thick. The fine stone bricks seem to fit perfectly, but they do not affect the seepage function at all.

The two rooms inside have been opened up, and there are four square tables of Jinsinan in the middle, with square stools of the same configuration. It looks like a very ordinary table, but as long as the light shines a little bit, it is a brilliant. lights and vibrant colors.

The front counter is also made into a retro style, but for heat insulation, all materials are marble and obsidian, which looks high-end and atmospheric, but the stove is nothing new, mainly because the side Hanging something like Alchemy Furnace, it is half on the ground and half underground. You can’t feel anything unless you open the lid, but as long as you open the lid above, there will be a hot wave inside. I tried it, and there is actually a fire core in it. This thing should not exist in this world. It is said to be the inner core of Zhu Rong, the god of fire. It will not be Zhu Rong’s inner core, but it is also a very precious thing. In theory, it should be taken out by Jin Mei.

There was a refrigerator after that. When Brother Zhang opened it, there was a black hole inside. Cold space, directly connected to the ice realm under Nine Nether, the temperature is about minus 20 degrees. The stuff in it can be stored for a long time without any surprise and the storage volume is very large.

If you do it like this, it seems to be on a higher level, but the next step is the operation of Xiao Zhang, because this place is set to be a special food store, or in other words It is a job that sells rice under the banner of serving the whole field, so Brother Zhang needs to think about the menu of special dishes now.

This made him have a very subtle feeling, as if he had opened a store in the foreign world that sold special magic items, and there were all kinds of strange potions in it, ah… The Alchemy Workshop”.

But the problem is that Brother Zhang is at a loss right now. Although he is playing games, the things in it are too strange, and many things are completely inconsistent with the requirements, so he decides to work together again.

After three days, Brother Xiao Zhang’s non-staple food workshop is open for business again. Today, Brother Xiao Zhang pays for all the consumption. The whole Chang’an Lane is here that night. Come together, fuck humans and non-humans, take the glass and be brother. And today is the celebration. Usually, the rule of serving a little drunk and getting drunk is completely loosened. Everyone is drinking with an open stomach. Grandfather Pi alone ate seven roasted chickens. Panting frantically like a dying fish.

And because there are so many people, everyone simply moved to the big phoenix tree not far ahead to eat he he, and no one cared about the image, sitting or squatting, enjoying themselves. .

Today is also a rare occasion for Brother Zhang to go out to greet customers. He even moved out his own stove and showed everyone his unique skills in the open air.

Of course, he was actually very happy today. He thanked the neighbors for their help at the beginning of the meal. That renovation project is not a small project. People will definitely not want it, it would be better to have a meal. The other one is that the neighbors have not been together for a long time. Now life is under great pressure. Whether it is a human or a demon, if you want to live peacefully in this world, you have to be like an Old Huang cow, so today we take this opportunity to gather together. , happy and happy, but it can be regarded as not forgetting the original intention of Chang’an Lane.

“Go go go!” Zhang Yao had already been drinking in the crowd and her face was flushed. She was also under a lot of pressure during this time. Naturally, she was a bit crazy drinking this time. She put her arms around Lady Bai’s shoulders. : “In the future, when the old lady develops, everyone here will get a suite!”

And Jin Mei is also helping, her cafe is closed today, but she brought out all the dim sum , like Brother Zhang, all-you-can-eat for free, but obviously those cakes are not as popular as skewers. In order not to lose this battle, Jin Mei decisively brought ten peaches over, as well as Jade Pool Jade Liquid.

It’s just a pity that these things can’t be eaten by mortals, but any ordinary person takes a bite and stands up.

Just after the three rounds of drinking and when everyone was in the highest mood, Brother Zhang suddenly clapped and said, “This time, many thanks for your help. But I still have something to trouble you, that’s the one. Isn’t the new shop going to add some functional menus, I can’t think of what to add at the moment, you guys can give me an idea.”

I heard that you can give me an idea for Brother Zhang, in Chang’an Alley Immediately, their blood boiled. They shouted everything they thought was okay, everyone talking at once, and Xiao Zhang also wrote it down one after another, but sometimes the things they shouted were really exaggerated. Chicken thighs, octopus balls that make Vajra undefeated with just one drink, and even more outrageous fragrant dew that can make you flutter in a single sip.

Is that what the hell can be developed?

But there are too many people. Although many of them are unreliable, there will indeed be some more pertinent answers. For example, Lao Niu’s proposal is very good. He proposed that human beings have medical insurance, but Demons do not. Although it is true that the demon can heal itself in most cases, it takes a long time. A demon like him who goes to open a shop to sell fruit every day will definitely have no time to retreat, so I want Xiao Zhang to develop something that can be used for the demon. Something like healing.

This is very pertinent, because demons have special bodies, many medicines that are useful to humans have no effect on demons, and may even hurt them, and no matter what kind of demons, they are all Those who may be sick, for thousands of years, demons have been fighting hard when they get sick. Everyone talks about whether a demon’s mana is strong or not, but no one cares whether they suffer when they are sick.

And there are many problems that arise from this topic. For example, Lady Bai said that she sheds her skin every once in a while, even for a Great Demon who is almost two thousand years old. They are all walking around in front of Gates of Hell, hoping that Brother Zhang can develop something that can quickly repair the new skin. And her friend zombie brother also raised a corresponding question, that is, their demon spirit, the most troublesome thing is that they will emit corpse odor and have corpse spots, which will seriously affect their normal travel and communication, so I would like to ask Brother Zhang to develop something that can cure or relieve, even for a short time.

Soon, the direction of discussion turned from like a heavenly steed, soaring across the skies to solving various practical problems, and the general content of demons and humans is different, because there are very few humans There is the problem of monsters, because humans have medical insurance, and there are hospitals without medical insurance, so they don’t worry about getting sick. However, compared to long-term species, although the rate of human cultivation is fast, the lifespan is too short, although Brother Zhang has already It is clear that there will be no things to increase lifespan, then they think about whether they can come up with something that can quickly increase the efficiency of Cultivation.

In short, it’s the kind of model that can be strong with kryptonite. Brother Zhang said it could be considered, but Brother Zhang didn’t know anything about Cultivation, so…he needed a few consultants. to help him solve the problem.

The number of applicants is very large…Many cultivators who hid their time in Chang’an Alley come out and say they are willing to try the meal. Most of these people are old cultivators who have been trapped in bottleneck for many years. I am afraid that outside help is really hopeless in this life.

And after these people jumped out, other voices soon came up, that is, if someone is very rich, wouldn’t they be able to become immortals in one day? But Jin Mei, who is the real Great Immortal, burst out with joy: “How can it be so simple, people have an upper limit, and a foreign object can only help to break through a bottleneck breakthrough and a limit, how can it be possible to directly shedding the body and exchanging bones. ”

Brother Zhang thought it was possible, and then he quickly made the menu for the first issue. First of all, it was used to heal wounds and diseases. This is mainly aimed at demons, but it can also be used. It’s okay to use it on people, for example, for problems such as the depletion of the muscles and veins.

The second category is the repair category, such as changing the characteristics of some monsters in a short time, allowing them to move freely to a certain extent. There is also to help them quickly pass through the weak period, which is regarded as a repair class.

The third category is the auxiliary class, which can help humans or monsters improve their individual attributes to a certain extent.

These three types of content will appear in the first batch, and the later menu development will be developed slowly according to the actual problems encountered in the future. After the confirmation, cheers broke out again in Chang’an Lane. Brother Zhang, full of smiles, lowered his head and took the skewers that Xu Wei had just made, and started cooking.

After the night, Zhang Yao was already drunk, and then she slept in the old place, on the sofa in the corner of Xiao Zhang’s hall, she slept there more than once, and even in that place he slept there. Sleeps sweeter than anyone else.

And Xiao Zhang didn’t sleep at night, he just sat in front of the computer with glasses and pondered recipes and combinations. In theory, materials for these three types of products can be found in this world today, but if there is really no , then he has to go to other worlds to find materials.

It’s definitely useless to ask Divine King this kind of question, because he is a super-evolution of a beep machine, a square head, a classic mechanical life. They only have the concepts of standardization, modularization, and scale, and there is absolutely no concept of cultivation and peeling, so he doesn’t care about medicine theory.

As for Brother Zhang, although he is very nerdy, he is not omniscient after all. If he is not omniscient, he is not omnipotent, so he still has to ask others, and it may even be a long list. list out.

So he clicked on his foreign world group…

(End of this chapter)

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